Chapter 187 – 188: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 187: Rip Your Mouth

“Come on, where did you get that?” At this time, Shou Yan jumped out, pointing at Kris Chen’s nose and questioning him.

Kris was laughing at the two of them, shit, he took out that card to help them buy a box for dinner, not only didn’t they show any gratitude, but also pointed at his nose and asked himself if he stole it.

Kris took the card back and smiled coldly, “Go steal one and show me.”


Pan Wang and Shou Yan couldn’t say anything, he asked them to steal a Supreme Card? They weren’t that brave. People who owned Supreme Cards weren’t someone they could mess with.

Seeing the two men being grudgingly silenced, someone behind them said, “You still haven’t told me where does the card comes from, and if it wasn’t stolen, then where did you get it?”

“Yeah, don’t fool me!”

“I think this card must come illegally…” Someone lit the fire, and the others started to discuss suddenly.

After putting the card away, Kris sighed, “This is my friend’s card!”


His friend’s card?

Pan Wang and Shou Yan started to laugh, and the others curled their mouths.

Come on, it’s his friend’s card.

Shit, this kid really knew how to put on an act, didn’t know who’s willing to make friends with such a loser.

What a blind man!

Feeling the gazes of the people around him, Kris was calm. Why should he bother to argue with these shortsighted men?

After entering the box, Jun Tong held a menu in his hand and said to his classmates, “Feel free to order anything and drink whatever you want. This is the first time that I treat you guys a meal. You must enjoy the feast.”

It had to be said that although these people were a bit shortsighted, as children of rich families, they still understood some table manners.

God, earth, emperor, families, and teacher. (Traditional Chinese Confucianism ethics), Lan Xia was here, of course, he had to let the teacher order food first. The Academy of Six Major Schools has been very respected for teachers, and the first rule of the school rules was respect teachers.

Seeing everyone was looking at her, Lan Xia nodded in satisfaction. She smiled slightly and pushed the menu out, “You guys order, and remember to order two vegetables for me!”

Hearing teacher’s words, Jun Tong handed the menu to a few pretty girls in the class.

Yanru Sima didn’t move, looking at her phone with her head down, didn’t know who she was talking to.

Fei Lin and Jiao Lin holding the menu in spirits pointed to a wine on the menu and said, “This wine looks familiar, I think I’ve seen it somewhere!”

At this time, a girl next to Fei Lin leaned in and looked at it, “Wow, Dynasty Hotel is really amazing, even the 1945 Mutong Vineyard dry red wine could be served, this wine is rare, I read about it in a brochure, its taste said to be superb!”

Fei Lin and Jiao Lin, the two sisters, had never actually tasted this kind of wine before, but the girl next to them had said that the taste must be good, so how about ordering this wine?

After thinking about it, Fei Lin said to Jun Tong, “Jun Tong, can we order the wine?”

Jun Tong didn’t even look at the menu and said generously, “You guys can order it if you like, don’t save money for me!”

That lavish look on his face made a lot of girls in the room feel their hearts jumped.

The 1945 Mutong Vineyard dry red wine?

Hearing this, Kris, who was sitting beside, laughing in his sleeves.

A few months ago, when the old lady of Su family held a birthday banquet here, Hai Su ordered over twenty bottles and spent over 3 million dollars!

This wine was not very famous, but a bottle of it cost over 200 thousand dollars.

The Fei Lin sisters were so straight-out that they ordered about ten bottles instantly.

At first, Tong Jun thought it was just a bottle of wine which valued no more than tens of thousands of dollars, but when the wine was served by a waiter with the wine list, Jun was dazzled when he saw the price!

Fuck it, this wine worth over 200 thousand dollars a bottle?

These two women were really rude, making him spend more than 2 million without hesitation.

But what’s done couldn’t be undone. Although Jun Tong was extremely heartbroken, he had no choice but to tolerate it.

Thinking of this, Jun Tong stood up and raised his glass of wine, “Come on, today you all came to dine together, that’s because you think highly of me, Jun Tong, I’d like to propose a toast to you all.”

Everyone raised their glasses.

The atmosphere heated up at once.

A bunch of compliments was said, and the Jun Tong was overjoyed to hear that.

As of Jun Tong’s lackeys, Pan Wang and Shou Yan, interjected a few words from time to time, making Jun Tong sound like a god in the earth who’s incomparably magnificent.

Even the Jun Tong couldn’t help but blush a little when he heard it.

After they had toasted with each other and tasted delicious food.

Jun Tong stood up with a smile, then he took out an ancient-looking wooden box from his pocket and walked to Lan Xia, “Teacher, this is a gift I’ve prepared for you. The teacher would have to work hard in the next three years. It’s just my gesture, please take it!”

The class’s impression of Jun Tong was even better, he’s really keened in his dealings!

Even Yanru Sima couldn’t help but look at him a couple more times.

Feeling the gaze cast by Yanru Sima, Jun Tong Jun felt so delighted that even the air was fresher.

Lan Xia smiled, “Jun Tong, teaching you is my duty and obligation. I’m already happy that you showed your gratitude, but the gift won’t be necessary.”

Jun Tong was really nice, he has good manners and was very popular in the class.

However, being a teacher himself, how could she receive gifts in front of the whole class.

That would cause a bad influence!

Jun Tong laughed and shook his head, “Teacher, don’t be so hasty to refuse me, let’s see what’s inside the box first!”

Saying that, he opened the wooden box. Inside the gift box, there was a yellow pill.

Lan Xia frowned, what kind of pills was this? Why did it look so familiar, like she had seen it before!

On the side, Kris stroked his chin and began to ponder.

If he didn’t get it wrong, this seemed to be the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill.

Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill was documented on the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions, it’s a high-grade pill.

However, Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill was round and transparent, looking slightly yellowish under sunlight.

However, the Pill here was lighter in color and not very round, and its surface looked a little flawed, Kris thought it wasn’t the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill.

Did he take it wrong?

Jun Tong spoke up somewhat proudly, “Teacher, this Pill called Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill, I begged for a master to give it to me accidentally, this Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill is useless for people below the return-to-nature stage, only people above the return-to-nature stage can eat it. This Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill can refine a practitioner’s roots and bones, but most importantly, it can condense a practitioner’s Sturdy Energy.”


To refine roots and bones, also condense Sturdy Energy?

Hearing Jun Tong’s words, everyone was shocked beyond words, if it was really like what he said, then this Pill would be terrifying.

Lan Xia was already a great practitioner in the early period of the return-to-nature stage.

Wouldn’t it be even more terrifying if she took the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill to refine her roots and bones and condense her Sturdy Energy?

Although Lan Xia remained calm, she was extremely excited inside her heart.

She had once read about the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill in an ancient book. It’s a high-grade pill, only the return-to-nature stage practitioners could take it. After that, there the strength would increase dramatically.

There were four colors of Sturdy Energy, the first was colorless Sturdy Energy, the second was green Sturdy Energy, the third was blue Sturdy Energy, and the fourth was purple Sturdy Energy.

She was lucky enough to break through the return-to-nature stage, but because of her limited talent, she could only condense the worst colorless Sturdy Energy.

As the same return-to-nature practitioner, she had absolutely no chance of winning if she went up against the blue Sturdy Energy practitioner. That’s what talent for.

Seeing that his teacher was already changed her mind, Tong Jun smiled and handed the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill to Lan Xia’s hand, “Teacher, take it, it’s a token of my gratitude, and besides, it is normal for students to give gifts to teachers.”

Hearing Jun Tong’s words, the surrounding people all nodded, “Yes, teacher, accept it!”

“Teacher, take it!”

Hearing everyone say that it’s not appropriate for Lan Xia to keep refusing him, she smiled and received the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill.

“Teacher, just take it now, let us see what it’s like to refine roots and bones and condense Sturdy Energy,” At this time, Pan Wang, who was on the side, stood up and said.

“Yes, teacher, let us see it!” As Pan Wang’s best friend, how could Shou Yan miss the event?

Although the others didn’t say anything, they looked expectant, so how could Lan Xia refuse them?

Thinking about it, Lan Xia smiled faintly and swallowed the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill.

“Teacher, don’t eat it.”

The moment Lan Xia put the Pill into her mouth, Kris stood up abruptly and said to stop Lan Xia from swallowing the Pill.

“Kris, what’s the problem?”

Lan Xia frowned, and she looked slightly discontent.

The others also gazed at Kris, frowning one by one, not knowing what the hell was this man up to again!

Kris shook his head and said seriously, “Teacher, there is something wrong with this Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill in your hand, you can’t eat it!”


Was there something wrong with this Pill? What’s the problem?

Everyone suddenly turned their heads over to look at Jun Tong.

Feeling everyone’s gazes, Jun Tong was irritated, “Kris, what are you talking about? How can there be a problem with this Pill, if you keep talking nonsense here, I’ll rip your mouth off!”

Chapter 188: Apologize for this instantly

“Kris Chen, are you a fool? It’s a token of Jun Tong’s regard. You’re saying there’s something wrong with the Pill? Are you out of your mind?” Pan Wang said indignantly.

“Yes, Jun Tong spent a lot of money to buy it for the teacher. Don’t slander Jun Tong,” Shou Yan said immediately to echo Pan Wang.

Kris Chen took a look at them two but ignored what they said. “The pill you give teacher Xia is a Heaven-made Sturdy Energy -protecting Pill, but it’s a bad pill,” Kris said to Jun Tong.


After Kris said that, the crowd was in an uproar.

What? The live-in son-in-law said the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy -protecting Pill is bad?

Was he kidding us?

Feeling the look of scrutiny of the crowd, Kris said calmly, “As a senior pill, the refined medical materials of Heaven-made Sturdy Energy -protecting Pill are very precious. An ordinary alchemist is unable to make it. A successful pill is crystal and round. It will glow yellow if it is illuminated by light.”

“But yours is milky white and cloudy. And the surface of it is rough. If I’m right, this is supposed to be a tainted pill.” Kris added.

After Kris said that, the whole box was so silent that you could hear a needle falling.

Jun Tong’s face clouded, and then he banged on the table violently. “Nonsense. You’re not an alchemist. How do you know it’s a bad pill?” Jun Tong said.

Did this live-in son-in-law really think he is an alchemist? How dare he talk nonsense here?

Kris smiled and said, “Every Pill has a sweet smell. But the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy -protecting Pill is of no fragrance, but of a strong smell of Chinese medicine.”

Jun Tong sneered and said, “Have you seen Heaven-made Sturdy Energy -protecting Pill? How do you know it’s fragrant or not? Maybe that’s what it smells like.”

Kris was stunned. Then he shook his head and said, “I haven’t seen it!”

As Kris hasn’t started refining Heaven-made Sturdy Energy -protecting Pill, he really hasn’t seen it.

But with his alchemist’s intuition, he knew the Pill is supposed to be a bad one. Because when he started refining Obstacle Breaking Pill, he made bad pills. And that’s what the bad Pill looks like.

Jun Tong sneered and curled his lips in disdain. “How dare you talk nonsense without seeing it? I think you are jealous that I send such a valuable pill to the teacher. You just want to please the public with claptrap and catch everyone’s eyes.” Jun Tong said.

“Ha, ha, ha, Kris is so funny!”

“Kris, you’re wasted as a student of The academy of Six Major Schools. You should be a clown in a circus.”

After Jun Tong said that, everyone started to sneer at Kris.

How stupid Kris is!

At that moment, Lan Xia sighed. She wondered why she believed what the live-in son-in-law said.

At the thought of that, Lan Xia put the Pill into her mouth and then used the Sturdy Energy in her body to refine the Pill.

Jun Tong was relieved after Lan Xia swallowed the Pill.

Jun Tong looked at Kris with annoyance. “This fool almost made my own effort be in vain. I must humiliate this stupid person severely.” Jun Tong thought.

At the thought of that, Jun Tong winked at Pan Wang and Shou Yan. And they two nodded knowingly.

Then Pan Wang stood up and pointed to Kris, saying, “Kris, you slander Jun Tong in front of everyone. Why don’t you stand up and apologize to Jun Tong?”

“Yes, just apologize. I don’t know what the people of Su family think. How can they choose you as the live-in son-in-law of the Su family?” Shou Yan echoed.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

No sooner had they said that than the crowd in the box burst into laughter again.

All of them covered their stomachs and laughed, thumping their chest and stamping their feet.

“Apologize for this instant. You are a despicable live-in son-in-law. It’s my shame to be your classmate.” Fei Lin said.

At that moment, Lan Xia, who has been refining the Pill, looked at Kris disappointedly.

“How could Kris insult a classmate in front of the whole class? Kris is not only stupid but also mean.” Lan Xia thought.

“Well, I don’t need your apology. Everybody, don’t let him spoil your mood. I am a big person and let bygones be bygones.” Jun Tong said.

“Wow, Jun Tong is such a generous and bold person!”

“I admire you. It’s my pleasure to be in the same class with Jun Tong.” Pan Wang and Shou Yan echoed each other. All the students praised Jun Tong successively, and Jun Tong was very happy.

This matter was soon forgotten, and everyone paid no attention to Kris. They talked and laughed and toasted. Kris was left alone in the corner, and he was very bored.

“I don’t want to eat anymore.” Kris thought. At the thought of that, Kris stood up and stepped out of the box to get a breath of fresh air.

But when he went to the stairs, he saw Jun Tong, Pan Wang, and Shou Yan sneak around the corner of the stairs and say something secretly.

Kris couldn’t help stepping softly. After he entered the innate-power stage, his five senses became particularly acute. He can notice the slightest breeze or movement.

“Fuck, Fei Lin is a bitch. How could she order such expensive wines? It costs more than a million dollars a bottle. Damn, this meal costs at least 20 million dollars.” Jun Tong said gloomily.

“20 million dollars?”

Pan Wang and Shou Yan gasped. That’s too much of an exaggeration.

Although their families are rich, their pocket money is 20000 to 30000 dollars a month.

A meal cost 20 million dollars? What does that mean? The asset of Shou Yan’s family is only a little more than 30 million dollars. A meal costs nearly all the money of the Yan family?

That’s a big gap!

Pan Wang and Shou Yan looked at each other in speechless despair. Sure enough, they are not worth mentioning in front of the real rich second generation.

Jun Tong sighed and said, “My father gave me ten million dollars as pocket money before I came to The Academy of Six Major Schools. This meal costs at least 20 million dollars. I can’t afford it.”

Jun Tong was very depressed. He thought a meal for the whole class at the Dynasty Hotel costs no more than hundreds of thousands of money.

It’s all the fault of Fei Lin. If it weren’t for her, Jun Tong would not be in such an awkward position.

At that time, they’ve almost finished. If Jun Tong couldn’t pay for the bill, he would be looked down up by all the classmates.

Then Shou Yan patted his head and went close to Jun Tong. “Jun Tong, I have an idea. When we get in the box, we drink wine. We’d better get drunk. Then we lie there and pretend we’re drunk. If they can’t wake us up, they’ll pay for it.” Shou Yan said.

“Yes, there are so many rich students in our class, and I’m sure they’ll cough up the money.” Pan Wang nodded his head and said.

Jun Tong sighed and said, “Is it really OK to pretend that we’re drunk? This meal costs more than 20 million dollars. Who can afford that?”

Jun Tong had looked into all the students in his class.

There are several silver-spoon kids in the class, but it’s unrealistic for them to pay more than 20 million dollars at a time.

Shou Yan scratched his head in anxiety. At that moment, an idea hit Pan Wang. He held Jun Tong’s arm excitedly and said, “There is one who can afford it.”

“Who?” Jun Tong asked immediately.

Pan Wang raised his eyebrow and said with a smile, “Yanru Sima can afford it. She is the eldest daughter of the Sima family in the capital. 20 million dollars is nothing to her. She will definitely pay for it if no one pays for it.”

Jun Tong frowned and said with hesitation, “Is it good to let her pay for it?”

Yanru is the eldest daughter of the Sima family. Her identity is honorable. It would be humiliating to let her pay for the bill.

There were many people in The Academy of Six Major Schools covet Yanru. The reason why Jun Tong tried to approach her was that he also wanted to covet Yanru. Wouldn’t Jun Tong be looked down upon if he asked Yanru to pay for the bill?

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