Chapter 187: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 187 What Was His Purpose? (1)
“Hello? It’s me. Kerry is about to know who I am. What should I do?”

“Miss Mu, you are as silly as ever. I’ve made a good mask for you but you are about to be discovered?”

Venus gritted her teeth. You were the person who was the fool.

“It has nothing to do with the mask, and now Kerry suspects my identity.”

“That’s even more because you’re silly.” The man said nonchalantly.

Venus was completely speechless.

“Okay, I’ll handle it.”

Venus was just about to ask him what he was going to do, when he snapped and hung up the phone.

Bastard! Venus cursed quietly at the phone.

After calming her nerves outside the house, Venus walked into the room. Tonight, she had to brace herself to deal with Kerry’s various tests.

Kerry changed into a cotton T-shirt and went downstairs. Seeing Venus sitting in the living room, he silently laughed and walked over, “Still thinking about what happened just now? I’m just kidding. Don’t take it to heart. “

Venus snorted and said in a bad mood, “Mr. Ye’s joke isn’t funny at all.”

“I’ll make amends and drink more with you later.”

Drinking more? Venus was a cheap drunk and would absolutely reveal who she was when she was exposed to alcohol.

“I’m the birthday girl today. Shouldn’t I be the one in charge?” Venus lifted her chin and said.

Kerry could not be doubted, “Of course, whatever you say.”

“Well, remember what you’ve said.” Venus had a plan in mind.

Just then, Venus’s phone rang. She picked it up and looked at it. It’s a very strange phone number, not like a mainland number. Hesitantly picking it up, she said softly, “Hello? Who is that?”

“Yan, happy birthday.” A pleasant male voice on the other end of the phone came over, and Venus immediately realized what’s going on said with an immediate smile, “You finally remembered my birthday. I thought you had forgotten.”

As Kerry heard what she said, a strange smile appeared on his face.

“How could I forget your birthday? I even bought you a special birthday present.” The man spoke affectionately.

“Yes? Then you send me the gift.” She said, even though she didn’t even know who he was.

“No need, I’m coming to Sky City tomorrow. I’ll only look sincere if I give it to you in person.”

“Huh? You’re coming to Sky City?” Venus was a bit confused. That’s too much.

“What? You don’t welcome me. Didn’t you call a few days ago and say you missed me, do you?”

Venus’s heart was a mess. Who was he actually? How come he acted so much like Yan Chu’s boyfriend? She didn’t even dare to answer the question.

“Of course not, just a little surprised,” Venus asked testily, “What’s do you come for? It’s not really just to give me a birthday present, is it?”

“Of course not, it’s dad who asked me to go over and supervise how you do your job in Sky City.”

As soon as he said so, Venus immediately remembered that Yan had an older brother and a younger sister. So he was her real brother, Xuan Chu.

Having determined his identity, Venus spoke much more boldly, “Brother, you even come to supervise me. Is all your work done?”

When Kerry heard her call out “brother”, he became a little uncertain. Was he the oldest son of the Chu family, Xuan Chu? The young man claimed to be the future head of the Chu Family.

He was coming here?

“I’m only going to Sky City for a month. It won’t affect my work. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good. When will you arrive tomorrow? I’ll pick you up at the airport.” Venus said seemingly happily, but she squealed inside her. She had never met this Xuan Chu, and didn’t know what kind of temper he had, let alone the purpose of him staying in Sky City for so long. But by no means could it be as simple as giving her identical support. There must be something else going on.

“I take tomorrow morning’s flight. It’s expected to arrive just after four in the afternoon in Sky City.”

“Well, I know. I’ll pick you up.”

“You’re the nicest girl. Happy birthday!”

“Thank you, brother.” She said sincerely. It’d been a long time since she had said the word “brother” in front of others.

As Kerry carefully observed Yan’s every move, he kept asking himself silently: was he really wrong? Was she really not Venus?

There was no reason for the reputable Chu family to do this.

Kerry was in a state of confusion.

“My brother is coming tomorrow.” Venus happily said to Kerry, “Now, do you still doubt me?”

“Why are you still talking it? I told you it was a joke, so would you let me go?” Kerry said with a smile.

Venus slashed her chin and got up to walk to the dining room, “Hmm, whatever. I’m going to eat, I’m starving.”

Kerry looked at her with his heart confused.

As Mrs. Qin heard that today was Yan’s birthday, after cooking all the dishes, she made a bowl of longevity noodles and brought it to her, “I don’t know if you eat noodles on your birthday over there, but ‘do as Romans do’. Try it, Miss Chu. It’s also a blessing.”

Venus took a bite of the noodles and said, “The noodles are delicious. Thank you, Mrs. Qin.”

“You’re welcome. It’s good that you like it.” Mrs. Qin cheerfully went into the kitchen.

Compared to Venus’s good mood, Kerry’s was not as high as it was at the beginning.

Venus secretly had a few glances at him and didn’t take the initiative to provoke him for fear that he would mention the drinking thing. Today was her birthday, so she had no excuse not to drink a little.

After dinner, Kerry brought the cake over, lit a few candles, and smiled gently, “Make a wish.”

Venus laughed, “I outgrow it.” Although she said so, her eyes still closed and she silently said: I hoped the baby could be safe and sound and we could reunite soon.

Eyes open, she blew out all the candles in one breath.

“Wish for what?”

Mavis was cutting the cake, and when hearing his question, she turned her head to look at him mischievously, “I wouldn’t tell you. It won’t work if I say it.”

“Well, then I wish your wishes come true soon.” Kerry said sincerely.

Venus put a cut piece of small cake on the plate and held it to him with both hands with her eyes bright and clear, “Thank you for your company and your wishes for me.”

Kerry gazed intently into her eyes and leaned down to take a small bite of the cake held by her hand. The sweetness instantly filled his entire mouth.

“Is it delicious?” Venus’s eyebrows flew up and the waves of her eyes flowed.

“Take a bite yourself.”

Venus hooked a little with her finger and put it in her mouth, “Hmm… good.”

Seeing the somewhat obscure look in his eyes, Venus quickly grabbed a handful of cake, violently wiped it on his face and then ran away.

Kerry was first stunned. Hearing her laughter and after returning to his senses, he also grabbed a big handful of cream and ran towards her.

Venus saw him chasing after her and quickly ran outside the house. She screamed as she ran, “Kerry, I am wrong. I am sorry. Don’t come over…”

However, she was no match for Kerry. She was caught up by Kerry soon who held her waist to prevent her from moving and reached out to wipe cream on her face.

Venus kept laughing. Suddenly, her face has been wiped several times, “Kerry, don’t…Hahaha…”

Venus did not want to be outdone. She rubbed some of it directly from his hand holding the cream and smeared it on him. Kerry couldn’t avoid it so he was with cream on his face and neck. The two of them were laughing at each other.

“Okay, okay… Hahahaha… Stop it…” Venus was hanging on Kerry’s arm so could not escape his attack. In the end, scream was all over her face.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 187 What Was His Purpose? (2)
When finally having had enough, and being tired, they pressed close to each other to catch their breath.

“You’re so mean. I just wiped that little bit on you. Look at what you’ve done to me.” Venus tilted her head and smiled in protest.

“It is you to make the first move, right?” Kerrys voice was husky.

“It’s my birthday today. You said I can whatever I want.”

“Yeah?” Kerry’s eyes fell on a little white cream on her lower lip. He lowered his head, put out of the tongue, with head gently licking clean. But not enough, not enough at all.

She subconsciously leaned to him. Then the man had an evil fire going up from this feet…

Venus was breathless from his kisses, and she had a sense of what might happen tonight. If he did come, would she refuse or …

“Don’t think other things.” Kerry saw that she was a bit distracted and bit her lip hard…

Venus felt like she was on a boat, constantly drifting in the ocean, and waves came lapping over one after another until the cabin was filled with seawater. She wanted to escape, but there was no chance.

Venus was so frightened that she hugged his neck, “Kerry… It’s so embarrassing. Put me down.”

Then, it was a kiss. Venus trembled all over. If he hadn’t held her tightly, she would have fallen down.

Kerry was so strong that he carried her up to the second floor without a breath. He kicked open the door of his own room, and put her down as soon as he entered, but the kiss did not stop for a moment.

At the moment, Yan Chu was a woman who adored him. There was no reason to refuse him, and besides, she had not been touched by anyone else for a long time.

The two of them kissed heavily. Kerry’s eyes eagerly turned red. He did not look at Yan’s face because in his heart, the woman under his body was his wife, Venus.

Venus didn’t know if he’s awake or drunk. He was sounding her out, or he could’t help doing it.

To be sure, Venus turned his face so that she could look directly into his eyes, and asked him softly and breathlessly, “Kerry, who am I? Tell me, who am I?”

Kerry’s eyes were blur. He covered her questioning eyes and lowered his head to whisper in her ear, “I know who you are. Just this time, be my Venus, okay? Even if it means a dream to me.”

Venus’s heart rippled and she stunned for a moment before she gave a soft “hmm”.

Then, the power that Kerry had been saving up for a long time burst out…

Venus was really tired so she finally fell asleep.


The sun rose as usual.

It’s nine a.m. while they didn’t get up. John the Bulter was not anxious because he knew what happened yesterday. Younger Master hadn’t been so excited for a long time. It’s alright for him to excise intensively and sleep till afternoon. How generous he was as a bulter.

An hour later, Kerry finally woke up. Venus slept well in his arm with her body close to his. The good thing was that the room was well air-conditioned so they didn’t feel hot.

Recalling last night’s scene, Kerry desire reawakened. Without thinking, he directly pressed down on the still sleeping woman.


Venus was tossed by him and started to wake up. She subconsciously raised her hand to lightly hit him in the face, whispering, “Kerry, let me go. So tired ……”

Kerry was stunned for a moment and moved even faster.

This was Venus’s mantra. Everytime he tossed her around, she would softly beg him to let her go because she was so tired.

Yan, you said you were not her, but why were you so much like her?

I didn’t believe, even if you had a million reasons to overthrow me suspicions and found countless people to prove yourself, I wouldn’t believe. The body’s memories couldn’t be wrong, and you were obviously so suitable for me.

Since you never wanted to admit it, let me expose it all and confirm that you were her. You were my Venus!

Venus was awakened by Kerry’s heavy actions. Was this man still endless?

“Kerry… You said last night was a dream, so what now?” Venus was a little angry at his rudeness, and had no choice but to export an angre to him.

“I am sleepwalking now, still in a dream.” Kerry said in a hoarse voice.

Venus rolled her eyes. He even said this kind of bullshit. How shameless he was.

Feeling warm liquid, Venus knew he was finally over.

“Get up, I’m going to take a shower. The smell’s all over my body.” Venus pushed against someone who was on top of her.

Kerry stayed for a moment, rolled over and hugged her up by the waist and headed to the bathroom.

Did he want to take a bath together? Venus tried to get down from his arms in horror, but now she had no strength at all.

“Kerry, don’t go too far,” Venus threatened him with words.

But for he had such thick skin, how could it work? He put her straight in the shower and swished open the canopy, and when the warm water rushed to his body, he instantly felt comfortable.

“I’m going to take a shower too, so do it together. I’ve seen everything I need to see anyway, and besides, can you stand without me holding you up?” Kerry’s shamelessness was tinged with happiness of triumph.

She stared up at him in the mist, “Who do I blame for not being able to stand? Kerry, you are at least the magnificent Yehuang Group’s CEO. Why are you like a hungry wolf, feeling like you haven’t seen a woman before. My waist is almost broken by you. Oh my god, it’s all bruised.”

Kerry looked at the woman’s curdled waist where pieces of black and blue were seen. It looked a bit horrifying, of course, in addition to that, the rest of her body was also left by him a lot of marks.

“It’s been a long time since I touched a woman, and I’m a little out of control.” Kerry explained.

“How long?” Venus couldn’t help asking him.

Kerry pretended to think carefully, “It’s been over a year.”

“Oh, I didn’t think you’d be so patient? Why don’t you put up with it.”

“Because,” said Kerry, smiling at her provocative eyes with forehead against Venus’s, “You’re a little goblin, and you’ve seduced my soul away. How come I keep controling it.”

“Kerry, if I’m a little goblin, you’re an old icy goblin.” She provoked him unconvincingly.

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

“You feel like an iceberg, rejecting people a thousand miles away. ” Venus poked his chest, “In fact, you are a sultry man, cold outside and hot inside and good at abducting women.”

“But I’ve abducted only you.”

Listening, she got more and more carnivorous and goosebumps all over her body. If he kept talking like this, perhaps, this rutting male peacock would have a bathroom battle with her.

“Are you done washing? Go out then. I need to wash my hair. You are so troublesome here.”

Kerry who had physical and mental satisfaction of course obediently obeyed, and carefully washed for another two or three minutes, before walking out of the bathroom naked.

In the afternoon, Kerry still did not go to work, because he had to accompany Yan to pick up her brother Xuan Chu, and to determine whether these two people were really brother and sister or not.

In case there were too many people coming from Hong Kong, Kerry arranged two cars for them.

The closer to the airport, the more nervous Venus was. She who sat in the back row, was, of course, unable to show it. She had seen Xuan from the photo, a tall, calm and handsome man, but hadn’t seen him with her own eyes. There was already a difference between the photo and the real person. If she didn’t recognize him when she arrived at the airport, wouldn’t it be obviously that she was fake?

She even wondered what the first thing she’ld say when she saw him, and whether he’ld be esaygoing or not.

At the airport, the flight Xuan took had not yet arrived. Venus stood at the departure gate with the photo of Xuan floating in her mind over and over again. Xuan, please didn’t ever become fat or thin, and just looked like what he was on the photo.

Didn’t tear me down, never!

Kerry observed her appearance quietly and asked her, “Why do you look so nervous?”

“Huh? No,” She said with a smile, “I just haven’t seen my brother for a long time and I’m a bit excited.”

Kerry raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly, offering no reply.

At this time, the airport’s flight broadcast rang.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 187 What Was His Purpose?(3)
“Ladies and gentlemen, flight CF4239 from Hong Kong will be landing soon. Passengers who pick up friends and relatives please wait at the arrival area. Thank you.”

Venus Mu’s heart began to beat faster. He’s coming.

Several minutes later, people began to walk out. Venus stared at every man that came out, afraid to miss the one she’d been waiting. Not him, not him, and not him again…

When most of the people had come out, several men showed up at the corner, with a tall and handsome man walking in front. He was walking while talking to the man beside him. His every move looked so gentle.

Venus recognized him. He was Xuan Chu.

Actually, you don’t have to try hard to find him. That man’s like a ray of light. He would be the center wherever he goes.

He’s shining bright like a diamond!

Venus couldn’t move her eyes away from him. She should’ve called him “Brother”, but she couldn’t make a sound due to excitement.

Brother, her only brother that she had had for twenty years.

Xuan looked up and saw her, too. He showed a smile, strode over and stopped in front of her. Before she could say anything, Xuan reached out his hand and tapped her forehead with his finger and said happily, “Yan, you silly girl! Are you too happy to call me ‘Brother’?”

Venus somehow felt so relieved. She said, “Brother, don’t knock at my forehead! It will make me dumb!”

Xuan laughed, “Look at you. You are so cute and silly! I wonder how you could take care of the business in Sky City.”

“Am I that bad? Besides, it’s not what I am good at. It’s natural that I don’t understand things sometimes. Unlike you, you have been learning to do business with dad since you were little.” Venus said half jokingly. This Xuan knew her tricks, and wouldn’t tell anyone about it.

Kerry Ye had seen it all that had been said and done between the brother and sister, and felt nothing strange. In other people’s eyes, they were just close brother and sister.

Finally, Xuan’s eyes fell on Kerry who had been standing behind Yan. With some mysterious smile in his eyes, Xuan asked, “Yan, who’s this man?”

“Ah, he’s the director of the Yehuang Group, Kerry Ye.”

Xuan reached out his hand and said, “Director Ye you are! My father and Director Tang mentioned you all the time! You are indeed young and capable!” He said gently as if he had heard Kerry’s big name before.

Kerry shook hands with him with politeness then let go. “Thank you. You are capable, too. I heard it was you who recommended the amusement park project to your father Mr Chu. You’ve got sharp eyes!”

“Yes? You know what, I agree with you!” Xuan showed no humbleness at all. He accepted all the compliments from Kerry. “Thanks for coming to meet me in person.”

“The MK Group is our most important partner at present. You are the chairman, so I should be here in person.” Kerry said neither too humbly nor too proudly.

“Ha ha ha! You are a smart talker!” Xuan said. Then he wrapped his arm around Venus’s shoulder and said naturally, “Let’s go to the hotel. I am starving! The plane food is so terrible!”

Yan was at first a little shocked when Xuan touched her, but then she recovered herself and walked together with Xuan like this toward the exit. She didn’t push away his arm.

Kerry took a glanced at that arm and hummed coldly. He’s feeling extremely unhappy.

There were two cars. Yan and Xuan were sitting in Kerry’s car.

“Brother, will you stay in the hotel these days?” Venus slightly moved away from Xuan without being noticed.

Xuan was watching the scenery outside. Then he turned around and said, “Yes. I am only staying for two for three months. Should I buy a house? I don’t think so.”

Two or three months? He said he would only stay for half a month!

Why did he change his mind?

What’s he up to?

Venus got nervous thinking of this.

What’s his purpose?

“Oh, nothing, I am just asking. You are my dear brother!”

Xuan was very smart. He said laughingly, “Oh, I almost forgot. Did you buy an apartment? I can move in there! So that I don’t have to waste money in the hotel. Besides, it’s better to live with you.”

“Huh? No, no, no! I am not living there any longer.” Venus refused hurriedly.

“You are not in your own apartment? Then where do you live?” Xuan raised his eyebrow and asked.

Venus paused, then looked at Kerry who was driving, and said, “Emm…in Kerry’s house for now.”

Xuan was still acting. He even opened his mouth a little wider on hearing this. Then he started to scold her, “Yan, how could you live in a man’s house? Mother shouldn’t know about this, or she will take you back to Hong Kong and punish you.”

“Brother, it’s not like what you think.” Venus explained. “Not long ago, two guys broke into my apartment, trying to blackmail me and humiliate me. Lucky that Kerry arrived in time to keep me safe. Kerry considered it unsafe for me to live alone, so he offered to let me move in with him.”

Hearing that Yan’s been blackmailed, Xuan took Yan’s arms and examined, “How are you? Did they hurt you?”

“They slapped me in the face and my face was swollen. But now I am fine.”

Xuan cursed, “Damn it! They dare slap you? How dare they bully us Chu Family! Where are the two assholes now? I’ll kill them!”

Yan smiled, “They are enjoying their time in jail. Kerry called the police and the police found that the two guys were ‘Wanted’ online. They have to spend their lives in jail all life! With that being said, I am still afraid of living alone there. I have nightmares every night.”

“Fine, just leave it. That place brings bad luck.” Xuan said seriously, but looked tricky. “Well, move out of Kerry’s house and let’s stay in the hotel.”

Venus was dumbfounded. Is he here helping her or not? She tried hard to get back to Kerry’s villa. Now he’s trying to get her out? How could she look for the Treasure Map?

“Mr Chu,” Kerry suddenly cut in, “There are many guest rooms in my villa. Why don’t you move in as well?”

“No.” Xuan refused bluntly. “We Chu Family can afford to pay for hotels.”

Kerry was chocked by Xuan’s words. Did he just turn down his kindness? Well, he could care less about Xuan. But he didn’t want Yan to leave. After all, he had just had a taste of her the night before…

“Brother, are you sure you want me to stay in the hotel too?” Venus emphasize each word, hoping he could understand her. But this guy ignored her directly and said seriously, “I am sure. We are staying in the hotel. I will be living next to you. I’ll see which dumb ass dare hurt you!”

Venus was speechless. Well, he’s her brother now, so she had to obey him, so as not to embarrass him. She could ask him about this when they should be alone.

“Well, then…” Venus patted Kerry on the shoulder and said, “Kerry, drop by your villa ad let me fetch my things.”

Kerry bit his lips and hummed coldly. When he looked into the mirror, he saw Xuan’s smile.

The smile was weird.

When they got to the villa, Venus went up to pack her things up while Xuan and Kerry were talking in front of the car.

“May I ask, if the amusement park project will be yours when you are here?” Kerry took out a cigarette and handed it to Xuan and found a lighter and lighted the cigarettes for both of them.

Xuan smoked hard, spat out the smoke circle then smiled, “I could care less. It’s Yan’s project and she is the person in charge. I am just here to supervise her to make sure she works hard.”

Xuan was a mysterious man. Now that there was thick cigarette smoke between them, Kerry found it harder to see through this man.

Not knowing what Xuan’s up to, Kerry did not buy his words. But he wouldn’t ask since Xuan wouldn’t tell.

“I have arranged a welcome party for you tonight. It’s my honor.” To know why he came to the Sky City, Kerry had to know Xuan first.

Xuan spat another smoke circle. He didn’t seem to appreciate Kerry’s kindness. “Mr Ye, I am tired from the whole day’s flight. I want to rest early. What about this, I’ll treat you tomorrow to show our gratitude for your saving Yan.”

Kerry paused then said, “Anytime that suits you. You are the guest!”

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