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Chapter 187: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 187 Can This be Cured?

At this time, Baker said, “Let’s eat first! After we have dinner, we’ll talk about it again.”

He planned to tell Eva after dinner. It’s better than seeing her being furious before finishing dinner.

Colin nodded, “Let’s eat, Doris.”

“Okay,” Doris nodded, as she ate obediently.

Eva wondered, since when did Doris become so obedient?

No, Doris had been obedient and sensible. But she felt that Doris was very obedient like a child, and yet, she didn’t think much, as she ate quietly.

Finally, the dinner was over.

Baker looked at Colin, as he signaled him to speak.

Colin took a deep breath before speaking, “Mom, Doris….”

Eva sensed that the atmosphere was serious and he was also talking about Doris, so her face turned serious, “What happened to Doris?”

Colin said softly, “Doris has lost her memories and now her intelligence is only of a five-six-year-old-child. She….”

“Huh?” Eva raised her voice, “What did you say?”

Colin braced himself and explained briefly about the matter, but he didn’t bring up the poisoning.

Eva took a breath after hearing it and almost fainted. Fortunately, Baker held her in time, so she could be steady.

Then, Eva suddenly stood up and about to slap him.

Colin closed his eyes and he didn’t avoid it.

However, it didn’t hurt as he expected.

Colin opened his eyes and realized that Baker had held Eva’s wrist tightly, “Calm down, my wife.”

“Calm down?!” Eva was furious, “What calm down!”

“Look at what he did to our daughter?”

“After Doris stayed with him, she never has a good life! Now, she has even become a child!”

“You’re drop dead! What sin has Doris committed that she has to suffer?!”

“This won’t do! You have to divorce her!”


Eva was berated furiously and Doris cried.

For a while, only Doris’s cry was heard in the living room.

Colin hurriedly hugged Doris, “Don’t cry, Doris. Everything is fine. It’s fine….”

“Uncle…. Don’t beat Uncle anymore….” Doris cried and sobbed.

When Eva saw Doris acted this way, her heart was filled with mixed emotions. Her eyes gradually also turned red, “What sin has she actually committed…..”

Baker sighed helplessly as he patted Eva’s back, comforting her quietly.

After a while, Doris finally had been comforted by Colin.

Baker said, “You can go home first!”

“Okay,” Colin nodded, then looked at Eva, before pulling Doris away and left.

After both of them left, Baker spoke, “Doris is now alive all thanks to Colin….”

Eva lifted her head, “What do you mean?”

“Doris isn’t actually having a low blood sugar. She was poisoned.” Baker said lightly, “Colin is also poisoned. But there was only one antidote and he gave it to Doris without hesitation. That’s why Doris could turn out this way.”

“When Doris was abducted, he spent one billion to let everyone in Tianbei City find Doris.”

Eva was speechless.

He was a son-in-law that didn’t even care about his life for Doris.

Eva was really shocked. A man that didn’t even care about his life for a woman. Perhaps, such a deep love could only be seen in several people, right?

Eva didn’t know how she should think of Colin. Is he useless?

He’s not. He is the chairman of Marquis Group. How can he be useless?

Was he bad to Doris?

Not really. He’s doing his best for Doris seriously.

Eva looked at Baker, as she didn’t know what to say.


As Colin lied in the bed, he thought of letting Vanessa to examine Doris tomorrow, to see if Doris’s current condition could be cured. And he would also let her see if the poison in his body could be cured, but probably it couldn’t be cured anymore. He also didn’t have high hope.

But, after tomorrow, the auction will be held. Marquis was bound to win that piece of land this time and he wouldn’t let Walson succeed.

As Colin thought of Walson, he frowned. This person was used to using drugs to control someone. This made Colin felt disgusted, but there’s no other way. He had to be careful of everyone around him. Who knows if someone will be controlled by Walson?

It’s just….


Colin was still thinking deeply when he suddenly felt that he was hugged by Doris’s soft body, and he immediately withdrew his thoughts.

When he felt Doris’s fragrance again, his throat was stiff and his body was frozen.

The way Doris hugged Colin was the same as a child that hugged her parents, as she slept soundly.

Since Colin didn’t get Doris’s response, he could only smile helplessly.

If Doris dared to make such a move before, Colin could guarantee that he would be a good man.

But now, Doris is a child. How could he do such a thing to a child? He would’ve felt so guilty!

Moreover, he couldn’t do anything about it. He would faint if he got too excited, what he could do!


In the morning, in order to prevent Doris from being kidnapped again, before Colin left, he sent Doris to Eva’s house. He also told Flora, if she wanted to find Doris, she’s at Eva’s.

After he finished dealing with everything, Colin went to the office.

When he arrived at the company, he asked Nina, “Is Vanessa still unemployed now? Ask her if she wants to reconsider? The offer to be a private doctor that I mentioned previously to her.”

“Or, tell her to come now! Ask her in person and let her examine the poison in my body along the way. By the way, you can also call Dr. Niu to come here.”

“Fine, Chairman.” Nina turned around and left.

An hour later, both Dr. Niu and Vanessa arrived.

Colin didn’t mention anything about the private doctor, but he said to both of them, “Both of you can examine my body and see if you can make an antidote from it?”

Niu Wang and Vanessa looked at each other. Vanessa took a step forward and took Colin’s pulse.

After a while, Vanessa said, “Your toxin is obstinate. It’s also soluble in the blood. I can only control it, but I can’t cure it.”

Niu Wang sighed, “This poison is intense indeed.”

Colin didn’t quite disappoint upon hearing that.

At this time, Vanessa spoke again, “However, my second aunt might be able to cure it.”

“Really?” Colin was slightly excited, “Can this be cured?”

Vanessa nodded, “I learned about oriental medical skills from my second aunt. She’s much capable than me. But she’s not here now. She’s in Southern Xinjiang. We need to wait until she returns to treat you.”

“During this time, I’ll try my best to treat you. Of course, you have to pay more attention to it and you can’t have too much mood swings.”

“I’ll prescribe you medicine and give you acupuncture. This way, you would feel much better.”

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