Chapter 188: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 188 Baby, Say Cheese! (1)
Kerry Ye took advantage of the noon free time to search Xuan Chu’s information on the Internet, which is identical to what he shows in real life. He and Yan Chu are siblings and if there is anything strange about Yan, Xuan can see through it right away. But the communication along the way verified that Yan is his sister.

Yan can be a fake, but is Xuan also a fake?

Chu family is so powerful and how could it allow someone to pretend to be its young generation to swindle by false pretences? This is definitely not going to happen.

So, was it Kerry’s long-held judgment that got it wrong? Are there really two people so similar in the world? They have never seen each other before, but they are like shadows of each other.

Kerry took a puff from his cigarette and sank into silence and confusion.

John, the butler, helped Venus Mu bring down the suitcase, which contain a few lightweight summer dresses. Venus carried the other important things on her own.

When Kerry saw Venus coming out, he let go of his doubts and went around to the back of the car to open the trunk. Then he took the suitcase from John and put in into the trunk.

“Mr. Ye, you can just ask a driver to take us to the hotel. You needn’t bother to drive yourself.” Xuan said calmly.

Kerry walked straight to the driver’s seat and pulled the door open, saying, “Mr. Chu is our most important guest and of course I’ll entertain you myself. Get in, please.” Then Kerry looked at Yan who was looking at him. Kerry smiled at Yan and got into the car.

Venus couldn’t make out what he meant by that smile. Before she could gather her wits together, she was nudged on the shoulder by Xuan. “Get on to the bus. Don’t you want to leave?” Xuan said.

Venus looked back at him and said: “Yes, the food in his house is delicious, not oily and salty like in the hotel.”

“You are so picky. Get in the car.” Xuan said. After urging Venus to get on the car, Xuan went to the other side to open the door and got into the car.

Xuan told Kerry the name of the hotel. The assistants and a few clerks who were traveling with them had been booked the rooms in advance. The three got a lot on their minds and they barely spoke along the way.

After arriving at the hotel, Kerry held the suitcase and went to the reserved rooms with Yan and Xuan. As the rooms are adjacent, Xuan took a look at Kerry, who stood behind Yan waiting for her to open the door, and sneered. Then Xuan swiped the room card and went in.

Kerry noticed the smile on the corners of Xuan’s mouth and his heart sank. Then Kerry followed Venus into the room.

“Thank you for bringing us back.” Venus said. Venus knew Kerry wasn’t happy from his facial expression, but she didn’t know why he was unhappy. “Why are angry?” Venus asked tentatively.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Kerry said. Then Kerry put down the suitcase and looked around the room. “You and your brother seem to have a pretty good relationship.” Kerry said casually.

“Of course, he is my brother.” Venus replied cautiously. Her eyes followed Kerry’s steps.

Kerry stopped and stood in front of Venus, looking at her with his deep blue eyes, as if to look into her heart. “Yan, come to me if anything happens to you, whatever it is.” Kerry said.

Venus was nervous for being looked at by Kerry in that way. She masked her nervousness with a smile. “Is there anything I can ask for your favor? Kerry, can you stop cursing me? Do you expect me to be held hostage again?” Venus said.

“That’s not what I meant…” Kerry said.

“I know. I’m just kidding.” Venus interrupted him and said, “It’s late. You’d better go home. Be careful on your way.”

As Venus spoke, she walked to the door. She just wanted Kerry to leave and so he could go to ask what the hell did Xuan mean.

“Are you in such a hurry to get rid of me?” Kerry said. Kerry pressed her hand to open the door and pressed her against the wall. He looked into her eyes and said: “I’ve been busy for so long. Aren’t you going to reward me?”

Venus scolded him pervert in her heart. She looked sidelong at Kerry and said: “Didn’t I reward you enough last night? My waist still hurts.”

Kerry lifted her chin and kissed her without allowing her to speak. Kerry didn’t let Venus go until she is short of breath and flushed.

“If you kick me out again, I’ll punish you like this.” Kerry said in a low voice.

“You are pushing your luck.” Venus smiled and swore. She pulled open the door and pushed him out, saying, “You’d better dash off now. Be careful on your way.”

“Good night.”

Kerry turned to go to the elevator and his smile disappeared immediately.

When Kerry disappeared around the corner, Venus pulled out her room card and closed the door. She walked quickly to the next door and banged on it.

In a few seconds, the door opened. Xuan changed into the hotel’s disposable slippers. He looked as if he had just washed his face and his hair at the temples was still wet.

He was not surprised to see Venus. He just frowned and said: “Kerry’s gone. Go back to your room and take the stuff off your face. It is a real eyesore.”

Venus was stunned for a while. That’s right. She is not Yan, but she was still talking to him with the face of his sister. He must be uncomfortable.

Besides, she has been wearing the mask for two days and she felt terrible when it sticks to her face.

After hearing that, Venus returned to her room without saying anything to unmask. Then she returned to Xuan’s room without make-up.

Xuan opened the door and he was stunned for a while when he saw her face. He leaned to his side to let her in.

“It seems that you are not very ugly.” Xuan closed the door and teased her.

“Thank you. I will take it as a compliment.” Venus said. Venus stood in the middle of the room and stared at the strange man warily. “What on earth are you doing in Sky City?” Venus said bluntly.

Xuan threw up his hands and his attitude was much better. “It’s my sister’s birthday and I come here to give her a birthday present.” Xuan said.

“Xuan, we are all sensible people. Why you feign ignorance?” Venus looked at him coldly and said.

“OK. In fact, someone asked me to come here to your rescue and pretend to be your eldest brother. So I am here.” Xuan said.

“Is it that simple?” Venus said suspiciously.

“What else could that be? By the way, I’ll give you a check on your work and the amusement park project, which is the most important investment of Chu family this year. Nothing can go wrong.” Xuan sat on the sofa lazily and said casually.

After hearing that, Venus asked directly, “Do you know the man in the silver mask?”

“Who is the man in the silver mask? I don’t know what you’re saying.” Xuan said. Then he turned on the TV.

Venus stood in front of the TV and said: “You don’t know him? Then who sent you here?”

Xuan was a little angry being asked by her like that. Few people spoke to him that way. “Hey, why do you have so many questions? What confidence do you have that I will answer your questions? If you have any questions, you can go to ask your superior. Leave me alone.” Xuan said with raised eyebrows.

Venus was also angry being shouted by him. “Then why did you bring me here? Do you know how hard it is for me to get in Ye family? You’re just messing with my plan.” Venus said.

“Woman, have you lost your head?” Xuan said bluntly, “Do you think it’s natural for my sister to live with another man when I am in Sky City? Or are you a woman who enjoys living in other men’s homes.”

Venus couldn’t help laughing. “Xuan, I think you’re crazy. Kerry is my husband.”

Xuan came to his sensed suddenly. He patted his forehead and said: “I forget that. By the way, what’s your name?”

Venus glare at him angrily and said nothing.

Seeing that Venus didn’t want to answer, Xuan said the following automatically. “Oh, you are Venus. I have no obligation to answer any of your questions. Please go to ask the right person. Now, I’m going to rest. Can you leave now?”

Venus huffed out of Xuan’s room and made threatening gestures out of Xuan’s door. Then the door opened suddenly and Venus pretended nothing had happened as soon as possible. She calmly took out the card and opened the door.

Xuan took a look at her and said “crazy” and then disappeared behind the door.

Venus fidgeted around the room. She always felt that Xuan came to Sky City for other purposes. It is obvious that the man in the mask has a lot to do with Chu family. Otherwise, she could not be Yan, and Xuan is not likely to be willing to be her fake brother.

Taking out her phone and thinking for a long time, Venus dialed a number. The phone rang for a long time before it answered.

“Hello, I’m Venus” Venus gave a self-introduction and then asked, “How is my child?”

The man laughed and said: “Miss Mu, I told you your child will be safe and healthy within half a year. How are you? Is your crisis over now?”

Venus just wanted to see her child and she didn’t want to answer his question at all. “You always say my child is healthy, but you never let me see my child. How can I trust you?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 188 Baby, Say Cheese! (2)
“You’re getting smart. I’ll show you your kid. Open the video call.”

Venus was just giving it a try, not expecting her request to be accepted. Then she quickly opened the videophone with a shaky hand, and clicked the record button on the way. She wished she could watch it back over and over again when she missed her child.

Then she saw a house on the phone, and then a crib appeared. Venus finally saw her child. He had chubby face and hands. He was lying in the crib, shaking his hand, babbling. He looked grown up.

Suddenly Venus’s tears rolled down her face. “Little baby, let me see you smile.” the man said.

The child heard his words, really “giggle”. The sound of laughter came through the phone, and Venus cried even harder.

“Well, you’ve seen your child now. Remember to complete your task, or you’ll never see him again.”

Venus was busy wiping away her tears and said, “I will complete my tasks as soon as possible. Please don’t hurt my child.”

“Very well.” the man said.

“There is something I want to ask you,” Venus said.

“What is it?” the man said impatiently. He was pointing the camera at the corner of the house. Venus guessed he was doing that because he wasn’t wearing a mask and he was afraid she could see his face.

“What’s he here for, other than to prove my identity?”

“It’s none of your business. He won’t get in your way. When you need him, he can help you.”

After Venus heard his, she stopped worrying that he was here to ruin her plans.

“You’ve been with Kerry Ye for so long. Why haven’t you made any progress so far? The information you gave the old man of the Ye family last time was worthless.”

Venus was afraid that he would do something to hurt the child and immediately said seriously, “You said I had half a year to complete this task, but only two months have passed. The time is not yet up, so you have to keep your promise.”

The man snorted coldly and then hung up the video phone.

Venus collapsed on the bed. She replayed the video she had just recorded over and over again. Every time she saw the part about the child, her tears kept flowing. In the end, she kept seeing her phone die before she laid down on the bed for a while and then went to the bathroom to take a shower.


The next day, Xuan Chu was still startled the first time he saw Venus. He almost thought of her as his sister. They were too much alike, except for the eyes.

“My sister’s eyes give people a feeling of arrogance, but her eyes are so quiet that people can’t see through them.” Xuan thought.

“Good morning, brother.” Venus said. Xuan, who was eating breakfast in the hotel buffet restaurant, was shocked to hear her call him brother.

He took a bite of a fried dumpling. When she sat across from him with her breakfast, he said, “You’re a dedicated actor.”

Venus knew he was being sarcastic. She ate the buns from her plate and then said, “I’m also getting you into the act early. There may be Kerry’s men around here watching us.”

“My dear sister, can you accompany me to the office? I need to know what’s going on with the project right now.” Xuan said deliberately.

Venus felt gross when he called her “dear sister”. Then she said with a smile on her face, “Ok. I don’t know anything about it. Since you’re here, I’ll leave it to you.”.”

At the Yehuang Group, it was close to noon when Kerry got a call from Henry, “Sir, Xuan Chu and his sister had dined at the hotel in the morning and then took a ride to their temporary office location.”

Kerry rubbed his brow and then asked, “How are the two of them getting along?”

“They were very familiar with each other. Xuan Chu even put his arm on Yan Chu’s shoulder when he walked out of the hotel. The two of them were talking happily.”

“Got it, continue to follow them. Don’t let them know you’re following them.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hanging up the phone, Kerry leaned back in his seat. His instincts told him that Yan Chu was Xuan Chu’s sister, and there was nothing wrong with them acting close, but he still minded them being so close.

He always saw Yan as Venus, so when Xuan and Yan were close, it was as if he and Venus were close. He knew in his heart that this kind of thought of his was morbid, but he couldn’t help himself.

At this time, Secretary Liu came in with the packed lunch from the fancy restaurant.

“Mr. Ye, it’s time for lunch.”

“Put them on the coffee table. Then you go to the Luoyu Restaurant later to order a dinner, and then invite these heads of the amusement park project to this dinner.”

Secretary Liu nodded and asked again, “Mr. Ye, who is this dinner for?”

“Mk’s general manager, Xuan Chu.” Kerry said faintly.

Secretary Liu was startled. He hadn’t gotten the news that Xuan Chu had already come to Sky City and now he was curious about this man.

After Secretary Liu went out, Kerry picked up his phone and called Xuan Chu.

“What are you busy with?” he asked.

“I’m at the office now. My brother and the others are in a meeting. I just wait for them to go for lunch later.” her lazy voice came over.

Kerry had a look at the lunch box on the coffee table and said, “Do you want me to pick you up and then we’ll go eat?”

“Thank you. You’re so kind.” said Venus excitedly, “I’m dying of boredom. Hurry up and I’ll meet you downstairs at the office.”

“Okay, I’ll pick you up now. “

“Got it.”

Then Venus hung up the phone, and relieved. Venus knew that Kerry liked Yan Chu because he felt that Yan was Venus and now Venus confirmed that she was the real Yan. She was afraid that he would ignore her, but he didn’t.

She wandered around the office for a few minutes. Seeing that it was about time, she was about to pack her bag and go downstairs when the door to the conference room opened.

Xuan strides over to see her leaving and asked, puzzled, “Where are you going?”

Without looking back, Venus said, “I’m going to have luch.” then she added, “With Kerry.”

Xuan shrugged, “Please tell Mr. Ye that I am going to go to the construction site in the afternoon.”

“Okay, bye, dear brother.” Venus smiled at him and raced to the elevator door.

Xuan saw that smile suddenly appear on her face and shuddered. From the first moment he saw her at the airport yesterday, Xuan was surprised. She really was too much like his sister. So he subconsciously thought of her as his sister.

It was only later when he returned to the hotel that he gradually calmed down. He knew she wasn’t really Yan Chu, so later on his attitude towards Venus changed a bit.

Venus was standing downstairs at the office very early, waiting for Kerry in the shade. A few minutes later a black Cayenne drove up slowly, and then she stepped out of the shade. When the car pulled up, she got in and sat in the passenger seat.

“Where are we going for lunch?” Venus asked him as she fastened her seat belt.

Kerry started the car, his expression still cold, “There’s a Cantonese restaurant near here. It’s very good. You’d better eat more. I’ll invite your brother for dinner tonight, so you probably won’t have time to eat.”

Venus nodded, then remembered Xuan’s instructions, and said, “My brother said he was going to the construction site this afternoon, do you go there?”

“Of course I will. He asked you to pass on the message, which means that he wants me to accompany him. Are you going there?” Kerry asked.

“Since my brother’s here, he’ll just take care of that, so I won’t be there.” Venus said, and then took a glance of him.

During the meal, neither of them spoke much. Venus could tell that he was not in a good mood.

“Yan, what kind of food does your brother like?” Kerry asked her suddenly.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 188 Baby, Say Cheese! (3)
Venus was stunned, “Why do you ask this?”

Kerry casually said, “Aren’t we going to treat him for dinner tonight? I can prepare in advance if I know his preference.”

Venus didn’t know whether he really wanted to know, or he was deliberately testing her, so she said ambiguously, “He’s not picky and eat everything.”

“That’s good.” Kerry continued to bury his head to eat.

Venus was shocked with sweat all over her body, and her good mood of eating had affected by this.

When returning to the company after meal, Xuan was already sitting in front of the computer processing various reports and documents. Venus leaned over and asked him with her head lying on the table, “What kind of food do you like for dinner?”

Xuan replied her while he was staring at the computer, “I prefer spicy food, the spicier the better.”

Venus was confused, “Why should a Hong Konger like spicy food?”

Xuan glared at her, “Half the people in China like spicy food, why can’t I?”

“But ……” Venus sighed and told him the truth, “Kerry asks me about your taste this noon, I tell him that everything is fine to you for I actually don’t know the answer. In case he asks you, don’t grass on me.”

Xuan was confused, “What’s his purpose for doing so?”

“He will treat you dinner tonight and knowing your preference will help him to prepare in advance.” Venus thought of something and continued, “In case Kerry intends to get you talk and asks you about my favorite food, remember to say that I like sweet food not spicy ones.”

Xuan sneered and said with a snort, “You can only fool Kerry who is not familiar with my sister for Yan actually likes spicy food but not sweet food.”

“Really?” Venus was shocked, then calmed down, “You’re right, it’s fortunate that he isn’t familiar with your sister.”

Xuan originally ignored Venus’s words, but didn’t expect that Kerry really came to inquire in the afternoon, but what he had inquired was Yan’s taste not his.

Of course Xuan said what Yan had told him for he didn’t want to cause trouble for her.

Under the accompany of Kerry, Xuan carefully visited the amusement park. He asked many difficult questions for he had already seen the design of this place and got a overall understand of it. However, Kerry was shrewd and answered all his questions.

Actually, Xuan didn’t mean to embarrass him for all these questions were the keys in the construction process. Only when these question were replied clearly, could he feel assured.

These two men were extremely serious and responsible for the work, and they had an active interaction on the whole way. They didn’t even noticed the sunset after walking through the entire amusement park.

So, Kerry directly took Xuan to the dinner place while the others went by themselves. However, when they arrived there, everybody was there.

Of course, only bosses could be late.

Venus sat in a seat where two chairs on her right side were empty. Shixuan was sitting in her left side, and there were two employees, one was from Yehuang Group and another was from MK. It was the best arrangement.

After coming back from the toilet, both Kerry and Xuan walked toward the seat beside Yan. When Xuan was about to sit beside her, Kerry put his hands on the chair and said, “President Chu is our guest today and should be seated in the best location.”

Xuan looked at Kerry with a hidden smile in his eyes, but he didn’t say anything and moved to sit down on the chair next to Kerry, and then Kerry also sat down.

However, when it comes to ordering food, Xuan was depressed for there was no spicy food at all. This was all Venus’ fault. So, he just ordered a little and delivered the menu to Kerry.

The atmosphere on the table was very good, people were all very familiar with each other except Xuan.

When the food were served, Kerry was the first to propose a toast to Xuan for his arrival. Then, everybody drank up the wine except for Venus Wei. She didn’t dare to drink too much, so she just sipped a bit.

After walking around the construction site all afternoon, Xuan was already starving, but the food on the table was not suitable to him, so he put down his chopsticks after a few bites.

Seeing this, a flash of sparkle fled in Kerry’s eyes, and then he asked with a smile, “President Chu, don’t you like the dish?”

Xuan swept a glance at Venus and then looked at Kerry, and said with a light smile, “It’s fine, my appetite is small, you don’t need to mind me.”

Kerry nodded and added a glass of wine for Xuan, then he lifted his goblet and said, “I’ve been long hearing that President Xuan is meticulous about his work, and I see it myself this afternoon.”

Xuan picked up his goblet and gently clinked it with him, saying, “This is my duty, no mistake should be made in such a big project, not to mention it is a place full of people. Even a small error will lead to severe consequence. We must reduce this possibility.”

Kerry agreed, “You’re right, we can’t be sloppy.”

They were discussing some details about what they had seen today, Venus was not interested in that and only focused on the meals. The taste of the food in this restaurant was bland and a little bit sweet, which was just her favorite. Kerry must booked this restaurant for satisfying her appetite.

People started to move when wine was half drunk, the people at the table took turns to toast to Kerry and Xuan, so instead of food, they drank more.

Xuan felt very disgusted for he didn’t eat much. His stomach was full of wine now and he didn’t want to drink more. However, this dinner was arranged for him, it was inappropriate to stop.

Kerry was good at drinking, but his face was a little red too. When he stopped, he didn’t forget to serve Venus.

“Stop, I’m full.” Venus rubbed her belly with one hand and stopped him contently.

A bit of warmth appeared in Kerry’s eyes and he held Venus’s hands and caressed her fingers carefully.

Kerry’s hands were very hot as if they would burn her. She couldn’t struggle to free but let to him held.

It seemed to be their first time to hold hands.

With desire in his heart, Kerry rubbed her knuckles, and leaned over to Venus and whispered, “Go to the washroom.”

Venus stared at him in surprise, how could he think about that in such situation.

Kerry didn’t care and said again, “Go now or I’ll kiss you in public.”

Venus knew he would keep his words, and she didn’t want to felt embarrassed. So she got up and walked to the washroom outside the dinning room.

After coming out, Venus went to the toilet and fixed her makeup, looking at the woman in the mirror, she laughed in disgust. She really didn’t want to use this appearance to seduce Kerry, but thinking of the cute smiling face of the baby in the phone, she still cheered up and went out of the washroom.

They had slept so many times anyway, so another time was fine for her.

When Venus was thinking about Kerry, she was pulled in another room. Kisses had fallen, which were intensive and familiar.

Venus wrapped her arms around his neck, responding to his kisses, which made Kerry even more passionate. He wanted to sleep with her right now.

Fortunately, he was rational and stopped after being satisfied. He buried his head on her shoulder and said, “You are really an attractive goblin, don’t you think so?”

Of course, Venus denied and said shyly, “Originally, I am a mighty princess and then I become a goblin because of you, who should you blame for?”

Kerry lowered his head and bit her neck and shoulder. It was very hurt that Venus almost screamed out, she said angrily, “Kerry, are you a dog, why do you bit me?”

“I just want to sleep with you now.”

Venus was surrounded by Kerry’s breath, she realized that the situation might get out of control if she stayed. After all, the man in front of her could be easily seduced no matter was situation it was.

Venus pushed him away and tidied her clothes, and then said, “Well, we have to go back, the dinner is almost over.”

“I’ll come to you tonight.” Kerry was dissatisfied with desire in his eyes.

Venus was glad that she could seduce Kerry, but she didn’t want to sleep with him, so she refused, “No way, my brother has already told me not to bring men back to the hotel.”

Kerry snorted disdainfully, “It’s none of his business.”

“Of course it is, he’s my brother, and,” Venus paused and continued, “If he know I am with you, he may drive me back to Hong Kong tomorrow.”


Venus glared at him and said, “You are already married. He will scold me if he know i become a mistress. It is not allowed in our family ……”

The atmosphere grew stagnant, and Kerry carefully watched her expression. It seemed that she didn’t lie and what she said was reasonable.

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