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Chapter 188: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 188 It Will Be Very Painful for Her

Colin was very happy since he could be cured.

Niu Wang spoke after seeing this, “Since Dr. Liu can contain the poison, your condition will be much better. I’m also relieved.”

Actually, Niu Wang didn’t have much effect by being here. It’s because Colin wanted to reassure Niu Wang.

Colin nodded and asked, “Can Doris recover?”

Niu Wang paused, “It’s quite difficult.”

Vanessa also interfered, “Indeed. I’ve taken her pulse before. Her condition is because of the antidote. As long as the drug is removed, she’ll be fine. But the process is difficult and it will be very painful for her.”

An hour later, when Vanessa cleaned up her acupuncture needles, Colin asked, “Do you want to reconsider my offer to be our private doctor? You can state the amount that you want.”

Vanessa clicked her tongue. When Nina thought that she wouldn’t agree, Vanessa said, “Seeing that you’re so pitiful, I’ll just reluctantly accept it!”

Colin smiled, “It’s an honor.”

Vanessa snorted, “I’m hungry. Let’s go and have lunch, Nina.”

After she spoke, she dragged Nina who was still slightly in a daze.

Colin smiled. Not only because Vanessa had agreed to be his private doctor, but also because he felt that his body wasn’t as weak as before anymore.

He had to admit that Vanessa’s medical sk!ll was indeed great.

Since Colin was healthy now, he should’ve dealt with the matters in Marquis. These two days, because of Doris’s disappearance, everything had been piled up, he must handle it as soon as possible.


“Nina, we can be considered as colleagues now, right?” Vanessa asked while eating.

Nina nodded, “Of course. Welcome to Marquis.”

Vanessa smiled happily, “I heard that the salary in Marquis is quite high.”

Nina rolled her eyes, and said, “Do you think you’re that worthless? You’re a private doctor and your salary must be different.”

“By the way, I’ve heard the chairman said before that he wants to invest in a hospital. I think you’ll definitely have a great effect on the future.”

“Really? It’s good then!”

Actually, Vanessa was unwilling to be a private doctor. But she thought that Colin was interesting. Moreover, the poison in his body also made a slightly persistent, so she agreed.

Now that Colin planned to invest in a hospital, she could stop being the private doctor in the future and continue with her dream.

When Nina saw Vanessa this way, her eyes fl!ckered.

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If she remembered correctly, Vanessa is a principled woman. Her bottom line is to be a private doctor.

But because of Colin, she crossed her bottom line.

Of course, it was also a good thing. With Vanessa here, Colin wouldn’t have to worry about his health anymore.

In the afternoon, when Colin was so busy, he received a call from Jason.

“The two men from yesterday, they said that they’ve helped you find Mrs. Ward. So they asked you to reward them.”

Colin’s gaze turned gloomy upon hearing that, “They’re not worth it!”

Jason also felt the same, “But they have been making such a commotion at the police station. Would you like to come over?”

Colin rubbed his eyebrows, “Okay. I’ll come right away.”

At the police station, Jason brought Colin to the visitor lounge.

On the other side of the glass cover, both the men wore the prisoner uniform. They got excited when they saw Colin.

“Mr. Ward!”

Colin sneered at them, “Do you want that one billion?”

“Mr. Ward, we actually noticed Mrs. Ward, but the condition was a bit special.”

“Right, Mr. Ward. I believe you’re such a trustworthy person.”

Both their eyes lit up as they looked at Colin. It’s one billion!

Colin sneered at them.

Both of them didn’t know why.

“I come here to tell you the reason you can find my wife.”

“You didn’t know where my wife is at all. You just got instruction from someone. It just happened that one of the women was my wife.”

“You were tempted by one billion so you’re weighing its advantages against its disadvantages. And didn’t do anything to my wife, but it’s undeniable that you were about to break the law.”

“So, you don’t have the right to ask one billion from me!”

“Finally, I’m gonna give you a piece of advice. Be careful, both of your wives could also be kidnapped one day!”

After Colin spoke, he didn’t look at them anymore and left.

Both the men were dumbfounded on the sp0t. After a long time, the curses were heard.

“Damn it! He just doesn’t want to pay the money!”

“He’s a chairman of Marquis! He’s a fvcking self-righteous hypocrite!”

Colin didn’t care what they said. Anyway, he wouldn’t give them the one-billion-reward. It’s such a pity that he wouldn’t be able to beat them up anymore.

Jason asked when he saw Colin came out, “How is it?”

“It has been solved. If nothing more, I’d like to return first.”

“Okay,” Jason nodded, as he happened to receive a phone call.

It’s just when he hung up the phone, Jason’s expression didn’t look good and he saw Colin already walked out of the police station.

Jason hurriedly chased outside, “Colin, wait!”

When Colin was about to open the door, he turned around as he heard Jason’s voice, “Anything else?”

Jason nodded and said solemnly, “I just received a call and Ramon was caught stealing something red-handed.”

“What happened?”

Jason briefly explained, “Someone reported to the police just now. He said that he was caught red-handed while stealing a phone. He’s coming to the police station. The person who reported to the police is…. Walson Martin.”

Colin squinted upon hearing that, “Walson…..”

Half an hour later, Ramon and Walson arrived at the police station.

When Walson saw Colin, he stared at him with a smirk.

And Ramon didn’t expect to be caught and even to be brought to the police station. What’s more unexpected was that he met his boss at the police station.

“Boss….” Ramon was embarrassed. His boss had just told him to do things honestly. Now, he was caught stealing a phone and he was found out by his boss. This had made Ramon very ashamed and had no face to see his boss.

Colin didn’t speak and Jason stood by the side to ask about the specific thoroughly.

Probably it happened on the road, there were no other special places.

Colin kept his face calm. Perhaps, Ramon was investigating Walson, so he would think of stealing his phone. it’s just he was careless and caught red-handed.

Walson started to speak, “Officer, this thief is despicable. He needs to be caught and be taught a lesson. Otherwise, nobody would dare to take out their phone when they’re walking down on the street, right?”

“Of course.” Jason replied, then he glared at Ramon, “You come here!”

Ramon was taken away by Jason. He looked at Colin as he left. Colin just shook his head lightly, as he signaled him not to act rashly. Ramon was relieved when he saw this. He thought that his boss didn’t want to keep him anymore!

Both of them were gone, leaving only Walson and Colin there.

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