Chapter 189 – 190: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 189: Asking for money

After seeing Jun Tong hesitated, Pan Wang knew what Jun Tong was thinking. “Jun Tong, don’t worry. I know you are afraid that Yanru Sima would misunderstand you. As the saying goes, to impress the goddess, you must do something unexpected. You are drunk today, and she pays for you, and she must have a bad impression on you. Tomorrow, you go to find her and apologize. You just need to say you were happy and drunk yesterday. After explaining to her, you ask for her bank account and transfer money to her,” Pan Wang said to comfort Jun Tong.

After saying so much at a stretch, Pan Wang felt tightness in breathing, and he took a deep breath. “The contrast is sure to impress the goddess. You can cotton up with Yanru when you give the money back to her and take the opportunity to get her phone number. Then, to thank her for paying the bill, you can invite her to dinner. Isn’t it…”

Before Pan Wang finished, he began to laugh obscenely.

Jun Tong’s eyes brightened, and he felt Pan Wang was right.

Jun Tong laughed and patted Pan Wang on the shoulder. “You’ve got a really smart head. That’s a good idea. I will do as you say.” Jun Tong said.

Jun Tong was really happy. Because what Pan Wang said could solve not only the immediate problem but also get the goddess’s phone number. And it could also deepen his impression in the goddess’s mind. It could kill three birds with one stone.

The three people looked at each other and showed a knowing smile.

After solving their major preoccupation, they went back to the box, laughing and talking.

Kris Chen couldn’t stop laughing after hearing their plan.

“Fuck, the guy couldn’t afford the bill. He is full of dirty tricks,” Kris thought.

Did you want Yanru to pay it for you?

Dream on!

Kris sneered in his heart. Just as he turned around to go back to the box, Yanru walked out of it head-on.

Kris bumped into Yanru carelessly.


How fragrant she is!

“Ah!” Yanru cried out.

Yanru’s feet were crooked, and she was about to fall to the ground. Kris put his hand around Yanru’s waist with sharp eyes and agile hands.

Kris was excited as the beauty was in his arms. At the moment of propping Yanru, Kris used another unique skill, Thieving Hands in Sangraal’s Thief. And Yanru’s phone and wallet were stolen directly.

Besides Mayfly Power, there is also a way of stealing- Thieving Hands in Sangraal’s Thief.

If the Thieving Hands is used in fighting, it will be a first-class fighting skill.

Kris was good at Mayfly Power for a night. But he was not familiar with Thieving Hands.

So when Kris took things out of her bag, he touched Yanru’s round and warped buttock by accident.

The feel of it made Kris be infatuated. Kris was embarrassed. He then apologized immediately, “I’m sorry, Miss Sima, I didn’t know you are behind me, so I bumped into you.”

Kris couldn’t help looking at Yanru when he was talking.

She is so beautiful!

She is exceedingly beautiful. When she drank wine, her face flushed, and she was more attractive.

There was a cold look flashed in Yanru’s eyes. “How dared he touch me,” Yanru thought.

She wanted to vent her anger, but when she saw Kris was nervous, she knew Kris didn’t do that on purpose.

At the thought of that, Yanru said calmly, “That’s all right.” Then she went to the restroom in her high-heeled shoes.

Yanru didn’t know her phone and wallet in her bag were stolen by Kris.

After returning to the box, Kris sat quietly in his seat. Jun Tong Kept drinking, and soon, he lay on the table, looking drunk and unconscious. No matter how people called him, he didn’t move.

Everyone was dumbfounded at that moment.

“Fuck, the host is drunk. What’s going on?”

“Who will pay the bill?”

After seeing that, Pan Wang and Shou Yan smiled at each other. It’s their turn.

Then Pan Wang staggered over and shook unconscious Jun Tong. “Jun Tong, wake up. It’s time to go.” Pan Wang said.

Jun Tong lay there motionlessly as if he were dead. Jun Tong was even shaken to the ground.

Jun Tong’s head banged into the corner of the table, and he almost cried out in pain.

But when Jun Tong thought of he didn’t have enough money to pay the bill, he refrained the impulsive to cry out.

Then Shou Yan came over from the side and lifted Jun Tong up. “Oh, Jun Tong is drunk. You see, Jun Tong is so drunk that he doesn’t wake up even when his head is bruised and swollen.” Shou Yan said.

Attaboy! In order to repudiate a debt, Jun Tong is so cruel to himself.

Kris couldn’t help giving Jun Tong a thumbs-up in his mind when he saw the egg-sized bump on his forehead. Jun Tong is a ruthless person.

The others didn’t know the fact, and they thought Jun Tong was really drunk after seeing what he looked like.

There were even people who came over to help Shou Yan lift Jun Tong up.

At that moment, someone said, “What should we do now? Jun Tong is drunk, and who’s going to pay the bill?”

“Don’t worry.” Lan Xia said. Then Lan Xia stood up and called in the waiter outside. “Bring me the bill.” Lan Xia said to the waiter.

The waiter nodded and trotted out. In a moment, she came back with the bill. “Madam, your total consumption today is 18 million dollars,” The waiter said respectfully.


The meal costs 18 million dollars?

After hearing what the waiter said, all the people in the box couldn’t help sucking in a breath.

That’s too much of an exaggeration.

Among them are quite a few silver-spoon kids. But they can afford a meal that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars at most. It their parents know the meal costs 18 million dollars, they would break their legs.

After seeing that, Pan Wang rolled his eyeballs and shouted, “What? 18 million dollars? It’s too much. My pocket money is only 2 million dollars a year.”

Everyone was silent after hearing what Pan Wang said.

How can they get 18 million dollars?

When the atmosphere was awkward, Yanru stood up and said, “Well, I’ll pay for the meal!”

Yanru’s voice was like an angelic voice.

Many men looked at Yanru with a face of admiration. They indeed need to rely on the goddess in key time.

Yanru deserves to be the eldest daughter of the Sima family in the capital. Her wealth and heroism are beyond their reach.

Yanru frowned immediately when she opened her bag.


“Where are my phone and wallet?”

“What’s going on? I made a phone call downstairs just now. Were they lost?”

Other girls would be panic if they lost their phone and wallet.

But Yanru looked like nothing happened. She raised her head to look at everyone and said calmly, “I lost my phone and wallet. I can’t pay the bill.”

Yanru is not an ordinary person. She said that bluntly and didn’t feel ashamed at all.

But no one blamed Yanru, but comforted her. “Ah, Miss Sima, don’t worry. Think it over. Have you left them somewhere?”

“Yes, just think it over. If you can’t remember where they are, we’ll help you find them.”

Those who said that are boys who wanted to please Yanru. Other girls were jealous.

“I am beautiful too. Why these boys turn up their noses at me?”

“It’s just a phone. Is there a need to make a fuss?”

Yanru didn’t say anything. All of a sudden, the box went haywire.

The waitress toughened her scalp and said, “Excuse me, who will pay the bill?”

At that time, everyone was silent as the goddess couldn’t pay the bill.

Are they going to chip in? But its’ Jun Tong’s treat. How can they get nearly 20 million dollars?

After listening to what the crowd said, Jun Tong, lying on the ground, couldn’t continue to pretend to be drunk anymore.

“Fuck, if I continue to pretend I am drunk, my image will shatter completely.” Jun Tong thought.

At the thought of that, Jun Tong was helpless. There was nothing he could do but called his father for help.

Then Jun Tong moved and covered the painful bump in his head. He opened his eyes and said, “Hiss, my head is painful. What’s wrong with my head?”

After saying that, he found everyone looked at him without saying anything. He squeezed a smile and said, “I’m sorry. I’m drunk. Do you enjoy the meal? If you do, I will pay the bill.”

Then Jun Tong took out his phone and called his father. Before the phone got through, Jun Tong said embarrassedly, “I’m sorry. The meal costs 18 million dollars, but all my money has been invested in programs, and I haven’t got them back. I will call my father and ask him to transfer some money to me.”

Jun Tong’s father is Daqian Tong, a contract manufacturer of brand clothes. He is locally known as Clothing King

The phone got through soon.

At the moment when the phone got through, Jun Tong toughened his scalp to say to his father, “Father, can you give me 20 million dollars? It’s urgently needed.”

“What? You are asking for money again?” Daqian said.

Daqian’s face clouded suddenly. “You are a big spender. I gave you 10 million dollars a few days ago. You have not run of the money, have you? You are such a fucking thing. What mistake did I make to have you as my son?” Daqian scolded.

Chapter 190: Does it work?

At the Chen’s manor. The old man of Chen’s family sat in the royal chair with his legs spread. He stroked his beard with his hand and looked at the disciples of Chen’s family practice martial arts.

In the center of the drill field, there were seven people with swords in their hands to practice sword deployment.

They were practicing the Zhenwu Demon-conquering Deployment given by the monk Zhen Yuan.

Among the seven are the second brother Quan Chen and his wife Jie Liang, and Lei Chen. The other four are also the elites of the younger generation of the Chen family. They’ve just practiced it for a short time, but the power of it was already apparent. A normal master in the innate-power stage would be frustrated in the face of it.

Tianzong Chen, standing in the side of the old man, said to the old man excitedly, “Father, the Zhenwu Demon-conquering Deployment of Wudang School is really awesome. As long as we have it, we have nothing to worry about.”

The seven people are practitioners in the middle stage of the acquired sated, but when they employed Zhenwu Demon-conquering Deployment, they can even box up the practitioners in the early period of the innate-power stage.

Suppose the seven people entered the innate-power stage. In that case, practitioners in the return-to-nature stage might be stuck by the power of Zhenwu Demon-conquering Deployment for a while.

The old man stroked his beard and laughed. “Of course. Yuanqian Song is the best disciple of Sanfeng Zhang’s, the founder of Wudang School. According to Seven Star Deployment of the Seven Immortals, Yuanqian Song deduced Zhenwu Demon-conquering Deployment. Its lethality is top-notch, and it’s very famous.” The old man said.

“Yes, father knows all the answers,” Tianzong said immediately. The old man was very pleased with what he said.

After a few more minutes, the seven people finished practicing.

Quan Chen threw the sword in his hand to a disciple of Chen’s family beside him and made a bow with hands folded in front of the old man. “Grandfather, we’ve learned Zhenwu Demon-conquering Deployment,” Quan Chen said.

“Good, good, good!” The old man said.

The old man said, “Good” three times. Then he looked at Quan Chen, gratified, and said, “You are very good and live up to my expectations. I believe our family will prosper in the near future under your leadership.”

“Grandfather, you just rest assured. We won’t tarnish your reputation.” Quan Chen said.

The old man laughed and stroked his beard. “Good, this is the verve the people of Chen family should have.” The old man said.

Just when the old man wanted to say more to encourage Quan Chen, a disciple of Chen’s family ran over in a hurry. The disciple kept shouting, “Grandfather, there are visitors. They are…”

Before the disciple finished what he wanted to speak, a group of women came in through Chen’s manor’s gate.

All of a sudden, all the Chen family people couldn’t help but look at the women.


At that moment, all the men in Chen’s family couldn’t help but suck in a breath.

Oh my god! Why are there so many beautiful women?

The old man looked at the group of women in surprise. Then he stood up and made a bow with hands folded in front. “Master Qingyuan, we don’t expect you will come.” The old man said.

Master Qingyuan is a presbyter of Emei School.

The women behind her are disciples of Emei School.

The founder of Emei School, Xiang Guo, is an old acquaintance of Sanfeng Zhang. There are many connections through marriages between the two schools. A few years ago, when the old man went to Wudang Mountain, he met Master Qingyuan.

Master Qingyuan swept the Fly Whisk in her hand and said, “Mr. Chen, I haven’t seen you for several years. You are more powerful than you used to be. Congratulations!”

“Ha, ha, Master Qingyuan, you are the one who is more powerful than you used to be. Master Qingyuan was in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage when I went to Wudang Mountain. You must have made still further progress and become a saint now?” The old man said.

Master Qingyuan smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Master Qingyuan, you’ve come a long way. What can I do for you?” The old man smiled and said.

“Mr. Chen, there are over 30 disciples of mine. Could they live in your manor?” Master Qingyuan said straightforwardly.

In order to ensure the safety of students in The Academy of Six Major Schools, every school of the Six Major Schools assigned presbyters and disciples to guard Westriver City in the long term.

They were afraid that the disciples of cults would infringe their disciples.

However, the disciples of Emei School are all female. And as The Academy of Six Major School was just set up, the staff dormitory hasn’t been built yet.

So during this period of time, several other schools stayed overnight at other families, and Emei School went to Chen’s manor. After all, Master Qingyuan acquainted the old man.

What’s more, the old man is a disciple of Wudang School, which is of the same breadth and branches as Emei School. No one will gossip if they stay overnight at Chen’s manor for a period of time.

After seeing the old man didn’t speak, Master Qingyuan said, “Mr. Chen, please rest assured. We will not live here, rent-free. And we will not disturb your normal life.”

The old man didn’t speak and frowned. He stroked his beard subconsciously and didn’t know what to do for a moment.

In the old days, the old man would be glad to do so, but Chen’s family has joined The Holy Dragon Cult secretly.

Suppose the disciples of Emei School knew the old man has already joined The Holy Dragon Cult. In that case, Chen’s family might be destroyed by the Six Major Schools the next day.

But the relationship between Emei School and Wudang School is so good. If the old man turned them down, people would say he is ungrateful if they knew it.

At that time, the old man didn’t know whether he should agree or turn down.

When the old man was in a dilemma, Quan Chen walked to the old man and whispered, “Grandfather, it’s better that we let them live here. They came all the way over here. If people know we close the door upon their faces, how will they think about Chen’s family?” Although Quan Chen said so, that’s not what he thought in his heart.

When Quan Chen looked at those slim and graceful women, his mouth was watering. It’s so cool if those beauties could live in Chen’s family.

“Maybe there would be a chance for me to enjoy the beauty of the disciples of Emei School.” Quan Chen thought. At the thought of that, Quan Chen was very excited.

“Ah!” The old man sighed. “My second grandson is short-sighted and can’t see the deeper things.” The old man thought.

If Kris Chen were there…Ah…forget it. The baster was no longer a member of the Chen family.

At that moment, the old man was upset. Then he waved his hand and squeezed a smile, saying, “Master Qingyuan, you’ve come all the way. Welcome to Chen’s manor.”

“I’d better let them live here first,” the old man thought.

Master Qingyuan gave a salute and said with a smile, “I’d like to thank Mr. Chen on behalf of the disciples of Emei School. Please forgive us if we bother you.”

“Someone, ask the cook to make more vegetarian dishes, I will treat Master Qingyuan and her disciples to dinner on arriving tonight,” the old man said.

As soon as the old man said that, all the people of Chen’s family were busy with the preparation of the banquet in the evening.


In the supreme box of the Dynasty Hotel. Daqian Tong cursed Jun Tong severely on the phone, “You’re a black sheep. I’ll transfer 20 million dollars to you, but don’t call me again for six months,” Daqian said. After Daqian said that, he hung up the phone angrily.

Jun Tong was so embarrassed. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before his father transferred the money to him.

“Damn it, today is not my day.” Jun Tong thought. Jun Tong’s heart was bleeding when he was paying the bill.

After paying the bill, Fei Lin said to Lan Xia as she walked. “Teacher, do you have any strong feeling after taking Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill? Do you feel your bones are stronger?” Fei Lin said.

Lan Xia shook her head and said somewhat blankly, “I have no feeling.”


Everyone was stunned for a moment.

Isn’t the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill has the effects of strengthening bones and compact Sturdy Energy?

Is it really a bad pill, as Kris said?

Everyone looked at Kris unconsciously.

With some uncertainty, Lan Xia said, “Maybe it will take some time for the pill to take effect. Let’s wait until tomorrow to see if it has any effect.”

As Jun Tong sent the pill to her in front of all the classmates, it should not be a bad pill.

At the thought of that, Lan Xia said to Kris next to her, “Kris, don’t talk nonsense in the future. Jun Tong invites you to dinner, but you say his pill is bad. Jun Tong is generous, so he doesn’t fuss about it. If it’s anyone else, you will have a good beating.”

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