Chapter 189: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 189 False Pretenses (1)
Kerry Ye was silent for a moment and reached out his hand to embrace Venus Mu into his arms. “It’s my fault. I can’t get rid of the monster in my mind.” Kerry said.

Venus knew what the monster he’s talking about. As Yan Chu’s role, she hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter. I can wait for you. If one day your wife comes back, I will turn around and leave. But during her absence, I want to be there for you.”

“Thank you, Yan.” Kerry said dully. The only desire in his eyes faded.

Then Kerry and Venus returned to the private room one after the other. As soon as Xuan Chu saw Venus, he found that her lips were abnormally red and somewhat swollen. Xuan knew at once what they were going out for.

“I didn’t expect that Venus is so hot while she looks so pure. Good lenses, bad frames.” Xuan thought.

Venus noticed Xuan’s joking eyes and blushed. She pretended to bow her head to drink water to avoid Xuan’s eyes.

After the guests and the host are thoroughly enjoying themselves, the banquet finally came to an end.

Kerry squeezed Venus’s hand secretly before letting her to get into the car.

After the car has moved off, Xuan teased Venus, “You are so reluctant to part with him. Shall I find an excuse to send you back to Ye’s family again?”

Venus wanted to say “It’s none of your business”, but when she saw the driver, she didn’t say that. “Brother, how can you say that about your sister?” Venus sharpened her voice and said.

Xuan drank a lot of wine and his mind was in a whirl. Xuan didn’t argue with her but just sat back lazily in his chair. His stomach was full of wine and he felt terrible. “Look around to see if there’s anything to eat. If there is, stop by and buy some for me.” Xuan said weakly.

“Haven’t you eaten anything?” Venus asked in surprise.

Xuan gave Venus a sideways look and said, “It’s because you said the wrong thing. I hate this kind of sweet food.”

Venus laughed and said: “I really didn’t know what to say. And it’s the safest thing to say you eat anything.”

“I am the son of Chu family. Am I so easily satisfied?”

Venus knew it’s her fault and she apologized immediately, “Well, it’s my fault. I remember there is a congee restaurant with delicious food near the hotel. I’ll get you one later. What kind of porridge would you like?”

Xuan preferred hot pot to congee. But he knew his stomach couldn’t take it anymore, so he had to settle for the second best. “Anything that is not sweet. I still have a feeling of sweetness in my stomach.” Xuan said.

“I see. I won’t buy sweet porridge.” Venus promised.

Sure enough, on the way back to the hotel, Venus saw the congee restaurant she had eaten there before. Although it was close to midnight, the lights of the restaurant were still on and there were many customers sitting inside.

Venus got off the car to buy porridge. Venus was afraid that what she bought was not to his taste, so she bought three, porridge with shrimp, porridge with chicken and vegetables, and porridge with preserved eggs and lean meat. She brought them back to the car in special insulated boxes.

When they arrived at the gate of the hotel, the driver went to park the car and there were only Xuan and Venus. Driven by the alcohol, Xuan was a little unsteady on his feet. Venus had to help him to walk into the hotel while carrying the bags of porridge.

“You don’t look fat. Why are you so heavy?” Venus muttered. Venus supported Xuan and walked unsteadily into the hotel. After hearing what Venus said, Xuan deliberately leaned against her shoulder.

Finally they were outside the door of Xuan’s room and Venus was out of breath. “Where is your room card?” Venus asked.

Xuan’s brain was not confused at that moment, but he wanted to tease Venus. “It’s in my pocket.” Xuan said.

Without thinking, Venus reached into the nearest pocket. But it’s empty.

Summer clothes are very thin. Xuan felt the fingers of Venus through the clothes and a tingling came over him. But as soon as he saw the face of Venus, he forced himself to close his eyes.

With the face of Yan, Xuan couldn’t think of anything. Xuan always had a sense of incest. Xuan straightened himself up. He used his unoccupied hand to take out the room card and opened the door.

Venus helped him into the room and put down the porridge. Then she went to the water dispenser and took a cup of warm water with a disposable paper cup.

“You have a stomachache. Take a sip of hot water first.” Venus said.

Xuan’s mouth was dry and he drank up the water in one gulp.

“I don’t know which porridge you like so I bought three. If you have an upset stomach, eat the porridge before you go to bed.” Venus said. As she spoke, she took the porridge out of the bags and laid them side by side on the table in front of him.

“I see. Just go back to your room.” Xuan said. Xuan was uncomfortable when he saw her face. His sister wouldn’t be so polite to him and he felt out of place.

Venus was eager to leave. After hearing that, she hurried to the door. As soon as Venus opened the door, Xuan thought of something and stopped her. “You guessed right at noon today. In the afternoon, Kerry asked me what you like to eat. Maybe he is still suspicious of you. Be careful not to give yourself away.” Xuan said.

Venus’s heart did a flip. She said “I know” and left.

She just said that out of the blue and she didn’t think it’s true. Kerry is too suspicious. Yan’s brother has testified for Yan, but Kerry still didn’t believe that. Kerry is too confident in his instincts.

But Kerry had no proof. As long as Venus refused to admit it, there was nothing he could do.

No sooner had Kerry got home than he got a phone call from Henry.

“Sir Kerry, Miss Chu and Mr. Chu have arrived at the hotel. On their way back, Miss Chu went into a congee restaurant and bought three porridge, and nothing else happened.” Henry said.

Kerry remembered that Xuan hadn’t eaten anything tonight. He felt weird. Didn’t Yan say Xuan likes eating anything? The food in that restaurant is very good and why he just ate so little?

“Henry, go to find out what kind of food Xuan likes. Remember to do that secretly and not to be noticed by others.” Kerry said.

“Yes, Sir Kerry.” Henry said.

Then Kerry dropped the phone and went into the bathroom. He took a shower and went to lie in bed.

Kerry also drank a lot of wine, but there was some sobriety in him.

Yan is the daughter of Chu family. She has a high status and she met all kinds of men. In addition, she has had several boyfriends when she was abroad and each of them is excellent. How could she be so devoted to Kerry? Kerry is very confident about his appearance and wealth, but they’re not enough to attract Yan and make her willing to be a mistress.

It’s too ridiculous.

After thought about Yan, Venus and his child for a while, Kerry fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, dazed, Kerry picked up his phone to check the time and he saw a message that Henry had sent in the wee hours of the morning. It says, Sir Kerry, I asked a lot of people in Hong Kong and they said that Xuan likes to eat spicy food. Every time he goes out for hot pot, he orders the hottest.

After reading the message for at least three times, Kerry fell back on the bed with a smile.

All Xuan’s friends know that Xuan likes spicy food, but Yan doesn’t know that. That’s strange.

After smiling for a while, Kerry’s face clouded. If Yan is a fake, then what’s the purpose of her coming to Kerry’s side? What’s the real reason that Chu family made so much effort to hide that and even sent Xuan to testify her?

What is it about the Ye family that attracted their attention?

After much thinking, Kerry only thought of the damaged treasure map.

In fact, if someone wants to trade Venus for the treasure map, Kerry will agree without hesitation. He is not interested to the treasure map.


After having breakfast in the hotel, Venus met the men of Xuan. Venus nodded to greet them. She couldn’t help wondering why Xuan hasn’t got up yet.

Judging from the way he works, he doesn’t seem to be a man hates to get out of bed. Did he drink too much wine last night and he couldn’t get up?

Confused, Venus came to Xuan’s room and knocked the door. There was no response.

Was he really not up yet?

Venus didn’t want to care about that and went back to her room. Venus played her phone for a while and the sun rose higher and higher. Then there came the call of Shixuan Tang and Venus got it through.

“Miss Chu, have you seen Mr. Chu?” Shixuan asked tentatively.

“No. He drank a lot of wine last night and he might still be sleeping.” Venus said.

“Well, there were some key issues that were not resolved at the meeting yesterday, and today the supplier will come to negotiate. The appointment is at ten o’clock. It’s half past nine and Mr. Chu have not come yet. I just called him, but his phone is powered off. Miss Chu, can you go to Mr. Chu’s room to see if he is there? Usually, he can go back to normal the next day no matter how much wine he drinks the day before…”Shixuan said anxiously.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 189 False Pretenses (2)
Shixuan Tang rambled on and on like reciting scriptures and Venus Mu captured the center topic of what he said. “Mr. Tang, don’t worry. I’ll go over there to check and call you later.” Venus said.

“OK. Thank you, Miss Chu.” Shixuan said.

Venus came to the next room again. Venus was afraid that Xuan Chu was too asleep to hear the knock, so she patted the door loudly. But there was still no response.

At that moment Venus sensed that something’s wrong. She hurried to find the housekeeping manager and showed her identity and asked the manager to open the door of Xuan.

“Brother.” Instead of going in the room first, Venus called Xuan first. What if he’s naked?

No one spoke and the bathroom was empty.

“Brother.” Venus said louder. Venus slowly walked in, followed by the manager.

The first thing Venus saw was a few open porridge boxes on the table, but there was porridge in each. Walking in a little further, she saw Xuan lying on the bed, naked to the waist, with his lower half under the quilt.

Venus turned around quickly and said to the manager, “Please go over and wake him up.”

Then Venus heard the manager cried out behind her, “Miss Chu, your brother seems to be ill. His body is very hot .”

Venus was shocked to hear that. Regardless of the shyness, she turned around and ran over to Xuan. Xuan’s body was really hot. His skin was abnormally red, and there were rashes on his neck, which looked terrible.

What’s wrong with him?

The manager is sophisticated and after seeing Xuan’s symptoms, the manager said, “It must be an allergy. Miss Chu, call 120 immediately. The matter admits of no delay. Allergies can also be deadly.”

Not daring to waste a second, Venus took out her phone and called 120 immediately.

While waiting for the ambulance, the manager called another male colleague to help Xuan put on his clothes.

Venus was a little panic when she saw the feeble Xuan. She silently prayed that nothing bad would happen to Xuan.

The ambulance came soon and Xuan was carried downstairs on a stretcher.

“Who is his relative?” A doctor asked.

“I’m his sister.” Venus said immediately.

“You go to the hospital in our car.” The doctor said. Then the doctor strode out and Venus followed.

After getting on the ambulance, Venus looked at Xuan worriedly. “What’s wrong with my brother?” Venus asked the doctor.

“He looks as if he had an allergy.” The doctor said. The doctor watched Xuan for a while and said: “What food is he allergic to?”

Venus was confused and she didn’t know that.

The doctor asked her no more after he saw Venus was at a loss.

At that moment, Shixuan called Venus again. As soon as Venus got through the phone, Shixuan said, “Miss Chu, is Mr. Chu up? The supplier has arrived at the company.”

“Mr. Tang, my brother passed out. I’m taking him to the hospital now. You just handle the suppliers yourself.” Venus said.

After hearing Venus say that Xuan passed out, Shixuan said immediately, “I can put off the work for a while. Which hospital will Mr. Chu be in? I’ll go there now.”

Compared with the health of Xuan, the future master of Chu family, work is nothing.

Venus told Shixuan the name of the hospital. Then Shixuan said “I see” and hung up the phone.

As soon as the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Xuan was pushed into the emergency room. Venus paced anxiously outside the emergency room. Venus had no bad impression of Xuan and she was at ease with him. She didn’t want anything bad happen to him, especially at a critical moment like that.

Shixuan saw Venus and ran over, saying, “Miss Chu.” Then Shixuan stopped in front of Venus and gathered a breath, saying, “Where is Mr. Chu? How’s he doing?”

Venus pointed to the emergency room. “He’s still in there.” Venus said worriedly.

“What happened to Mr. Chu? He was fine when he drank wine last night.” Shixuan said apprehensively.

Shixuan has worked with Xuan for many years and he admires Xuan very much. Shixuan treats Xuan as both his friend and boss. Therefore, Xuan asked Shixuan to Sky City to take charge of the big project.

“I don’t know. Yesterday, when we were on the way back to the hotel, he said that he drank too much wine and he felt sick, so I bought his some porridge near the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, I saw he was soberer…”Venus said.

After hearing Venus said that she bought porridge, Shixuan asked immediately, “What porridge did you buy?”

Venus thought for a moment and said: “Porridge with chicken and vegetable, porridge with preserved egg and lean meat, and porridge with shrimp.”

“Porridge with shrimp?” Shixuan’s facial expression changed suddenly and said, “Mr. Chu is allergic to shrimp.”

“Ah?” Venus said in shock. “I really don’t know that. I….” Venus then said guiltily.

Shixuan daren’t not blame Venus. Seeing that Venus was about to cry, Shixuan comforted her immediately, “Miss Chu, you’ve been abroad all these years, so it’s quiet normal that you don’t know Mr. Chu well. Don’t worry too much. Mr. Chu had had several allergies before and he has come round quickly. He’ll be fine this time, too.”

Venus was dying of regret. “I should have asked him what he can’t eat when I got off the car, and things wouldn’t be…”Venus said.

Just as Venus said that, the door of the emergency room opened. The doctor came out and said seriously, “Why didn’t you get him here sooner?”

After hearing that, Venus almost fell to the ground with limp legs. Fortunately, Shixuan reached out his hands to hold her.

“Doctor, is he….” Shixuan said unbelievably.

“If you have sent him here earlier, he wouldn’t have suffered so much. He was rescued. But you have to be more careful in the future. He’s been allergic for almost 12 hours. It’s too dangerous.” The doctor said.

Venus burst into tears and stood up straight, saying, “Doctor, can you say it all at once? You almost scared me to death.”

“If I don’t say that, will you pay attention to it?” The doctor said coldly. Then the doctor gave a medical invoice to Shixuan and said, “Go through the admission procedures first.”

“OK.” Shixuan took the invoice and said. Then he ran to the counter to pay the fee.

Xuan was pushed out from the emergency room by the nurse. He looked better, but he didn’t wake up yet.

Venus breathed a sigh of relief and pushed him to the ward with the nurse.


In the afternoon, Xuan opened his eyes slowly. Xuan saw Venus dozing by the bedside. Venus’s head nodded from time to time and her hair hung over her shoulders shook.

Xuan looked at Venus and smiled involuntarily. There’s a couch next to her. Why’s she sitting here dozing off?

It might be that the magnitude of the shaking is a little big, Venus woke up. She went to see the drip bottle and found there was still much potion. Then Venus continued to doze off.

Xuan was enlightened when he saw that Venus was in a daze. It turned out that she was keeping an eye on the drip bottle. But Venus didn’t see that Xuan was awake.

After Venus went out his room last night, Xuan took a bath and sat down with a towel to eat the porridge. Dazed by the wine, he didn’t notice what’s in the porridge. He thought the porridge is delicious and ate several bites of the three porridges. By midnight he was all over itchy, but he couldn’t get up at all because of the wine. He wanted to make a phone call. But when he touched his cell phone, he accidentally got it out of the bed. He tried to roll over to reach for the phone, but he had no strength. After a few struggles, he fainted.

After seeing Venus nod uncomfortably, Xuan cleared his throat and said feebly, “Hey, wake up.”

Venus was awakened by Xuan suddenly. The first thing Venus did was to look at the drip bottle. After Venus sobered up, she found Xuan open his eyes, looking at her with a teasing smile.

“Oh my god, you finally woke up. You almost scared me to death.” Venus patted her chest and said, “If anything bad happens to you, I will be a dead dog.”

“What do you mean?” Xuan said. Xuan didn’t know why Venus said if anything bad happens to him, she will be a dead dog.

“You are the young master of Chu family. If something bad happens to you because of me, your family must cut me into pieces.” Venus said exaggeratedly.

“It’s not as serious as what you said. Besides, you don’t know what I’m allergic to. Even if something bad happens to me, it’s not your fault.” Xuan said with a wry smile.

After hearing what Xuan said, Venus smiled and unfurled the frown which she had been frowning all day. “Do you really think so? That’s good. I’m afraid you’d blame me for this.” Venus said.


Xuan was somewhat speechless. Xuan wanted to say a few more words to tease Venus, but the sight of her face made him want to say nothing.

Just imagine who will flirt with his sister?

It’s disgusting to think about that.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 189 False Pretenses (3)
“I’ll tell Mr. Tang that you’re awake. He’s been worried about you all day. Before he left, he instructed me to call him after you wake up.” Then Venus Mu took her phone and walked out of the hospital room to make a call.

When Venus went out, Xuan Chu struggled to get up from the bed. He wanted to put on his shoes, but his feet were swollen and his movement was a little inflexible, so he hadn’t been able to put on his slippers.

Then he sighed and continued to put on his shoes. That was when Venus came in. She saw him get up from the bed and hurried over, “Do you need my help?”

Chu looked up at her with a teasing look, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Venus touched her nose and she felt a little embarrassed. Then she squatted down to put the newly bought slippers on his feet.

Xuan was startled by the way she skillfully helped him put on the shoes. No one except his mother had ever worn shoes for him.

“Let me help you over.” Venus didn’t look at his face. She was just holding his arm as she pushed the rack where the bottles were hanging.

Then they moved slowly to the bathroom. Yan looked at Venus so closely and found that she didn’t look like his sister at all, except for this face that resembled her sister.

If the real Yan was here, she definitely wouldn’t stay in the hospital.

Reaching the door of the bathroom, Venus put the bracket in, and then she said, “I’ll be at the door. When you’re done, just call my name.”

Before Xun thanked her, she hurriedly ran out.

After waiting at the door for a while, she shouted, “Are you done?”

After hearing the sound of water flushing the toilet coming out of the bathroom, she then heard Xuan’s voice, “I’m done.”

That’s when Venus went in and helped him walk out.

As Xun sat on the bed, Venus bent down to take off her shoes and put them neatly under the bed and asked him, “Do you have anything you want to eat now?”

“I don’t want to eat anything. Could you get me a glass of water, please? I’m thirsty.”

When Venus turned to get the water for him, he struggled to lift his legs onto the bed. He was tired and sweaty from just moving around so much.

Venus brought the water over and handed it to him. “Shixuan Tang said he would come over after work and asked if you had any instructions.” she said.

Xuan took the water and took a few sips. “You tell him to go to the hotel and get my phone and laptop. The phone might have fallen under the bed.”

Venus looked down to edit the text message carefully, tilted her head up and asked, “What else?”

“No more, that’s all.” Then he frowned at her for a moment before saying, “I’m still not used to you wearing that fake face. Can you take it off in front of me?”

Venus immediately refused, “No, I can take it off it at night, with no one watching me.”

“I’m just making a suggestion. Why are you so nervous?” Xuan said.

“I also don’t want to wear it. My skin doesn’t breathe and it hurts. It takes me a long time to wear it every day. So please put up with it even if you don’t like it.” Venus said.

Xuan laughed, “I’m just making a casual remark. And you’re angry?”

Venus also felt a little unreasonable herself. She would also find it unbearable if a strange man wore the face mask of her brother’s before her. She thought of Xuan as the only person she could complain about, so she was a little out of sorts.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t control my temper.” Venus forced a smile and apologized.

Xuan wasn’t angry. He said, “Actually, you could have been a little more arrogant.”

Venus laughed, “Please don’t tease me.”

“I’m serious,” Xuan said. “My sister is a very spunky girl. She’ll say anything she sees that doesn’t go her way and never restrains her temper or thinks of others.”

Describing Yan as spunky was a compliment, it was only right to describe her as domineering. But she was Xuan’s sister, so Xuan didn’t use domineering to describe her.

“Her family’s power allows her to do that without being hated.” Venus said. Yan was rich and pretty, so there were many people who would flatter her. Even if she was arrogant and domineering, people wouldn’t stay away from her. If she was penniless and ugly, people would only dislike her.

Xuan didn’t expect her to say this, and didn’t know what to reply.

Venus suddenly saw that there was only a little bit of the intravenous drip left in the bottle and quickly pressed the call button on the bedside table.

A minute later, the nurse came in with a bottle of intravenous drip and asked, “Is your name Xuan Chu?”


After the nurse got an affirmative reply, she changed the intravenous drip for him. She peeked at the man in the hospital bed as she adjusted the drip speed, and inwardly admired him for being handsome. And all of her peeking at Xuan was seen by Venus.

It was only when the nurse was out that Venus smiled and said, “She is the fifth one.”

“What?” Xuan was confused.

“Since you entered this ward, this is the fifth nurse to visit you on the pretext of work.”

Xuan shook his head and laughed, “That can only mean that they see too few handsome men.”

He was already used to this. In his opinion, a man’s look was not so important. It didn’t matter if they were handsome or ugly, as long as they were capable.

“Brother, think about the fact that most of the people staying in the hospital are emaciated patients. Even if a handsome man enters the hospital, he’s not in the mood to pay attention to his image. Now when these nurses see a handsome guy like you who is still so energetic in the hospital, of course they will pay attention to you.” Venus said and then sat on the stool, “If you stay here for half a month, I guess all the nurses in the hospital will have to come and see you.”

“I don’t want to live here for half a month. I’m not a giant panda in a zoo, living here specifically for them to visit me.” Xuan laughed.

As soon as the laughter died down, the door of the ward was pushed open by two knocks. Kerry and her assistant were standing in the doorway. The assistant was carrying a fruit basket in his hand.

“Kerry, why do you come here?” Venus got up from her chair and immediately thought back to whether she had said anything revealing her own identity.

Kerry walked in with a smile on his face, “I heard that Mr. Chu was sick, so I come over to visit him.” Then he looked over at Xuan, “How is you feeling?”

Xuan put on a polite smile, “Much better. It’s not a big deal. I’ll be out of the hospital in two days.”

“Why did you suddenly faint? I was really shocked when I heard the news.” Kerry was telling the truth. He thought there was something wrong with last night’s food and drinks and immediately sent Henry to check it out, only to find out that he had a food allergy and that the food he was allergic to happened to be the porridge Venus had bought.

“Yan doesn’t know what her brother is allergic to?” Kerry thought. He was curious.

Xuan knew that Kerry must have finished his investigation before coming to the hospital, so he wasn’t going to hide it.

“I drank too much wine yesterday, so I felt sick when I got halfway there. Then I asked Yan to buy me a few bowls of porridge. She spent so much time abroad that she forgot I was allergic to shrimp. I also didn’t notice that the porridge she bought had shrimp in it, so I just ate it.” Then Xuan glared at Venus deliberately as he said that.

Venus was grateful to see him speak up for her. Then she went on to make up the story, “Brother, I know I was wrong, so please forgive me. Mom and Dad have scolded me over the phone. I promise I’ll never make that mistake again.”

“I know you’re happy to see me in the hospital, right?” Xuan teased.

“Brother, are you joking? you know, I like you the best.” After Venus said that, not only was she a little embarrassed, but also Xuan was a little overwhelmed.

Kerry had a lot of questions he wanted to ask them, but after hearing them talk, he wasn’t going to ask them anymore.

“How many days will Mr. Chu stay in the hospital? Do you need any help? I’m more familiar with Sky City, I can help you.”

Xuan smiled politely, “I’ll be discharged the day after tomorrow. With Yan here to take care of me, Mr. Ye doesn’t have to bother.”

Kerry was a little unhappy when he heard this. He didn’t want her staying with a grown man at night. He took a glance at Venus, who looked guilty, and said, “It’s not convenient for her to care for you in some ways. I think it’s better to let a man take care of you here. What do you think of me leaving my assistant here to look after you?”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye, but don’t bother. Shixuan Tang just called me and he’ll come here tonight.” Xuan looked at Venus and said teasingly, “I won’t let her stay up late with me.”

Kerry was relieved.

After a few more minutes of talking, Kerry got up and said goodbye to Xuan, and then left the room.

Venus shut the door and breathed a long sigh of relief.

“When you just said you liked me best, I felt weird,” Xuan teased.

Venus shuddered as well, “I thought so too. But thanks for helping me.”

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