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Chapter 189: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 189 Drink This or Go to Jail?

“Colin, I didn’t expect that your subordinate would be so indecent?” Walson mocked at him.

Colin didn’t care, “You’re also indecent. Are you also my subordinate?”

“You!” Walson glared at Colin, “Colin! It will be the auction tomorrow. Let’s see if you can still laugh by then?”

“Why can’t I laugh?” Colin wasn’t so weak anymore and he’s quite in a good mood.

After speaking, Colin really laughed.

Walson was frustrated. His gaze was relentless and finally, he left a warning, “Let’s see tomorrow!”

Colin felt nothing at Walson’s warning, because it was still uncertain about the one who would watch and see!

After a while, Jason came out and said to Colin, “Walson is the one who reported. If he didn’t stop insisting, Ramon might not be able to get out.”

“I understand.” Colin thought for a while and said, “Tell Ramon not to worry.”

Jason nodded upon hearing that and he pressed his l**s, “Colin, although I know that some things need to be handled with special measures, I still hope that you can use the right way.”

Colin also didn’t want to put him in a difficult spot, “Don’t worry. I’m a good citizen who abides by the law. I know the limit.”

Upon seeing this, Jason could only smile helplessly.

Colin explained several things before he left.

As soon as he left the police station, he saw that Walson hadn’t left.

“Colin, do you want him to be released?”

Before Colin could reply, Walson spoke again, “As long as you can let me have the land in the southern suburbs, I’ll let Ramon out. How is it?”

Colin understood what Walson meant and said lightly, “The auction has yet to begin. Whoever that will get the piece of the land in the southern suburbs, it still can’t be decided by now.”

Walson was very sure, “No, that piece of land will only belong to me in the end.”

“Really?” Colin snorted, “So, why are you still f*****g talking nonsense with me?!”

After Colin finished, he got into the car, and left.


In the evening, Jason unlocked the interrogation room where Ramon was detained, “You can go now.”

Ramon walked out in a daze, “Are you sure, officer?”

Jason was slightly impatient, “It’s okay if you don’t want to leave. You can stay as long as you want.”

“No, no, there’s no need to. I’ll just leave.”

Just kidding, if her mother knew he’s in jail again, he might be beaten to death. Her sickness might also relapse then he would be a complete unfilial son.

Ramon left the police station happily only to see Walson.

Walson lowered his car window, “I’m the one who let him release you. Won’t you thank me?”

Ramon stood beside the car as he looked at Walson warily, “I know it’s not a good intention!”

Walson nonchalantly said, “It’s fine if you don’t want to thank me. I can just send you in again. What will happen if your mom knows by then?”

Ramon turned pale, “You’re mean!”

“Thanks for your compliment.” Walson chuckled before speaking again, “Do you want to get inside and sit down?”

Ramon looked at Walson’s face that deserved a beating, as he really wanted to punch him. But he didn’t and only opened the car door to get into the passenger seat.

“Say it, what do you want?” Ramon asked him directly.

Walson lighted a cigarette, smoked on it, before exhaling the white smokes, then he said leisurely, “How much does Colin pay you? I’ll double it. In addition, I’ll also arrange for the best psychiatrist abroad to treat your mother. You just have to follow me.”

“I refuse.”

Walson seemed to not expect Ramon’s answer, “Did you hear clearly what I just said? You refused it?”

“Right” Ramon nodded firmly.

Walson frowned as he immediately stretched out before saying, “Don’t you think that it’s too unworthy of you to follow Colin? And also, do you know? Since you were sent inside, Colin didn’t even care about you. I also ask him to let me have the land in the southern suburbs for your freedom. He refused it without hesitation. In his mind, his profits are more important. So, is it worth it for you to do this?”

Ramon paused, “My boss has his own things to do. I’m just his lowly worker. It’s not worthy for him to waste his time and effort for him.”

“Really?” Walson snorted, “I’m different. As long as you’re someone that I think highly of, I don’t care what your status is, you’re my brother. I’ll value you.”

Walson then spoke again, “So, you might as well reconsider following me. I’ll give you a more important role. I’ll also help you treat your mother. We’ll be brothers in the future.”

Ramon smiled scornfully after hearing, “Do you even believe what you’ve said?”

“Brothers? Do you understand what brothers mean?”

Walson was overwhelmed when he’s asked suddenly by Ramon.

“I know my place also, I don’t have wild hopes to be able to stand out in the future. And I’m here today, it’s because of my boss. I do regard him as ‘boss’ every time, but he never thinks of me as his subordinate. He thinks of me as his brother. Because of him, I’m able to live as today.”

“Yes, my current methods are dirty, but are you any better? You’re talking and acting all dignified, but what really happens, you know clearly.”

“And also, regarding my mother, it’s my problem to worry. You don’t have to worry about it.”

After speaking, Ramon was about to get off the car.

Walson stopped him, “Have you thought clearly, do you want to stay in jail or follow me?”

At this moment, Ramon stopped moving, as he was very hesitant in his heart.

All the words just now were spoken from the bottom of his heart but he also didn’t want to stay in jail.

Walson smiled as he took out a small porcelain bottle that was filled with red liquids.

“I’ll give you a choice. Do you want to drink this or go to jail?”

Ramon looked at the thing in his hand, “Is this poison? Is this the same as the chairman’s?”

Walson shook his head and smiled, “No. This is more toxic. You’ll be poisoned to death within three days.”

Ramon’s hand trembled and his face turned pale.

Walson let out a villainous smile, “Don’t worry. After you drink this, you’ll be my subordinate. I’ll give you the antidote regularly.”

“Is this what you called brothers?” Ramon asked sarcastically.

Walson wasn’t affected, “The problem is, you’re still under Colin now. This is just in case, isn’t it?”

Ramon looked at Walson and finally, he opened the bottle, drank it at once, before he got off the car.

“I drank this but it doesn’t mean that I’ll work for you.”

“What do you mean?” Walson’s expression froze.

Ramon said solemnly, “It means I won’t do things for you, let alone to do the things that I’ll regret to Colin. He’s the only boss in my mind!”

“You!” Walson squinted, “You’ll die!”

“I don’t care! I’ve once been through an unbearable situation, like a typical mouse that never saw the sun. But my boss has given me this chance to let me live under the sun. You won’t be able to understand this feeling!”

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