Chapter 19 – 20: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 19: Take a bath and wait for me tonight

“Young, Young Master…” giving a bow, John called carefully, with a pale face, which showed that he was nervous and fearful.

Venus Mu was also so frightened that she bit her lips and didn’t know what to do. As John repeatedly advised her, she still asked him in public and was found by Kerry. Wasn’t it an inopportune moment?

The man must punish her later!

Bowing her head,Venus was also perturbed. Unexpectedly, Kerry just gave her a quick glance, and said nonchalantly, “A man died accidentally in that room before and the room was haunted by some spirit so I don’t allow anyone get close to it, understand?”

When he finished the words, he said to John, “Get ready. I’m going to the company.”

“Yes!” John nodded at once, but didn’t dare to look at him again. He withdrew respectfully and went to make arrangements.

Venus froze in place alone. Some died here? Being haunted by spirit?

My god!

The guy with the purple eyes she just saw was… the haunting spirit?

Thinking of this, Venus glanced furtively at the third floor subconsciously. Wind bells at the door of the room shook gently and the sound of which was like an alarm bell.She was so frightened that she immediately shrunk her neck.

An evil smile flickered across Kerry’s lips, “If you already entered that room intractably, you must be careful at night as it is said that it likes to stare at people when they sleep !”

“Ah –” Venus was frightened and took a deep breath immediately.She seemed to have felt the horror and grasped Kerry’s arm subconsciously .

Kerry’lips slowly rose. He broke off her hand little by little and said in an evil tone, ” I don’t come back tonight, you have to sleep alone!”

“No, no, no… Please!” Venus got closer to him and grasped his arm tightly. Compared to being tortured by this man at night, she was more afraid of the purple pupil who didn’t know whether it was a person or a ghost.

“Oh!” Kerry chuckled, raising his lips again, whispering gently in her ear after blowing out a hot air into it, “Bath and wait for me in bed tonight !”

Then,he strode away when Venus didn’t come to her sense.

Venus was frozen in place, and then realized that she had been fooled by the damn man! Bastard, rascal! He even told me to wash and wait for him in bed. Wishful thinking!

With a flushed face,Venus was frustrated and restless,especially,when she thought of he blew out a hot air into her ear.But she cooled down when she looked up at the string of shaking wind chimes accidentally.

What Kerry said later was just flirting with her, but what he said about the dead body and haunted thing…was not supposed to be a lie…


Thinking of this, Venus shivered with fear, hurriedly rushing back to the room, daring not to think it again.

Now, she really regretted going near the damn room !

That night, Kerry really didn’t come back as he had to deal with something urgent. Lying on the bed alone, Venus stayed awake all night without closing her eyes and turning off the light.

She felt so regretful. John was shocked when he saw Venus went to breakfast with dreary and drooping eyes.

“My lady, anything I can help with?”John could not help asking.

“I… couldn’t sleep last night……” Venus couldn’t tell him the truth that she was too scared to fall asleep.

“Oh, so that’s it. That’s probably because you’re not familiar with the new environment. I’ll tell to Kerry later and prepare a new room for you.”

Venus stood in amazement when she was eating. Is it possible for John to give her a separate room? Can she live apart from Kerry?

Chapter 20: Why did she marry Kerry?

Venus was happy. She didn’t want to be in the same room as Kerry. The man was too terrible. If she didn’t stay in the same room with Kerry, would she be too scared to sleep every night?

That was a pretty hard choice.

Venus was trying to decide when a servant brought things in from the outside. John immediately went up to make the arrangements and ordered them to send the things upstairs.

Then John came over to Venus, “Mr. Ye has asked me to bring all your things from the Mu family. The servants have already brought them all here. I’ll let servants bring them to your room upstairs.”

“Yes, thank you.” Venus nodded. Now she realized that these familiar things were hers.

“Do they bring them to Kerry’s room?” Venus thought to herself.

“John, are my things moving to Kerry’s room? Could I…..” asked Venus subconsciously. She decided to get a room for herself.

Kerry was just as scary as the man with purple pupils, and even the man with purple pupils looked exactly like him. Thinking about it, she thought it would be better to have a room of her own.

John was stunned for a moment after hearing her words, and then he smiled and said, “You’ve misunderstood. Mr. Ye doesn’t allow anyone to touch his things. So we put your things in the next room.”

“The next room?” Venus perked up. That meant she wouldn’t have to sleep with Kerry ever again. This was a real blessing for Venus.

“John, thank you. I’m going upstairs.” said Venus.

Venus immediately gulped down the bread in delight and ran upstairs. As soon as she entered her new room, she began to carefully decorate it.

It wasn’t as cozy as the one she’d had in the Mu family, but she didn’t mind. She felt even the air was sweet at the thought of not being able to sleep with Kerry every night. She didn’t have to tolerate his torture and humiliation. She didn’t seem to be afraid of the haunted thing either.

After decorating her new room, Venus’s phone rang. She picked it up and saw that it was a call from her best friend, Xinyou Qiao

“Hello, Xinyou.” said Venus.

“How could you don’t remember me when you’re married to a rich man? You didn’t even call me.” Xinyou said with a jealous tone.

“I just change places and I didn’t have time to call you” Venus explained, “You are my best friend. I won’t forget you.”

“I know you won’t forget me.” Xinyou smiled and said “How have you been recently? How’s your new home? How are you getting along with Mr. Ye?”

Xinyou asked a lot of questions. She was eager to know Venus’s married life.

Venus suddenly thought what Kerry had done to her. She paused for a while. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to rate Kerry as the most repulsive man she’d ever met.

That man was nothing but a handsome face. He had a strange personality and a terrible temper. He was prone to rages, and he always insulted her. He was not reasonable at all. In conclusion, he was a scum. Especially that day in the study when she was forced to please him, she felt that he was deliberately trampling on her self-esteem.

After Venus thought about it, she didn’t want her best friend to worry about her, so she forced a smile and said “He’s good to me. I’m fine in my new home. You don’t have to worry about me.”

After that, Venus looked a little sad. Xinyou on the phone was very jealous of her.

“Why did Venus marry such a wonderful man? Why do I have nothing?” Xinyou thought.

When she saw Kerry in the lounge that day, Xinyou had a crush on him.

The expression on Xinyou’s face was even grimmer when she thought about it. Her tone was unhappy, “When are you going back to school? You’re not going to stay at Mr. Ye’s house forever, are you?”

“I want to complete my studies” Venus said, “I’ll go back to school next Monday.”

“Oh…” nodded Xinyou, and she asked again, “Do you love Mr. Ye?”

Venus froze. She hadn’t thought about that. She also wondered if she loved Kerry.

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