Chapter 19 – 20: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 19: A luminous pearl

Doris was angry now: “Fox, you can not be too arrogant!”

Because of the loud quarrel, the people at the door looked over.

“Well, this is a good play.”

“Don’t be sarcastic. They are Lee family…”

“Lee family rides others coattails now. They can’t be offended…”

Eva was very angry. They have been tricked twice. When they needed Doris, they came to beg Doris. But when the thing was over, they kicked down the ladder.

Colin was also very angry, but he can keep calm. He would make them regret at the party later!

Fox thought it was not enough, “it’s not that I am arrogant, but you are garbage and animals, and you shouldn’t be human beings! How pitiful you are. I’ll give you another chance. Colin, as long as you kneel down and bark, I’ll let you in today! “

“Fox, don’t go too far!” Doris roared.

Fox snorted, “too far? I’m just treating people in their own way! “

The Doris family and Flora were all glaring at Fox angrily.

It was a critical point, but a voice sounded.

“Doris, are you here, too?”

Barr walked over with a smile and looked at Fox and Doris’ family. He understood what was going on.

“Doris, let’s go in.”

At this time, the onlookers all looked at Barr, and no one dared to say.

Barr was like walking in the spotlight. People were attracted by him.

Doris frowned slightly. She did not want to see Barr.

After seeing Barr, Fox immediately restrained his arrogant momentum, but became a little flattering, “Mr. Martin, you’re here. Please come inside.”

Barr glanced at Fox. He was pleased by Fox’s attitude. He nodded and laughed. Barr looked at Doris and said, “Doris, let’s go! Shall we go in together?”

Doris took Colin’s wrist and said, “no, we don’t want to go in.”

At this time, Eva stopped Doris, who was going to leave, and said to Barr with a smile: “do you know Doris?”

“Yes.” Barr laughed, “are you Doris’… Sister?”

Eva was happy, “ha ha… you have a sweet tongue. I am Doris’ mother.”

Barr said suddenly, “Really? I am sorry.”

“That’s all right.” Eva said with a smile, “how do you know Doris?”

Barr replied with a smile: “Doris and I were classmates in college. At that time, I chased her, but Doris refused me, ah…”

Eva was very happy. Barr was a master of a noble family. His love for Doris was obvious!

Barr was much better than Colin. This was the best candidate for her son-in-law.

“It’s OK. You are young people. Doris is still…” Before saying this, Eva stopped. There were many outsiders here. It was not good for the reputation of her family to say that.

Barr understood the meaning of Eva. He was more happy immediately, “Auntie, let’s go. I’ll take you in.”

Eva nodded happily.

Fox was a little dissatisfied. Barr turned his head and looked at him, “what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Please come in.” Fox didn’t dare to say anything.

Barr took them in, but Fox stopped Colin!” Other people can enter, but Colin can’t.”

People were stunned.

“Then I won’t go either.” Doris immediately pulled Colin’s wrist and was about to leave.

Colin was moved.

But Eva was unpleasant. It was because of Colin again!

The waste said before that he would bring her daughter to the birthday party, but he made them disgraceful!

“Doris, if he doesn’t want to go in, just respect him. We can still attend the party without him. Besides, this kind of bumpkin will be looked down upon by people when he goes in. Do you think that you haven’t been humiliated enough just now?”

Doris looked at Eva, “Mom!”

Eva wanted to say something more. Barr whispered to Fox: “let him go in. He would be despised!”

Moreover, with the contrast, Doris’ mother can understand clearly that who was the best son-in-law.

Fox nodded immediately, “OK, I will let you go in because of Mr. Martin!”

Colin looked at Barr, his eyes gloomy.

Now all the people went in.

After entering, Barr took Doris’ family to chat with other people. Doris looked at Colin apologetically.

Colin smiled: “Just go. I am fine.”

Doris had to nod and follow them.

Flora knew the identity of Barr, so she also followed to see if she can meet the chairman of Marquis group.

After they left, Nina came over, “I’m sorry, chairman. I’ve been delayed for a while.”

Colin said in a light way: “Well, you pretend to be my classmate later. The rest should go on according to the arrangement.”

“Yes, chairman.” Nina answered and left.

Because they were in the corner, no one knew what they said.

At the party, the old Mr. Lee couldn’t help but laugh all the time.

They rode the coattails of Marquis group at this time The attitude of these people in the business field to Lee family was quite good so that the vanity of the old Mr. Lee has been greatly satisfied.

Later in Tianbei City, no one dared to be against them.

In the middle of the banquet, the old Mr. Lee stood on the rostrum. He cleared his throat, and said with a microphone: “welcome to the banquet! I’m Alan Lee, the chairman of Lee fruit company.”

After an official speech, the old Mr. Lee said with a smile: “At my birthday party before, a friend gave me a night pearl. It is a rare natural night pearl. I take this opportunity to appreciate it with all of you.”

Chapter 20: A bit better than the countryman

After the old Mr. Lee’s words fell, the follow-up staffs immediately turned off the lights and drew the curtains. Suddenly, the Hall fell into darkness.

Then, in the position of the rostrum, a light suddenly illuminated a large area.

If the hall was not too large, the whole room would be lightened.

“Wow! So beautiful!”

“That’s amazing!”

“The night pearl is very valuable! Absolutely tens of millions! “

However, Colin’s face sank as soon as he saw it. He had planned to check it later. Now it seemed that there was no need to check!

It was obviously the birthday gift from his own father to Doris, but now it was taken out by this man to show off. It was really shameless!

At this time, Doris, who was standing beside him, suddenly asked, “Colin, did you know that they didn’t invite us to the party today?”

Colin stopped , nodded and said, “yes.”

Doris sighed, “in fact, we don’t have to come.” They were humiliated even if they came.

However, Colin shook his head and said, “no, Doris, as I said, today is your birthday, and I will hold a special birthday party for you.”

Doris wondered. What kind of party should he hold at this time?

Colin did not have too much explanation, but just smiled.

At this time, the old Mr. Lee said with a smile: “Such a shining night pearl must be very rare, right?”

Right. Originally, the natural night pearl was relatively rare. It was such a big one, and so shining.

However, people were more concerned about who sent it? This was not cheap.

The old Mr. Lee seemed to see everyone’s doubts and said, “this is what I received at my birthday party. It was sent by the chairman of Martin group for Barr.”

Martin group?

Well, they were really rich!

Although Martin group was not comparable to Marquis group, it was also a large group. It had important position in Tianbei city. It was reasonable to send such a gift with the financial resources of Martin group.

But Martin group seemed to have no intersection with Lee group. why did Martin group send such a expensive gift?

Barr was shocked. At that time, he only wanted to use this gift to please Doris. Later, he went back to ask his father. It was not from his father!

If the old Mr. Lee’s words were known by his father, his father would definitely beat him!

But when there were more and more people around Barr and flattered him, Barr became proud.

“Mr. Martin is so rich!”

“Yes, Mr. Martin is so generous.”

Barr said with a smile: “It’s just a night pearl. For Martin group, it’s a piece of cake. It’s worth nothing. “

At this time, Fox came over with a glass of wine in his hand, and complimented him: “Mr. Martin is a good-looking man, and you are also the successor of Martin group in the future. You are much better than some people who are gigolos.”

Barr saw Colin on one side. He said triumphantly, “I am just an inheritor, but I am better than a countryman.”

Fox laughed and said to Colin: “Colin! I’m afraid people like you haven’t went to such a high-class party, have you? Look at what you’re wearing. It doesn’t fit in with the party. If you know yourself well, you should leave early! “

“Doris, as your cousin, I really feel unworthy for you. You can compare Mr. Martin with Colin. He can’t earn enough money to buy the clothes that Mr. Martin wears even if he works hard for a lifetime! How can this rubbish match you? “

Fox’s voice was not low. People around heard it and looked over.

Just at this time, the lights in the hall were turned on again to let people see Colin’s clothes.

“This man’s clothes is out of date!”

“Yes! I guess it’s from a street stall… “

“He is not smart. He doesn’t know dressing up for such an occasion.”

The words like thorns made people feel uncomfortable.

Doris felt so embarrassed.

Colin smiled calmly, “dogs can’t spit out ivory. One can’t spit out the ivory, and can a group of them spit out?”

People were unhappy. According Colin’s words, they were all dogs?

What was more surprising was that he was a man who had shabby clothes, and he even scolded them so boldly!

Fox’s face was gloomy, and before he could say, Barr said in a cold voice: “a lowly person without ability can’t spit out Ivory, just like you.”

Hearing Barr’s words, Fox looked at Colin arrogantly, “who is the dog?”

Colin looked at Fox and Barr, “The dog knows that clearly. “

The meaning was obvious. Wasn’t Fox Barr’s dog?

Doris on one side looked at Colin. Why should he be against so many people?

But she found that Colin seemed to not care.

Fox was so angry that he shivered and said angrily: “I am wasting my time to be mad at the garbage like you. You are useless but thick-skinned! I’ll let you be disabled and then throw you out! And then you must be clever in the future!”

Finish saying, Fox was about to call security guards, and hit Colin in front of everybody.

On the stage, the old Mr. Lee’s words forced him to pause: “of course, there is one last thing to announce at this banquet. That is, we Lee fruit company would cooperate with Lanbo port which is the branch of Marquis group and we have the honor to invite the chairman of marquis group. “

After hearing this, People could not help but hold the breath.

Chairman of Marquis group!

It was said that a young man was the chairman of Marquis group now, but no one knew who the chairman was. There was no news at all.

This made people curious. Who was the new chairman of Marquis group?

People looked around in the hall, but they didn’t see the chairman.

“Next, welcome the youngest and promising chairman of Marquis group in Tianbei city to give a speech on the stage!”

The old Mr. Lee finished. He applauded with excitement at first.

At the same time, he looked at people and can’t wait to see the chairman of Marquis group!

The rest of the people could not help but scream, as if they wanted to express their admiration for the mysterious boss in such a way.

Colin adjusted his collar simply, squinted and looked at Fox and Barr coldly. Finally, he walked up slowly.

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