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Chapter 19: A New Look – My Billionaire Mom

Chuck Cannon was still indulging in his satisfaction after he blocked Lara Jane’s number. This was something the old Chuck couldn’t bring himself to do. Now that he was financially stable, he felt like he had choices.

He needed to go to the car management office to apply for his car plate permits tomorrow. However, judging that his car had been scratched by Queenie Carson not long ago, he still had to contact Charlotte Yates, the salesperson is responsible for it. Chuck sent her a text about his inquiry immediately.

Charlotte replied almost instantly, “Mr. Cannon, please send your car to our center and we’ll have a look at it.”

Since Chuck was the person that made her the target of envy at work on the first day she started this job, she had a strong impression of Chuck from the very start. It could even be said that she was constantly waiting for Chuck to send her a message.

“How much?” Chuck asked.

“Approximately twenty thousand dollars.”

“No problem. I’ll come either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” Chuck replied.


Chuck put down his phone, took a shower, and went to bed. The next morning, he brought the car to the 4S Automobile Store to be serviced by Charlotte. It was just a minor scratch, but it would still take some time. He definitely couldn’t use the car today anymore, so he had to wait until tomorrow. Chuck parked the car properly and was about to leave.

“Sir, why don’t I give you a ride?” Charlotte said sincerely.

Being professional and attentive to an important client could reap benefits far and wide. Her manager had been preaching hard about this constantly, telling her that she should attend to Chuck’s needs no matter what it was. Charlotte kept those words in her heart.

“It’s okay, thank you for the offer.” Chuck shook his head politely with a smile and walked to the roadside to hail a taxi.

Charlotte felt a little discouraged. She even dolled herself up, hoping that he would notice. Since this did not work, she promptly urged the mechanic to fix his car by today. She was determined to give Chuck a surprise.

However, as soon as she turned around, she received a phone call, her cousin’s name seen on display. Charlotte picked up the phone, “Hello, Lara Jean…”

“Cousin, could you lend me some money?”

Lara still had six thousand dollars of debt weighing her down. Her cousin was her last hope. She knew that her cousin just started her job recently, but she really had no other alternatives.

“Okay, how much do you need?” Charlotte wasted no time in answering her cousin’s prayers. After all,

she earned some handsome commission from the sales of the car to Chuck.

“Wow, cousin, did you make a lot of money?” Lara detected the ease in her voice and was envious.

“No, I just managed to sell a car a few days ago.” Charlotte laughed as she explained.

“Is it a very expensive car?”

“Yes, it’s very expensive.”

“Is the buyer a bald, middle-aged man?” Lara giggled. To her, she always thought that only those guys were able to afford expensive cars.

“No, he’s very young. He seems to be a student.” Charlotte looked into the distance where Chuck had left, and a grin appeared on her face. He really gave her a deep impression!

“Wow, a student? He might be from a wealthy family.” Lara asked curiously.

“As the saying goes, clothes make the man. He did not wear anything fancy, but you can feel his charisma seeping through the clothes. He would look handsome if he had shorter hair.” Charlotte recalled the day she first met Chuck. Even now, it was still hard for her to believe that he could afford such an expensive car.

“Really? Can you introduce him to me?” Lara’s voice lighted up with anticipation instantly. She had just broken up with Conrad Lee and was looking for a rich kid as his replacement. Her cousin Charlotte must have the guy’s WeChat contact right? With her alluring figure, she had confidence in herself to lure in this wealthy young man.

“Well, this…” Charlotte hesitated. To be honest, who wouldn’t like a rich and young man? Otherwise, she wouldn’t have wasted time to dress up today.

“Oh, cousin, just give me his contact.” Lara pleaded like a spoiled child.

Charlotte was left with no choice and conceded, “I can give you his contact, but promise me not to harass him, okay!”
“Got it. Send it to me as soon as possible.”

“Alright, by the way, how much do you want to borrow? I’ll transfer it to you now.”

“Six thousand dollars!”

“What? Six thousand dollars? What do you need so much money for?”

“It’s all because of this one jerk, but I really don’t want to bring this up right now. Cousin, please send me the rich guy’s contact soon, and also the money too.”


Charlotte was speechless with Lara but decided to help her.

Lara tapped open her contact’s information once she received it and was amused to find out that his nickname was “baller’. Hehe, let’s see if you are the real deal. Lara immediately sent him a friend request.

Chuck was on his phone in the car after reaching home when he received a friend request. He opened the request on reflex and was stunned to discover that it was Lara.

He was shocked, what was going on exactly?

This was a very private account that he only used to get contact two people, which was Yvette Jordan and Charlotte Yates. No one should be able to find his account so easily, unless…

When his eyes fell on the description on the friend request, he chuckled. Apparently, she was

Charlotte’s cousin! His finger was already moving to reject her friend request when he stopped. Hold on, this was an unexpected opportunity to get revenge on her!

Chuck accepted the friend request.

Almost immediately, Lara sent a shy face emoji to him. “Hi, baller.”

Chuck, not knowing what to reply, just sent her a

smiley face.

“Baller, my cousin told me that you are a student, I’m also a student, any chance that we are from the same school?” She wrote, followed by another two shy-face emojis.

Chuck was amused. “Maybe.”

“If it’s true, then we are destined to meet, baller. Are you free this afternoon? Let me treat you to afternoon tea,” Lara tried to ask Chuck out. She had already decided to wear the sexiest and most revealing outfit from her wardrobe in order to win him over.

“I’m not free this afternoon.” Chuck declined her invitation.

“Is that so? Alright then.” Lara was let down, but she did not prepare to give up yet. He probably only rejected her invitation because he must have no idea that she had a killer body figure. In that case, Lara took a selfie that showed her cleavage generously and sent it to him.

She added the same shy face emoji again and typed, “Hey bailer, do you think I look good in this Outfit?”

Chuck snorted in glee. He tapped on the revealing photo and zoomed in, thinking to himself that she really had a big rack. If Lara knew the person who she was trying to seduce was Chuck, she would probably break down.

“Not bad,” Chuck kept his reply short.

“Okay then, this will be my outfit for today,” Lara chuckled to herself. Men are really easy to entice, she knew that she just had to put in some effort to get what she wanted. Then, she decided to stop the conversation there. Like a fisherman, she was trying to reel Chuck in, and now she just had to wait for him to send her messages.

Unbeknownst to her, Chuck was not falling for her strategy. He placed the phone back into his pocket and went to the mall to purchase some clothes. He did not return to his school, as he really needed to get new fresh garments for himself. He took a car to the most luxurious shopping mall in town. Back then, he never had the chance to shop here since the clothes here had skyrocketing prices and he didn’t have the ability to buy any. But things were different now, he had all the money he needed for almost anything!

Chuck strode into the place confidently. He was looking for casual outfits instead of sports attires such as Nike branded clothes. The salesperson judged him by how poorly his outfits were and didn’t bother to attend to him. Yet, Chuck was not bothered by this at all. He started choosing what he wanted and then paid for them directly. After spending almost a hundred thousand dollars on clothes and shoes, he was finally looking brand new.

Chuck studied himself in the mirror satisfyingly,

looking almost unrecognizable after wearing these outfits. The clothes he was wearing were not fancy in the slightest bit, but they were expensive for a reason. They made him look as if he had high social status, and he never thought that one day he would be able to exude this kind of aura.

“Sir, you look amazing in this outfit!” A shop assistant there was in awe of Chuck’s look and couldn’t stop flattering him.

Chuck did not entertain her but instead walked straight out of the shop. He desperately needed some grooming for his hair, so he immediately headed to the district’s most expensive barbershop for a haircut.

Chuck marched confidently into the barbers in his new attire and instantly caught the attention of several hairstylists. They all studied him closely and came to the conclusion that he was really good-looking. It would be the icing on the cake if he sported a stylish hairstyle. The female assistant hurried over to welcome him, “Hi, are you getting a haircut?”

“This way please.”

Chuck followed her to get a hair wash. After that, the female assistant introduced to him several packages available there, such as executive hairstylist or director hairstylist. He was spoiled with choices. The pricing was not a concern for Chuck, though, so he chose the most expensive one and was brought to the director’s room.

A while later, a stylish and pretty hairstylist appeared in front of Chuck, giving him a surprise. He was amazed that such a pretty female hairstylist existed. In his memories, barbershops were always full of old men. Looking at her, he was admittedly blown away by her beauty.

“What can I do for you, sir?” asked the female hairstylist.

“Make me look more handsome, please,” Chuck responded.

“No problem.” The beautiful hairstylist immediately started designing and giving him a suitable makeover. She could see that he was very wealthy just by the clothes that he wore. Those clothes definitely costed a bomb. She must serve him well!

Half an hour later, the female hairstylist asked with a smile on her face, “Sir, what do you think about this hair cut?”

Chuck was perplexed at his new look. Who is this person in the mirror? He wondered what Yvette would think if she saw him like this.

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