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Chapter 19: The Old Lady’s Birthday – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Mom… In fact, Kris Chen…” Mary Su thought for a while but couldn’t think of anything worthy of her praise. All she knew was that he had taken good care of her over the past two years.

Mary also wasn’t sure whether she liked him or not. He just didn’t want to improve himself; except that, everything else was good…

“You don’t have to speak for him.” Jane Tang said coldly, “It’s fine if you don’t want to divorce him, I’ll go.”

“What are you talking about, mom?” Mary stamped her foot in anxiety.

“Good girl, I don’t mean to be dead against him specially.” Jane took Mary’s hands and said, “Just think about it, how many eyeballing and mocking have you got since you married this worthless man? He’s been eating and drinking freely in our house for the last two years of your marriage. Did I complain? Now he has borrowed eight million dollars from his friend to help make up for the company’s loss and thus repaid our kindness. You and he are now clear, and we owe him nothing; also he owes us nothing.”

“But, mom…”

Before Mary could speak, Jane spoke again, “By the way, Mingdong Wei called me. He will also attend your grandma’s birthday party. He’s prepared a big present, and if grandma likes him, you can be with him.”

Mary bit her l*p and didn’t speak; while Jane was still going to say something, they saw a man coming over.

The man, dressed in a suit and tie, was carrying a suitcase. This man was no one else; he was Mary’s father, Changhe Su.

Jane and Mary went up to him; the family of three hugged together for a long time, then they left the airport talking and laughing. After returning home, Jane cooked a good meal.

The cooking was usually done by Kris Chen, and Jane had not cooked for more than two years, so her cooking skill hasn’t been improved.

After serving the food, Jane began to ask about her husband’s life abroad.

Changhe told her about it quite simply; the star hotels and millionaires were his only topics. Jane was very happy to hear it, and her eyes were glowing.

When it came to the exciting point, Changhe even took out a check and wrote a few words, and handed it to Jane.

It’s a check of ten million dollars!

As Changhe was abroad, this check was in US dollars.

10 million US dollars equivalents to nearly 60 million domestic dollars.

When Jane took over the check, she could hardly keep her mouth closed because of happiness.

Jane thought her hard days finally came to an end and her dreams finally came true, she couldn’t believe he wrote her a 10 million-dollar check!

“Now my lovely girl, your mother called me a few days ago saying that your company has got some problems and it owes 8 million dollars. I couldn’t support you because my money was tied up in the stock market. But now it’s ok, I’ve taken all my money out of the stock market,” Changhe thought about it, then took out a check and signed his name again.

“Here’s a 10-million dollar check, too. Here you are.” “By the way, the money in the check cannot be cashed right away, because I just came back from abroad and the money has to go through the supervision of relevant authorities. After my supervision is removed in a week, the money in the check can be withdrawn,” Changhe said.

Was that so? Was there really such a thing? Although Jane had some doubts, she chose to believe him s ince he said so; she just nodded her head hard.

Now that she had a check of ten million dollars in her hand, she was happy that she could finally hold her head up high after enduring for so long.

On the birthday party the day after tomorrow, who would dare to look down upon her family?


While the happy family was chatting, Mary’s telephone suddenly vibrated.

She looked at the phone; unexpectedly, it was the Old Lady calling.

“Why is your grandmother calling you at this hour?” Jane didn’t understand and asked. The Old Lady had been busy all the time because all the family matters, big or small, had to go with her permission.

Usually, the things were arranged and noticed by other elders in the family; what made the Old Lady call in person?

“I… I don’t know…” Mary said and answered the phone with the speaker on.

“Mary.” As soon as the phone was connected, there came the voice of the Old Lady.

“Grandma, it’s me!” Mary hurriedly replied.

“Mary… Granny wants to ask a favor from you…” the Old Lady’s reluctance could be heard on the phone. As the master of the family, it was really difficult to ask a favor from a younger generation. But, the Huanyu Group had said it clearly that they would only recognize Mary. No one else would work..

“Grandma, I am flattered…” Mary was shocked. Grandma actually called to ask for help; what’s going on?.

Jane and Changhe were stunned. They looked at each other and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes. But at this time, how could they ignore her? Jane hurriedly said, “Mom, what are you talking about? We are a family, just say it, and we’ll do as you say!”

Although it was hard to say, for the sake of the Su Family, the Old Lady still said, “I want Mary to go negotiate with the Huanyu Group about the packaging plan for star Rui.”

What’s going on here?

Didn’t she assign the task to Hai already? Why was she asking Mary to do it again? Will the credit be retaken by Hai if Mary succeeded?

Jane could not calm herself. But the master of the Su Family was lowering her face and asking Mary for help. Jane felt it hard to decline, so she replied, “Mom, no problem, I’ll let Mary go negotiate!”

And at this time, hearing the request of the Old Lady, Mary was shocked, and her tiny body trembled.

She remembered the text message Kris had just sent to her. How did he know her grandmother would call her?

Thinking of this, Mary bit her l*p, and somehow she picked up the phone and said, “Sorry grandma, there’s nothing I can do. Since you have given this task to Hai, you should let him take the responsibility till the end!”

“You… How dare you even refuse my request!” The Old Lady was so furious because she lowered her head to ask for help from a younger generation, and got declined! She said angrily, “Mary, my girl, you are such a sweet granddaughter; do you feel you are so strong that the Su Family can’t get the contract with the Huanyu Group without your help? You really think you are a big deal!” Before the Old Lady could finish, Mary directly hung up the phone.

Jane and Changhe were stunned, then Jane broke out!

“Mary, are you out of your freaking mind?” Jane was so mad. She tapped the table and said, “How can we survive in the Su Family after you disobeyed grandma’s order? Do you want us kicked out by them, then you will be happy?”

Mary‘s mind was a mess, and she did not know why she chose to listen to Kris and declined grandma’s request the minute she picked up the phone.

Hearing her mother’s complaint, Mary did not say a word. She just took out her mobile phone and silently sent Kris a message, “I have declined grandma’s request; what shall I do next?”

Even Mary did not see herself asking Kris for advice subconsciously.

Everyone said that Kris’s a loser, and she thought so, too. But recently, Kris had always stood out to help her when she’s in trouble, and she began to rely on him, she just couldn’t help it and somehow felt at a loss.


While she was thinking, Kris replied to her, “Grandma will come to you again. Don’t be soft, just decline her request again. The Huanyu Group shall recognize no one else but you, trust me!”

Seeing the last three words of the message, Mary gained great courage in her heart. She told herself subconsciously, “Trust him; it’ll be alright!”

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