Chapter 190: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 190 We’re Very Good Friends (1)
“You’re welcome.” Xuan Chu said. “It is a little thing for me.”

Just then, Venus received a message on her phone. It was a message from Kerry, and it read, “I’m waiting for you downstairs.

“I need to go out.” said Venus.

Xuan knew it was Kerry who had sent her the message, so he waved his hand to indicate that she could leave.

Kerry was waiting for her at the hospital elevator, watching her over and smiling, “Did you freak out this morning.”

Venus rolled her eyes, “Yeah, I almost died of fright.”

“Why didn’t you call me about it?” Kerry led her by the hand to the stairwell next to the elevator.

“Of course I can’t call you. I haven’t figured out how to explain this.” Venus thought.

“I really panicked. Thanks to the hotel manager who reminded me to call an ambulance.”

“It’s been almost ten hours since you got to the hospital, but you still didn’t call me about it. I heard it from someone else.”

Venus hated it when he wanted to know everything about her. “Kerry, are you blaming me for this?” Venus said angrily.

Kerry saw that she was upset and said gently, “No. I’m just worried about you.”

“But I feel like you’re spying on me.” said Venus.

“Why would I be spying on you?” Kerry looked at her.

“I don’t know. I have to go take care of my brother, bye.” said Venus.

After saying that, Venus turned and was about to go back to the ward, but she was held back by Kerry, who whispered to her, “Are you angry?”

“No.” Venus turned her head not to look at him.

Kerry laughed, “When a girl says she’s not angry, it means she’s really angry.”

“Mr. Ye, you know quite a bit,” Venus taunted him.

“You’ve called me Mr. Ye and you say you’re not angry?” Kerry lifted her chin, forcing her to look at him, and said softly, “I’m not even mad at you, so why are you mad at me?”

“I know you know why I’m angry.” said Venus. She was actually annoyed that he kept investigating her.

“Have I done anything lately to upset you?” Kerry thought carefully and said, “Please tell me how I’ve offended you.”

Venus glared at him, knowing he was deliberately playing dumb. Impatiently, she said, “I’ll go to take care of my brother, see you.”

“Two days ago you said you liked me, and now you get annoyed with me. You women’s minds change so quickly.”

“You’re right. Women are like that. You’d better get going. Otherwise my brother will ask me about you again.” Venus said.

Venus pushed him towards the stairs. “I want you to go to dinner with me when Mr. Don gets here, okay?” Kerry asked.

Venus was about to say yes to his invitation but then remembered that she was supposed to take off her mask today. So she declined immediately, “My brother is still in the hospital. I’m not in the mood to go out to dinner. I’ll call you when he’s out of the hospital.”

Kerry gave a disappointed look, “Aren’t you scared to stay in a hotel alone at night?”

“No. There’s security at the hotel.”

“How are you going to get back to the hotel later? Do you need me to pick you up?”

Venus was a little overwhelmed that he had so many questions, but still said, “Thank you. There’s a company car to take me home.”

“Well, lock your door carefully. Call me if you need anything.”

Venus nodded. Kerry then turned and left.

Venus watched him disappear down the stairwell. Then she breathed a sigh of relief as she listened to the footsteps go away.

Back in the hospital room, Shixuan Tang had arrived and brought with him Xuan Chu’s phone and computer. He was worried about Xuan’s health and said, “Mr. Chu, the work is not very important these days. You’d better take care of your health first.”

Xuan leaned against the bed to check his phone messages and said, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

Xuan thought about the morning meeting, and then looked up and asked him, “Today’s meeting didn’t happen as scheduled, what are you going to do with those suppliers?”

“I was going to arrange for them to stay in Sky City for two days and then have the meeting when you are discharged from the hospital. But they said they didn’t have time to wait for you, so I made an appointment with them until two days later to start the meeting.”

“Okay, this meeting isn’t very urgent.” Xuan said. Then he saw Venus come in and said to her, “You’ve been here all day, so you can go back to take a rest.”

Venus was a bit tired. She was really bored after working all morning and keeping an eye on the bottle for him in the afternoon.

“I’m off then.” Venus said. “I’ll come back here tomorrow morning.”

Xuan thought she would be reluctant to leave, but he didn’t expect her to say yes, so he was suddenly a little angry.

“You should leave now. I’m not comfortable seeing you.”

Venus realized he was angry after what he said. She also said angrily, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you become angry? “

Xun also realized that he had no reason to be angry, but he didn’t apologize and kept his head down and continued to look at his phone.

Venus didn’t bother to waste time with him, so she picked up her bag and left.

Only when Venus left did Shixuan carefully ask, “Mr. Chu, I have a doubt.”

“What’s it?”

“Why is the Miss Chu I met this time not quite the same as before?”

As soon as Xuan heard his words, he suddenly raised his head, stared at Shixuan, and said sternly, “Don’t pry about what you shouldn’t know.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 190 We’re Very Good Friends (2)
Shixuan blushed and subconsciously felt that there must be something wrong. However, Xuan as a member of Chu family didn’t say anything yet, so it was definitely none of his business since he was just an employee.

On the way back to the hotel, Venus was more furious. Was there something wrong with Xuan for saying that inexplicable words? She would definitely quarrel with him if he was not a patient. However, after a while she forgave him because he had helped her cover her real identity.

She got early after a nice sleep, knowing that Shixuan would go to work, she packed some digestible food for Xuan form the buffet in the hotel.

As soon as she got to the ward, she saw a whole bunch of doctors and nurses doing rounds inside, and most of them were women. Luckily it was a high-class ward that could contain so many people.

Xuan was a celebrity in Hong Kong, but the people in Sky City didn’t know much about him, and only treated him as a playboy without any fear. Xuan could only endure their visit for he wanted to conceal his identity and he couldn’t scold them for his well-breeding.

“Mr. Chu, you become better now, I suggest that you stay another day and leave the hospital when you are completely recovered.”

“No, I have to be discharged this afternoon.” Chu finally said.

“But ……” Seeing that he had a resolute attitude, the doctor said nothing.

“Mr. Chu, what do you want to eat in the morning? Be careful, you still can’t eat anything spicy.” A nurse boldly instructed him.

Xuan was very indifferent and kept silent. Shixuan on the other side nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll remember.”

“Beside, you have to rest more and do less work, health is the most important thing anyway.” The other nurse said.

After hearing the flattering and waiting outside for a few minutes, Venus finally came in with her lunch box, as soon as she came in, everybody’s eyes were fixed on her.

Many nurses had seen Venus taking care of the smart man since yesterday, they did curious about their relationship. And today, she came again. The nurses all looked at Venus with curiosity.

Venus didn’t want to be suspected, so she smiled at the doctors and nurses, and then loudly introduced herself, “Brother, I bring you the breakfast from the hotel.”

So they were siblings.

Xuan was also anxious to drive these people, so he immediately replied, “Hurry up and bring it to me, I didn’t eat yesterday, and I’m very hungry now.”

Hearing this, Shixuan quickly propped up the small table for eating.

Of course, those doctors and nurses couldn’t continue, so they left reluctantly.

“Will they hate me for I interrupt their visit.” Venus said with a smile.

Xuan looked at her, she was smiling brightly as if to forget about the quarrel yesterday.

Shixuan immediately said, “Thanks to Miss Chu’s arrival, they have already stood here for more than ten minutes, and all want to take President Chu’s blood pressure and temperature. What a frightening scene it is!”

“It seems you don’t have much work right? Xuan said coldly.

Shixuan immediately stopped his words and smiled at Venus, and then said, “I’m going to work, you have to take care of him and I’ll come over this afternoon to do the discharge procedures.”

Then, Shixuan fled the ward. Venus put the packed breakfast on the dining table including fried buns, rice porridge, eggs, and a few small dishes.

“Aren’t you …… angry?” Xuan couldn’t help but ask her.

Venus deliberately replied, “Why should I be angry?”

“Yesterday afternoon ……”

“Oh, you mean the words you said that you feel uncomfortable to see me? That’s okay, I’m pretty uncomfortable with you anyway.” Venus said indifferently.

Now Xuan was even more confused, he hadn’t done anything wrong to her, what’s more, he even helped her many times.

Venus glanced at him and said, “Since you are entrusted to help me prove my identity in Sky City, it means that you and that man in the silver mask are acquainted. That bastard uses my son to threaten me to work for him, so of course I don’t like you, you are on the same side. Besides, I don’t know how many times I’d died if I care about that crap yesterday.”

Hearing this, Xuan was silent and didn’t have the appetite to eat.

It was in the hotel that he first heard she saying about the man in the silver mask, she was questioning him and he was in a bad mood. Then, they had a quarrel and he didn’t think much for indeed he didn’t know that man. And now she mentioned again, he probably knew who the man was.

They felt embarrassed after the farce in the morning. Fortunately, there was not much to do, Venus just helped him to call the nurse or poured a cup of hot water.

After six bottles of drip, the doctor came to check again, and he said another day in the hospital was safer, but Xuan did not want to stay any longer even if it was a senior ward. He didn’t like the smell of disinfectant either.

Venus was helpless and asked, “Doctor, he must stay an extra day?”

People were all willing to answer question of pretty woman, especially a beautiful woman like Venus who looked educated.

“Well, it’s not that necessary. It’s just that he will be safer to stay an extra day, his body is still weak now, I’m afraid that he would have a fever again if been discharged form hospital, and then it’ll be miserable.”

Hearing this, Venus immediately refused him. This was somewhat related to her, if he got sick and hospitalized again, she would not suffer but her son would be tortured if the news were heard by Chu family.

After thinking about it, she turned to Xuan and said, “What about another night?”

Xuan glared at her and turned his head without saying.

Venus was a little embarrassed and a plan suddenly emerged in her heart. Not considering the doctor, she grabbed Xuan’s arms and said in a cute voice, “Brother, just stay one more night.”

The voice was greasy and Xuan fiercely stared at Venus.

“Brother, we have to listen to the doctor’s words since we are in the hospital, please just stay one more night.” Venus softly whispered, even the doctor couldn’t endure such delicate voice.

Although, Xuan was a little dizzy for her shakes, but he was still clear and refused, “I don’t want to stay, it’s so boring. I can’t even look up things online for I have no access to internet.”

Venus found the reason, and said hurriedly, “So you’re afraid of boredom, then I’ll be here at night to accompany you and talk with you.”

“Fine.” Xuan quickly replied, he didn’t know how could he agree so easily. He was stunned after saying this, then he shut his mouth.

Hearing his reply, Venus was stunned and thought she had misheard. Then she smiled after seeing Xuan’s chagrined expression, and then said to the doctor, “Well, we won’t do the discharge procedure in the afternoon, and will stay one more night.”

The doctor was also happy with this result and left contently.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 190 We’re Very Good Friends (3)
When they were the only two in the ward, Venus smiled shrewdly and said, “Xuan, are you waiting for me?”

Xuan didn’t explain, it was indeed a mistake.

“No, it is you who agree to accompany me with jokes here, why should I refuse?”

Venus shrieked in frustration and turned to walk out, and Chu asked, “Where are you going?”

“Buy some books, I can’t make up any jokes,” Venus said.

“Are you silly? Those can be found on internet, why do you need to buy them?”

Venus stopped and turned to look at Xuan, “Businessmen like you are all shrewd.”

Xuan spread his hands, “I think I’ve been very open and honest.”

Hearing his words, Venus just smiled. At the moment, the phone was ringing and it was from Kerry. She answered the phone as she walked out.


“Yan, how is Xuan today?”

“He is fine.” He could even play tricks on others.

“Don’t you say that he would been discharged form hospital this afternoon? Do you need my help?”

“No, he won’t be discharged for a while, the doctor says he need to stay an extra day and be discharged tomorrow.”

“Well.” Kerry said with a pause and then continued, “Then I’ll come over after work to pick you up for dinner and take you back to the hotel.”

Venus said helplessly, “I’m not going back to the hotel tonight, my brother says he is bored by himself, so he asks me to tell jokes with him here tonight.”

Hearing this, Kerry was stunned and remained silent for a while.

“Hello? Kerry, are you still listening?”

“Yan, even though you’re siblings, you’re both adults, is it appropriate?” Kerry spoke with a stern tone.

Venus was also stunned, she didn’t think of that before. What’s more, Xuan was not her real brother, however, she couldn’t say that to Kerry.

“Kerry, what are you thinking about? Xuan is my brother, I’m the one who caused him to be hospitalized, of course I can’t stand by, and there is also a companion bed, it’s not …… “Venus couldn’t continue her words.

“Then I’ll come to accompany you at night.”

“What?” The thing got more complicated. Venus was completely confused, “Why are you coming?”

“If you want to stay with your brother, I’ll come to stay with you, is there any problem? Then, that’s it, see you tonight.” After saying that, Kerry neatly hung up the phone.

How could he let someone who could be his wife to stay with another man for a night, and he couldn’t force her to leave. Actually, he was still suspicious of her.

Venus was stunned with phone on her hands. It took her a while to realize the situation and then she walked into the ward.

Seeing Venus’s strange expression, Xuan asked, “What happened?”

“Kerry says he will come tonight.”

“What?” Xuan was stunned and then laughed, “It’s really funny, Venus, he obviously don’t trust me. What can I do to you since you looks so similar to Yan? That’s really very funny ……”

Xuan laughed maniacally on the bed with hands covering his belly. When he stopped, he said, “Let him come, it’s very interesting, then I will have much joy tonight.”

Seeing his gloating face, Venus glared at him, “It’s not that funny at all.”

Xuan laughed to tears and then he wiped it. Seeing the closed door, he said, “Venus, you should be happy, he come here because he cares about you. You should be worried if he doesn’t say anything. It seems that you’ve done a nice job in the past few days.”

Venus shook her head in disbelief, she didn’t want explain, it was all because there were many similarities between she and Venus.

“Fine, don’t be upset.” Xuan was in a good mood and started to help her think of a solution, “Or, I can design a kidnapping case, I will tell him you are kidnapped, and ask him to use that thing to exchange you, since you’re so important in his heart, he would agree.”

Venus shook her head, “No, he won’t agree. I’m not that important.”

The kidnapping would be impossible to succeed for Kerry had a special ability. He would find out any loophole even it was small, not to mention get that treasure map.

Xuan was just joking, but seeing that Yan was very serious, he began to think about the viable solutions. He would try his best to embarrass the CEO of Yehuang Group when Kerry arrived.

After dinner, Xuan was busy driving Shixuan away, Kerry would definitely drag Venus away when he saw Shixuan, then, how could he play with Kerry?

At eight in the evening, Kerry finally come when Chu was talking to Venus. He was indifferent with fruits and suitcase on his hands.

“You are coming.” Xuan took the initiative to greet him.

Kerry cast a glance at Venus and then said with a smile, “Well, I see that Mr. Chu is in good state today.”

“Not bad, I actually want to leave the hospital this afternoon, but the doctor doesn’t agree.” Xuan turned to Yan, “Why don’t you invite Mr. Ye to sit down, it’s very impolite.”

Hearing this, Venus thought in her heart, “you are overacted.” Then, she walked to Kerry and said, “Mr. Ye, go over and sit down.”

“No,” Kerry was controlling his anger and he turned to Xuan, “Mr. Chu, I heard that Yan will accompany you here tonight, where is Shixuan?”

“Oh, there’s an urgent matter, I ask him to return to Hong Kong this afternoon.” Xuan lied boldly.

“What about the rest of your subordinates?”

“They are just employees of the company, I have no right to ask them to take care of me after work, it’s not right, they will go to the union to complain against me.”

Kerry was even more furious, “Then you let Yan stay here all night? She’s a girl.”

“Mr. Ye, you seem to care about my sister.” A glimpse of coldness appeared in Xuan’s eyes.

Kerry looked at Venus who was shaking her head at him, remembering what he said in the dinning hall that night, he didn’t want to embarrass her, so he could only say, “I’ve been in contact with your sister for a while, I think she’s a nice girl and a good friend, she helps me many times, of course I have to help back.”


“That’s why I’m here tonight.” Kerry put the fruit in his hand and said, “Mr. Chu, we are all smart people, I believe that Yan have already told you about my arrival.”

“Of course she says, but I’m skeptical of your sincerity. Well, since you say you are friends, I can only trust you.” Then, Xuan looked at Venus with a spoiling smile, “Anyway, she has many ideas and likes to make her own decisions, I can’t interfere at all. I can only let you sleep on the sofa, but I’m afraid that you will feel bored.”

“It’s fine, we can use this opportunity to discuss some details of the project since we went to drink that day. I don’t even had time to ask for your opinion.”

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