Chapter 190: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 190 You Think You Are a Hero?

“And also, your so-called brothers are just simply an excuse to be under control. The real brother bond doesn’t need any control.”

“People like you will never know what brothers are! Because you are not worthy of it!”

“Do you think those people that are controlled by your drugs are loyal to you? It’s because they value their life! Hmph! If one day, they aren’t controlled by drugs anymore, you’ll end up miserably!

After speaking, Ramon left without looking back.

Walson sat in the car as he replayed Ramon’s word over and over again in his mind.

Suddenly, Walson slammed the steering wheel fiercely.

The ear-piercing horn sounded in the middle of the night.

“Fuck! Ungrateful!”

“Crazy bastard! You’re sick!”


The next morning, Colin received a call from Jason.

“Ramon has been released, but after he left….”

After hanging up the phone, Colin received the video that was sent by Jason. It was a video of Ramon and Walson last night in front of the police station.

After Colin finished watching it, he still remembered Jason’s warning for him to be careful.

Judging from the video alone, there might be a secret since Ramon and Walson met. Did Ramon betray him?

No, Colin believes Ramon.

He didn’t know much about Ramon’s personality but he knew that Ramon wouldn’t betray him.

But after being released, he should’ve called to show his concern.

“Ramon, are you released? It’s good if you’re released. I’ll try my best not to let you do those things in the future. You can put Walson aside temporarily and there’s no need to investigate him anymore.”

“Okay, Boss,” Ramon replied.

Colin asked again, “How is Auntie lately?”

“My mother is good. She also often asks me to invite you to have a meal at home!” Ramon smiled without showing anything strange.

“That’s fine. It’s nothing much to do now. You can stay more with your mother!” Colin said.

Ramon nodded in response.

Colin hung up the phone and he accidentally touched the mouse. The previous video was playing again.

Colin intended to close the video when he saw Ramon seemed to have drunk something, and that thing was also given by Walson.

Colin looked serious as he held onto the mouse. He played it several times. After making sure that Walson gave Ramon something, he was shocked.

Colin quickly made a phone call to Vanessa.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up.”


After arriving at Ramon’s house, Colin rang the doorbell.

Ramon opened the door, looking slightly surprised, “Boss?”

At the same time, Ramon’s mother looked over, “Your boss is here, Ramon? Come in and sit down!”

Colin was about to explode, but when he saw Ramon’s mother, he immediately restrained himself, as he smiled, “Hi, Auntie. I’m visiting you to see if you’ve gotten used to living here.”

“I’m accustomed to it.” Ramon’s mother was in her fifties with her temple grew grey. Probably it’s because she had been living well recently and in a good mood, so she’s also in a good spirit.

Vanessa came in with him, “Good day, Auntie.”

“Come in and sit. I’ll make you some tea.”

“Let me do it, Mom!” Ramon returned to his sense. He had seen Colin’s expression just now and slightly feeling terrified. Had his boss found out something?

Ramon’s mother waved her hand, “I’ll do it. I’ll do it.”

Ramon was helpless as he joined his mother to prepare the tea.

After preparing the tea, he poured a cup for each of them and her mother said, “it is rare for you to come here, boss. I’ll cook lunch for you and serve you well.”

“Don’t trouble yourself, Auntie.” Colin also didn’t intend to bother an elder either.

“It’s no trouble. I’ll go shopping for groceries now. Ramon, stay with your boss, okay!”

After speaking, Ramon’s mother quickly tidied up and left.

There were only Ramon, Colin, and Vanessa left in the living room.


Colin was less angry now. He didn’t do anything but his expression looked bad, as he immediately cursed, “Do you think you’re amazing? You think you’re a hero, don’t you?

“You think that I’ll be grateful if you die for me, right? if you want me to take care of your mother, you can just fucking say it. I don’t need you to tell me this way!”

Ramon was taken aback.

Vanessa was also dumbfounded.

Vanessa was planning to find Doris but Colin suddenly called her. He also didn’t say anything in the car, as he brought her here directly. Then, it’s what happened now.

Can someone explain to her what’s happening?

Ramon didn’t speak. At first, Ramon thought that his boss had noticed the conversation that he had with Walson, so he came to ask about the situation specifically. He never thought that Colin would doubt him, so she had thought of the excuse.

But, Colin didn’t ask him this, instead, he directly scolded him.

It meant that he already knew that he had taken the poison.

Ramon was moved.

After Colin had scolded enough, then he spoke to Vanessa irritatingly, “Go, take his pulse.”

Seeing Colin’s bad attitude, Vanessa couldn’t help but complain, “Why do you have to be angry with me?”

Colin paused slightly, “I’m just….”

Vanessa rolled her eyes at him, “Fine. I know that you’re worried. I’m a generous person that isn’t petty. I won’t make a fuss with you.”

After speaking, Vanessa walked over to take Ramon’s pulse.

What happened in front of Ramon had made him dumbfounded. Does his boss plan to save him?

No, this poison couldn’t be treated, right?

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