Chapter 191 – 192: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 191: Another Turmoil Came to Kris

Kris went back home by Lan Xia’s car, for no one else wanted to take him.

Lan Xia kept giving Kris lessons in the car.

She asked Kris to be self-reliant and manful. Then she stressed the things that happened tonight.

Kris broke out in a cold sweat.

Lan Xia kept preaching Kris while driving the car.

Suddenly, she felt not comfortable. She felt her chest pain and her heart beat faster.

At the same time, she began to burst out in a cold sweat.

Suddenly Lan felt palpitated. She wondered what’s wrong with her?

Why she had palpitation?

Kris asked, seeing Lan was not good. “Miss Xia, what’s wrong with you?”

She clapped one hand to her bosom and shook her head. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I had some wine just now.”

Kris frowned. He knew it’s not the symptoms of drinking. Was that caused by Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill?

Heaven-made Sturdy, Energy-protecting Pill was a dumped pill. Each medicine had its side effect, let alone a dumped pill.

Kris could hardly wait to read The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions after he went back home.

He read it carefully when he found the page with Heaven-made, Sturdy, Energy-protecting Pill.

Thousand Golden Prescriptions wrote it clearly that Heaven-made Sturdy, Energy-protecting Pill would be a poison if the pill was wrongly refined. The practitioner would have symptoms such as chest tightness and palpitation.

Then the strength of the practitioner would be weakened until she became an ordinary person.


Kris sucked in a breath. The side effect of an obsoleting pill was weakening one’s practice.

His phone began to vibrate as he was shocked at the pill’s side effect.

Who was calling him so late?

Kris shook his head to let his thought come back to reality. He took out the phone, and he shivered. Fuck, it’s Yanru Sima’s phone.

Kris patted on his own head. He forgot it totally.

Kris took out the phone, and what’s worse, it was a video call.

It’s a call from a girl named Yuhan Qin.

Kris refused without thinking. But he was so nervous that his hand shook, as a result, he accepted the call.

The video call got through instantly.

Kris almost lost his heartbeat as the video was connected.

A pretty girl was lying down on her stomach in pink pajamas in the video. She didn’t wear underwear, judging from her clothes on her chest.

Her collar was wide, and Kris could almost see all her breasts. Kris looked at her surprisingly.

Coo coo.

Kris swallowed saliva subconsciously.

He wanted to turn his eyes to somewhere else, but he couldn’t move his eyes as if his vital point was attacked.

Kris stared at the girl for three seconds, and he thought she was familiar. It seemed he met her somewhere before.

Suddenly an inspirational flash came.

Fuck, wasn’t her the granddaughter of the old man who bought The Obstacle-breaking Pill with 5.5 billion dollars in Dingding’s auction?


The girl began to scream in the video.

Yuhan hung up the call as she screamed once she saw it was not Yanru who picked up the phone.

She bit her lip and covered her chest. It seemed that her heart was still fluttering with fear.

What’s going on there? Never heard Yanru had a boyfriend. Why was it a man who answered Yanru’s phone?

And, it seemed I met him before.

Yuhan searched in her mind, and soon, she remembered where they met.

He was Kris, who saved my grandfather in Dingding’s auction.

Yuhan and Yanru were good sisters.

Sima Family joined The Holy Dragon Cult three years ago. It was a secret so that only few people knew that.

The Holy Dragon Cult recruited many families in secret.

For example, Monk Zhen Yuan recruited Chen Family.

And it was Yuhan who recruited Sima Family, so they became close friends as they contacted more with each other.

Yuhan never expected Kris on the other side of the video call saw her secret parts.

Yuhan was furious thinking of that, so she sent him a WeChat, “Are you, Kris?”

Kris was so embarrassed that he didn’t know whether he should reply.

The phone rang again when he was thinking.

“Why Yanru’s cellphone is with you?”

Kris replied without thinking, “I found it on the road.”

“Give her cellphone back tomorrow, and nothing happened just now. If the third person knew that, you are done,” Yuhan’s message was full of threat and order.

Kris smiled. She was funny. If she knew Kris was the Saint Man of The Holy Dragon Cult, what would happen?


Kris had a sound sleep. Surely the villa was comfortable.

Energetic Kris came to school early today.

Kris frowned as he went into the classroom.

There was a bareheaded guy in the classroom.

Who could that be if he was not Tiandong Zhai?

How could he come to the Academy of Six Major Schools? Xiaolong Tan didn’t make trouble for him?

Kris thought about it for a few seconds, then he concluded that Xiaolong was busy doing other things.

Or, as the followers of The Holy Dragon Cult, they would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. And Tiandong would die before he came here.

Kris strode out of the classroom, thinking about that.

Tiandong was frozen when he saw Kris.

Fuck, why the live-in son-in-law was here?

Tiandong was beaten by Kris in the Manor of Su Family when he was trying to molest Mary Su. And he was badly punished when he was in jail.

He came to the Academy of Six Major Schools now, how could he meet Kris again?

Tiandong was upset thinking of that.

The two looked at each other, and Tiandong lowered his head because of embarrassment.

Kris smiled and sat on his seat. At the same time, a beautiful figure came in from outside. It was Yanru Sima.

She went to Kris directly and stretched out her hand to Kris and said “Kris, give me my cellphone back.”

Yuhan called Yanru’s family last night. Then Yanru realized her cellphone was taken by Kris.


Did Kris take Yanru’s cellphone?

All the students quieted down, hearing that. They turned to Kris one after another.

Kris was a little bit embarrassed. He took out the cellphone from his pocket and said with a smile, “Sorry, I found it at the bathroom door yesterday. I wanted to give it back, but you went away in a car.”

Yanru didn’t believe Kris’s excuse at all. She stepped forward and looked down at Kris and asked seriously, “let me ask you again, why my phone is with you?”

She couldn’t help getting angry, thinking that her cellphone was taken by Kris for a whole night.

There were many private photos on the cellphone.

Did he see her pictures?

Of course, Kris couldn’t say the phone was stolen by him. He sighed and said, “I told you I found it at the door of the bathroom.”

Hehe, you thought I would believe you? Yanru sneered and said, “Bullshit. How could I had no feeling if my phone fell?”

Kris smiled bitterly and wanted to explain. But Pan Wang sat beside them, stood up suddenly, and laughed grimly. Then he said, “Kris, dare you to quibble. It’s you who stole the phone of our goddess.”

“yes, he stole it.” Shou Yan stood out as Pan’s words fell, then he shouted, “Be cautious, everyone. Take your things carefully. There is a thief in our class.”

“Check if you lose something.” As their words fell, the classroom students began to rummage in their bags to see if they lose anything.

Kris sneered at Pan and Shou. Why the two always got involved in others’ business?

They pretended to be serious about the stolen thing by echoing each other. Now everyone was looking at Kris with disdain.

And Tiandong smiled and stood up. Then he said, “You guys just don’t know that Kris stole a girl’s underwear and went to jail not long ago. He was in the same cell with me.”

A great disturbance was made after Tiandong’s words.

What? The live-in son-in-law stole underwear in the store?

After a short time’s silence, guffaw broke out in the classroom. And everyone looked at Kris with despise. Kris was not only a thief but also a psychopath.

Many girls changed their eyes, looking at Kris. They covered their breast in afraid that Kris would do something bad to them. And Fei Lin and Jiaojiao Lin clenched their teeth hearing that. “The lowly poor guy is so awful. I don’t know how he could know my cousin. I will let my cousin know his true features.”

Tianba Li didn’t come at that time. So she took out her phone to record their talking.

Chapter 192: Heresy Committed a Sin

Jun Tong stood up when Fei Lin was taking video. He said ironically, “I didn’t expect that you are such a bad guy. You not only steal ordinary things but steal woman’s underwear. You are so wired. And now you dare to steal the cellphone of our goddess. And you lied you picked it on the road, are you fooling us?”


Kris cursed in the heart. Then he hauled and apologized to Yanru Sima. “Sorry, I didn’t return it to you last night when I found it. It’s my fault.”

How could Kris admit he stole the phone. He never forgot his task to hide here. He would be dangerous if he exposed himself.

Yanru glared at Kris with disdain.

He didn’t believe Kris picked it. It’s her shame to be classmates with such a thieving guy.

Kris smiled bitterly. As the saying went, those who attempted to act in disguise were apt to overdo it. You needed to make another lie to fix the former lie. He didn’t understand it before, but now he did.

Kris brazened to explain afterthought, “Yanru, I know it’s my fault to find your phone but did not return. But I have my reason. Last night, I wanted to go to the bathroom at the Dynasty Hotel, but I heard Jun Tong asked you to pay for him because he couldn’t afford it. That’s why I didn’t return your phone.”

Yanru still looked at Kris with destine. She never believed him.

People in the classroom laughed, hearing that. He was so funny. Kris was squeezed by the door.

“From my point of view, he wanted to frame Jun Tong.”

On the other side, Jun Tong was so nervous that he turned to Pan Wang and Shou Yan. The two were also shocked. Shou Yan wanted to say something but was stopped by Jun’s eyes.

Then Pan Wang said ironically, “Kris, you are funny. Jun Tong had no money? How did you come out of Dynasty Hotel? If Jun didn’t pay, could you go out?”

“Yes, sucker.”

“You are so stupid. Use your brain even if you want to frame others.”

Kris didn’t say anything. He knew it was useless to say anything if they deemed he was lying.

Then their teacher Lan Xia came.

Lan frowned, seeing the students were in chaos. Then she asked, “What’s wrong? Why it’s so noisy?”

Jun pointed at Kris immediately and shouted: “Miss Xia, Kris stole Yanru’s cellphone.”


Stole a cellphone?

Lan frowned slightly and said, “Jun, what’s the matter? Tell me clearly.”

It’s …

Jun didn’t have evidence to prove Kris stole the phone. So he replied, “Yanru’s phone was with Kris, so he stole it.”

“Miss Xia, I picked the phone on the ground,” Kris said peacefully. This was the first time Kris lied in front of so many people. But when he thought he stole woman’s underwear last time, it seemed it was okay to lie.

Jun wanted to say something but stopped by Lan. She waved her hand and said, “that’s it. Kris said he picked it. Then it was picked by Kris. Don’t say anything more.”

Lan summarized the thing with several words. Jun wanted to say something more but dared not because he knew Lan’s temper was not good.

Jun looked at Kris with bad intention.

Kris breathed a sigh of relief. It’s finally over.

Then Lan became very serious and said, “I have several things to announce. There were heresy looted boys in remote rural areas. Dozens of villages were attacked, causing countless people to die or wounded. At the right time, experts of six major schools passed by, so they struggled with them, and at last, evil can never prevail over good. All followers of heresy were killed.”

Lan said in great grief, “However, countless families were torn because of it. Our six major schools are distinguished. We shall help these families even it was caused by heresy. Therefore, our college decided to raise donations school-wide. You can donate as much as you can.”

Heresy? Donation?

What time was it now? The heresy is still so crazy.

The students discussed heatedly. Lan waved her hand and said, “Our school will award the student who donates the most in a class to encourage the donation. Don’t be mean to donate. It would be a big award.”


Award? Why didn’t they tell us earlier?

Everyone was excited to know there is an award. Shangwu Academy was different from other schools. Its award must be extraordinary. It would be either a magic pill or a magic weapon.

Then someone asked, “Miss, where shall we donate the money?”

Lan smiled lightly and replied, “you donate the money to the account of our school. Then the school would announce the name, class, money, and ranking on the bulletin board of our school.”

As her words fell, Lan wrote down the account of the school on the blackboard.

Students took out their phones one after the other to transfer money. Some students were not rich, so they just donated dozens of hundred to express their pity. Some new rich generation called their parents for money immediately.

And some even donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. As they finished donation, they began to show off to the students around. “How much you donated? I donated three hundred thousand dollars.”

“Three hundred thousand dollars? So little. I donated five hundred thousand dollars.” Soon the money they donated showed on the screen of the school.

As they were donating, the students also stared at the large screen outside. At the same time, the first of the list was a Di Class student who donated two million dollars.

“OH my god.”

Then a girl shouted, “Jun donated three million dollars.”

Jun, who donated three hundred million dollars, was shown on the first of the rank.

Jun was so generous because he donated so much money. Lan was delighted to see that.

Yeah, Jun is nice, and he was a good practitioner. People around began to praise him. Jun was proud to hear that.

Jun shook his phone in front of Kris and said, “see? I dare to donate three million dollars without blinking my eyes. You said I couldn’t afford it last night?” Jun spat and said with detaining “Rubbish, I would not let you go next time if you slander me again.”

As his words fell, others began to criticize Kris.

“Yes, I will not spare you if I know you say anything bad of Jun.”

“Yes. You are such an ungrateful guy. Jun treated you a meal last night, you are not gratitude but slandering him. You are bad.”

The classmates censured Kris one after the other.

Lan felt bad standing on the platform. Why did the school add the naughty student to her class? Then she asked, “Kris, tell me the truth. Was that you who stole Yanru’s phone?”

Lan’s mood was not good today. Because when she practiced this morning, she found her sturdy energy couldn’t be collected. Then she found her practice fell to the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

She thought her stage was not consolidated. So she planned to consolidate it after class. Who knew she meets such pricked things. At the same time, Shou Yan stood up in a hurry and said: “Miss Xia, I could prove that Kris stole Yanru’s cellphone.”

As his words fell, others began to nod to show they could prove it also.

Lan got more furious, seeing so many people wanted to testify against Kris. Then she pointed to Kris and said, “Kris, I thought you were just weak in character, I never expected that you are so hopeless. I’m so disappointed.”

Kris sighed and took out his cellphone. “Miss Xia, if you don’t believe me, I could donate.”

What? Did I hear it, wrongly? The live-in son-in-law wanted to donate? Wasn’t it funny? His classmates couldn’t help laughing. It was funny.

Lan Xia said to Kris seriously, “Kris, it’s okay to be poor, but you need to be ambitious. As a live-in son-in-law, how could you have money to donate to others? You don’t need to pretend you are rich.”

Kris didn’t reply but entering the account of the school.

Fei Lin, at her side, couldn’t help saying ironically, “Kris, do you need me to lend you some money?”

Jiaojiao Lin also laughed with one hand covered her month “Sis, stealing a cellphone could gain some money. You don’t need to lend him money.”

Hahaha, it’s so funny.

The whole classroom burst into laughter.

“Oh my god.”

Someone exclaimed loudly, seeing the rankings on the screen outside when others were still laughing.

Then the students looked outside one after another, they opened their eyes widely like they saw a ghost.

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