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Chapter 191 – 200: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 191

Chuck Cannon felt that his body was very hot and wanted to do those things more than he ever thought. With Charlotte so supported, Chuck Cannon moved unconsciously.

Charlotte blushed and felt that this time the idea was good, so Chuck Cannon fell asleep, so that the next thing could happen, at least how to say, you can have a local boyfriend.

The more Charlotte thinks, the happier she feels. She wants to help Chuck Cannon in the car, but she can’t think about it. How can I say that the two are together for the first time, at least not the bed, but also the sofa?

Chuck Cannon controls himself. Is Charlotte dressed too se*xy today?

Probably, Charlotte is wearing hot pants today, and her slender long legs are exposed. The legs are long and straight, but they are relatively skinny and have no sense of touch. Chuck Cannon thinks so.

In fact, Chuck Cannon couldn’t help touching Yvette Jordan’s long legs when he slept with

Yvette Jordan last night. The feeling was completely different from Charlotte’s at this time, as if he had encountered nephrite.

Yvette Jordan’s shy expression, Chuck Cannon thought about it, did he feel suffocated last night, today Yang Yang was like this, and he was thinking?

Chuck Cannon didn’t try that thing, where did he think he was drugged!

Chuck Cannon thought about going to the room to take a cold shower. He had to wake himself up. Charlotte, a woman, could touch it, but she couldn’t, because it was derailed.

Ye Ce at the hotel’s front desk knew Chuck Ce. She saw Chuck Cannon brought a long-legged beauty over. She smiled subconsciously. It should be. Master is so rich, what are some more women to play?

Charlotte is a little painful, but this is a five-star hotel, and the cheapest room is about seven or eight hundred, but it’s fine.

She was ready to give money, and the front desk smiled and said that Chuck Cannon was a VIP member.

Charlotte was surprised, but soon it became apparent that Chuck Cannon was so rich, is it normal

to be a five-star member? ?

Charlotte took the room card and Chuck Cannon upstairs. After arriving at the room, Charlotte

was surprised again. It was actually a presidential suite. She hadn’t lived in such a place yet.

“You sit, I’ll take a shower.” Chuck Cannon must keep himself awake and can’t do anything

sorry for Charlotte.

Charlotte will naturally not let this opportunity go, she came over shyly, “Let’s get better


Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, to be honest, he really wanted to pounce on Charlotte at this

time, but reason told him that he couldn’t do it. If he knew this, Yvette Jordan would definitely

be sad.

“I’ll do it myself,” Chuck Cannon said, forcing her eyes away from her thigh.

Charlotte worried

In order to prevent Chuck Cannon from discovering that she was being dispensed, she put in a particularly small amount. Is it really the reason for the insufficient amount, so Chuck Cannon can keep the man sober now?

Charlotte bit her l!p and had to take the initiative. She came over and stuck to Chuck Cannon and said shyly, “Chuck Ce, it’s okay, I told you, you want me to give you any time,…”

Where did Chuck Cannon endure this tone? Delicate and shy, when he stepped back, he bumped

into a vase with a clatter.

The vase is broken.

Murong Qing, who is reading a book next door, frowned. What happened? The young man next door? So fierce? ?


There was another noise, it was too noisy, Murong Qing snorted coldly, and let people

rest? ? She stood up, but forbearance. Once again, she had to go to warn the person next door.

But within three seconds, bang!

There was another noise, and Murong Qing’s face was cold. He had no sense of ethics at all.

How can someone sleep like this? ?

Murong Qing opened the door and went out, he must warn this person! Spend your own money

to come and enjoy quiet, not noisy!

Charlotte was dumbfounded. She saw Chuck Cannon broke a vase just now, and she hurriedly

supported Chuck Ce, but Chuck Cannon didn’t pay attention. She broke an ashtray and a fish

tank. Chuck Cannon was speechless herself. Too.

Charlotte is worried, is this expensive?

“Chuck Ce, are you okay?” Charlotte’s heart was extinguished like this, Chuck Cannon shook his head, “It’s okay, it’s okay to break something, I’ll go to take a shower,”

Charlotte bit her l!p and watched Chuck Cannon enter the bathroom. After hesitating, she took off her clothes and Chuck Cannon felt it. She could see that now she can definitely take Chuck Cannon if she takes the initiative.

But at this time there was a knock on the door, and the sound was very loud. Charlotte could

only put on her clothes and went to open the door. When the door opened, she saw a pretty woman with a cold face.

“What’s the matter with you? You need such a loud voice?” Murong Qing said coldly.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.” Charlotte blushed and apologized in a hurry. She also felt noisy.

Murong Qing looked in and found that it was very embarrassed, what is this looking at? Murong

Qing’s face slackened. “What’s wrong? Is someone strong against you? Let me call you.”

After all so embarrassed, is this struggling? So this is it? After all, no matter how young and

fierce it is, it won’t break so many things directly? Don’t pay for it?

“No, no. You misunderstood.” Charlotte was helpless.

But Charlotte suddenly screamed, because she was caught by her hand, it was Chuck Ce, he just went to take a cold shower, but the more he rushed to think, the more he couldn’t control his thoughts. The picture, he was confused himself.

How could this be?

You can control it when facing Zelda.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t figure it out for himself. The key is that when his hand reached out from

behind, it was too fierce, as if hitting someone, and his hand touched Murongqing in front.

This feeling…

Chuck Cannon felt comfortable.

Murong Qing’s eyes widened, this person caught himself? ? ?

“You…” Murong Qing was embarrassed, but Chuck Cannon felt his hands were good. Where did

he think much? Just grabbing the clothes in front of Murong Qing and dragging her in, it is really

subconscious behavior, and it is also the subconscious behavior of men.


The door closed.

Murong Qing was furious, “Shameless, what did you do to me?”


Murong Qing raised his hand and slammed it out, Charlotte was frightened, immediately blocked

Murong Qing, this slap shot on Charlotte’s face, the clear voice, the intoxicated Chuck Cannon

woke up, he realized that he was in his own hands Actually still holding a woman in front… Is

this, this is Murong Qing? ?

Why is she here?

Chuck Celai was stunned.

“It’s you? Asshole!” Murong Qing saw that the person behind Charlotte was actually, peeking at

Chuck Cannon at the bottom of her skirt, and she was annoyed at once!


Murong Qingda also grabbed Chuck Ce’s arm in front of him. Chuck Cannon was in pain and let

it go unconsciously, but he still remembered this feeling…

Murong Qing’s teeth tickled with hatred. She wanted to kill. She really wanted to kill. This little

ten-year-old man looked at the bottom of his skirt, and now she caught her… disgusting, she felt

particularly disgusting!

Chuck Cannon felt that he was justified. He was just a man’s subconscious behavior. He was

stunned by medicine. He said sorry, Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce, “You… Ah, you, you!!!”

Murong Qing suddenly saw Chuck Ce’s bath towels fall off, this…

She suddenly felt ashamed, “Shameless!”

Charlotte gave a subconscious look, and she was shy in her heart. Although she was slapped by

mistake, Charlotte felt that she had made the right decision this time…

Chuck Cannon was also embarrassed. He picked up the towel and surrounded himself. He also

blushed. His body was as if Yvette Jordan had only seen it when he was a child, and there was

Zelda. Now it is Charlotte and Murong Qing. He was still being watched at the same time, and

Chuck Cannon couldn’t stand this kind of vision. He himself wanted to find a hole in the ground.

“I’m sorry, I just…” Chuck Cannon felt wrong, and it was indeed very wrong. He caught Murong


Murongqing’s eyes were about to burst into flames. She hated men smaller than herself dangling

in front of her. She felt very sick.

“You, it’s over today!” Murong Qing took out her mobile phone. Yes, she wanted to call

someone. She suffered such a big loss today. How could she swallow this breath? ?

She opened the door to get out, but Chuck Cannon subconsciously pulled her back again. This is

her mother’s hotel. If the mother knew it, she would be very disappointed.

Murong Qing was shocked and struggling madly, but Chuck Cannon just pulled her like this.

Finally, Chuck Cannon couldn’t do anything. She wanted to hug her and say no to her, but how could Murong Qing listen? While struggling, Chuck Ce’s bath towel was pulled off again.

Charlotte’s eyes lit up, Murong Qing’s eyes widened, disgusting!

Chapter: 192

Chuck Cannon also felt embarrassed, and was busy loosening Murong Qing, enclosing the bath towel himself, but Murong Qing took the opportunity to open the door and ran out.

That fire-breathing look made Chuck Cannon feel speechless. He could only close the door and was so troubled that the desire in his heart was gone, and he put on his clothes.

Charlotte bit her l!p and was disappointed in her heart. Just now Chuck Cannon was about to do something to herself, but, yes! !

“Chuck Ce…”

She came over and hugged Chuck Cannon from behind, “Don’t go, stay here with me today, OK?

I will make you satisfied, really…”

She never said this to anyone else in this way. She felt that she had taken the initiative, but why didn’t Chuck Cannon touch herself?

Chuck Cannon was helpless. He was almost impulsive just now. Without Murong Qing, he must have been entangled with Charlotte.

How to say, today Charlotte is still particularly attractive, especially with long legs and charming.

“Chuck Ce, I like you, really.” Charlotte knelt down.

Chuck Cannon was startled, “Don’t, don’t…”

Zelda twice, Queenie once, he has been derailed three times, and he has been particularly guilty.

He came here today and Chuck Cannon is now all uneasy. What if Yvette Jordan knows what to


Charlotte is bitter, “Chuck Ce, I’m so unattractive in your eyes?”

Chuck Cannon shook his head. If there was no hot woman like Yvette Jordan and Zelda, then

Chuck Cannon would think that Charlotte was particularly beautiful, but Charlotte was too

skinny. , I don’t feel much about Charlotte.

This is what Chuck Cannon thought.

“No, you are very beautiful and have a good figure, but I have a girlfriend.” Chuck Cannon can

only say so.

Charlotte stood up, “I really don’t mind if I don’t mind.”

She knows that Chuck Ce’s girlfriend is Lu Youwen. She knows, but when Chuck Cannon sent

her home for the first time, her roommate’s adoration for her made her vanity satisfied so much,

she liked the feeling. , And that feeling was given to her by Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon sighed, “You let Lara know what to do?”

Chuck Cannon thought of using Lara to stop her thinking.

After all, she is Lara’s cousin, how can you feel a little ashamed?

“Why do you like Lara?”

Charlotte bit her l!p and asked, “If you like it, then I will call Lara now and let her come. I will give you with her…”

Why can’t she see that Lara likes Chuck Ce? Attracted by Chuck Ce’s “local tyrant”, at that time,

Lara himself admitted that he liked Chuck Ce.

In the past few days, Lara has been unhappy, and she sees more clearly. If you call Lara now and

say that she will serve Chuck Cannon together, Lara may feel embarrassed, but she should be

here. Charlotte knows Lara.

After all, the cousin and cousin were given to a man. This is somewhat shameful. I don’t know.

Lara came and Charlotte could let it go. After all, it’s embarrassing… Although the relationship

between the two people is so good, sometimes they playfully fight each other. Noisy, usually

sleep together, but suddenly added a man, it is different.

Chuck Cannon was stunned, and the scene of Lara coming here came out in his mind, which was

really lively.

Chuck Ceke is not so open yet, and there is Lara. Chuck Cannon hates her now. Although her

figure is very good, it is as large as Murong Qing.

But how can Chuck Cannon touch her?

“No more, really no more,” Chuck Cannon smiled bitterly.

Charlotte was lost, she felt it was not good to continue to stay, “Then… you have a good rest,

what can I call,”

The meaning is still so obvious.

Chuck Cannon could only nod her head first, but it was late, thinking about letting her stay here

for a good night, and go back by herself, but Chuck Cannon couldn’t open the mouth.

I can only watch Charlotte go out, and at the door, Charlotte grievances have left tears, and she


Chuck Cannon sighed, forget it, he should go back quickly, hug Yvette Jordan to sleep, it is the

most comfortable.

But when Chuck Cannon was about to leave, the door rang and someone was knocking.

Chuck Cannon wonders, is it Charlotte? But when Charlotte came back, Chuck Cannon was

really bad at rejecting it. Is something really going to happen? Unbelief, I can’t do anything I’m

sorry about Yvette Jordan.

Chuck Cannon walked over to open the door, but she saw Murong Qing with a cold face. There

were four hotel security guards behind her. This…

Chuck Cannon didn’t understand yet. This was Murong Qing’s anger, and he brought the hotel

security to come and trouble himself!

The hotel security officer was stupefied when he saw Chuck Ce. When they were downstairs just

now, Murong Qing walked over and said that there was abnormality. Of course, as a security

guard, they must ensure the safety of customers. They came up, but they saw this abnormality.

? ?

“It was him just now! You stared at this person!” Murong Qing said that she had called and

asked the assistant to call someone over, but she was worried that Chuck Cannon would run

away, so let the hotel security guard Chuck Cannon first.

Otherwise Chuck Cannon ran away, where did she go to find Chuck Ce? How can I revenge this

revenge today? If you don’t report, she won’t be able to sleep tonight.

“Why do your hotels treat customers this way? I came here to spend with you, but because of this

person’s harassment, you should not be responsible?” Murong said with a cold face.

“Uh, are you a little misunderstood?” the leading security guard said politely.

“Misunderstanding? Do you think I was making trouble unreasonably? Did you see it yourself?

Several things in this room shattered! What kind of person is he still talking to me?” Murong

Qing was annoyed.

“You go out first.” Chuck Cannon was helpless. He just lost money, so he felt that he should give

Murong Qing an explanation.

Several security guards nodded.

“Go out? Do not go! He harassed me and broke the facilities of your hotel. You left like that?”

Murong cleared his fire. What happened to these security guards? ?

“He is our…” the security guard whispered.

“What? Are you a member?” Murong said with a cold face, Chuck Cannon could have a square,

so it is normal to become a member of this five-star hotel, but members can ignore what is

happening today?

Chuck Cannon must be looked at, otherwise his own person will come, how to clean up him? ?

“No, he is not our member, but our young master.” The security guard said respectfully.

“Master?” Murong Qing was stunned. “What young master? What do you mean?”

She couldn’t say anything when she reached her mouth.

“This is the son of our boss.” The security guard said.

Murong Qing froze, what? This is a five-star hotel. Is he the son of this boss? ?

how can that be? Have you actually lived in a hotel where people peeking at the bottom of their

skirts? Murong Qing was shocked at the same time. I feel even more disgusting. I slept in this

bed last night.

“I think this matter should be a misunderstanding!” the security guard whispered.

Murong Qing sneered, “Misunderstanding? What about this hotel? Can you harass me?”

“It was just…” Chuck Cannon sighed. What happened to him just now? It’s too impulsive, but

Murong Qing feels really good, Chuck Cannon is still aftertaste.

“Shut up!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce. She was really annoyed. She also felt unbelievable.

Chuck Cannon had a square, so he represented that the building was really bought by him, and

this five-star hotel was actually him. Yes, this…

In this way, Chuck Ce’s net worth is almost the same as himself?

It should be, after all, who can open a five-star hotel, how can the net worth be low?

“I was wrong just now, what do you want?” Chuck Cannon said.

“How is it?” Murong Qing was disgusting, too disgusting, “Let your parents come out and

apologize to me! Even if I let you do this once!”

Seeing Chuck Ce’s parents, Murong Qing decided to retaliate. She will never swallow her shame

today. When his parents show up, Chuck Cannon must kneel down and apologize!

Chuck Cannon shook his head, “No, you said something else,”

Let my mother know, is it still worth it? ?

“No way?” Murong Qing’s face cooled down, “This can’t help you! Your parents don’t come

today, I will make you regret today!”

She has called someone to come and stand by herself. What are you afraid of?

Chuck Cannon was helpless and asked several security guards to go out first. He then talked to

Murong Qing, but Chuck Cegang said so, the door opened, and his mother came in…

Chapter: 193
“Who are you?” Murong Qing’s face was cold, and she stared at Karen Lee with a little vigilance.

Because of Karen Lee’s noble temperament, this was something she had never felt in any woman


Several security guards immediately respected.

Murong Qing understood, “Are you the boss here? That is his mother?”

“En.” Karen Lee nodded.

Murong Qing stared at Chuck Cannon again. At this moment, she wondered why Chuck Cannon

was so disgusting. His mother felt pretty good?

Is it your own son? If it weren’t for her to see that Chuck Cannon was like Karen Lee, she was

clearly mother and son, otherwise she would be so skeptical.

How can such a temperamental woman have such a son?

Several security guards immediately went out and the door closed.

Murong Qing frowned, “What do you want to do?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I won’t do anything. I heard someone tell me to call me, so I came out.”

Karen Lee walked over.

Chuck Cannon felt embarrassed that her mother came over, so she didn’t know she had come

with other women just now?

Chuck Cannon felt that Karen Lee would definitely be disappointed.

Chuck Cannon was so upset that he dared not look at his mother.

“Your son has harassed me just now, and I want him to kneel down and apologize to me!”

Murong Qing calmed down. What scene did she never see?

What if Chuck Ce’s mother came over? She took advantage of it. Chuck Cannon just grabbed her

in front. Isn’t this harassment?

“This doesn’t work, he won’t kneel anyone.”

Karen Lee shook his head, “I just watched the surveillance video. For the time being, he was

wrong. I can apologize to you, but I can’t let him kneel.”

Chuck Cannon felt guilty. My mother really had money. When did she apologize?

“You apologize? What do I want you to apologize? I want him!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck


“I said he would not kneel to anyone, you can make other demands.” Karen Lee shook his head.

“Other requirements? Do you want to use money to compensate me? Do you think I will be short

of money?” Murong Qing said coldly.

“You are not short of money, but this is a good solution.”

“Do you think I will agree?” Murong Qing stared at Karen Lee.

The person she called was almost here, and today Chuck Cannon had to kneel to apologize.

“Look at yourself, I think there is room for discussion on anything.” Karen Lee’s face was


“No, he will kneel for me today!” Murong Qing shook his head.

Karen Lee glanced at her, “No room for negotiation?”

“No!” Murong Qing stared at Chuck Ce. Today she must let Chuck Cannon kneel, otherwise she

can’t sleep at night. Her chest was actually caught by a ten-year-old man? ?

She is the most disgusting.

“Okay,” Karen Lee walked to Murongqing helplessly, “That’s no way, you…”

Before she finished this sentence, she suddenly saw the door kicked open. More than a dozen

people rushed in, staring at him, Karen Lee froze slightly, and Chuck Cannon

frowned. Murongqing actually called so many people to come? Is this trying to smash the store?

“Is it okay now?” Murong Qing’s face was expressionless. “Let him kneel, and this matter will be

solved today.”

Karen Lee suddenly laughed, “There is no need to be so troublesome.”

“Trouble? What I hate the most, your son did to me!” Murong Qing was angry.

Karen Lee subconsciously glanced at Murongqing’s stomach, and Murongqing was even more

annoyed, “What are you looking at?”

“Nothing, you can go out by yourself.” Karen Lee said.

These more than ten people sneered, but they were called by Assistant Murong Qing at a cost of

30,000 per person. How could it be so easy to leave? How can I get money after I leave?

“Don’t go out? Okay!” Karen Lee said, and some people yelled, because a woman grabbed their

necks and threw them out one by one, just like throwing garbage, Betty, more than ten How

could an individual be her opponent? I fell in when I came in.

Betty solved them so easily. Where did these people dare to stay? They hurriedly ran away, as if

they met a tiger.

Murong Qing was shocked, and the person who came in was so resolved? Her face was

completely ugly. “You have such a master at your side? What’s your name?”

“It doesn’t matter what my name is, I appear to solve it!”

“Okay, you are awesome! This matter can’t be solved, I will let him kneel for me!” Murong Qing

said to go outside, but Betty stared at her.

“Keep off!” Murong Qing scolded.

Betty did not move, but stared at her.

“You’re looking for someone to play strategy, do you think I don’t know?” Karen Lee said,

Chuck Cannon was surprised. Does his mother know this?

“Yes, I was looking for someone to beat him. Who told her to say me…” Murong Qing’s face was

particularly cold.

“There is no need to say more about it. You choose it yourself. Today this matter is over, so if

you hit me, I can not hold you accountable.” Karen Lee calmly.

“If not!” Murong Qing’s eyes were like leopards.

“If not, that’s simple, you can go.” Karen Lee said.

“Are you threatening me? What do you want to do? Looking for someone to deal with me?”

Murong Qing’s voice was as cold as ice. She is also a billionaire and will not be afraid of anyone.

“I’m not that boring, by the way, I can tell you, my name is Karen Lee.”

Murong Qing stared at Karen Lee and opened the door to go out.

The room was quiet.

Chuck Cannon suddenly embarrassed, “Mom, I…”

Karen Lee looked at Chuck Cannon and asked Betty to go out to prepare some food. Betty

walked out, Chuck Celey, “Mother… are you disappointed?”

“A bit.” Karen Lee nodded.

Chuck Cannon lowered his head, his mother was really disappointed.

“Mom, I will never again.” Chuck Cannon said, knowing this by his mother, Chuck Cannon

really feels bad.

“I just listened. If you don’t mention this, you have done a good job in your business. I decided to

open a hospital for the building you bought yesterday.” Mom said.

Chuck Cannon was surprised. The hospital was not opened by ordinary people, right? Chuck

Cannon shook his head like this, his mother is not an ordinary person!

Murong Qing came out of the Yeshi Hotel. She was in the car. Her assistant was driving. There

was a slap mark on his face. Murong Qing was hit. Of course, who was angry and called? Was it

so easily solved by a woman?

Murong Qing closed her eyes and felt uncomfortable. She looked down at the place where she

had just been caught by Chuck Ce, and she was angry. She had to give Chuck Cannon a lesson!

She called people and asked Karen Lee about her situation, but her friends didn’t know much

about Karen Lee, but she knew that recently there was a Karen Lee woman in China who was

shopping frantically. These things were hotels, movie theaters, restaurants. ,bar……

Murongqing was dumbfounded when he heard the news. Her friend said that Karen Lee was so

capricious. The net worth is at least hundreds of billions…

So, the person who looks at the bottom of his skirt is actually a super rich second generation? ?

The driving assistant wondered what happened to his boss?

Chuck Cannon was chatting with his mother. At this time, the phone rang. Chuck Cannon

answered with confusion. It was Yvette Jordan. It was Yvette Jordan’s anxious voice when he

connected. He asked Chuck Cannon where, Chuck Cannon was hard to say at the hotel, Yvette.

Yi Nan will definitely think more about it, and can only say something is wrong.

Yvette Jordan was relieved. She cried in a hurry. She had been calling Chuck Cannon and no one

answered. She thought Chuck Cannon had an accident. Now she heard Chuck Ce’s voice and she

was relieved.

“Her husband, will you go home early?” Yvette Jordan whispered, she was too worried about

Chuck Ce. If Chuck Cannon had an accident, then she would have no relatives.


The phone hung up and Karen Lee was silent. She hadn’t checked Yvette Jordan’s information

yet, so she had to be cautious. In fact, she thought Yvette Jordan looked very good, but she still

doubted how to say it.

What if you are your enemy daughter? What should I do?

Karen Lee hesitated and said, “Cer, what do you think of Tang Wan you saw in Beijing last


Chuck Cannon said very well, Aunt Logan is very gentle, and the car is very fragrant. Of course,

Chuck Cannon didn’t say the last word. This made the mother hear it?

Karen Lee glanced at Chuck Cannon again, and an idea suddenly appeared in his heart, but he

didn’t know if Chuck Cannon would accept it. Compared with the unknown Yvette Jordan, Tang

Wan was still more reliable.

Chapter: 194
In fact, for Tang Wan, Karen Lee’s idea has always been the same. When she helped Tang Wan

to set up her own company, Karen Lee besides likes to help people, also has a careful thought,

that is, to train Tang Wan to let her become her daughter-in-law.

So Karen Lee always wanted Tang Wan to call her aunt, but Tang Wan didn’t seem to

understand Karen Lee’s meaning, so she didn’t make it.

It happened that Yvette Jordan’s identity, she was more skeptical, so she wanted to let Chuck

Cannon be with Tang Wan simply. Anyway, for Tang Wan, Karen Lee knew everything, Tang

Wan was gentle and beautiful, she thought it was more suitable for Chuck Cannon of.

Of course, Karen Lee will not force Chuck Ce, nor will he force Chuck Cannon to leave Yvette

Jordan. Chuck Cannon himself decides, at least for now, Chuck Ce’s peach luck is good.

It may make Tang Wan, who doesn’t have that idea, gradually like Chuck Ce, maybe this is more


However…Chuck Cetaohuayun is so good, women one after another, as a mother Karen Lee

actually do not know whether to laugh or worry.

As an old mother, Karen Lee certainly wants to establish the correct values for Chuck Ce, the

outlook on life, it is enough to find a woman in life.

Karen Lee didn’t want his son Chuck Cehuang to be promiscuous, so is it different from the

ancient emperor? But Chuck Cannon seems to be unable to stop the peach blossoms. Karen Lee

has a special headache and is helpless. Is it possible to give Chuck Cannon a death order to

prevent him from contacting other women?

This may not work. It is a good thing to have a woman like her son, but how to lead his son to

the right way, Karen Lee especially wants to do it.

Karen Lee sighed in her heart and saw her mother stopped talking, Chuck Cannon couldn’t help

but ask, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s okay.” Karen Lee shook her head, “Tang Wan, you touch her more, her personality is very

gentle, you touch more.”

Chuck Cannon wonders, what does mom mean? He didn’t think much, anyway, it was good to

get in touch with Aunt Logan, at least get in Aunt Logan’s car, the kind of scent that Chuck

Cannon now unforgettable…

And Tang Wan’s gentle temperament is really rare, and every smile is a woman’s charm.

Of course, Chuck Cannon nodded and said, but Aunt Logan is in Beijing. Chuck Cannon didn’t

mean to go to Beijing recently. Is Aunt Logan coming to find himself? This is not good.

Although she would make a phone call and ask Aunt Logan to come over, she would definitely

agree, but this is not good.

Still have a look.

“Mom, Yvette Jordan called to let me go back, then I went back.” Chuck Cannon said.

Karen Lee sighed, “Well, the food over the kitchen is ready, you let people pack, you take it


This is really because the daughter-in-law forgot her mother, Karen Lee wanted to have a meal

with Chuck Ce.


Chuck Cannon walked out happily and went downstairs to go back with the packed meals.

Yvette Jordan should not have eaten, went back to eat with his wife, and then hugged and slept.

Betty came in, “Murong Qing this woman, need to teach her a lesson?”

“No, the strong woman has her own temper. Her temper is not too bad. Let Qier solve it by

herself. After all, in this matter today, Ceer did not do it right.” Karen Lee shook her head. .

Betty just saw the surveillance video outside the hotel. She also felt like crying and laughing.

Chuck Cannon grabbed a woman’s chest like this, and pulled people into the room. No wonder

that Murong Qing would run away.

As a woman, she doesn’t know how to say this. Anyway, if Chuck Cannon treats her like this,

she estimates…

Betty shook her head, how could Chuck Cannon treat her like this?

“Right, do you think Ce’er and Tang Wan are appropriate?” Karen Lee asked.

“This… President Li, you mean that Tang Wan and the young master are together? Will Tang

Wan agree?” Betty was curious. After all, she thought that Tang Wan had no idea in this

regard. It is estimated that Tang Wan is taking Chuck Cannon as a junior who can be cherished.

“Tang Wan has always been single, although he is a little older than Ceer, but he has a good

personality and will take good care of Ceer. This is my satisfaction, not to mention Tang Wan’s

gentle personality, I mentioned it with her, she might Think about it in this regard, but whether it

will succeed or not, it still depends on Ceer himself.” Karen Lee said.

She took out her mobile phone, found Tang Wan’s number, dialed it, and answered, Karen Lee

smiled, “Are you free recently…”

Chuck Cannon came home and parked the car in the parking lot of the community. Zelda’s car

was still on the square. Chuck Cannon thought of returning Zelda’s car to her tomorrow.

Anyway, Zelda didn’t say the day before yesterday. Problems?

Carrying the packed dishes upstairs and knocking on the door, Chuck Cannon felt a warm

embrace. Yvette Jordan took the initiative to hug herself. Chuck Cannon was surprised. What


“Her husband, remember to answer my phone in the future. Remember, you must remember.”

Yvette Jordan hugged Chuck Cannon before feeling that his loved ones were fine.

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed. At that time, he sent Charlotte back, but he thought that he had

all those thoughts in his mind, so he didn’t even hear the voice of the phone. He didn’t even know

what he was doing because Charlotte gave him medicine.

“Well, let’s eat first,” Chuck Cannon said. Yvette Jordan was also hungry. His mother asked the

kitchen to make seven or eight dishes. Yvette Jordan was particularly surprised to see how to

pack so many dishes?

But she was hungry and didn’t think much. After finishing eating with Chuck Ce, she took the

initiative to lie in Chuck Ce’s arms and closed her eyes to sleep. She was tired today, especially

tired, and she could feel secure only by embracing Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon was so drugged by Charlotte today. Although the fire was extinguished by

Murong Qing’s rage, the idea was still there. He looked at the hot body in his arms.

Chuck Cannon looked forward to it, Yvette Jordan, wait again, you are already exercising, and

after a while, will give you the strongest self, waiting…

In the morning, Yvette Jordan made breakfast. After eating, Chuck Cannon was going to call

Zelda to ask what he was going to do? But Yvette Jordan worried that Chuck Cannon was caught

by those people, so she didn’t want Chuck Cannon to leave her line of sight, and wanted Chuck

Cannon to go to her company, she watched.

Otherwise, Chuck Cannon has an accident, she really hates herself.

Yvette Jordan thought of this, she suddenly received a call… Yvette Jordan was stunned…

At the toilet, Chuck Cannon called Zelda and whispered to ask her what she would do

today. Zelda received the call early in the morning and was also pleasantly surprised. She said,

“Actually, I really want to drink today, so if you have time, come and drink with me.”

Zelda didn’t tell Chuck Cannon about her birthday today. After all, she didn’t want Chuck

Cannon to buy her a gift. At the very least, Chuck Cannon should accompany herself.

“Well, you have a better time,” Chuck Cannon agreed.

“Thank you, or in the afternoon or evening?” Zelda was pleasantly surprised.


“Well, then I’ll wait for you in your square parking lot.”

“it is good.”

Chuck Cannon hung up the phone and walked out of the toilet. He wondered what happened to

Zelda? She was so happy just now.

There should be something. Chuck Cannon thought that Zelda had such a good relationship.

Something would definitely help her solve it, not for those two times. It should also be the reason

why Zelda is usually good to himself.

“Husband, are you free today?” Yvette Jordan whispered expectantly.

She just received a call from her classmates and said that today she did not want to participate in

the class meeting because she was so busy and busy with loan sharks, but she remembered that

her classmate’s husband happened to be a lawyer, and She will participate today, so Yvette

Jordan thought about taking this opportunity to ask if there was any other way.

Otherwise, let her still pay more than 7 million, and all day worried about Chuck Ce’s trouble,

Yvette Jordan will really collapse.

Chuck Cannon was surprised, he just promised Zelda just now, this…

“Wife, what are you doing?” Chuck Cannon can only ask.

“I have a class meeting today, and I think you will accompany me to participate in it, from

afternoon to night,” Yvette Jordan expects, and she will go by herself every year in the class

meeting. This time she will take her husband.

Chuck Cannon saw Yvette Jordan’s expectant look, he smiled and nodded, “Okay.”

“Thank you husband…” Yvette Jordan breathed a sigh of relief. Once her husband appeared, he

would not be harassed by other male students.

Yvette Jordan went to the room to change clothes. Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, so he could

only go to the toilet again and got through Zelda’s phone. “Sister Zi Yi, I’m sorry, I have

something to do today…”

Chapter: 195
Zelda’s house.

She is particularly nervous, and her heart is as nervous as the deer bumping. Today is her

birthday, alone with Chuck Ce, is that a date?

It should be counted, what kind of clothes should I wear today? Skinny jeans? Um, this is ok,

Chuck Cannon seems to like to watch legs, but shorts are not better?

Well, just shorts.

Then, what should I wear for the top? T-shirt, white t-shirt is ready, Zelda tried several clothes,

and finally decided on a set.

Looking at the mirror, long and slender legs, white and round, t-shirt slim, abdomen with

abdominal muscles can be vaguely seen, Zelda smiled, Chuck Cannon should like it.

Zelda lay in bed and calmed down his mood. In the afternoon, go to the square again in the

afternoon, so as not to delay Chuck Ce’s affairs.

Zelda didn’t want to do anything today because she knew that Chuck Cannon had Yvette Jordan

in her heart, so she teased him that he didn’t want to do it. Zelda didn’t want to do this, so he had

a meal, then had a good time, went to the bar for a drink, and then took a walk. You can go home

by chatting.

Zelda thinks so, but she is not active, but if Chuck Cannon needs, then she will not refuse, no

matter what way Chuck Cannon wants to use, hand, mouth…

She will not refuse, Zelda will agree in the car, on the roadside, or at home, just to see Chuck Ce.

How to say, he spent his birthday with him, these should be, just to see if he mentions it, think

about it.

Zelda calmed down, but… the phone rang suddenly, she saw Chuck Ce, she was delighted, just

called, and now he called again, do you know your birthday today?

Ask what gift you want?

Zelda looked forward and answered, but…

“Sister Zelda, I’m sorry, I have something to do today…” Chuck Ce’s voice came from the phone,

with apologies.

Zelda was stunned for a moment, she felt lost and uncomfortable.

“Sister Zelda, can you hear it? Sorry, I have something to do temporarily, and I can’t go out with

you today.” Chuck Cannon here didn’t hear the sound, thinking that Zelda had a bad signal over


“Yes, I heard, it’s okay, you are busy with you.” Zelda is bitter, bitter, and bitter in his mouth.

She is not bitter or anything else. If it is a matter of the square, Zelda particularly understands

that she will go to the square to accompany Chuck Cannon and accompany him to solve


But if it was because of Yvette Jordan, she would feel particularly lost.

“Well, by the way, sister Zelda, are you going to let me out today, is there anything wrong?”

“It’s nothing, you are busy with you.”

“Okay, I have something to do today, or tomorrow will be better, I will come out tomorrow,”

“Tomorrow?” Zelda shook his head. “Shall we talk tomorrow?”

“Well, sister Yi, I hung up.”

“it is good.”

The phone hung up, Zelda lost his heart to the extreme, his birthday today…

Without Chuck Ce, how do you spend today? She was still thinking about where to go with

Chuck Cannon today, and where, but… he can’t get something…

Chuck Cannon collected his phone.

Listening to Zelda’s tone just now, her tone is no different from usual, so it means Zelda doesn’t

mind, Chuck Cannon is relieved, he just thought Zelda would be sad, now it seems that he thinks

too much, it is estimated Even Zelda wanted to go out today, drink and relax, and stay with her


Chuck Cannon didn’t think about Zelda anymore, but he was actually a little excited because

Yvette Jordan’s previous classmates didn’t bring Chuck Ce. In fact, when Yvette Jordan first

participated, he had Chuck Cannon go together, However, Chuck Cannon did not have

confidence at that time, so he shook his head and said no, Yvette Jordan never called Chuck

Cannon again.

It’s different now, but I am a super rich second generation. What will happen to my classmates?

Soon, Yvette Jordan changed clothes and came out. The ordinary clothes were not specially

dressed. They were usually worn, indicating that Yvette Jordan didn’t want to be too flamboyant.

After all, Yvette Jordan’s appearance and figure were casually dressed. For a moment, that’s the

focus of the audience.

Chuck Cannon came over, Chuck Cannon was casual, and was planning to wear his usual

clothes. He just ate and ate with his wife.

“Wife, why not wear tight jeans?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Ah? This, do you want to see her husband? Then I’ll get dressed,” Yvette Jordan whispered,


She grabbed Chuck Cannon several times and stared at her h!ps. At that time, she was wearing

tight jeans. She knew that Chuck Cannon was h!p control, so…

“No, just show me at home,” Chuck Cannon said.

“Okay.” Yvette Jordan blushed, and her husband wanted to see it, it should be.

The two went downstairs. Yvette Jordan saw a BMW 7 series parked next to her. She was

stunned. Why did this car have been seen several times? This car is so expensive, not many

people can afford it?

“Do you want to go in and sit down?” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“No, husband, did you buy a car for me? We drove this car in the past,” Yvette Jordan shook his

head and opened the door.

Chuck Cannon smiled, “I want to sit and drive this today, because this car is…”

“Hello, uh, at the Spade Hotel? Uh, I’ll be there immediately.” Yvette Jordan answered the phone

and started the car. She was curious, “Ham, what did you just say?”

Chuck Cannon was helpless, “I said this car is…”

“Yes, husband, get in the car quickly,” Yvette Jordan worried.

Chuck Cannon was puzzled and opened the car door to enter. Yvette Jordan suddenly saw a pair

of eyes in the far corner staring at this, certainly those who were usury.

“What’s wrong with my wife?” Chuck Cannon was curious, because Yvette Jordan had already

driven, and soon took him out of the community.

“It’s okay.” Yvette Jordan worried, he must solve this matter quickly, his company can not, the

car can also be, but Chuck Cannon must not be okay.

“Husband, you usually go out and bring this with anti-wolf spray.” Yvette Jordan said.

Chuck Cannon shook his head and wanted to refuse. After all, he started to learn boxing now, but

after thinking about it, he still listened to Yvette Jordan. He was still a rookie.

Chuck Cefang put it in his pocket, hope he doesn’t need it.

About half an hour after the car drove to the Spade Hotel, Chuck Cannon did not participate in

the student union. The elementary school students and high school students have a class meeting

every year. Chuck Cannon had low self-esteem before, how could he participate?

Now I think that it seems that the high school classmates’ meeting is just a month away. Let’s see

if there is time to join.

“Her husband, let’s go up.” Yvette Jordan parked his car.

She took out a thousand pieces of cash from the bag, all of which were aa. This money must be

given. Yvette Jordan did not want to take advantage of anyone.

Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan took the elevator.

In the private room.

Yvette Jordan’s high school classmates were laughing and chatting, and a man in a suit came in.

The manager of the Spade Hotel was also Yvette Jordan’s classmate.

“I saw Yvette Jordan just now, drove a new Mercedes-Benz, and there was a younger man beside

her…” he said.

“Yvette Jordan was a school flower at that time. Everyone in the school knew that she was

beautiful. Now it is normal to find a younger one.” Some students said,

“I didn’t expect Yvette Jordan to like younger ones, what a pity.”

“What a pity? I heard that Yvette Jordan’s small company is particularly bad. She depends on her

as a teacher at school. How can you afford to buy Mercedes-Benz? I guess, Yvette Jordan is

supported by the man you said. Now.”

“What? Be fostered? Didn’t Yvette Jordan refuse to pursue any wealthy man since he was a


“People will always grow up, and her thinking will definitely change. She finds that she has

capital, and it’s easier to make money with her beautiful body, why doesn’t she?”

“Yeah, I just don’t know how much it costs Yvette Jordan to keep…”

“Do you want to try it? Are you married?”

“Everything is said to be kept, it must be her to be a third!”


The classmates in the private room smiled. At this time, the door opened and Yvette Jordan

brought Chuck Cannon in. Yvette Jordan smiled, “Hello everyone, let me introduce. This is

Chuck Ce, my husband…”


“It’s really shameless. If you are reared, you’ll be reared. What’s your husband, do you think

people can’t see it?”

“However, this policy really includes Yvette Jordan? How do I think he is so hung up?” several

classmates whispered.

Chapter: 196
Chuck Cannon like this, so that most of the students present rejected the previous guess. This

Chuck Cannon seems to have no money, how can it be possible to support Yvette Jordan? It is

estimated that Yvette Jordan was almost the same.

“Squad leader, this is the money of the two of us.” Yvette Jordan gave the prepared money to the

organizer of this class meeting.

Class leader Chen Wenlong shook his head, “No, Yang Jiaming is out this time.”

Yvette Jordan was stunned. She knew that Yang Jiaming was a rich second generation with a net

worth of more than 100 million yuan, so this time he had no surprises.

She saw the handsome young man sitting down, and he was smiling at Yvette Jordan.

Yvette Jordan nodded, “Thank you.”

Yang Jiaming shrugged.

“Yes, Yang Jiaming, I made a lot of money recently, it seems to have made 30 million! Right,

I’m right!” said a classmate, envying his tone.

Yang Jiaming smiled, “Almost.”

“Then congratulations! Thirty million! No wonder, it’s not enough to eat just today. We’ll have to

go to the bar for a while.”

“Yes, you’re making a lot of money. Take your classmates out and be smart!”

The classmates at the scene were surprised, full of envy. They were originally rich second

generation, and they were so business-minded that they made 30 million yuan at a time. What is

the concept?

Most of the classmates on the scene, no, it can be said that except Yang Jiaming, who can earn so

much? Can’t they make so much money in their lifetime?

It’s really enviable!

“No problem, let’s eat first!” Yang Jiaming said, not caring at all, after all, for him, these are

really small money.

“Come on, everyone sits.”

The manager smiled, “Today we will have Jiaming’s light. Jiaming ordered our hotel’s most

expensive dish today, but the most expensive dish is more than 3,000!”

“What? So expensive?”

“Of course it is expensive for us, but what is expensive for Jia Ming?”

“Yeah, thank you Jiaming, I haven’t eaten such an expensive dish!”

“Me too, so lucky that Jiaming is a classmate.”

The classmates present were all talkative, and all the words were flattering Yang Jiaming.

Yang Jiaming smiled, “Yes, everyone let go of eating and play today, I will take care of


“Wow! I’m lucky to be here today.”

The students were pleasantly surprised.

“Don’t say so much, everyone sit first.” The manager arranged.

“Her husband, let’s sit down, too.” Yvette Jordan said, and Chuck Cannon was also a little

hungry, so he sat down with Yvette Jordan.

Although this hotel is a four-star hotel, it still has a big gap compared to my mom’s hotel. Chuck

Cannon looked around and analyzed it himself, but this hotel’s business is quite good. Look at

other people’s business. It is also good for Chuck Cannon himself.

After all, how does Chuck Cannon intend to make money in the square movie, then he will

immediately invest in other projects, such as hotels, Chuck Cannon actually has his own ideas.

“Her husband, don’t be cautious, it’s okay.” Yvette Jordan looked at Chuck Cannon and glanced

around. She thought Chuck Cannon was not used to this kind of occasion. If it was, then she

regretted bringing Chuck Cannon over. Her husband could not be wronged.

Chuck Cannon smiled, “I’m not stern.”

Yvette Yi Nan Song tone.

“Yvette Jordan, hasn’t your husband been here before. So a little restrained? Relax, everyone is a

classmate.” Some students asked with a smile.

“Yes.” Yvette Jordan nodded. She looked at Chuck Cannon beside her. Her eyes were confident.

Yvette Jordan felt relieved.

“Come, come, the dishes are on, everyone starts to eat!” the manager said.

A dish full of colors and flavors came up, and the students swallowed. Where do you usually eat

such an expensive dish? If it weren’t for Yang Jiaming’s light, he wouldn’t be able to eat it.

Everyone started to eat, some photos were sent to friends, and the men started to drink. Yvette

Jordan whispered, “Husband, don’t you drive, or drink?”

Chuck Cannon thought for a while, he had too much wine, he had to practice.

Yvette Jordan stood up to get Chuck Cannon a drink. She was afraid that Chuck Cannon was

embarrassed, but the monitor smiled. “Yvette Jordan, do you have to drink while driving?”

“I don’t drink, my husband drinks.”

“By the way, is your husband still studying, I heard that you are a teacher, should he be your


“This, avant-garde, teachers and students, love!”

The classmates laughed, Yvette Jordan said, “Well, my husband is my student, but I grew up

with him since I was a child, I asked him to report to the school where I teach,”

“Green plums? How old are you?”


“Then let your husband stop drinking, and drink alcohol as a freshman. After that, I still have it.

Isn’t it a Dionysian?”

“I can’t drink alcohol as a freshman? My husband wants to drink.” Yvette Jordan glanced at the

squad leader, took the wine directly, and poured it over to Chuck Ce. After half of it, Yvette

Jordan asked, “Is the husband enough?” “

“Well, enough.” Chuck Cannon said, he didn’t want to drink too much, just taste the wine.

Yvette Jordan put down the wine bottle and put Chuck Cannon into the bowl.

The squad leader’s brow furrowed, and the other classmates smiled, “So hurt your little


“Don’t make trouble.” Yang Jiaming spoke.

“Forget it, don’t you know that Yvette Jordan can’t make a joke, forget it, don’t say, come, come,

everyone toast, thank you Jiaming for your hospitality today!” The manager toasted.

All the classmates stood up, Yang Jiaming, who treated guests today, Yvette Jordan, who drank

juice, and Chuck Ce, all stood up and toasted.

“Everyone wants something to eat, you’re welcome.” Yang Jiaming said.

“Wow, thank you, I want to order, I want to order, I heard that a dish here is particularly

delicious.” A female student raised her hand in a hurry.

“Just whatever you want.” Yang Jiaming smiled.

Yvette Jordan felt that these dishes were enough, but she asked Chuck Ce, “Her husband, do you

want to eat other dishes?”

“Enough is enough.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. He took a sip of wine. The hungry already

started to eat. The other students continued to order. After all, the opportunity is rare.

Halfway through the meal, Yvette Jordan saw the classmate with the lawyer’s husband going to

the bathroom, and she was ready to ask, and when she asked clearly, she would feel more at ease,

“Husband, I’m going out, you eat slowly,”

Chuck Cannon nodded, Yvette Jordan took care of himself too much, “Wife, go.”

“Well,” Yvette Jordan went out. After arriving at the bathroom, the female student looked at her

unexpectedly. “What’s the matter?”

“Well, I have a little legal question to ask your husband.” Yvette Jordan said.

“Yes, you talk to me first,” this female student looked at Yvette Jordan up and down and nodded.

“That’s it. I borrowed a loan shark, but…”

This female student despised her eyes. How poor are you and actually borrowed usury? “OK,

you continue to say…”

Chuck Cannon felt that he was about to eat. These students watched Yvette Jordan go out. Of

course they wanted to tease Chuck Ce. The squad leader came over with wine and filled Chuck

Cekong’s glass. Chuck Cannon was stunned.

“Today you come to dinner, why should you respect today’s boss?” said the monitor, without

Yvette Jordan, you can eat such a good dish today?

“Well, it should be.” Chuck Cannon nodded and picked up his glass. “Thank you for the


Yang Jiaming glanced at Chuck Cannon and didn’t mean to drink a glass. He didn’t even care

about Chuck Cannon at all. Chuck Cannon was startled again.

The squad leader smiled slightly and patted Chuck Ce’s shoulder. “Haha, I forgot to say that not

everyone can toast Jiaming. Ordinary people, but not qualified, sorry, I just forgot…”

The other students laughed and laughed.

There are a few drunk male students who are blushing and red-faced, and of course they have to

talk while taking advantage of Jiu Jin. How to say Chuck Cannon is also a goddess in their minds

when they are studying. A moment.

Yang Jiaming raised a smile on his l!ps. When he was studying, he liked Yvette Jordan. The reason why he organized this class meeting was to show him in front of Yvette Jordan, to make

Yvette Jordan like himself, but did not expect it. Yvette Jordan actually brought a man over. Of

course he was uncomfortable. He actually let his love rival eat and drink.

Chuck Cannon glanced at the monitor, “It’s okay,”

He put the wine glass down and the monitor smiled, “You can’t drink with Jiaming, but when

you come to dinner, you are also exposed to Jiaming’s light. Why do you have to drink this glass

of wine? All are poured, you don’t Will it be wasted? This bottle of wine can be more than a


“Yeah, everyone is happy today, you drank this glass of wine.” Other students also said, thinking

in their hearts, Yvette Jordan, how is your husband fart? ?

Chapter: 197
Yvette Jordan made the matter clear. She was relieved. The classmate had agreed to help herself,

which was relatively simple for a lawyer.

Yvette Jordan felt that this classmate would be worth it today. She said thank you and went to

the private room.

After Yvette Jordan left, the classmate sneered. “Is it poor? Has he borrowed a loan shark? No

wonder he was pitted…”

She snorted and went inside to use the toilet…

Yvette Jordan walked to the door of the private room and heard a coaxing sound inside. She

wondered what happened. She opened the door and went in, and immediately became angry.

“What are you doing?”

She saw that Chuck Cannon was being persuaded by her classmates. Chuck Cannon had already

drank a little wine and was almost finished. Now she is persuaded?

“Her husband, don’t drink!” Yvette Jordan walked to Chuck Ce’s side, glaring at the monitor.

It’s really annoying. I went out and bullied my husband?

Yvette Jordan was really annoyed.

Chuck Cannon twitched his l!ps, he had no intention of drinking this wine.

“Yvette Jordan, drink between men. What are you doing together?” The squad leader’s brow

furrowed, it was really uncomfortable.

Yvette Jordan, I was kind to you when I was in school, right? In front of so many people, why

not give yourself a face?

“Yeah, everyone is a man, just drinking and drinking, your little husband doesn’t drink, isn’t it a

man?” Another classmate cheered.

“Everyone is happy, don’t you be so displeased? If you don’t drink any wine in the glass, how can

you waste it? If you can’t play, don’t come out and waste your money…”

“That’s why you can’t drink a glass of wine. What are you doing out there? If you eat it, if it’s not

Jiaming, did your little husband drink such an expensive wine?”

Other students are a little displeased, who? Can’t play, why do you come out?

Not to drink a glass of wine, wasted!

“Drinking wine, right?” Yvette Jordan cooled down, holding a wine bottle and pouring wine into

the coaxing classmates’ glasses. “You like drinking so much, you drink too, don’t waste it.”


Someone dropped the wine glass on the table and sneered, “Yvette Jordan, what do you mean?”

“Don’t you say you don’t want to disappoint? Then why don’t you drink?” Yvette Jordan stared at


The student was flushed with rage, “Can’t play, don’t take him out, it’s disgraceful!”

“That is, everyone is a classmate’s party, don’t drink a glass of wine, what do you bring him out


“Is it impossible to play? You are playing with my husband! It’s not about your business if my

husband drinks it. Drink it yourself!” Yvette Jordan said coldly.

“Then Guan Jiaming’s thing? This bottle of wine is more than a thousand, poured into his glass.

He doesn’t drink it, is it a waste?” said the squad leader coldly.

Yvette Jordan glanced at him and filled his glass with a wine bottle. The squad leader frowned,

“What are you doing? Didn’t you see that I’m drinking almost?”

“I’m paying for this bottle of wine, so my husband doesn’t drink it. It’s not your business if I

wasted it. I’m asking you to drink it now. You drink it! Don’t waste it on me!” Yvette Jordan

stared at him.

“Hey, Yvette Jordan, you’re enough!” The squad leader got angry.

“I still have to ask if you are enough. I will bully my husband without me. Are you enough?”

Yvette Jordan’s voice was particularly cold.

The squad leader’s face was flushed, and the other students sat down hummingly. Yvette Jordan

said so, what did they say? But looking at Chuck Cannon is contemptuous, hiding behind the

woman, her mother and man are not counted.

Chuck Cannon smiled, his wife is really good.

“Her husband, are you okay?” Yvette Jordan cared. When she came just now, she saw Chuck

Cannon was uncomfortable. Now she was bullied. He must have been aggrieved. Yvette Jordan

felt guilty.

Chuck Cannon came here on this occasion, it must have been tormented, and returned home at

night. He had to comfort his husband.

“It’s okay.” Chuck Cannon shook his head. What could he do? Just now, he was ready to take

care of these people, but Yvette Jordan just came in.

“Jiaming, you say something!” The squad leader could only move Yang Jiaming out.

He didn’t speak for a long time. How can I say that all the expenses are paid by him today? Now

it is so unpleasant. He just needs one sentence to let Yvette Jordan and Chuck Cannon leave


Other students looked at Yang Jiaming, waiting for him to speak.

Yang Jiaming smiled slightly, “It’s nothing. Everyone has finished their meal. Let’s go to the bar

to play.”

On this occasion, he certainly can’t talk. After all, Yvette Jordan is in a hurry. Isn’t Yvette Jordan

even more angry when he speaks now?

Men must maintain their demeanor.

It is very simple to go to Yvette Jordan. In his experience, as long as Yvette Jordan feels that her

husband Chuck Cannon is garbage, then Yvette Jordan is a breeze. After all, who likes garbage?

My husband is rubbish, and he will definitely find a good person, so is he just right?

“You go, my husband and I will not go.” Yvette Jordan shook her head. She didn’t want to let

Chuck Cannon be wronged anyway. Anyway, her purpose of coming here had been achieved.

“This is the money for the bottle of wine just now, as well as the money for dinner with my

husband. Thank you for the hospitality today.” Yvette Jordan took out more than 4,000 out of the

bag. She really didn’t want to eat others a little cheaper.

“Jian Yinan, are you wrong? Jia Ming has said that he is responsible for all the expenses for

today. What do you mean by taking the money yourself? Look down on Jia Ming?”

“That’s right, Jia Ming asked our old classmates to eat and relax. What do you mean by giving

money halfway? So rich, there is a way to close all of today’s accounts!” Another classmate


“You drink too much today. Why should you give me money for dinner?” Yvette Jordan


“Everyone is an old classmate. What if you give money once and invite everyone to dinner?”

said the monitor.

“Then why don’t you give it?” Yvette Jordan scolded.

“Yvette Jordan, I didn’t say that I would give the money. You pretended to take the money out,”

the squad leader said.

“You!” Yvette Jordan was angry.

“Giving money means pretending?” Chuck Cannon suddenly smiled. “Then you are not saying

that Jiaming in your mouth is also pretending? After all, he gives money.”

The squad leader’s brow furrowed, “What are you thinking of? Do you dare to say Jiaming??”

“That is, do you know how much money Jiaming made? You can’t make money in eight

lifetimes, and don’t look at you like this. Without Yvette Jordan, you don’t even have the

qualification to see Jiaming!”

Other students sneered and ridiculed, what jokes? Yang Jiaming was originally a rich second

generation. This time, he made tens of millions, did you make it? It won’t work out!

He also said that everyone is pretending to be forced, does it have capital?

“What am I, you are not qualified to know.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Ridiculous! I don’t have the right to know? You are so good, then you bought today’s order!”

The monitor sneered.

Yang Jiaming’s mouth raised a sneer. Today’s consumption is not a few thousand. There are ten

bottles of wine in just over 1,000 bottles. There are five dishes without adding more than three

thousand dishes. Other sizes are large and small. Yes, today’s consumption is 50,000 or 60,000.

This force is not what you can pretend to be! Yang Jiaming saw that Chuck Cannon was a man

with a soft meal. How could he pay this money?

“Why do you want my husband to buy for dinner?” Yvette Jordan couldn’t help it. She had

enough of 4,000, and the aa exceeded it.

“He said it himself, he is so good, he can’t afford a single one, what is it?” The class leader


“My husband hasn’t said that, you have been targeting my husband.” Yvette Jordan’s voice was

cold. She really wanted to hit someone. Was Chuck Cannon particularly wronged at this

time? Yvette Jordan wanted to hug Chuck Cannon when he was distressed.

“Aim? Why don’t I target Jiaming? He has to force himself. Now he can’t afford the money, let

you help him out?” The squad leader shook his head.

Other classmates despised, soft rice boy!

“You don’t have to buy it, swipe your card!” Yang Jiaming smiled and took out a card. The time

was almost up. It was okay. He didn’t think Chuck Cannon would have the money to buy this

list, fifty or sixty thousand, but it was not just for everyone.

He was so cool, because some people called it!

The manager came over to hold the card and looked at Chuck Cannon with contempt. “Pretend!

If you don’t have money, you can still act like that? Who gave you the courage? Isn’t Jiaming

giving money in the end?”

Other students disdain mocking.

“Wait, you are the manager here, right? Come here, swipe your card!” Chuck Cannon took out a


“I’m fucking, I’m still acting!”

“Jia Ming said to pay, what are you doing pretending? I can’t stand it anymore, all of them!”

All the students in the private room were ridiculed.

Chapter: 198
In the private room, there are laughter voices, and everyone is ready to give money, what else do

you pretend?

“Are you sick? Jiaming is ready to give it money. What outfit do you pretend to pay for? You

won’t have any money at all, right?” The manager disdained.

“Really, how can there be such a disgusting person?” The other students were full of disdain.

This meal costs fifty or sixty thousand, can you afford it? Don’t give it back to kneel the


“Husband…” Yvette Jordan was stunned. She bit her l!p and whispered, “Husband, I have money

in my card, use this…”

Yvette Jordan knew that Chuck Cannon was wronged, and she felt distressed about Chuck Ce, so

she paid the money.

“No, swipe your card.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

“Are you really swiping a card? I tell you this meal, it will cost more than 60,000 in total.” The

manager came over with a frown.

“If he wants to swipe his card, let him swipe, anyway, it’s just a meal, it’s nothing for others.”

The monitor sneered.

“Yes, he is so good. Today, he bought the order. Hold the card quickly. Don’t let him pretend to

take it back.” Some students reminded him of “good faith”.

Yang Jiaming sneered, pretending to be too much!

The manager took the card down, and he showed a joke, “It’s a real brush, don’t feel hurt.”

He turned around to return the card to Yang Jiaming, but Chuck Cannon said, “Wait, don’t you

ask me what to order? Just leave? Your manager is not professional.”

“What? What did you say?” The manager turned his brows frowning, and the other students were

a little stunned. What? ?

What’s the point? What does it mean?

“How do you act as a manager? I let you swipe your card, I have nothing, how do you swipe?”

Chuck Cannon said lightly.

“What do you mean? Do you still want to order something? Today’s meal is more than 60,000.

Do you still order it? Do you have so much money?” The manager sneered.

“You don’t have the right to know how much money I have. Order all the dishes just now,”

Chuck Cannon said.

There is an uproar in the private room, please order again? This is more than one hundred


“What’s this forcing?”

“Unclear, is this kid’s brain broken?”

These people talked a lot, and all of them were mocking Chuck Ce.

Order another one? More than one hundred thousand, but not hundreds or thousands.

“Do you want to invite us to eat again? Yes, I do as you wish!” The manager laughed. He

laughed. Is it not good for someone to order? Is it bad to eat?

Yang Jiaming was stunned, the sneer on his face was more obvious, more than one hundred

thousand? Can you afford it?

Do you think you are me?

“No, I think you got me wrong. I asked you to remake the dish just now. I didn’t let you eat it.

As for what you just eat, I didn’t plan to buy it, and I won’t buy it. I Give you the card, the one

you asked me to brush.” Chuck Cannon shook his head.

The manager was angry, “What do you mean?”

Other students are also a little bit angry.

Yang Jiaming’s face was gloomy.

“My wife has already paid for the dishes just now. Do you want me to pay for the meal? Are you

eligible to let me give it?” Chuck Cannon looked at them.

“You!” the manager scolded, “are you playing with me?”

“Yes, what do you mean? Buy the bills together, why don’t you buy them?”

There are screaming voices in the private room, which is just to look down on them!

Didn’t let them eat after ordering? ? The squad leader’s face was green.

“Don’t understand what I mean? How do you become a manager? Let your boss come.” Chuck

Cannon said, Yvette Jordan was stunned, looking at Chuck Ce’s confident expression, her heart

suddenly thumped, Xiaolu It’s the same…

“You!” The manager stared at Chuck Ce, “Do you want to make trouble, right?”

“I order my food, this is trouble in your eyes? Your manager doesn’t want to be a huh, right?”

Chuck Ce’s eyes narrowed.

The muscles on the manager’s face were twitching. The hat was buttoned down. He couldn’t bear

it and let his boss hear it. The manager’s position that he was finally able to do could not


“Do what he said.” Yang Jiaming said. He stared at Chuck Ce, sneering in his heart, so

pretending to force, more than 60,000, distressed to death.

“Okay, you pretend!” The manager nodded his teeth.

“Don’t cook the dishes first, make them on time at nine!” Chuck Cannon said.

The manager snorted and took out the card.

“Yaxing is good today, let’s go to the bar! You are so rich, you should not refuse it!” Yang

Jiaming looked at Chuck Ce.

The other students stared at Chuck Ce. They felt their faces hot and slapped several times

invisible, uncomfortable, irritated, angry!

“Wife, are you going?” Chuck Cannon asked with a smile.

“Where you go, my husband, I will go.” Yvette Jordan whispered, Chuck Ce’s indifferent

appearance, Yvette Jordan really felt a great sense of security.

My husband really changed.

“Come on, go to the bar!” Chuck Cannon has no opinion, he wants to have fun with this Yang

Jiaming today!

Yang Jiaming sneered.

“But what about your husband’s order?” Yvette Jordan felt distressed, after all, tens of thousands.

“Some people will eat it,” Chuck Cannon said, instructing him to do it at nine o’clock in the

evening and let Lu Youwen and other employees come over to eat. After all, the square has

improved, so they should be treated.

Just wait for Lu Youwen to make a phone call. Why won’t anyone eat the food?

“Husband, I will pay the money, I will transfer it to you later, OK?” Yvette Jordan whispered.

“No need.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Okay,” Yvette Jordan nodded.

Soon the manager swiped the card, and the other students looked at the manager and wanted to

ask if they really swiped it?

The squad leader asked, “It’s true.”

The manager nodded, “Yes.”

He just thought that Chuck Ceka would not have enough money in it, but he didn’t expect

enough. It was enough, but there should be little left.

The squad leader and other students stared at Chuck Ce, underestimating the distressed heart,


Chuck Cannon took the card, and Yang Jiaming also took the card. “Come on, I know a bar is

particularly good.”

The other students stared at Chuck Cannon for a few moments and walked out unpleasantly. At

this time, Yvette Jordan, who finished the toilet, came over and wondered, “What’s wrong?”

“Go to the bar.” Some students said.

“Okay, it’s good to go to the bar.” She followed her classmates downstairs, a little excited,

anyway, it was not her money, she looked back at Yvette Jordan, disdain.

Chuck Cannon and Yvette Jordan naturally followed, and everyone went to the parking lot, the

squad leader said. “Jiaming, the car I’m in is ready. I haven’t been in your Land Rover yet.”

“I will do it too. I haven’t sat in more than three million cars,”

“I also want.”

Several students came together, Yang Jiaming pressed the car key, and some students could not

wait to sit in and feel the luxury of Land Rover, but how can more than ten or twenty students sit

down? Only three or four people drove.

“Other cars with classmates are ready,” Yang Jiaming said.

“Xiao Wang, I’ll take your ride,” some classmates went to take other students’ cars.

But there were three other ways, impatiently approaching Yvette Jordan’s car, “The car is open,

let’s get in your car,”

Yvette Jordan didn’t refuse. After all, she was a classmate. She pressed the car key and the three

classmates sat in.

The squad leader sitting in Land Rover laughed, “I thought he was so good, at least he wanted to

drive a Porsche, and he was just sitting in his wife’s Mercedes-Benz, he really has the ability!


“Are you sick?” Yvette Jordan was angry.

“I’m not ill, I just think he is so good, he only takes more than 300,000 cars, not worthy of his


“That’s why it’s such awesome, at least you have to take a million-starter car!” the other students


“I did, but I didn’t drive it.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Have you?” The squad leader despised, “Have you ever come over?”

If you have, you will have to come here and pretend!

“That’s right, you have you driving here now, or you’re pretending not to turn it on, no one will

say it!”

The classmate’s mocking voice made Yvette Jordan not blushing or feeling ashamed. She was

just curious, what car did her husband say? She remembered that he seemed to have said that he

had a car, but he didn’t listen much at the time.

“What kind of car are you?” Yang Jiaming smiled.

“Slightly more expensive than yours.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Pretend, do you know how much Jiaming’s car is? The car of Jiaming was picked up with me,

and the full amount is close to four million!” The monitor sneered.

“Only over four million? That’s really more expensive than yours.” Chuck Cannon said.

Chapter: 199
The students in the parking lot all smiled, and Yang Jiaming smiled, “Really? Then why don’t

you drive over?”

“He pretends, who wouldn’t say that?” the squad leader sneered.

“My wife’s car is very comfortable, why should I drive?” Chuck Cannon said.

“If it doesn’t open, then it’s gone.” Yang Jiaming smiled.

Just kidding, this car is close to more than 4 million. There are many cars that can exceed this

price, but do you really have it? ?

Yang Jiaming doesn’t even believe what Chuck Cannon said!

“There must be no, it is more expensive than Jiaming’s Land Rover. It must have been more than

4 million cars. I don’t think he can afford it. He just said that deliberately and said that his wife’s

car is comfortable. If you don’t open it, you don’t have it, and you make the pretense so fresh

and refined, I also admire him.”

“Yes, just drive it out!”

The students sat in Land Rover mocking, how could they believe Chuck Ce’s words?

Do not believe a punctuation mark.

“Why, have nothing to say? In the end, if there is, just open it, if not, say no.” Yang Jiaming

walked over, he felt very cool.

He wants to debunk Chuck Cannon and let Yvette Jordan know how rubbish Chuck Cannon is,

then he will have a chance.

Yvette Jordan is a normal woman, how can he not distinguish between good and bad? After

debunking him, it will be clear at a glance. Yang Jiaming is confident that he can send Yvette

Jordan to bed for up to three days.

“Do you really want me to drive here?” Chuck Cannon was plain.

“Just drive over if you have one, so that I can see what you’re talking about. What does the car

more expensive than my car look like?” Yang Jiaming sneered.

“But I was drinking,” Chuck Cannon said.

“How much did you drink? Come on, let me have a good look and open my eyes.” Yang Jiaming

smiled, this excuse is really not level!

The other classmates laughed even more, and kept making excuses to not open.

“Her husband, you are drinking, don’t you drive?” Yvette Jordan worried.

She could see from Chuck Ce’s confident eyes. Chuck Cannon really had it. Although Yvette

Jordan didn’t know when Chuck Cannon bought it, Chuck Ze was drunk and could not drive.

What if something went wrong?

“Also let your wife protect you so much? In a word, don’t delay the time, can you let us see and

see?” Yang Jiaming laughed.

Chuck Cannon hesitated, he did drink, and his mother said that drinking can’t drive, not to

mention Yvette Jordan’s worried look, which made him unbearable, so he decided not to open.

“In a word, is there anyway?” The squad leader opened the door at this time, and he had to seize

this opportunity to laugh at Chuck Ce.

At this time, in another car, I just wanted to help Yvette Jordan’s classmates despise. His wife

had to borrow a loan shark and drove more than 4 million cars?

Is this possible? You are so ruthless, you even cheat yourself!

“You fucking sick!” Yvette Jordan was annoyed. “Did my husband drink you didn’t see it?”

“How much did he drink? Isn’t that an excuse? No, no, what pretends? Just now I just said a little

bit more expensive than Jiaming’s car, it’s better, but you drive it!” The squad leader sneered .

Chuck Cannon gave him a look, “Well, if you want to see it that way, then I’ll drive over,”

“Okay, you now drive Yvette Jordan’s car to drive you over four million cars!” the monitor


how could it be possible? Is this pretending to be over? Make you pretend! It’s about you.

“Wife, give me the car key. I will show you my car.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Well, husband, be careful, drive slowly, or I will drive you to get it,” Yvette Jordan worried,

Chuck Cannon just drank a little wine, although Chuck Cannon was not drunk, but Wan What if

something goes wrong?

“Hey, that’s not okay. Both of you are gone. Are you going to release our pigeons?” The squad

leader shook his head.

“Yes, want to find a reason to slip right? No, we are still waiting for insight!”

Yvette Jordan was annoyed and Chuck Cannon smiled, “It’s okay, wife, you’ll wait.”

Chuck Cannon said that it was just over ten minutes away from his own square, and he came

back after a quick 20 minutes.

“Well, husband, be careful, this is the key.” Yvette Jordan gave the key to Chuck Ce.

Chuck Cannon took it, and the classmates who just got into the car had already “can’t wait” to

come out. They also wanted to see and see!

Chuck Cannon looked at them and came out so positively? There will be no place for you later.

Chuck Cannon got into the car and slammed on the accelerator to drive out of the parking lot.

Sure enough, more than ten minutes, Chuck Cannon drove to his square parking lot. He came out

of the car and called Lu Youwen.

“Hey, you took everyone in the square to dinner at the Spade Hotel. I have ordered food.” Chuck

Cannon said.

“Ah?” Lu Youwen was surprised. The Spade Hotel was expensive to eat, and there were more

than 30 employees in the square. How much did it cost?

“Chuck Ce, if you want to have dinner, can you go somewhere else?” Lu Youwen said, she had

to save money for Chuck Ce.

“It’s okay, I’ve ordered it and the money is given. You just take them tonight,” Chuck Cannon


“Well, I will take them.”

The phone hung up, Chuck Cannon opened the door and entered, the accelerator slammed, the

roar of the engine made Lu Youwen on the first floor stunned, this is Chuck Ce’s car? Where is

he going? ?

There was this sound in Lara’s ear sitting at the door. She looked out in confusion and saw that a

sports car came out of the parking lot. This is Chuck Ce…

“Lu Youwen, your little husband won’t care about you?” The squad leader laughed, more than

twenty minutes, this is obviously running away, there is no car, where is he going to drive?

“Can you shut up?” Yvette Jordan glanced at him.

“How come I’m honestly upset?” The squad leader smiled heartily.

Other students were impatient. After waiting for so long, they were ridiculed. They were

unhappy that day. Now that they have passed for so long, the so-called 4 million cars haven’t

driven yet. ?

“I see, your little husband has found a place to hide himself, how could he appear? I don’t think

everyone will wait, go to the bar and be smart,”

“Don’t wait, how could he have more than 4 million cars like that? When we are stupid?”

The other students said impatiently.

“My husband said that he would come back and come back!” Yvette Jordan’s eyes cooled down.

Chuck Ce’s words now she believes, especially. With his confident eyes, Yvette Jordan believes

that Chuck Cannon really went to drive.

“You believe him so much?” Yang Jiaming laughed, and it hasn’t appeared for so long. This only

proves that he is garbage!

“Yvette Jordan, don’t think about it anymore. I asked to go to the bar. He won’t be back,” Yang

Jiaming said. He was proud, so he wanted to get Yvette Jordan? Cool!

“Yes! Definitely!” Yvette Jordan stared at him.

Yang Jiaming frowned, Yvette Jordan, right? Will you come back after so long?

“You believe in him that way, but I don’t believe it. I don’t want to waste time. Let’s go…” said

the monitor.

But at this time, a low roar came from a distance, like a beast, crazy, making people feel surging!

Yvette Jordan subconsciously looked at the past, Yang Jiaming, all the students looked at it.

At the entrance of the gray parking lot, a blood red appeared. When the roar came, the parking

lot was roaring. It was like a precious piece of art in the world. Blood red, like gems, attracted


This is a sports car!

Porsche 911!

The roar of the engine makes people’s hearts surging and blood boiling!


The car stopped in front of everyone, the door opened, and a person came out, it was Chuck Ce!

The audience was shocked!

“Porsche 911, I’m fucking, this car will be close to five million!”

“Really! This car is really his?”

These people have been stunned, completely shocked by the eye-catching sports car.

Yvette Jordan froze, she was stunned, her eyes turned, staring at the license plate of this sports


She thought that Chuck Cannon would go to drive Rolls-Royce, or some other car, but she didn’t

expect Chuck Cannon to actually drive a sports car, this car is really more expensive than Land


Also, is this license plate so familiar?

Yvette Jordan felt that he had seen it before.

Chuck Cannon came over and said to Yang Jiaming, “This is my car, a little more expensive than


Chapter: 200
Chuck Ce’s Porsche 911 all came down, close to five million, and Yang Jiaming’s Land Rover

came down close to four million. The difference in price is more than one million!

It is indeed much more expensive!

At this moment, because of Chuck Ce’s faint words, it was deadly silent!

The muscles on Yang Jiaming’s face were twitching, and his face was particularly ugly. It was

the same as being beaten with a fist. Was this car really his? ?

Such contempt should be said from his mouth. Now, actually speaking from others, Yang

Jiaming’s heart is full of anger!

“It’s a little more expensive, but is this yours? I have a friend who rents a car. Porsche, RollsRoyce, you shouldn’t be…” Yang Jiaming smiled and spoke until the end, but Everyone


This is absolutely the case. I just went out for a long time, and I must have gone out to rent a car.

Other students look at me, and I see you, they all came back from the shock, they all whispered

and started to question, they also questioned.

“Jia Ming is right, now there is a lot of car rental companies on the street, and the procedures are

simple, I think it is rented!”

“I think so, last time my friend rented one, it was only a little over a thousand a day…”

“What? More than a thousand? I have a friend who rented it for only eight hundred!”

Yvette Jordan was stunned. She felt familiar with this car, wasn’t it the one in the parking lot of

the square? I saw it last time, together with Chuck Ce…

Yvette Jordan also said that he would buy one for Chuck Ce, but he didn’t expect that he already

had it…

Chuck Cannon gave Yang Jiaming a glance, opened the car door and entered, took out his

driving license, and in a flash, the audience was stunned!

Yang Jiaming’s face is particularly ugly!

Others took a breath! The squad leader was completely shocked!

Really his!

“Is it mine now?” Chuck Cannon asked quietly.

Yang Jiaming stared at Chuck Ce, feeling that his face was hot and painful, as if he had been

slapped by Chuck Ce.

“It’s yours.” Yang Jiaming gritted his teeth.

“Well, don’t you want to go to the bar? Are you still going?” Chuck Cannon asked.

“Go, go! Everyone gets in the car!!” Yang Jiaming snorted and walked into his car. The squad

leader also came back. He was curious, “Jiaming, he looks very new in this car, it should have

just been bought. I just don’t know how the performance is.”

To be honest, he hasn’t been in a sports car yet.

“Then take a look in his car!” Yang Jiaming sneered.

The squad leader stopped talking awkwardly.

“Wow! Can I take this car?”

“Yes, I want to sit too, I haven’t made a sports car yet!”

“It’s so beautiful, there must be some wind sitting inside.”

Several classmates came over expectingly. Just from Yvette Jordan’s car, the three impatient

classmates also came over, all with light in their eyes.

“Sorry, there are not many people in this car.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Don’t be like this, squeeze is good, I haven’t been in a sports car yet.” Some classmates are cute.

“Yeah, squeeze, don’t be so stingy.”

“There are only two seats. How do you take it? You can take someone else’s car!…… Wife, get in

the car!” Chuck Cannon said to Yvette Jordan.

Yvette Jordan was stunned. She recovered and she nervously sat in Chuck Ce’s car.

“Alas, he actually has a sports car. Why is he so rich? Was Yvette Jordan kept by him?”

“I think so, alas, how can I not find such a rich boyfriend?”

“Really envious.”

“Don’t talk, go to other cars and squeeze.”


A few girls are full of envy, and they reluctantly go to other cars…

Yang Jiaming stared at Chuck Ce’s sports car, and there was a hint of coldness in the corner of

his mouth. Waiting for the bar to be the real start!

He drove to the bar and the others followed.

The roar of Chuck Ce’s sports car engine sounded and followed.

“Her husband, when did you buy this car?” Yvette Jordan was particularly curious. This was the

first time she took a car like this. She hadn’t taken a car before and didn’t want to take it. At that

time, when she was in college, there were many A rich sports car came to pick her up, but Yvette

Jordan did not go.

“I bought it for more than twenty days.” Chuck Cannon said.

“Husband, you have always parked your car in the square, why don’t you drive?” Yvette Jordan

asked in a low voice.

“I told you, I have a car, you don’t believe it.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“Why don’t you believe it? I didn’t expect you to buy such an expensive car, close to five

million… Husband, why are you so rich? Where did it come from?” Yvette Jordan was really


The recent changes in Chuck Cannon are upsetting.

Now that there are sports cars, the representative of the driving license is Chuck Ce, and he also

bought himself a Mercedes-Benz. How can he earn so much money? Zelda gave it? Or was it

from the man in the Rolls-Royce in Beijing?

“I told you, I am…” Chuck Cannon stopped.

“Husband, do you want to say that you are a rich second generation?” Yvette Jordan was

speechless and grew up with you since childhood. Are you rich second generation? I don’t know

yet? ?

Chuck Cannon was embarrassed, and felt helpless. My mother said that, for the time being, let’s

not say it for the time being, you have to see Yvette Jordan’s person and talk about it, so Chuck

Cannon just stopped.

Now it seems that even if I said just now, Yvette Jordan would not believe it.

“Her husband, I am very happy that you have money, but you must not do something that breaks

the law, you can’t do it or not? Do you know me?” Yvette Jordan whispered and sincerely.

Suddenly there was so much money. Apart from the fact that Zelda bought them for Chuck Ce,

the biggest possibility was that they had gone astray. This was what Yvette Jordan was most

worried about.

“Well, I won’t do it.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

Yvette Jordan felt more at ease, and she suddenly thought of the BMW 7 Series next to her car

this morning. Of course, Chuck Cannon also said whether she should go in and sit, is it also

Chuck Ce?



“Isn’t the BMW 7 Series that stopped in the morning yours?” Yvette Jordan asked in a low voice.


“Husband, you lied to me, absolutely yours, you also said let me go in and sit, not yours, you

also said? And, several times, I have seen that BMW seven series several times…

…Husband,…”Yvette Jordan was a little mean.

She was embarrassed and shy in her heart. Chuck Cannon said it several times, let her go in and

sit down, but she didn’t believe it at the time. Now thinking of the reaction at that time, Yvette

Jordan felt blushing.

Yvette Jordan’s voice is charming, and this is a voice that Chuck Cannon didn’t hear before.

Chuck Cannon couldn’t bear it.

“Wife, you must be serious!” Chuck Cannon was serious.

Yvette Jordan smiled while covering his l!ps. “Husband, is that really yours?”

“Well, take that car tomorrow, you can drive.” Chuck Cannon smiled.

“But, isn’t that car more than 2 million? I’m afraid that it’s encountered. It’s very expensive and

expensive to repair.” Yvette Jordan whispered, without confidence, she didn’t drive such an

expensive car. But I want to try it.

But… she was surprised that the BMW 7 Series was Chuck Ce, and this sports car was also

Chuck Ce, and only bought a new car for himself. How rich is Chuck Ce? Really rich second

generation? No, definitely not!

Chuck Ce, like himself, has no parents since childhood, and is definitely not a rich second


Yvette Jordan shook his head. If so, how could Chuck Cannon be poor for so long?

At this moment, Mrs. Yvette Jordan was curious, not Chuck Cannon of the rich second

generation, why is it so rich? And suddenly so rich?

“It’s okay, just hit it casually.” Chuck Cannon said, his wife likes it, as long as it is safe, as a

second generation of Chuck Cannon super rich, it is no problem to crash one scrap a day.

“No, I have to be careful when driving. I’ll be especially distressed when I hit it.” Yvette Jordan

was serious, really, a car that was too expensive, she didn’t dare to increase the throttle.

Chuck Cannon smiled slightly, stretched out his hand, and took Yvette Jordan’s hand. Yvette

Jordan blushed. It really felt like a dream today. He actually took a sports car and Yvette Jordan

felt shy. At that time, she said that she wanted to give Chuck Buy one…

“Her husband, although you have this car, but I have money, I will still buy it for you. You can

rest assured.” Yvette Jordan was very serious.

Men love sports cars, she knows…

Chuck Cannon was touched and felt that he must treat Yvette Jordan and his wife who grew up

with him. They must not fail. At this time, Chuck Cannon saw Yang Jiaming’s car stopped in

front of a bar. Chuck Cannon looked at With the name of the bar, he smiled…

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