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Chapter 191: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 191 It’ s condescending of you to stay here tonight (1)
Xuan Chu giggled inwardly. No wonder with a computer, it seemed to have been planned.

However, for work, Xuan Chu had always been taken it seriously. Therefore, he had no choice but to give up taking shots at Kerry Ye.

It’s still early, so both of them turned on the computer, with one sitting on the bed, one sitting on the sofa. The hospital room had turned into an office.

Venus Mu thought this was good.

She was really worried that the two would bump into each other and have a fight, but she didn’t expect them to be so harmonious. Since there was nothing more for her to do, Venus lay on the bed next to Xuan Chu, making sure that Kerry couldn’t see her phone screen, and then began to browse her phone.

She was supposed to go through some gossip news, but she subconsciously opened her child’s pictures and then gazed at them.

Kerry and Xuan Chu were both workaholics, keeping discussing about the paper and exchanging their opinions. It was quite harmonious.

“Yan, could you please help me a glass of water?” Xuan Chu was a little thirsty, with his eyes fixed on the screen and said casually.

But Venus’s mind was all on the photos, and she didn’t hear what he said at all.

After waiting for a while, seeing that Venus was still sitting there, he said again, “Yan, please give me a glass of water.”

This time, even Kerry looked up, but Venus still didn’t hear it at all. Kerry was a little curious, what was she looking at?

“Yan,” Xuan Chu tilted his head to look at her, with his voice a little louder, “Yan.”

Venus suddenly came back to senses. Seeing both of them staring at her, she asked with a dazed face, “What?”

“What are you looking at? Can I have a look at it?” Xuan Chu smiled and reached out for her phone.

Venus hurriedly put it back to her pocket and made up something nonsense, “A legendary story of a master fashion designer. You won’t be interested. Why are you calling me?”

“Give me a glass of water. Thanks.”

Venus got up and went to do that, and she also gave one to Kerry.

“Thank you.” Kerry said softly to her with his eyes up as she placed the water in front of him.

In this moment, Venus recalled the face in the photo, which really looked too much like him. When he grew up, it was roughly the same outline as Kerry. Maybe even more handsome than him.

Kerry looked straight at her, keenly aware that she seemed to be looking at another person through him, as she hid a hint of joy and pride in her eyes.

Kerry trembled. He had never seen Yan Chu in this way, and who was she missing? The one she looked at on her phone?

“Ahem!” Xuan Chu’s well-timed cough interrupted someone’s musings, and Venus found herself in a wrong state, so she smiled awkwardly at Kerry, and then hurried back to where she was just now. She then chose a story to read, in case Xuan Chu might ask again.

At ten o’clock, the doctor’ s last round.

Once the doctor came into the room, he was shocked. He didn’t know Xuan Chu, but he knew Kerry. He was surprised to see him here, so Yan Chu was definitely not an ordinary person.

Tomorrow he couldn’t allow those nurses to behave so casually, which was the doctor’s first thought, and then his attitude was more respectful.

After two days of treatment, Xuan Chu’s rash disappeared and the fever went down, but he couldn’t feel any strength in his body.

After working for two or three hours, Xuan Chu felt backache and cervical pain. When he was sitting on the bed to move his muscles, he looked at Kerry, who was also a little tired and an idea came to his mind.

“Yan, squeeze my shoulders. My shoulders are sore after working for so long.” Xuan Chu said plainly, but Venus was a little annoyed, “Brother, why treat me as a maid? I don’t know how to do it. I’m sorry.” Venus directly refused.

Xuan Chu saw Kerry’ s hand that was rubbing his eyebrow stop from his corner of his eyes, continuing, “Just do it. I don’t have strength in my hands.”

Venus stared at him. What did he want?

He also tilted his head and smiled at her, “Hurry up.”

“You are a man; do you know that?”

Xuan Chu shrugged his shoulders, “you are now my sister.” After saying that, he looked at Kerry meaningfully.

After half a minute, Venus finally surrendered.

“Brother, where do you feel sore, shoulders?” Sitting on the bed, Venus placed her slender hands on Xuan Chu’s shoulders and asked wryly, “Here?”

“Yes, that’s right. Right.”

Venus had never given anyone a shoulder squeeze, but she knew how to do it. Recalling what she had seen on TV, Venus just tried to do it, but to Xuan Chu’s expectation, the strength on her hand was quite good.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she had been raised with much care, so it was just OK for Xuan Chu.

“How is it? How do you feel?” “Not bad.” Xuan Chu squinted.

Venus rolled her eyes at him.

Kerry on the couch, however, was very uncomfortable inside and wanted to go up to stop him, but he had no reason. They are siblings, so what did he can say?

Out of sight, out of mind. “I’m going out for a cigarette.” Kerry left the room without looking at them.

As soon as he left, Venus whooshed up from the bed and stopped the “service” just now.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Venus asked in a low voice.

Xuan Chu craned his neck, “No, it’s really sore.”

Venus took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down before saying, “Xuan Chu, if you are willing to give me a hand, I’m very happy and grateful, but if you don’t want to help me, please don’t stop me. After all, we have the same goal.”

Seeing that she was so serious, he also changed his attitude, “Yan, you silly girl. I was clearly helping you just now. why do you say that I was stopping you?”

“You…” Venus almost said it out loud, but she suppressed her voice, “Look at his face. He must be angry.”

“Why are you so stupid?” Xuan Chu teased her, then said, “He’ s obviously jealous, can’t you see it?”

Venus was stunned for a few seconds. Looking at the door and then at Xuan Chu. Oh, so men could be jealous too?

“But…now that you’re my brother, how can he…?” Venus was still not satisfied with his explanation.

Xuan Chu sighed, then he got out of bed and prepared to go to the toilet. “Come, put the shoes on me and I’ll tell you.”

Probably because she helped him yesterday, Venus actually didn’t think there was anything wrong with this. She quickly bent down to help him while Xuan Chu sighed inwardly, “This silly girl, when will she get that treasure map?”

If he wanted to get back to Hong Kong as soon as possible, he should help her.

Putting on his shoes, Xuan Chu continued what he had just said, “It’s because he now thinks you and I are brother and sister, he has no excuse to stop it and he can only smoke outside. If you and I weren’t brother and sister, I guess he would come up to beat me.” Xuan Chu leaned over and whispered, “That shows that he values you.”

The hot breath frightened Venus, so she subconsciously dodged to the side.

Xuan Chu laughed. He didn’t want to do anything to his sister’s face.

Seeing he was heading towards the toilet, Venus didn’t want to keep staying in the room, so she went out for Kerry. At the end of the hall, with the dim light, a man was smoking and the smoke completely surrounded him, making him look lonely.

It’s already after ten o’clock and there were few people, plus this was a senior ward, fewer patients, so it’s even quieter.

Kerry found that she was coming to him, so he tossed the cigarette in the ashtray and opened the window for air. When she approached, the smoke had almost dissipated.

“I guess you’ll have to sleep on the couch tonight. I’m sorry.” Venus didn’t ask him why he was angry. If she asked, both of them would be embarrassed.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 191 It’ s condescending of you to stay here tonight (2)
Kerry looked he did not care it anymore “It’s normal that a man sleeps on the sofa and a woman sleeps on the bed. Why do I feel aggrieved?”

Venus Mu smiled and held him hand to go back “Forget taking a bath, no clothes for you to change, just wash your face then go to sleep. Don’t stay up anymore for you are busy whole day.”

“You care about me?” Kerry was little bit jealous.

Venus stopped and said “Surely I care about you.”

“You did not massage my shoulders even if you care about me.”

Venus almost laughed hearing that. Xuan Chu was right, Kerry was jealous.

“Kerry, why you like a boy whose candy was robbed? Okay. I will massage for you next time when we are together.” Venus said.

“Don’t massage for Xuan Chu anymore in the future. Even though you are brother and sister.”

Venus was speechless, why Kerry is so possessive? She did not find it before. But Xuan Chu had no excuse anymore to ask her to do that anymore. So Venus said “I promise you that , okay? ”

They went to the door of the ward, then Kerry suddenly pulled her and k****d on her mouth. He let her go after a while, then he went into the ward with smile.

Venus wiped her mouth with her hand upset. Kerry never gave up any chance to hijack her after she had s*x with him.

The three of them went to sleep after they washed. Of course Kerry slept on the sofa, he was so tall that his feet would be out of the sofa if his head on the sofa. When his feet were put on the sofa, his head was too crowd. So he could not fall asleep.

Yan Chu saw that but she did not say anything. She smiled and thought he wanted to do that. She was lazy to care if he was comfortable.

Xuan Chu closed his eyes and planned how to finish his tasks as soon as possible. He did not City A, he began to have trouble since he came here.

And Kerry did not want to sleep. He kept tossed and turned because he was not comfortable. He really wanted to go to the small bed of Yan Chu. Even though it was not big for two people, at least he could hold her tightly.

Kerry began to text someone who was near him thinking of this. I would go to you when Xuan Chu slept.

Venus’s phone was under her pillow. The phone lighted up, she turned on it and the phone almost fell on her face.

He sent her text when she was so near to him. And it was this kind of text.

Weiwie thought for a while, then she said go to sleep now you have to work tomorrow.

Kerry’s phone vibrated. Then after more than ten seconds, Venus’s phone lighted up again.

“The sofa is too small to sleep.”

Venus looked at the text for several seconds and said “Let’s change, you sleep here and I will go to the sofa.”

The returned text scared Venus, it wrote “Np, girls can’t sleep on the sofa. We sleep on the bed together.”

The little bed? It’s length was enough, but its width was at most 1.2 meters. It’s just a single bed. How could two adults sleep on it.

And Xuan Chu was beside them.

No, the bed was too small. Two could not sleep here. Venus was biting her teeth when she text-ed that. Then she sent it.

Kerry saw she could not answer him, so he could only wait her to sleep.

Okay, I would sleep here, good night.

Venus was relived seeing he compromised at last. So she closed eyes and put her phone down.

Xuan Chu was not stupid. He knew Venus’s phone lighted up again and again. So did Kerry’s. he knew they were chatting. But he was not interested.

Time past gradually. Kerry heard the other two’s breath became smooth, then he began his plan.

Kerry went down the sofa silently then he went to Venus. He saw she was sleep on her side and then he lied down on her back and held her to his arms.

The air-conditioner in the room was cold, but Venus felt something warm. She just moved to another side, but she did not expect that she was hugged by hands.

So immediately Venus was awake from her dream. She was going to shout when she found she was held. Kerry covered her mouth and said gently “Don’t be afraid, it’s me.”

Venus was little relieved, but then her rage came. She turned over and stared at Kerry angrily “How can you give up your promise?”

Kerry sighed grievously, then he said in low voice “The sofa is too short. My legs are numbed. Please let me be here. Don’t worry, I will not do other things.”

Venus still stared at him, she would not believe him.

“I swear I will not do mess things up. Xuan Chu is beside us. I will not do other things.” Kerry covered her eyes and said “Sleep now, I will hold you.”

Venus was furious and bit his hand for several seconds. She did not want to see him, so she turned over to sleep again.

Kerry felt her hair it was like he was helping her to tidy her hair. Kerry put his hands on her waist again when her hard body became soft again.

Kerry was confused when he put his head on her neck. Why they had different shower gel but he felt familiar with her smell?

Was that psychological effect?

He smiled speechlessly. He slept with confusion every night when this woman showed up. He did not want to think so much tonight. He had to have a good sleep even though he could do nothing.

In the dark, another guy opened his eyes, he stared at the doubled shadows silently for a few seconds, then he closed his eyes again.

In the morning, Kerry first woke up. Venus was still making dreams with her head on Kerry’s arm. He moved his fingers slightly.

It was numb.

He supported his body slightly and lifted her head slightly and got his arm out, then he put her head on the pillow again. After that, he felt his right arm was numb like it was hit by thunder.

“Henry, bring a suit to the hospital. Xuan Chu’s ward.”

Then Xuan Chu who was sleeping inside also woke up. Actually he woke up even early than Kerry, he chose not to quarrel with Kerry.

He and Kerry were not enemies, they had no resentment with each other. He even wanted to get something from Kerry, so how could he go against him? He was not as silly as Venus?

The sunshine in the morning went into the ward. The strong internal clock woke Venus. She stayed abed for some time, then she got up suddenly. There was only her in the ward. And water sound came from the washing room. She was not sure it was Kerry or Xuan Chu.

She tidied her clothes and hair before she got off the bed.

Outside the ward, Henry came very fast with Kerry’s hygiene products and a suit.

They found an office of a doctor on duty. Kerry said hello then he went inside to wash.

Few minutes again, Kerry came out with spirit and gloom.

Venus was stunned seeing him, he was fast.

“I will ask Henry to buy some breakfast. I’ll go to work first.” Kerry said to Venus. He stayed here just for her last night. But he did not want to pick Xuan Chu outside, there were many people in Chu Family, so he did not need to do that.

“Okay, go first.”

Xuan Chu then came out of the washing room, the hair on his forehead was still w*t.

Kerry said goodbye with him “Xuan Chu, call me if you have any problem on the project, or we can meet face to face.”

“Okay, no problem.” Xuan Chu sent him out “Thank you for last night.”

“No thanks. I did it for Yan Chu. I will go to work first.”

“Good bye.”

Henry went to buy breakfast with Kerry. Venus went inside the washing room to wash. He heard Xuan Chu said outside “We have to talk when we go back to the hotel.”

Venus was surprised, so she ran out without wiping the water on her face “For what?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 191 It’ s condescending of you to stay here tonight (3)
Xuan Chu was dissatisfied with her lack of decorum, “Too slow. Let’s make a plan to speed things up.”

Venus Mu was overjoyed, for she didn’t what to do next.

“Why are you so kind to help me all of a sudden? Didn’t you say that we can’t interfere with each other?” Venus tilted her head and smiled.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he was waiting for the doctor to come, “That’s true, but if you can’t finish your mission as soon as possible, I’ll have to keep staying in A City all the time, but I really don’t like this city.”

“Really? That’s the reason?” Just because he hated here, he wanted to get out of here immediately?

This city was where Venus was born and grew up, with countless memories. In her opinion A City was a great city, but Xuan Chu didn’t like it.

There was nothing that satisfied everyone.

“One more thing.” Xuan Chu said with a meaningful glance at her, “You are too stupid. If I allow you to keep doing as you want, you’ll ruin my family.”

Venus laughed stupidly. He was right. She wasn’t Xinyou Qiao, so she didn’t have that many schemes and tricks.

She bowed 90-degree and said with a smile, “Thank you, Mr. Chu, for your righteous help. So, what are we going to do?”

“Be impatient. There are too many people here.” Xuan Chu reprimanded her in a low voice, and sure enough, two minutes later, Henry brought some porridge from the world’s largest fast-food restaurant.

“Mr. Ye asked me to buy some porridge for you, and I don’t know what you guys like, so I bought some different ones.”

“Thank you, Henry.”

“Miss Chu, you’re welcome. Is there anything I can do for you?”

“No thanks. Off you go.” Then Henry nodded at Xuan Chu and went out.

After a night’s sleep, Xuan Chu felt much better, and he started to regain his energy.

After eating, at eight o’clock, the doctor and the nurse appeared on time, but different from the past, there was only one nurse, who didn’t look around. She was just doing what she needed to do, without saying too much.

This surprised Venus. Did someone complain about those nurses yesterday?

A small tube of blood was taken and the doctor said, “Mr. Chu. When the lab results come out and we’re sure you’re okay, you are able to be discharged.”

“May I know when will I know the result?” He was more concerned about this.

“Two hours, at the latest.”

“Got it. Thank you, doctor.” Xuan Chu then didn’t say anything more, making the doctor a little embarrassed, but the doctor didn’t dare to say anything more and left in a huff, thinking about his background.

Venus found it interesting and said with a smile, “Why is there only one nurse today? Have you scolded them?”

“Do I have that time?” Xuan Chu scowled at her, then bowed his head to check his emails on the computers and was about to work.

While waiting for the results, he called someone to bring a car over. Even if the result told him that he couldn’t be discharged, he wasn’t going to put up with it anymore. He had to be discharged and he’s fed up with everything here. Besides, he had a lot of business to do and he couldn’t afford to waste any more time here.

Luckily, the data showed that everything was fine.

“Never want to come to the hospital again.” Xuan Chu and his men took the elevator to the car and lamented.

Venus then said, “I don’t think anyone likes hospital.”

“Come on. Let’s start your business.”

Xuan Chu didn’t know what was wrong with him, for he suddenly wanted to help Venus. He had made a decision long before he came to A City and he’s mainly for this amusement park project, and incidentally to confirm his identity. He wouldn’t interfere no matter what she did and how she did it.

But now, how many rules had he broken? He embarrassed himself in the end.

At the hotel

“Knock on my door in half an hour.” Xuan Chu said to Venus next door.

“OK.” She didn’t ask much because she’s going to do the same thing as him—shower.

She had only been in the hospital for one night, and she felt sweaty, not to mention Xuan Chu who had been sweating for almost three days. He was such a neat guy, so he must be about to go crazy.

After changing clothes, Venus came to his room with a bottle of water and sat down on the couch.

“Tell me, what are you doing now?” Xuan Chu came directly to the point.

Venus had thought about it on the way back. Xuan Chu could come to A City, which must be supported by the man in the silver mask, and the last time he also said that Xuan Chu could help himself if necessary. That meant that Xuan Chu also knew about the treasure map, so there was no need for her to hide it.

“I once accidentally talked with Kerry about whether there is a treasure map in the world and I saw that he looked not right, so I think he should know the whereabouts of it, but I searched all over Ye family and didn’t find any trace of it.” Venus said.

Xuan Chu frowned, “That’s it?”

Venus nodded with some embarrassment.

Xuan Chu leaned back on the couch with a sigh and asked her after a moment of silence, “What places have you been looking for?”

“Kerry’s study, bedroom, showroom, and his office. I’ve searched everywhere I could.”

“Have you searched carefully?”

Venus nodded, “Of course. I searched every book on the shelf.”

“How can you be so stupid?” Xuan Chu rudely lectured, “It’s an important thing. Do you think he would he put it in a book?”

Venus defended, “I don’t want to let go of every opportunity.”

Xuan Chu got up and walked around the room, suddenly thinking of something, “A grand family like this often are set with some secret spaces to keep things that are valuable and inconvenient to keep in the bank. My family has it and perhaps so does Ye family.”

Venus’s eyes lit up, “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that? Then I’ll find another opportunity.”

Xuan Chu clearly had doubts about her ability, “Forget it. Even if it’s in front of you, you can’t notice it. I’ll go there.

“It’s too dangerous. Ye family’s security is very tight, and you’ll be caught by them before you enter the villa.”

Xuan Chu laughed at her again, “I didn’t say I was going to sneak in, of course a person like me should walk in righteously.”

Venus was dumbfounded.

Xuan Chu didn’t want to answer her and said to himself, “How can I get inside?”

As he talked to himself, Venus was also deep in thought, thinking about this thorny issue.

Yehuang Group

The security guard downstairs of the company blocked two women in expensive clothes, one in her fifties and well maintained, and the other ne in her twenties, looking a bit arrogant.

“I’m sorry, you guys can’t go in without a company badge.” The security guard said politely.

The young girl was impolite, “Do you know who I am? Do you know who I’m looking for? And you dare to stop me?”

The security guard also didn’t know what to do, so he had to say, “Then how about asking your friend to come down and pick you up?”

The young girl still wanted to say something, but the middle-aged woman pulled her behind her and said with her chin lifted high and proud, “I’m looking for Kerry and I’m his wife’s aunt. If you don’t believe me, you can make a phone call and my surname is Fang.”

That’s right. The middle-aged woman was Xinyi Fang, and the arrogant young girl was Yiyao Mu.

Xinyi brought Yiyao back to her mother’s house in a huff, like waiting for Changrui Mu to cheer up again, but she didn’t expect that the more she waited, the more disappointed he made her feel, so she had no hope at all. The nephews and nieces in her mother’s family were not kind people, and they didn’t want her to stay there. Yiyao often had quarrels with them.

One day, Xinyi suddenly heard that Kerry’ s wife had gone to Europe to study. It’s only half a year after the marriage, so there must be a major problem in their relationship. Moreover, after such a long time, Venus hadn’t appeared again, so she probably didn’t plan to come back.

Thinking of this, Xinyi saw some hope again. She used to want to marry her daughter to a good man and Venus’ s marrying Kerry made her jealous. She also instructed Yiyao to seduce Kerry, but they failed.

Wasn’t now a good chance?

She hoped that Venus would be like her brother, disappearing without a trace.

Today, she brought her daughter to meet Kerry, who deliberately dressed up like Venus.

She thought that after Venus’ s leaving, Kerry hadn’t tried to find another woman or a prostitute, so he must be thinking about Venus. Dressing her daughter in this way would definitely help.

The rest of her life and honor all depended on her daughter.

As soon as the security guard heard that they were relatives of the boss’s wife, he immediately became more polite, for everyone in the company knew that the boss was so good to his wife, so he didn’t want to offend them, but he couldn’t violate the company’s rules and regulations.

“Lady, I’m sorry. Since you don’t have an appointment, I can’t let you in even if you are relatives of Mr. Ye. How about this? I’ll ask the front desk to make a call to the secretary and ask the boss.”

Xinyi had no other way to get in, so she had to agree to his suggestion.

The security signaled his colleagues next to him to make a phone call, while he stood at the door to block the two.

President’s Room

Kerry, whose eyes were sore from reading documents, was leaning on the back of his chair and having a rest when someone was knocking on the door.

“Come in.”

Secretary Liu calmly walked in and stood in front of the desk and said, “Mr. Ye, there are two ladies wanting to see you. One’ s surname is Fang and she said she is your wife’s aunt.”

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