Chapter 191: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 191 Are You Shy?

“How is it? is there a way?” Colin was a bit nervous. After all, Walson was too sinister and cunning.

Vanessa let go of Ramon and said, “He can be treated. But it will take two days to get rid of it slowly, with special techniques.”

“If it can be treated then it’s fine.” Colin breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing this, Vanessa had to remind him, “Walson should’ve known that I’m working for you. Because this poison is different than yours and I’ve never seen it.”

Colin frowned, “How many kinds of poisons did he study?”

Vanessa shrugged, “I don’t know about this. Luckily, he doesn’t know that I’m an expert in oriental medicine.”

Otherwise, she didn’t dare to guarantee that she could cure the poison that Walson had researched.

Colin nodded, “You can detox him first.”

Seeing Colin did this, Ramon was more moved, “Boss, I….”

“I know what you’re going to say.” Colin interrupted Ramon, “Ramon, I sincerely hope that you’re well. But you also have to cherish yourself. It’s your life, do you understand?”

“Nothing is more important than your own life!”

Ramon’s heart was moved.

“Nothing is more important than your own life!”

This sentence was right but he had never thought deeply about it. Because he knew his past, in addition to his mother’s illness, so aside from money, he had never thought of anything else.

At the same time, Ramon felt that it’s his biggest luck to be able to meet such a boss like Colin.

“Boss….” Ramon was slightly choked up.

Colin was disgusted upon seeing this, “Don’t act like a girl. It’s cheesy.”

Vanessa took out her needles quietly and said to Ramon, “Take off all your clothes.”

“it’s… not appropriate, right?” Ramon immediately blushed.

Colin pointed at his head, “What dirty things are you thinking? She wants to give you acupuncture to detox you. Can you think more innocently?!”

Vanessa rolled her eyes at them, “Hurry up! Don’t waste my time!”


Ramon was very embarrassed. He completely took all of his clothes off. Vanessa steadily pricked the needles into him.

That time, Colin glanced at the certain part, and teased him, “Oh, your size is not bad!”

If Colin was alone, he would dare to joke with Colin. The point is, there was a woman here and he was very shy about it.

“Boss, there’s someone here!”

Colin smiled, “You’re shy! She isn’t even shy at all!”

Vanessa was silent. She had seen numerous naked bodies. It’s just a simple thing, and of course, she didn’t need to be shy.

Besides, if a doctor is shy after seeing these, then he wouldn’t be able to cure anything!

Ramon glanced at Vanessa and saw that her expression looked usual, as she treated him with the needle. His bashful attitude didn’t seem to be good.

Colin stopped teasing and sat beside him quietly.

After a while, Vanessa had finished the treatment, as she tidied up, “Tomorrow, I’ll treat you again.”

“Thank you, doctor,” Ramon said shyly.

Vanessa waved her hand, “No worries. I’m doing this for money anyway.”

At this time, Colin’s phone rang, seeing that the caller ID was from Nina, then he remembered about the auction.

“Hello, I know. I’ll go there now.”


Walson drove an Audi as he arrived at Tianbei City hotel.

Before getting off of the car, Barr called.

“Brother, are you certain this time?”

Walson chucked, “Don’t worry. I’m one hundred percent sure.”

“Brother, didn’t you say that Ramon refused to do things for you?”

Walson recalled what Ramon said last night and he wasn’t affected by it, “Such a lowly person isn’t worthy of doing things for me! It’s not much difference whether I have him or not.”

“Then, Brother, after the auction is done, do you want to visit the second brother? The second brother also wishes that you can rescue them soon.”

“I know. Let’s talk about it later. The auction is about to start.” Walson said briefly before hanging up.

Half an hour later, the auction began.

There were many kinds of things to be auctioned in this event, including jewelry, antiques, and contract for land. That’s why so many tycoons came here.

At this time, the basement parking lot of Tianbei Hotel.

Colin and Vanessa quickly caught up.

There were a lot of people coming to the auction today. So, the parking space in the hotel was quite packed. Colin happened to see a parking space when he arrived and quickly parked there.

He didn’t see that there’s also a car that was about to park there. So, when he got off the car, the other person also came out.

“Hey! Don’t you have eyes? Don’t you see that we arrived here first?” It was a seductive woman with heavy makeup, wearing a tight mini dress with a Chanel bag.

After a while, a young man also got off the car. He was very dandy and looked like a second-generation rich man.

He looked at Colin and Vanessa in displeasure, “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you have eyes? This parking space belongs to us.”

Colin looked at them. He felt slightly familiar when he saw the young man but he didn’t remember where he had seen him. He didn’t think much, “I remember that the parking space in Tianbei Hotel is for public use, right?”

“So what? We’re the first ones to see this parking space. Of course, it belongs to us.” The seductive woman said arrogantly.

The man nodded, “That’s right. First come first served. You have to take your car and leave, quickly!”

“Why?” Vanessa came out, “First come first served. We’re the first ones to arrive. Our car was parked there first. If you want a parking space, you can look for it yourself!”

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