Chapter 192: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 192 Apologize or fuck off (1)
Kerry was surprised, “Fang? Is that Venus’ s aunt?”

After thinking for a while, Kerry realized that this woman seemed to be Changrui Mu’s wife, but he didn’t know her name. why did she come here?

Was because of Venus Mu?

“Take them to the parlor.” Kerry said. “Okay, Mr. Ye.”

Secretary Liu arrived at the secretariat, picking up the phone to call the front desk, but she then put down the phone. She thought she should go downstairs in person.

When the security guard saw Secretary Liu coming down personally, he naturally knew what the two women said was true.

Before she reached the entrance, Secretary Liu noticed the two women, whose eyes instantly fell on the young lady. She was tall with long hair, and the face…

She strode towards them, but to find that she was not Venus. They were just alike.

Secretary Liu recalled the information gathered before. Venus had a cousin, could it be her?

“Excuse me, is this Ms. Fang? Please follow me.” Secretary Liu said.

It was Yiyao Mu’ s first time to come here and she was curious about everything here.

Xinyi Fang looked at the badge on Secretary Liu’s chest—the general manager’s secretary. She then knew it was the tie to flatter, “Secretary Liu, I didn’t expect you to become Mr. Ye’ s secretary at such a young age, you really have talent.”

Secretary Liu gave a polite smile but didn’t answer.

Xinyi didn’t feel embarrassed and continued, “In the past, Venus always said that Mr. Ye is very busy with his work, and I don’t know if we will disturb his work by coming here all of a sudden.”

Secretary Liu answered this time, “Mr. Ye is indeed very busy and I’ll take the two of you to the parlor first. please wait for a moment.”

What Secretary Liu meant was that Kerry might not see them.

Xinyi was smart, of course she sensed what Secretary Liu meant. She wanted to ask something more, but she knew she couldn’t get anything from her, so she shut up.

At the meeting room, Secretary Liu offered some water to them and politely said, “Please wait for a while.”

“Off you go. we’ll wait here.” Xinyi had to be polite.

Secretary Liu then went out, but Yiyao was gradually losing her patience. She pouted her mouth and said with dissatisfaction, “Mom, why can’t we go directly to see him? Why let us wait here?”

Xinyi patted her hand and said patiently, “Do you think Kerry is someone easily to meet at any time? He’s the CEO of Yehuang, and besides, we’re not who we were in the past and it’s already a fortune for us to wait here. Girl, be grateful.”

Xinyi saw that her daughter was still in a sulk, so she became more serious, “Yiyao, have you forgotten everything I taught you at home?”

Yiyao said impatiently, “Of course not. You have said many times that I should speak softly and act elegantly, but when is Venus like this? She’s clearly a bitch, and she never knew how to behave herself.”

“Yiyao,” Xinyi wanted to lose her temper, but she couldn’t now, for she still had to rely on her daughter, so she could only convince her again, “Do you still want to live at grandfather’s house? Do you have to live with caution every day?”

“No.” She answered simply.

“If you don’t want to, follow my instruction. Trust me.” Xinyi patted her little face and said with a gentle smile, “Smile, and remember that you are a princess.”

Yiyao was coaxed into a sweet smile, “OK, mommy.”

Kerry completely forgot about the two as soon as he got into work, and after an hour or so, until Secretary Liu came in again to deliver some documents, he suddenly remembered that they were waiting.

“Are they still in the meeting room?”

Secretary Liu thought that he didn’t want to see them, so he never went there, but he didn’t think Mr. Ye still remembered.


Kerry didn’t expect that Yiyao actually managed to wait so long. It seemed that Changrui really had no choice.

Then he would go and see what they wanted.

He got up and strode out, heading towards the meeting room downstairs. Xinyi was sitting there demurely, while Yiyao had long lost her patience.

When Xinyi saw him, she touched his daughter’s arm, and once Yiyao saw Kerry, she stood up, with a smile on her face.

Kerry went inside. He took a look at Yiyao, finding that she was quite alike Venus, but Yiyao was arrogant.

“Mr. Ye, sorry to trouble you.” Xinyi also stood up, trying to be polite.

With no smile on his face, Kerry asked bluntly, “What can I do for you?”

“Mr. Ye, I’ve come today to ask you for something.”

“Then say it. I haven’t finished my work.”

Xinyi pushed her daughter forward and said, “I’m really sorry and you also know the current situation of our family. Changrui doesn’t cheer up, and the money has been nabbed by that bitch. I really have no choice and I come here today to see if you can find a job for Yiyao in the company.”

Kerry laughed inside, for he thought they might offer him some information about Venus.

“Don’t you have their own company? Why come to me?”

Xinyi sighed, “Mu family’s business has long taken over by others and they don’t want Yiyao to work there.”

“I’m afraid there is no job offered at this moment.” Kerry coldly refused, for he remembered that Venus hated her.

Xinyi signaled Yiyao, who understood and said softly, “Brother-in-law, I used to be ignorant and caused a lot of trouble for you and my sister, especially for my sister, but now I know I’m wrong, so can you give me a chance? Now it’s just me and mom and she’s older, so I can’t let her go out to earn money. Brother-in-law, just for the sake of my sister, let me do a job, I don’t care what it is. Otherwise, we will starve to death.”

Kerry didn’t expect that Yiyao would say these and he couldn’t help but look her up and down, although she and Xinyi looked exquisite, the clothes were all old ones from last year. A pampered lady like her was actually willing to wear old clothes, so it was evident that they had no money.

Seeing that Kerry was looking at her, she felt happy inside and continued, “Brother-in-law, no matter what happened between my sis and I, we’re still relatives. I believe she doesn’t want to see her sis starve to death.”

Kerry sneered. Venus had never seen her as a relative. But he could make her work here.

“Want to work here?”

“Yes, of course.” She was extremely delighted. The first time she saw Kerry just now, she wanted to pounce on him. He was such a handsome man and she was willing to only serve tea for him.

Kerry raised his eyebrows, “Let’s say, HR department are responsible for the recruitment and I never interfere. Since you want to work here, go through the company’s procedures. Secretary Liu, call the HR department, let them send a man up for an interview.”

“Yes.” Secretary Liu went out to make a call.

As soon as the HR manager heard that it was Kerry’ s order, he ran up himself without thinking and asked Secretary Liu on the phone, “What’s going on?”

Secretary Liu wouldn’t say what shouldn’t be said, “You will know when you come.”

The manager, with nervousness, pushed open the glass door of the meeting room and greeted, “Mr. Ye, are you looking for me?”

“Here’s an interviewer. Please follow the company rules and regulations.” Kerry’s tone was cold, “No need to care about me. Do what you always do.”

After glancing at his serious face, he knew what he should do. He then sat on a chair, “May I know who’s gonna have this interview.”

Yiyao said, “It’s me.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 192 Apologize or fuck off (2)
“Please sit down.” The manager took a glance at her, and then asked, “Where’s your resume?”

Yiyao Mu was stunned. She had come just to get the job in Yehuang Group by the back stairs, so she didn’t prepare a resume.

“I don’t have a resume.” She said.

The manager frowned, “What school did you graduate from? What’s your major?”

Yiyao was only a little embarrassed when she said, “I graduated from Siyuan College and studied financial management.”

The manager was a little confused, “I’ve never heard of this college. Is it a private technical college?”

Yiyao nodded.

The manager looked at Kerry who still didn’t have any expression and then he said, “Most of the employees we hire at Yehuang Group are master’s degree holders, but of course, there are also excellent undergraduates. We won’t consider you for this degree.”

Yiyao was unconvinced, “You can’t measure a person’s ability by their education. It’s not fair.”

“Then may I ask if you have any work experience, or any outstanding track record?”

“I just graduated this year and I haven’t found a job yet.”

The manager didn’t want to waste time with her. Considering that she knew her boss, he reluctantly asked her another question.

“Let me ask a professional question. When you do your accounting job you find a business that doesn’t conform to the rules and the company will lose money because of it. What do you do when the accounting supervisor insists that you go through with the business?”

Yiyao hadn’t studied well when she was in school, so she didn’t know anything about it. “I……” She stammered, not knowing how to answer it.

The HR manager had worked for many years and had never seen such a suck interviewer. If Kerry didn’t sit in the back, Yiyao would have been asked to leave the office when she said she didn’t have a resume.

The manager looked at Kerry. He wondered if Kerry wanted to keep her working here.

Kerry says coldly, “I just told you that you don’t have to consider my opinion. You get to decide if she gets hired or not.”

“Mr. Ye, she really doesn’t meet our hiring requirements. I can’t hire her.” The HR manager said.

Then Kerry said to Xinyi Fang and Yiyao, “It’s not that my company won’t hire you, but you’re not capable enough. If you want to enter Yehuang Group, you need improve your skills.”

Xinyi looked at her daughter and felt annoyed. “I paid so much money for her to go to school, but she doesn’t know anything?”

Yiyao thought that Kerry having someone from the HR department interviewed her was just a formality, but she didn’t think that Kerry was serious. So she quickly said, “I can do the work of serving tea.”

Kerry laughed lightly, “I’m sorry you’re not qualified for that job either.”

“Why? I swear I won’t be lazy and I won’t talk back to my boss.”

“Go get some receptionists.” Kerry said to Secretary Liu.

Yiyao and Xinyi didn’t know what he meant. The HR manager, however, knew what Kerry was up to because he had recruited those people.

A few minutes later, five beautiful women walked in, lined up in a row, smiling.

Kerry indifferently lifted his chin and said, “They are the ones who specialize in serving tea to customers. Do you still think your appearance is okay?”

Yiyao thought she was pretty, but her looks were still too ordinary when compared to these women.

Kerry then waved his hands to motion these beautiful women to leave. Then he got up and was about to walk out. Yiyao was anxious and ran up to grab Kerry’s arm, but he gave her a cold stare, so she let go of his arm.

“Just help me, please. I’ll do whatever you want me to do, or mom and I will starve to death, please.” Yiyao begged, and burst into tears.

Kerry remembered that he was Venus’s cousin and had a little compassion for her. Then he asked the HR manager, “What kind of jobs in the company don’t require a degree?”

The HR manager thought for a long moment and said, “There’s a position that’s just been vacated.” With a strange expression, the manager said hesitantly, “but she might not want to do it.”

“As long as I’m given a job, I’m willing to work no matter what it is.” Yiyao quickly replied.

“Mr. Ye, there was a cleaning woman who quit the day before yesterday. We’re preparing to hire one.”

“Is this job okay?” Kerry said to Yiyao.

“You want me to do the cleaning job?” Yiyao opened her eyes wide.

“Didn’t you say that any job would be okay? But I don’t think a lady like you who doesn’t even tidy your bedroom is going to sweep and mop the floor, so you’d better go find other job.”

“No. I won’t leave.” Yiyao suddenly said loudly, her eyes full of stubbornness, “I can do it.”

As long as she could stay in Yehuang Group, she believed she could have Kerry. She had taken many things from Venus before, so she was confident that this time he would have Kerry as well.

Kerry was slightly surprised. “You can arrange a job for her.” Kerry said to the HR manager and left the meeting room.

The personnel manager knew that Mr. Ye didn’t like this girl who called him “brother-in-law” at all, and letting her work here was probably for the sake of Venus.

“What’s your name?” The HR manager asked.

“My name is Yiyao Mu.”

Then the HR manager called the logistics department, “I just hired a cleaner. You come here to arrange job for her.”

“Right now?” Yiyao asked in surprise.

The manager nodded.

She agreed to do it all because of Kerry. Now that Kerry left, she kind of regretted her decision.

Although Xinyi really wanted her daughter to become Kerry’s girlfriend, but cleaning was not the job her daughter should do.

She came over and hugged her daughter’s shoulders, “You can’t this job. Let’s go.”

“Mom, since we’re all here, I’m going to do it first.” Yiyao said.

“You’ve never done this kind of thing before. I wouldn’t want you to do this kind of work.” Xinyi said.

Yiyao, however, was thinking that as long as she had the chance to see Kerry, she wouldn’t always be a cleaning worker.

Then a middle-aged woman came from the logistics department, dressed in a suit.

She looked at the fashionably dressed person in front of her and asked the HR manager, “Mr. Sun, where are the people you recruited?”

“That’s her.” The HR manager pointed at Yiyao

The woman was surprised. She looked up and down carefully at Yiyao. She was wearing an expensive dress and high heels. This was a lady from rich family.

“Mr. Sun, are you kidding?”

The HR manager smiled faintly, “No joke, it’s really her. Her name is Yiyao Mu.”

The middle-aged woman watched Mr. Sun leave, and then looked at Yiyao and her mother. She felt that it was Xinyi who was the right person to apply for the cleaning job than Yiyao.

“You come down with me and familiarize yourself with the environment.” The middle-aged woman led the way, with Xinyi and Yiyao following behind. Then they took the elevator to the logistics department.

“There are fifteen cleaners in our department, each responsible for one floor. Of course, Mr. Ye’s office has someone to clean it, so we don’t need to clean it. The logistics department goes to work two hours earlier than the regular staff every day to make sure that when the regular staff goes to work, the hallways, offices and other workplaces are all clean. In addition, the toilets are cleaned twice a day in the morning and in the middle of the day.”

“I still have to clean the toilets?” Yiyao asked.

“Yeah, is there a problem?” the middle-aged woman said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 192 Apologize or Fuck off (3)
Yiyao Mu was stunned and didn’t say anything. The middle-aged woman just continued, “We have a uniform during work and shoes don’t matter. A month’s base salary is two thousand and it depends on her performance to get more or less. If one is late for work, fifty. If someone complains, one hundred…”

The middle-aged woman was still talking about all the rules and regulations, but Yiyao was keeping thinking about the disgusting toilet. What was she gonna to do?

“Also, your probationary period is one month, and after one month…Yiyao, may I have your attention?” The middle-aged woman already found that she was absent-minded, so she shouted, “Do you hear what I’m saying?”

Yiyao been berated like this before. When she was about to retort back, she suddenly remembered her current situation. She suppressed herself, “Yes.”

“Come on, I’ll show you your floor.”

Yiyao was led down to the fifth floor by the middle-aged woman. The long hall was clean. Was this going to be the place where she worked from now on?

It was ridiculous.

Though Yiyao was listening to her bubbling, she was already in a mess.

“Alright, start working tomorrow and don’t forget, we’re working at seven and you have for five minutes, but over seven and a half minutes, you’ll be fined.”

“Got it.” Yiyao muttered inside, “It means she would have to get up at five or six. God!”

“Alright, go back and get ready for tomorrow’ s work.”

Yiyao dragged herself to meet Xinyi Fang, who was waiting in the company’s first floor lobby.

“Mom.” Yiyao was about cried out.

Xinyi hugged her daughter and comforted her, “Let’s forget this job. Kerry is clearly insulting you. I’m sorry. Let’s go, let’s go home.”

However, they already didn’t have a home. Fang family was just temporary.

This night, Yiyao tossed and turned in bed unable to sleep, wondering whether to go or not. If she didn’t go, she would have to find another job, and if she did, although it’s hard, but as Kerry sister-in-law, people at the company should give her some respect.

Maybe it’s because she used to be spoiled, the next day it’s already past seven as soon as she woke up.

She hurriedly dressed up and rushed towards Yehuang Group, but there was no taxi, so she had to take a bus.

Around eight, Venus came down from the car with a pile of documents. The security guard of Yehuang Group knew her, instead of stopping her, he opened the door for her.

She hadn’t seen Kerry for three days, and every time he called her for a dinner, Venus would say that Xuan Chu had assigned a bunch of tasks and she didn’t have time. On the phone, she could feel that Kerry held grudge against Xuan Chu.

There wasn’t really any task and it was just a trick of playing hard to get. Meeting too often would not only increase the risk of him revealing herself, but also make him lose interest quickly.

And today, if she still didn’t make any movement, the effect wouldn’t be good.

Stepping into the elevator with her high heels, she heard the sound of rapid running came from behind. Venus thought that an employee might be late, so she kindly made way for her, but…

“Ah!” The person behind came straight to Venus, making Venus threw herself forward, while kneeling on the marble floor. The information in her hands spilled all over the floor, while the woman behind her also fell to the ground.

It was working time, so there were a lot of people coming and going. When everyone saw this, they all stopped and looked at them.

“Hey, eyes on the road, OK?”

Venus was about to struggle up, but as soon as she heard this, she felt familiar.

Looking back, she found it was Yiyao? what a bad luck.

But why was she here?

Yiyao just looked at her, but instead of making an apology, she angrily shouted, “Apologize to me, OK? Do you hear me?”

Venus stood up with the help of someone beside her, whose knees were red. She looked at Yiyao with cold eyes, “Apologize? Didn’t you run into me?”

“If you went your way, how would I run into you?”

“So, I should also have an eye on the back of my head. Is this what you’re saying?”

Yiyao didn’t know what to say next, “It’s your fault anyway…”

“Yan Chu?” Kerry pushed open the glass door, seeing she and a woman was arguing. And the floor was full of paper. He hurried over, “What happened?”

Yiyao turned back and saw Kerry striding towards them, thinking that he was coming for her, “Brother-in-law.”

But Kerry didn’t even look at her, and walked directly to Venus, with concern, “Why are the arms and legs so red?”

The moment Venus heard someone shout “brother-in-law”, she immediately knew why she was here.

Yiyao came to Yehuang Group to work, and it was allowed by Kerry.

Having come to this conclusion, Venus was mad inside and she looked very unpleasant, “I came to deliver documents to you and this girl suddenly knocked me down from behind and in turn asked me to apologize. Mr. Ye, is she an employee of your company?”

Kerry turned his head to stare hard at Yiyao and softly said to Venus, “She was just recruited yesterday.”

Venus smiled coldly inside. She knew it.

“I heard her call you brother-in-law, so she’s a relative of Mr. Ye, no wonder she’s so arrogant.” Venus’s face turned sullen.

“Obviously you’re the one who’s not walking in a right way, how can you blame me?” Yiyao quibbled.

At this time, a vice president of the company was called by Kerry, “Help her to pick up the documents.”

“No, I can do it myself.” Venus said coldly, bending over but was stopped by Kerry.

“Your knees are getting swollen. Don’t move.” Kerry whispered and then turned to Yiyao with a frosty face and asked, “I remember you’re supposed to work at seven, but it’s almost nine now, why are you still here?”

Yiyao was so intimidated by his harshness that she didn’t dare to look at him and said in a small voice, “I overslept.”

“It’s your first day at work. Yiyao, you’re not serious about this job, so go back. We don’t want an employee like you.” Kerry said rudely.

“Brother.” Yiyao tried to make him change his mind.

“In the company, I’m just Mr. Ye and I’m not your brother.” Kerry gritted teeth. If she wasn’t Venus’s cousin, he wouldn’t have let her stay here for a second longer.

Although the employees passing around wanted to watch the gossip, they didn’t dare to disobey Kerry. Each of them listened carefully of every word they were saying as they slowly walked towards the elevator.

“Mr. Ye.” Yiyao changed, “I didn’t mean to get up so late today, the alarm rang many times…”

“I don’t want to know the reason and I just see the results.” Kerry was unusually cold.

Yiyao gazed at Kerry with aggrievance, “Mr. Ye, please give me another chance. I will be on time for work tomorrow.”

Kerry didn’t answer her, but changed the topic and said, “Apologize to Yan Chu.”

Yiyao stared at the slender and beautiful woman in front of her and felt a little jealous. Judging from Kerry’s attitude just now, their relationship seemed to be very unusual. Moreover, this woman gave her feeling… she was like someone.

“Apologize, or get out.” Kerry then added.

Yiyao took a deep breath, “I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

Venus snorted and turned her head away. She actually didn’t expect to see her in the rest of her life, but she still ran into her again.

The vice president picked up all the documents and returned them to Venus, and Venus shoved them into Kerry’s hands, “I’m leaving.”

Kerry took a step forward to block her way, while blocking Yiyao behind his back, and said in a voice that only he and Venus could hear, “Don’t go, please. I haven’t seen you for a few days. How about coming to my office? so I can have more time to look at you.”

Venus really wanted to spit on his face. It’s disgusting of what he said.

“Not in that mood. I don’t want to.”

“Then let’s talk about work. Didn’t you just send the papers over? I have something I don’t understand and I need to ask you.” Kerry said with a smile. He felt he could understand her current mood. He originally could take the opportunity to make her stay longer, but he did not expect to make a mess just now. It didn’t matter if she was injured, the key was that Yan Chu felt too humiliated.

But Venus didn’t appreciate his kindness. Thinking that Yiyao was let in by him, she wanted to kick Kerry’s ass.

“No need to consult me. I don’t understand, either. I’m just doing it for my brother, so if there’s anything, you can call him. I’m not the telephone.” Venus saw she was done and was ready to hit the road, but Kerry stopped her from leaving.

“Get out of my way.” Venus transferred her anger to him and said with a bad face, “I have work to do and please stop wasting my time.”

“It’s about work.”

Venus’s detected Yiyao’ s jealousy from her corner of her eyes, smiling sarcastically, “Kerry, do you think there is any problem of your company’s standards for hiring employees?”

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