Chapter 192: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 192 What a Vixen!

As soon as Vanessa finished talking, the man stared at her. The main reason was that Vanessa was very pretty and had a dynamic temperament. It was very different from the women he usually met.

“Pretty lady, we are all civilized people. Everything must be reasonable. Since we arrived here first, this parking space should belong to us.”

Vanessa rolled her eyes at him, “Then, use your ability to move our car out!”

Colin was lazy to talk to them and said to Vanessa, “The auction is about to start. Let’s go.”

“Don’t you have to see your identity to attend the auction? Do you even have money for it?”

“That’s right. Won’t it be embarrassing if you’re so poor?” The woman clicked her tongue.

Vanessa looked at Colin with a complicated gaze.

If the chairman of Marquis is a poor guy, she didn’t know how she thought of them?

Colin frowned. The auction was starting, so he’s very anxious, “Either I go to the auction or not, does it have anything to do with you? You’re nosy!”

“Let’s go, Vanessa!”

Vanessa laughed and went with Colin.

Since they were scolded, would the man and the woman just let them go easily?

“Both of you, stop!” The man stepped forward and blocked Colin and Vanessa, even stole a glance at Vanessa.

The seductive woman also caught up. She was unhappy when he saw the man’s gaze, “What are you looking at, Benny Wan?”

Benny withdrew his gaze and didn’t reply to her. Instead, he said to Colin and Vanessa, “You’ve snatched my parking space and you still want to go inside? Don’t even think about it!”

“Let me tell you, don’t you even think of the auction today!”

The woman snorted when she saw this, “That’s right. Judging from your identity, you should’ve known your place. This is not a place where you can come to!”

Vanessa was angry, “What’s with our identity? What is your identity? Didn’t you go to school? Do you know that this is a new society? Do you know what the meaning of equality is?”

When Colin heard Benny’s name, his eyes suddenly lit up. He felt that he looked familiar. He turned out to be Benny Wan, Steven Wan’s son.

When he checked on Steven’s information back then, he had seen his son’s photo. So, when he saw Benny, he felt familiar.

When Benny and the woman heard Vanessa’s words, their expression looked bad. The woman said loudly, “What is equality? If you’re equal to us, take your money out then!”

“Do you even have money?” Benny snorted.

Colin pulled Vanessa away and stood in front, “We don’t have the time to waste for you here. If you cause me a loss, neither you nor your dad can afford it!”

After speaking, Colin dragged Vanessa and ran into the elevator.

Colin didn’t expose his identity.

Three years ago, Wanxing Trading Company was in a crisis. Marquis was the one who reached out and saved them. But not long ago, Wanxing Trading Company was ungrateful and joined hands with the other groups to sanction Marquis.

Colin had given Steven an opportunity but Steven didn’t know how to cherish it. So, don’t blame him for being ruthless. No matter what the situation is, he won’t be good to Wanxing’s people.

Therefore, Colin wouldn’t expose his identity to Benny.


After arriving at the auction venue, Colin and Vanessa successfully sat down. At this time, the auction had started for a while.

After he sat down, Nina reported to Colin, “So far, three things have been auctioned. They are all antique calligraphy and paintings.”

The auction of the land was placed as the auction finale, especially the land of the southern suburbs.

Not far from the front seat, Walson was there. He turned around to look at Colin with a confident smile on his face.

Colin also saw him but he was indifferent.

At this time, Benny and the seductive woman had also arrived and sat right behind Colin.

“How can he sit there?”

At this time, Nina was talking to Colin. Benny immediately understood when he saw it, “This person can’t be Assistant White’s friend right?”

The seductive woman didn’t know Nina but she had also heard of Nina, the assistant of the chairman of Marquis Group.

Benny had met Nina once but he only thought that Colin was Nina’s friend and didn’t think that he’s the chairman of Marquis Group at all.

The chairman of the leading company in Tianbei City would definitely not be so casual!

But the problem is that he’s indeed casual.

Vanessa who was in the front row, suddenly spoke to Colin, “If it weren’t for the auction that has started, I could fight them forever.”

Colin paused, “You are a woman.”

“I know!” Vanessa looked at him weirdly, “So what if I’m a woman?”

Colin was helpless, “Women should be gentle.”

“What gentle!” Vanessa snorted, “We’ve been completely bullied and you ask me to be gentle!”

Nina looked at them, and asked, “Did something happen just now?”

Vanessa waved her hand, “We’ve just met two idiots.”

“Huh?” Vanessa was slightly startled.

Vanessa happened to turn her head and saw Benny and his girlfriend behind her.

When Benny saw Vanessa, he smiled sweetly and greeted her, “Pretty lady, what a coincidence!”

Seeing this, the seductive woman pulled Benny, “What are you doing? Your girlfriend is here!”

When she heard the seductive woman’s flirty voice, Benny got goosebumps all over his body, “What’s wrong with me greeting her?”

“You!” The seductive woman couldn’t do anything to Benny, so she turned her head and glared at Vanessa, “What a vixen!”

Nina subconsciously replied when she noticed and heard the words behind her, “You’re the vixen.”

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