Chapter 193 – 194: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 193: Who is richer?

At this point, the ranking list on the big screen was refreshed again!

It turned out that the 3 million donated by Jun Tong was overtaken by another person, and the donation amount rose to 6 million!

Everyone looked at the name behind the amount of the money, and was shocked.

Oh my god! Six million!

The adopted son-in-law should have donated six million!

God, this world is too crazy!

Where did he get so much money?

Did he steal the money?

The headteacher Lan Xia looked around, seeing that everyone was in great astonishment, and she raised her eyebrows and asked, “What’s wrong, what are you guys surprised for?!”

At this time, a girl said to Lan Xia: “Teacher… look at the big screen.”

Lan Xia walked to the classroom door and glanced at the outside, her eyes widened instantly.


At the top of the list, it was… Kris Chen!

Kris… he… he donated 6 million!

Lan Xia looked at Kris in disbelief.

At this time, Yanru Sima also looked shocked. He could donate six million at once.

How could Kris steal her cellphone? Did I get him wrong? Did he really picked up my phone instead of stealing it?

At this time, Yanru Sima had begun to question herself in mind.

In the shock of everyone, Fei Lin and Jiaojiao Lin were dumbstruck. They exchanged look at one another, just could not believe the fact.

Especially Fei Lin, who just took a video just now, now holding the mobile phone with a shivering hand.

This… how was this possible, how could he donate so much money!

At this time, Kris slowly walked to Jun Tong and said, “Do you still think the phone was stolen by me? Then you also give me six million, and I will steal a phone for you!” After Kris finished saying, the whole classroom was deadly quiet.

Jun Tong’s face turned into scarlet, furious at Kris!

Damn, where does this guy pop out? Yes, damn correct! This guy is an adopted son-in-law, it must be her wife’s money!

As Jun Tong gritted his teeth, he picked up his phone and donated another six million. This was the only six million he had. If he donated it, there would only be two million left in his card!

“Look, Brother Jun donated another 6 million!”

At this time, someone saw the refreshing of the big screen’s rankings and couldn’t help shouting.

At this time, Jun Tong ranked top again, and his donation amount became nine million.

Wow, filthy rich!

However, Jun Tong is willing to spend 9 million to do charity, it is really a good act!

It’s such a good-gentle-rich-man, and all young girl students looked at Jun Tong with a swooned face.

After Jun Tong donated the money, he suffered a lot of pain, after all, he lost the money, but he still pretended to be generous, and then took a mobile phone and shook it in front of Kris. He looked at Kris condescendingly. “Money, do not fuck with me here, I know that the six million you donated was your wife’s money! You are a great man, so great to the extent to spend a woman’s money!”

Jun Tong’s voice just fell, and everyone else came to believe Kris used his wife’s money.

Yes, such an adopted son-in-law, how could he get so much money. It must be his wife’s money.

Kris shrugged his shoulders and said, “You and I, Who is richer? You will see”. After that, Kris picked up his mobile phone and donated again.

An additional four million?!

Kris added another 4 million!

Oh fuck!

Plus the 6 million donated before, it was a total of 10 million!

At this point, everyone was speechless, dumbfounded.

Jun Tong was even dumbfounded.

Holy shit, was this guy going to risk his life for this?

Wouldn’t he use up all his wife’s money?

Now there were only 2 million left in Jun’s card!

Fuck, he absolutely did not want to fall behind Kris! As Jun Tong gritted his teeth, he donated his only two million.

At this moment, Jun Tong’s hands were shaking violently, 11 million, plus 18 million last night, it was 29 million!

He spent nearly 30 million in two days. If his father knew it, he would definitely give him a good beating.

“Look, Brother Jun returns to the top of the ranking list, and the total amount of his donation has reached 11 million.” Everyone present was moved and feeling great at Jun’s generous act.

At this time, Kris smiled softly and slowly said, “Jun Tong, we continue competing, OK?”

This Jun, who invited people for a lavish dinner at the Dynasty Hotel last night, and he almost couldn’t afford the bill. Now that he had donated 11 million, he must be running out of money now.

After this, Kris picked up his phone and transferred again! After three seconds, everyone in the classroom couldn’t help but get totally awestruck.

Jun Tong looked at everyone, and he did not know what happened outside, so he quickly looked out of the window.

He was dumbfounded when he fixed his stare at the big screen.

An Additional Ten Million.

Kris donated another 10 million, and the total donation amount reached 20 million at this time, ranking first in the list.

Looking at the dumb Jun Tong, Kris smiled softly and said: “Jun Tong, who is richer? We are doing charity, I don’t care about money I have donated, as long as you are willing to compete with me, go ahead.”

Kris’s voice was not loud, but everyone heard it clearly.

He had just finished speaking, all eyes fixed on Jun Tong.

“Kris… you…”

Jun Tong pointed at Kris but couldn’t say a word.

He was so anxious at this time that he had asked his father for 20 million for dinner last night.

His mother, who had scolded him lots of times, he felt shameful to see his parents.

If he dares to call his father to ask for money again, his father would definitely kill him!

Just when Jun Tong was at a loss, Kris walked slowly to Jun Tong and said with a smile: “Do you still believe it was me who stole the phone? You and me, who is richer? If you do not want to admit the face, we can continue the game.”

After saying that Kris donated another 5 million, three seconds later, Kris’s amount changed from 20 million to 25 million!

Everyone was stunned, they were shocked, and speechless.

“Did you see?” Kris smiled coldly: “Continue competing with me or apologize to me, is your choice. Just now, you spit on my face and insult me. If you don’t apologize, you are to suffer the same, it is your choice!”

“You…” Jun Tong was startled and angry: “You… how dare you!”

Before Jun Tong finished saying, Kris spat on Jun Tong’s face with a mouthful of saliva. What everyone did not expect was that Jun Tong fell back suddenly.

The left cheek instantly swelled, which was large enough that everyone could see it with naked eyes.

Before everyone came to realize it, and Kris spat in Jun again.


Jun Tong screamed, and his right cheek swelled.

Everyone was frightened there. Why was this a mouthful of saliva like bullets? Why was it so powerful!

In an instant, the classroom turned into silence.

Yanru Sima’s eyes shrunk: “A release of the Genuine Energy, the innate-power stage!”

She was surprised to see that this guy who was ridiculed and ridiculed by everyone is actually a master of the innate-power stage! She just could not believe it.

As expected.

“Kris Chen!”

At this moment, Lan Xia couldn’t help but snapped the lecture table: “How dare you to beat your classmate?”

She never thought that Kris would dare to hit someone in front of her!

Kris shrugged and said innocently: “Teacher, you saw it just now, he spat on me first. Everyone in the class saw it, OK? I am also your student. Besides, I didn’t hit him, I just spat on him, who knew he would act like that!”


Lan Xia’s chest was filled with anger, but she could not refute Kris, because Jun Tong indeed had spat in the face of Kris just now, and everybody saw it.

If she made a biased judgment, that would leave a negative impression on the students.

Thinking of this, Lan Xia frowned, but when Kris spat out just now, she obviously felt the fluctuation of Genuine Energy emitted.

Was this kid a top master of the innate-power stage? Because the two spit was so powerful, only top practitioners of the innate-power stage had such a great ability to manipulate something at will.

For a moment, Lan Xia looked at Kris and said: “Kris, you come with me.”

Kris shrugged and followed Lan Xia to the classroom door with an indifferent look on his face

“Kris, I will tell you one last time. You are not allowed to do it at school. You hear me?” Lan Xia’s voice was cold.

Kris nodded and said, “Yes, got it!”

Then he paused for a second and said, “Teacher, your look bad today, you fell uncomfortable? And, you seem to have fallen down to fulfilled period of the innate-power stage…”

When Lan Xia entered the classroom just a while ago, Kris looked at Lan Xia’s stage according to the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions and found that she was exactly the same as that written in the book


Lan Xia looked at Kris incredulously: “How did you know this?”

Chapter 194: Unexpected visitors

Lan Xia just fell back to the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage this morning. How did Kris find out that?

Kris sighed and said, “Teacher, I have reminded you last night that the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill is a waste pill which was ruined in the process of refining, but no one trusts me. The reason why you drop to the return-to-nature stage is that the poison in the pill is invading your eight extra meridians.”

Seeing Kris talking so seriously, Lan Xia’s heart trembled.

Is it really because of the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill?

“This waste Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting pill is quite toxic which will consume your Sturdy Energy, Genuine Energy and Inner Energy like maggots on tarsal, until you become a mortal, and even consume your energy and blood, making you premature aging. When your energy and blood are exhausted, you’ll die!”


Not only downgrading but also consuming energy and blood?

Lan Xia was shocked, and her eyes were full of fear.

She is outstanding both in aptitude and physical condition. There is a strong possibility that she will reach the back-to-self stage. That is the back-to-self stage! Maybe she even can reach the heaven-human-oneness stage like Land Authentic Immortal.

She is the youngest elder in Wuliangjian School, and she is even expected to be the next master who supervises professors. If she goes back to an ordinary person, everything she has will be gone.

Lan Xia went blank.

But after a moment, she calmed down and looked at Kris with intense scrutiny and said, “Is it that you deliberately fabricate it to frighten me?”

She frowned and thought that the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill is a well-known advanced pill which is recorded in the ancient book of Wuliangjian School, but why the book doesn’t mention that the Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting Pill has such serious side effects?

Don’t believe it?

Kris reluctantly smiled and said, “All is said. I can’t help if teacher doesn’t believe me. If you think it over, you can come to me, maybe I can help you!”

With that, Kris returned to the classroom.

Can he help me?

He was bragging!

What happened in the past two days made Lan Xia’s impression of Kris so bad, so she doubted what Kris had said, or it could be said that she didn’t believe it at all.

Although she didn’t believe it, Kris’s words were like The Sword of Damocles, hanging in her mind so that Lan Xia was absent-minded and distracted from time to time during this class.

If it is really like what he said, what should I do?

When Kris was drowsy, from somewhere came a note.

Oh, shit! Where did the note come from?

Kris felt quite puzzled. Opening it, there were a few beautiful words, clearly saying: “Kris, I wronged you before!”

Kris suddenly realized that it was Yanru Sima. He thought this young lady was arrogant, but unexpectedly she lowered her head to apologize to him.

Kris was a little attracted to Yanru, who looks beautiful but cold.

Kris sniggered. When he was thinking how to reply it, the mobile in his pocket vibrated.

Kris took out his phone and looked. Lin Li has sent more than ten messages to him without a break.

Kris clicked on them and found that they are all Lin Li’s apologies: Master, I am wrong. I… I will never deal with Tianba Li!

Kris sneered and didn’t reply. He didn’t want to teach Lin Li before. Moreover, she hurt his brother now. Want to learn to make pills of immortality? In your dreams!

Meanwhile, in the Chen family, after agreeing to abbess Qingyuan’s request, lord Chen arranged these female disciples of Emei School in the guest rooms of Chen’s manor.

Chen’s manor has been passed down for a hundred years which has special guest rooms and residence for the harem.

Therefore, lord Chen arranged those hungry followers of Emei School in residence for the harem.

And ordered that all followers of the Chen family shouldn’t disturb Emei’s follower’s austerity.

Meanwhile, abbess Qingyuan was meditating and chanting scriptures in the Mid-lake Pavilion in residence for the harem.

Dressed in a navy robe, her delicate features were so pretty, although without hair. Even that big robe can not cover her stunning and buxom figure. You can see how sexy she is!

Unknown to Qingyuan, there was a lecher peeping at her in the corner at this time whose shifty eyes were more than to rape Qingyuan,

Whom, but Quan Chen! Since Emei’s followers lived in Chen’s house, Quan Chen has been dreaming of meeting Emei’s beautiful female followers.

Beautiful! How beautiful she is!

Though Emei’s female disciples have long hair, abbess Qingyuan is so charming and sexy, especially Quan Chen has not flirted with a nun.

Absolutely, in Quan Chen’s eyes, abbess Qingyuan is just a nun.

Thinking of the Erotic Ghost Story he had watched before, he felt hot and excited. How wonderful it would be if he could have sex with Qingyuan!

“Master Chen.”

Just when Quan Chen was imaging sex, abbess Qingyuan who was meditating in the Mid-lake Pavilion, opened her eyes and stood up from the middle of the pavilion. walking over and swinging the Fly Whisk in her hand, she bowed and said, “Master Chen, what can I do for you?”

Quan Chen quickly wiped off his slavering and said seriously, “Abbess Qingyuan, I intend to hold a party to welcome you these two days once again. I was so busy yesterday that I just prepared some food. If the world knows it, they will think it’s we, the Chen family, who neglected you. So please do me a favor to come to the party with your followers two days later.”

Quan Chen said, looking Qingyuan over. The more he looked, the itchier he felt. What a beautiful woman!

Qingyuan thought about it and considered it not appropriate. It was very generous for the Chen family to provide us accommodation.

How can we bother them again?

“Master Chen, I appreciate your kindness, you don’t need…”

Before she finished her words, Quan Chen interrupted her with a smile, “It’s a pleasure, abbess. My family, the Chen family, a family of etiquette, is always hospitable. So please do me this favor.”


Qingyuan was a little hesitant. The Chen family has said so much about this. If she refuses again, it will make master Chen lose face. But in fact, Qingyuan prefers quietness to noise. And furthermore, the followers of Emei are all females. If they go to the party, it’s inevitable for them to drink.

Thinking of this, Qingyuan said, “Master Chen, please let me think about it.”

Although abbess Qingyuan didn’t accept the invitation immediately, Quan Chen believed that she will come.

After all, they are now living in the Chen family, and they will certainly rely on the Chen family in a lot of matters in the future. He believed that Qingyuan can definitely figure out the connections among them.

“Ok, I await your presence, respectively!” Quan Chen bowed and left.


Mary was called back home by Jane after a half day’s class.

It was because Jane had no money again.

Recently, the Squirrel Live Streaming Company, which Mary worked for, was supervised and investigated by the authorities, so it was under rectification.

She has not broadcast for several days: no live broadcast, no reward. No reward, no income.

What’s worse, since Mary went to The Academy of Six Major Schools to study, Jane, who was bored at home, became addicted to gambling, playing mahjong, playing cards and even pushing dots (a kind of way of playing mahjong which only involves dots) like others.

It is ok if she plays small, but Jane was thoughtless. She thought her daughter could earn a lot of money one day, so she didn’t care about winning or losing at all.

In addition, she was status-conscious and with bad luck, so sometimes, she lost more than one million a day.

Mary was confused when Jane called her to transfer money.

It’s ok if she is still broadcasting, but now the live broadcasting was stopped. All the money in her hand is used to buy a villa, so there is really not much money left.

And every time Jane asked her for money, it was more than a hundred thousand, sometimes more than a million. She really feels that she can’t afford it.

And today, Jane called her back again and asked her to give her money.

Mary persuaded Jane for a long time and said of a lot of disadvantages of gambling, but Jane was indifferent and just put down a sentence: “you’re making money. Besides, the money you make is all for me. Right?”

With that, she went upstairs, swiveling her hips to change clothes. If nothing else, she would go out to play cards after a while.

As expected, after a while, Jane came down from upstairs.

Mary looked at Jane and said, “Mom, are you going to play cards with those people?”

Jane quickly quibbled, “No, I asked my girlfriend to do a spa today. You should transfer 200,000 to me quickly! They’ll be impatient!”

Seeing her mom’s eyes, Mary knew that she was going to play cards. Just as she was trying to persuade her mother, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Who is it?

Is Kris back?

Mary was pleased and got up from the sofa soon.

Since Kris left angered by her mother, he hasn’t come back. Is he cooled down and back?

Thinking of this, Mary couldn’t help cheering. But when the door opened, her joy disappeared at once.

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