Chapter 193: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 193 Kerry Knew Her Secrets (1)
Kerry hadn’t spoken yet when Yiyao Mu suddenly said, “Why are you cursing me?”

Venus looked at her with a smirk, “I am just talking to Kerry. Did I curse you with that?”

“I know you’re beating around the bush to call me names,” Yiyao said. She used to argue with Venus in the Mu family and now with those cousins in the Fang family, so she was good at arguing.

In order to get close to Kerry, she came to Yehuang Group to work as a cleaner. Now that another woman appeared suddenly and Kerry very cared her, so Yiyao was very angry.

“And you admit you’re incapable, right?” Venus said sarcastically.

Yiyao’s face was red with anger. If Kerry weren’t here, she would have slapped Venus.

“I don’t want to argue with you. I know you’re just seducing my brother-in-law.” Yiyao said loudly.

“Yiyao Mu, shut up.” Kerry shouted in a cold voice.

“Did I say something wrong? Don’t let her looks fool you. She just likes your money.” Yiyao said.

Kerry really wanted to throw Yiyao out the door of the company.

Venus didn’t care at all about her words, “It seems necessary for me to introduce myself. I’m a shareholder of MK Group in Hong Kong, and a current partner of Yehuang Group. Our Chu family’s assets are not less than Ye family.”

Yiyao was stunned. She never heard of MK Group, but when she heard that the Chu family’s money was not less than the Ye family, her heart thumped. She thought the woman was just a good-looking person, but she didn’t expect her to have such background.

“Why are you still standing here? Don’t you go to work?” Kerry yelled at her, and he wanted to fire Yiyao tomorrow.

Yiyao held back her anger, looked at Venus, and then headed for the elevator.

As their fight ended, the employees watching from afar immediately hurried to leave, even the receptionist sat upright in her seat.

Kerry quickly looked at the bruise on her arm and whispered, “Come to my office. I have ointment.”

Venus pretended to pout, “Who is she? She’s so bossy. She’s the one who hit me and also blamed me.”

“She’s Venus’s cousin,” Kerry said with a sigh, “Venus and she aren’t close.

“Then why did you let her come to work for you?” Venus asked.

Kerry shrugged, “She came to my company yesterday with her mother and insisted on asking me to give her a job. She is Venus’s cousin, so I let her work in the company.”

“Yiyao must want to get in touch with Kerry.” Venus thought.

“I heard you say that she works in the logistics department. What does she do for a living?” Venus asked curiously.


“Cleaner?” Venus was taken aback.

“The HR manager interviewed her, and she didn’t know anything, so she has to do some manual labor.”

Venus agreed with this statement. Yiyao attended a general technical college through the back door. Four years ago, her father hadn’t been able to afford to send his daughter to a good school.

“You can let her serve tea for you.”

Kerry looked down at her deeply and said, “The purpose of her coming to my company is to get close to me. I can’t give her that opportunity.”

“Then you can just let her leave.”

“I’ll have her out of the company tomorrow.”

Venus relaxed. She really hated Yiyao. She was afraid that Yiyao would harass Kerry.

At the office, Kerry put the papers on the desk, then took out a small bottle of ointment from the drawer and applied medicine to her wound. “Does it hurt?” He asked.

“No, it doesn’t hurt.” Venus looked down at the bottle of ointment that Dr. Han had made. She didn’t know he kept a bottle in his office.

When Kerry rubbed the ointment on her arm she felt comfortable with the wound.

“Why are you so busy these days? You didn’t even have time to have dinner with me.” Kerry asked.

“My brother lets me learn how to run a company. This morning this paper was supposed to be delivered by Shixuan Tang, but I snatched it up.” Venus said with a smirk.

“Your brother wants to train you to be a strong woman.” Kerry said.

“This is my family’s business. I have to know something about it.”

After Kerry had applied the medicine to the injuries on both her arms, he was about to apply it to her knee as well, and Venus said suddenly, “I can do it myself. No need to bother you. You go ahead and get busy.”

“I don’t work much in the morning.” Kerry said, “Just let me help you, okay?”

Venus had to agree. She remembered what she had discussed with Xuan and asked cautiously, “Kerry, I have something that need your help.”

Hearing that her tone was serious, he looked up at her and said, “What? As long as I can help you, I will help you.”

“Our MK’s investment in building an amusement park is our first project to in the mainland. In the future, we will come here to invest more, but unfortunately we know few people here and have no connections, so I want you to introduce us to other businessmen.” This was what Xun had taught Venus to say, and she had memorized it several times.

Kerry heard this and then smiled, “That’s what your brother told you to say it, right?”

Venus laughed as well, “Yes, my brother doesn’t like to beg people’s help, so it’s just me to say it.”

“How would you like to get to know them?” Kerry asked.

Venus saw him agree, suppressing her ecstasy and smiling lightly, “Can you have a party at your house? You can invite all the celebrities from Sky City over. Of course we’ll pay for the party.”

Kerry frowned at her with dissatisfaction in her eyes, “I can afford to pay for that. But there has to be a reason for inviting them to attend the party.”

“When’s your birthday?” Venus asked.

“March, but it has passed.” As he spoke, Kerry finished wiping all the wounds, “I’ll think of a reason for the party and call you then.”

“You’d better not wear a skirt these days.” he said suddenly.

Venus was surprised, “Why can’t I wear a skirt?”

Kerry pointed to her knee, “This ointment can’t heal the injuries instantly. Your knee may be still bruised this afternoon.”

Venus looked down, still not understanding what he meant, “But why can’t I just wear a skirt?”

Kerry looked at her face and smiled, “What will people think when your knee is bruised?”

Venus still didn’t understand, “What will people think when my knee is bruised?”

Chapter 193 Kerry Knew Her Secrets (2)

Suddenly she remembered what she used to do when she and Kerry were in bed and her face instantly turned red, “Kerry, don’t tease me.”

Kerry laughed and leaned in to her, “I’m telling you this out of kindness and not to make fun of you.”

Venus’s face was still very red from shyness and Kerry couldn’t resist kissing her on the lips.

Venus was surprised and tried to push him away with both hands, but Kerry didn’t even give her the chance. When he stopped kissing her, Venus gasped, “We’re in the office now, aren’t you afraid people will see you kissing me?”

Kerry touched her red lips with a finger, and smiled, “I need you to repay me for throwing your brother a party.”

“How do you want me to repay you?” sad Venus.

“Don’t leave and just stay at the villa after the party, okay?” Kerry’s voice was low.

Venus blushed and nodded.

Kerry looked at her lovingly, resisting the urge to kiss her again.


At this moment, Yiyao Mu was under severe blame downstairs

“Because you are late, all the people have increased their workload today. Now you go clean the restroom.” The middle-aged woman said angrily. She hated this woman now.

Yiyao came to the fifth floor with anger, and then kicked open the door of the restroom.

A scream came from inside, “Who’s out there?”

“It’s none of your business.” Yiyao shouted at the inside.

The woman inside quickly came out. She looked at the clothes she was wearing, knowing she was the cleaning staff on this floor. She immediately became angry, “What’s wrong with you?”

“You, get out of here.”Yiyao glared at her. Then she walked to the sink, but she didn’t know what to do.

The woman stomped her foot, “You …… I’m going to file a complaint against you.”

Of course, Yiyao didn’t care any complaint. What she was annoyed about now was where exactly to start cleaning the restroom.

While Yiyao was still cleaning the restroom, in less than two hours, the head of the logistics department received four complaint calls, all of them complaining about her.

Some complained that Yiyao had deliberately splashed the water on them, and some complained that she had abused them.

The middle-aged woman came to the fifth floor and was very angry when she saw that the restroom was full of water and the toilet cubicle was in a mess. But Yiyao was sitting in the corridor playing with her phone.

After the middle-aged woman calmed herself down in the corridor, she walked over and said in a cold voice, “Yiyao Mu, what’s going on in the restroom?”

“I’m flushing the toilet with water.” Yiyao’s eyes didn’t leave her phone.

“Why didn’t you use a mop?”

“Why use a mop when I can flush it with water?” said Yiyao. She didn’t want to touch that dirty mop.

The middle-aged woman felt she had used up all the patience of her life, “What if people slip and fall due to water on the ground?”

It was only then that Yiyao gave her a disdainful glance, “What’s it got to do with me if they fall?”

“You ……” the middle-aged woman was completely speechless. She suppressed the urge to beat her. “You don’t need to come to work tomorrow. We don’t need you in the logistics department.”

Then Yiyao put down her phone and laughed contemptuously, “You have no right to let me go. Mr. Ye is my brother-in-law, he made me work here.”

“If he were your brother-in-law, why does he make you clean restrooms?” The middle-aged woman said sarcastically and continued, “The internship was supposed to be a week long, but you ended it early. Get out of here now.”

After saying that, the middle-aged woman turned around and left, leaving Yiyao alone and angry.

She had promised Kerry yesterday that she wouldn’t talk back to her boss, but now she’d forgotten all about it. The bad temper she had been accustomed to for over twenty years and it couldn’t be changed at once.

“Mr. Sun, please fire Yiyao Mu. Our Logistics Department doesn’t need her.” The middle-aged woman said angrily.

The HR manager was stunned. “What’s going on?”

After the middle-aged woman told him what Yiyao had done, she said, “I don’t care what relationship she has with Ye. In short, we don’t need her in our department.”

Mr. Sun sighed long, “Ok, I’ll go ask Mr. Ye for his opinion.”

“Please let her leave as soon as possible. I really don’t want to see her.”

The HR manager thought for a long time in his office before going to Kerry’s office.


Venus was about to leave, but Kerry asked her stay with him in the name of discussing work. He insisted on inviting her to have lunch with him before sending her back.

Venus was reading a file with Kerry when Mr. Sun knocked on the office door and then came in.

“What’s up?” Kerry asked.

“The Logistics Department received four complaint calls in the morning, all of which were against Yiyao Mu. Her manager also just came to me to express that she is not suitable to work in the Logistics Department.”

“Then just fire her. Don’t bother me with such trivial matter.”

As soon as Mr. Sun heard that, he nodded, “Okay, I’ll get on it.”

“I don’t even have to make up excuses to kick her out.” Kerry said to Venus.

“You make a young girl clean up the restroom, so she won’t be able to stand it.”

“There’s no such thing as a high or low job, the difference is the way you treat your work. If Yiyao Mu really gets down working in the logistics department, maybe I’ll look at her with new eyes.”

Downstairs, Yiyao was confused for a few seconds after receiving the notification from the HR department. She couldn’t believe that middle-aged woman actually asked Kerry to fire her.

She wanted to go find Kerry, but the HR department arranged two security guards to block her way.

“You are fired, so please leave here now.” The middle-aged woman shoved her bag into her hands and said to her as she turned around, “You can have the uniform you’re wearing, keep it as a souvenir.”

“You guys get out of my way. I’m going to see my brother-in-law.” Yiyao shouted at the two security guards.

The two men looked at each other, and then grabbed one of her arms and dragged her straight into the elevator, throwing her out of the company.

“Don’t let this woman in again, or your half-year bonus will be deducted.” One of the security guards said to the subordinate at the door.

“Yes, Sir.”

Standing in front of the company, Yiyao was yelling at these people. She had never been humiliated like this in her life.

“What can I do now? I’m going to lose this only chance to reach Kerry?” Yiyao said to herself. “No, I can’t just give up.”

She decided to wait for Kerry at the door.

She stood at the door and waited for a long time, but finally it was time for the office staff to finish work at noon. When Kerry walked out of the company, Yiyao saw him right away, but he was accompanied by the woman she hated.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 193 Kerry Knew Her Secrets (3)
“I don’t want to go to that place again. It’s a little spicy. How about just eating nearby and then you can send me to the hotel.”


As soon as Kerry Ye came out, Yiyao Mu pounced on him, still wearing the uniform of the company’s cleaning staff.

“Brother-in-law.” Yiyao’s eyes were filled with tears, and her tone was unexplainably aggrieved.

Kerry, however, looked at her coldly, “What are you doing here?”

“Brother, they kicked me out, but I didn’t mean to mess up. I’ve never done this kind of work before, so I’m still learning.” Yiyao was saying as tears ran down.

Venus who was standing beside her really admired her for this kind of skill of crying so abruptly.

Kerry was indifferent to her tears, “I’m only responsible for the appointment and dismissal of the managerial level. The rest belongs to the HR department. I can’t interfere in this.”

“But, brother, you’re the CEO. They’ll definitely listen to you.”

“Yiyao, you’re not qualified enough to wish me do that for you.” Kerry said indifferently.

Yiyao froze, for her tears had always been a powerful weapon, especially to men, but why it’s no use for him?

“Brother, please help me. Mom and I are really desperate.” Yiyao tried to come up to grab Kerry arm, but he was agile to dodge it.

“You can marry a rich man so that you won’t starve to death.” \ Venus suddenly spoke up. She still remembered how Xinyi Fang and Changrui Mu convinced herself to marry Kerry.

Looking at Venus with strong hatred, she knew she couldn’t retort.

“Actually, it’s a bit difficult to marry a young and rich one, but you can marry an old man, who also have children.” Venus ignored her reaction, saying directly.

“Hey, didn’t I just bump into you this morning? Why are you always targeting at me?” Yiyao said angrily.

Venus shrugged, “I’m not. You said you’re about to starve to death, I’m just giving you a suggestion. You can’t take it if you don’t feel it good.”

Yiyao was completely pissed off. Venus was mocking her.

“It has nothing to do with you, please shut up.” Yiyao shouted at her.

“OK.” Venus then said to Kerry, “Let’s go. I’m starving.”

“OK.” Kerry didn’t pay any more attention to Yiyao and at this time, the driver drove the car over.

“Brother, can’t you help me again?” Yiyao were still trying.

“I helped you, but you didn’t cherish it, so I won’t give you another chance. Yiyao, don’t come back to Yehuang. I don’t want to see you again.” After saying that, Kerry got into the car and went away.

Looking at the car disappearing, she burst into tears. Now she was really sad.

Why couldn’t she meet such a good man? Why did she have to suffer this?

The place to eat was not far away. Kerry ordered some food and asked Venus, “I see that you are usually a very amiable person and also very generous, why do you seem to be a bit sharp to her today?”

“Really?” Venus was inexplicably nervous. Undoubtedly, she had a lot of mixed feelings towards Yiyao, but she had already told herself not to show too much. “Maybe it’s because I hate this kind of woman, preposterous, unreasonable, and always act as if everyone in the world should surround her and listen to her.”

Hearing this, Kerry then asked, “You’ve met this kind of woman before?”

“Yes. When I was in school, I got screwed over by this kind of person, so I’m not happy to see her.” Venus boldly admitted it. Anyway, he couldn’t look into it.

Kerry nodded, “Because you’re all women. I can understand.”

Venus was tempted to say that it had nothing to do with this and it was purely annoying. However, she didn’t want to dwell on this topic, lest Kerry find out anything.

At this time, however, Kerry knew something. They only met twice, but she could accurately tell her personality. It’s interesting.

Kerry always did what he promised. When Venus asked him to make a blind date for Xuan Chu, the next day, Kerry invited all the gentries and dignitaries in A City to come to Ye’ s villa for a banquet and the reason was simple—friends hadn’t gathered together for a long time, so it’s the time.

Xuan Chu knocked on Venus’s door, “Tomorrow night.”

“Seriously?” Venus was surprised.

Xuan Chu entered the door, “Let’s talk about tomorrow’s plan and you’d better draw a map of Ye’ s villa, so I can have an understanding.”

“No problem.” Venus took out her design book, tearing a piece of paper and started drawing. She had lived in Ye family for so long that she knew every corner. She didn’t even bother to recall.

In a few minutes, Venus gave the map to Xuan Chu, whose eyes lit up as he saw it, “You’re really good at it.”

“I studied in design, and drawing is the foundation.” Venus pointed to the map with a pencil and explained to him where the bedroom was, where the study was and where the living room was.

“Based on what you know about Kerry, where is he most likely to put his things?” Xuan Chu asked.

Venus frowned, “Seriously, I don’t know him very well because he gives me a very bad impression, and I don’t want to know anything about him.”

Xuan Chu was astonished, for this was the first time he heard her talking about Kerry. Every time he watched her interact with Kerry and he thought they had a good relationship.

“Give me a direction. I can’t search for every part of his house in one night under his nose.”

Venus thought seriously, “I think it’s the study. There are only two places where Kerry spends the longest time in the house, one is the study and the other is the bedroom. His bedroom can be seen clearly and I even burned it once and at that time, he wasn’t in a hurry to protect anything. So I think it’s the study.”

“You burned his bedroom?” Xuan Chu was shocked.

But Venus said indifferently, “Yes, unfortunately, only half of it.”

“Why did you burn his bedroom?”

“Oh, that’s a long story. It was a very dark time and I’m not really interested in recalling it all over again. How about skipping this?”

Xuan Chu also found himself a little off topic, awkwardly smacking his lips and returning his gaze to the map, “Then I’ll explore the study first.”

“Usually the door of the study is unlocked, and no one dares to go in. But there will be many people at the villa tomorrow, and I wonder if John will lock it.”

Xuan Chu didn’t care about it at all, “Don’t worry about that. As long as it’s not a combination lock, normal locks can’t be difficult for me.”

Venus was surprised. He was the young master of Chu family, so how could he know this?

Xuan Chu glanced at her, clearly not wanting to answer her.

“After Kerry and I separate tomorrow, your main task is to pester him and distract him so that he won’t notice my disappearance.”

“Ok, I will.” Venus sat lazily on the sofa without a mask.

Xuan Chu couldn’t help but look at her a few more times. In fact, after looking at her for a long time, he found that she was still very adorable, not as ugly as the first time he saw her.

“By the way.” Venus suddenly remembered something and said, “Ye family’s security is still very tight and you have to be careful. Don’t let them catch you.”

Xuan Chu thought she was going to say something, but he didn’t think it was this.

Rich families always have tight security.

“I see. I’ll take this map. Good night.”

“Bye.” Venus waved her hand, not meaning to get up to see him off.

After spending a few days together, Xuan Chu had gotten used to her straightforwardness and got up to leave.

Perhaps because of Xuan Chu’s mention, for a whole night, Venus’s dreams were filled with memories of the past, horrible memories about Kerry, Xinyou Qiao, Kevin, and her brother.

In the early morning, Venus woke up from a nightmare. The westward slanting gauzy moonlight came in through the window and she covered her thumping heart, dull and uncomfortable.

She used Yan Chu’ s identity to seduce him, and he was tender and gentle to her, and sometimes Venus couldn’t help but indulge herself in it, almost forgetting that there was actually a deep grudge between him and her.

She would not fall in love with him, and she couldn’t.

Even if Venus smiled at him, kissed him and slept with him, she could never fall in love with him, or she would be condemned day and night.

On the afternoon of the party, Venus went to buy a dress, a very simple and generous one. According to Chu Yan’s looks, even the most ordinary clothes could attract many people’s attention.

Xuan Chu instead wore a suit, on a hot day.

The black Bentley drove quickly towards Ye family, and the two people in the car were chatting.

“Don’t you feel hot?” Venus teased him.

“I have to. Hey, you’re still making fun of me, who am I doing this for?” Xuan Chu raised his eyebrows and asked with a smile.

Venus raised her hands in surrender, “Ah, I’m sorry.”

“But you represent our Chu family at least, why don’t you buy a more gorgeous dress?” Xuan Chu sized up her dress. Although it was pretty, it was ultimately a bit plain, like a bunch of lilies were secretly blooming.

Venus squinted, “Brother, your sister is born with elegance. Even if she wears a white T-shirt, she still will be the center.”

Xuan Chu harrumphed and said with a double meaning, “Who are you praising?”

“Of course, me.” “Narcissist.”

When the car arrived at Ye’ s villa, there were already quite a few people inside, and Venus saw many familiar faces in a glance. Of course, they were influential and respectable people in A City.

Venus whispered to Xuan Chu, “Xuan Chu, your idea of letting Kerry arrange such a date for you is actually killing two birds with one stone, right.”

“That’s right.” Xuan Chu didn’t hold back. It’s true to find the treasure map for her, but it’s also true to use this opportunity to strengthen the powerful elite in this city, so why not do it at the same time?

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