Chapter 193: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 193 Is the competition on?

Vanessa Liu refrained herself from bursting into a loud guffaw. Instead, she sneered: “Nina, they are but two gooses.”

Nina White was like suddenly enlightened and looked at them threateningly.

The enchanting woman bit her lips and remained silent; she knew who Nina White was, so she dared not to provoke her.

Embarrassed, Benny Wan bellowed: “Zip your mouth and stop embarrassing me!”

The woman had no choice but to obey; “Hum!” she sniffed and said no more.

Vanessa Liu and Nina White exchanged a look at each other then looked at the two behind them consciously and smiled in tacit agreement.

Colin Ward felt they were up to something. “What are you doing? Why are you so mysterious?”

Vanessa Liu coughed gently and said. “You’ll see.”

Benny Wan felt aggrieved.

Vanessa Liu and Nina White’s beauty was a rare sight of view; a lot of men would have put up a fierce fight in order to stay with them for a moment; but now they were standing by the sides of that poor loser.

Why was that?

What good had that loser done to deserve this?

And the woman standing besides him was completely overshadowed by Vanessa Liu and Nina White.

Why can’t he be blessed with such good luck?

“The next item, which you must have all heard of and will be a hit for every audience here tonight, is our ‘Star of the Ocean’, designed and created by the famous jewellery designer Victoirede Castellane.”

“The main stone is made of natural sapphire, weighing 35 carats originally. After design and cutting,it is 5.9 carats now. The unique inspiration of the designer perfectly highlights the beauty of sapphire like the grand ocean, which is deep and mysterious.”

“Whether to collect it or send it to your wife or girlfriend as a gift, it would be such a precious; auction begins, starting price– five million.”

Colin Ward had not been very interested in any jewellery but the stone did intrigue her with that mysterious blue.

It would match Doris Lee perfectly; thought Colin Ward.

He had barely bought her any jewellery except that necklace set with aquamarines, so Colin Ward thought about buying it and sending to her as a gift.

A heated discussion was set off in the audience.

“Whoa, natural sapphire, how valuable!”

“The grain, it looks perfect!”

“This is worth collecting.”


Colin Ward thought to himself, ‘it won’t be easy.’

Behind him, the seductive woman swung an arm of Benny Wan and said, “Benny, can you buy it for me? I want it…”

Benny Wan fought back his nausea, calmly got rid of her clasps and coughed, “Wait, let me try.”

As a rich man, it was the perfect timing to show off his generosity especially in front of the ladies and the loser?

Nothing spoke louder than money; Vanessa Liu would realize that as well.

“Six million!”

Benny Wan did not hesitate to bid.

Colin Ward looked back and raised his eyebrows slightly.

Benny Wan gave Colin Ward a provocative look. “Poor guy,” he said, “does such a high price frighten you?”

Nina White was a bit puzzled; did Colin Ward look like a poor guy? Although his dresses did look a bit too ordinary!

But any way, Colin Ward looked smart and decent to Nina White.

“Colin Ward, look at this sapphire. It is indeed beautiful? Buy it?”

“Gift it to your wife! She would love it!”

Colin Ward felt a bit overwhelmed by their request; he did have the intention to buy it, but Vanessa Liu sounded more eager than him?

Without a second thought, Colin Ward bid “Eight million!”

Benny Wan and the woman by his side opened their rounded eyes.

“Are you being serious?”

“It is not a game; you have to pay for it later!”

“None of your business,” Colin Ward replied dryly.

“Hum! That should have been my word to you; because, in the end, the stone would be mine; none of your business!” Benny Wan looked at Colin Ward with pride.

Vanessa Liu immediately chimed in: “Come on, shut the fuck up and bring it on?”

“Yes, money talks, no you.” Added Nina White.

Colin Ward found it a bit incredulous.

Nina White would say that as well? He can’t believe it.

The woman and Benny Wan were as if pricked by their words.

She completely forgot the identity of Nina White and said with sarcasm and pride, “Do you know who he is? He’s the crown prince of the Wanxing Trading Company. Money? You are talking about money in front of him?”

“Open your eyes and what how I took the sapphire!” Said Benny Wan, grandly.

Nina White and Vanessa Liu was not impressed at all. “I’m sorry, but we don’t believe you.”

Benny Wan and the woman gritted their teeth to swallowed their curse and held up the sign, bidding: “ten million!”

All the other audience looked at him in surprise.

Was this man being serious?

At the beginning, other people bid as well; but after noticing it was Colin Ward, they were all silenced. They realized It was not their game!

But was this man silly enough to bid against Colin Ward again and again?

Benny Wan looked at Colin Ward with his face full of satisfaction of triumph.

Colin Ward looked plain. “You’ve got something.”

The sapphire looked good, and he did want to gift it to Doris Lee, but it wasn’t worth it if the price was highly raised, and he could have give Doris Lee other jewelry, not necessarily this one.

Benny Wan looked at Colin Ward with a victorious attitude, then at Vanessa Liu and Nina White. “See? That’s mine, mine only!” He said.

“Exactly.” The woman by his side shared his victory by saying: “What losers like you could do is watch.”

The host started counting down: “ten million once, ten million twice…”

“Eleven million!

Vanessa Liu held up the sign.

Benny Wan and the woman’s smirk froze on their faces.

Colin Ward looked a bit helpless. “Why are you still bidding?” he asked.

“Aren’t you going to buy it for Doris?” Vanessa Liu defended herself.

Nina White nodded. “Yes, Mrs. Ward will love it.”

Colin Ward felt Nina White was a completely stranger to him now. What were they thinking?

The audience were awed by what they did as well.

“Is the competition on?”

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