Chapter 194: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 194 This was my child (1)
As soon as the two entered the villa, they attracted people there. Not only because of their outstanding looks, but also because they were strange and mysterious to these big shots in A City.

Kerry Ye was talking to a business tycoon and when he saw them, he said, “Make yourself at home.” and strode over, reaching out to shake Xuan Chu’ s hand, and said, “How are you? Do you like it?”

“I love this, thank you for your help.” Xuan Chu said sincerely.

Kerry looked at the radiant Venus and smiled, “You’re welcome. We shall help each other.”

Xuan Chu smiled indifferently, of course he knew what agreement had been made between Kerry and Venus, but that was their couple’s affair, and the three of them just got what they wanted.

Because it was summer, it would be hot even with powerful air conditioning, for there were so many people indoors. Therefore, Kerry held the banquet directly on the green lawn, with buffet, wine and melodious piano music. Next to it was the flowery garden and not far away there was a clear artificial lake…

“What are you always looking at me?” Venus followed Kerry and Xuan Chu towards the central venue, while sensing his gaze and asked in a small voice.

“Nothing, you’re pretty today.” Kerry said with a smile. She had always been the focus of the crowd, even if she did a little make-up today, her elegance couldn’t be suppressed.

Venus raised her eyebrows, “I thought you were going to say the same thing as my brother.”

“Oh? What did he say?” “He said I was dressed like a nun, too plain.”

Kerry curled his lips and laughed inwardly.

How could she look like a nun? She was clearly a baby deer in the forest.

A melodious piano music ended and Kerry went onto the stage to take the microphone, outstanding. Many women fixed their eyes on him.

“Thank you all for coming. We have worked together in A City for so many years and there has been friction and cooperation, but I hope that tonight, we all put aside the past and have a happy evening. Thank you all.”

The enthusiastic applause ended and Kerry began his mission for the night—taking Xuan Chu around to socialize.

“Uncle Li, long time no see, I’m glad you come.” Kerry shook hands with a middle-aged man.

“Not everyone can receive an invitation from you. Mr. Ye, it’s an honor for me.” The man shook his hand warmly.

Kerry smiled politely and began to introduce for the two people, “Xuan Chu, this is Huatai company’s Mr. Li, specializing in hardware, but also real estate. He not only monopolizes all the hardware market in A City, but also famous around the whole country. Uncle Li, Xuan Chu is the young master of Hong Kong MK company, and now we are working together on an amusement park project.”

Xuan Chu stretched out his hand, “Hello, Mr. Li. In the future we hope to work with you.”

Mr. Li shook his hand, “I’ve heard of MK company for a long time ago, but I didn’t expect the young master to be so young and promising. I also hope to work with you.”

Seeing the two chatting happily, she found a quiet place to rest. But it’s not easy to find a such place and soon a young man with a red wine came over.

“Why is the beauty here alone?”

Venus looked at him, who was quite familiar and she should have seen him before.

“I don’t like crowded places.”

“What a coincidence. Me too.” The man kept looking at her bright face, “May I know your name?” “My surname is Chu.”

The young man was slightly surprised, “I just heard that the man next to Mr. Ye is also surnamed Chu, and the two of you are…”

“He’s my brother.” Venus said with a smile on her face.

“Ah, Miss Chu, nice to meet you. My surname is Zhou and here’s my business card.” The young man served a business card with both hands, which Venus didn’t want to take, but now that she was Yan Chu and she had to take a look at it. He seemed to be a director of a company.

He should be a rich second generation.

“Sorry, I don’t have a business card.” Venus pretended to be sorry, but she actually didn’t want to give him her phone number.

The man was also very graceful and didn’t dwell on it, “Miss Chu, are you still used to living here?”

“I’m well adapted, so there’s no discomfort.” Though she was talking to him, she couldn’t stop looking at Kerry and Xuan Chu. At this time, they were already the most shining star. She had to admit that Xuan Chu was really good at socializing. In just ten minutes, he was surrounded by many people, sometimes talking freely, sometimes listening carefully. Besides, he was good-looking and standing next to Kerry didn’t make him less attractive.

The young man followed her gaze, joking, “Your brother is going to be the dream lover of many women.”

Venus was surprised.

“See.” The man pointed to the corner where there were more females, and sure enough, they were all gazing at Xuan Chu and Kerry.

Venus burst into laughter and teased, “How do you know they’re not looking at Kerry but my brother?”

The man was a little surprised that she called Kerry instead of Mr. Ye and he explained, “Maybe you haven’t stayed here for too long. Mr. Ye loves his wife so much. Although his wife went abroad to study, but there was no gossip about him. He never allows any woman to come to him, which is already known to all. So, I think they are looking at your brother.”

Venus was startled, but she didn’t catch the thing he wanted to express. It turned out that that’s the public opinion towards Kerry. It turned out that everyone thought that she had gone abroad to study.

How could they believe such a stupid lie?

Kerry, who was standing in the center of the crowd, saw that Yan Chu looked happy and understood that he was no longer needed here, so he was ready to leave. Sweeping the crowd, he soon found Yan Chu, as well as the man beside her.

Kerry came out of the crowd and grabbed a glass of juice and walked over.

Seeing Kerry coming, he greeted and soon left.

“What are you guys chatting about? You look really happy.” Kerry gave her the juice in his hand.

Venus smiled brightly and said, “Nothing, just talking. Why do you come here?”

“I came over to keep you company in case you may feel boring.”

“Thank you then.” Venus smiled.

Kerry was dazed as he looked into these eyes, for he had never seen such happiness in these eyes, mischievous with joy.

“What?” Venus’s panicked as he stared at her, not knowing what this guy was thinking.

Kerry somehow felt ached inside. He wanted to keep seeing these eyes, instead of helplessness, despair or deep hatred.

“Nothing. What do you want to eat? I’ll go get some for you.” Kerry said in a low voice.

“No, thank you. I’ll do it myself if I want. You don’t have to do anything for me. I won’t be able to have a quiet night and there must be people watching me everywhere I go.” Venus was telling the truth. Right now, there are already many men and women looking over, who were now creating some stories in their minds.

In people’ s opinion, Kerry was cold and arrogant, not close to women, but tonight he was with Xuan Chu and now he was standing with Yan Chu and joking. Naturally people would think a lot.

However, none of them could influence Kerry, who only cared about the things and people he cared about.

“Well, if you’re really bored, you can go to the villa and rest. You’re familiar with this place anyway.”

“I know. You should go to your guests, you’re the host tonight.”

Kerry gazed at her, whose pink lips were glistening seductively in the soft light, making him so badly to take a bite now.

“Call me if you need anything.”

“I know, please go. If you don’t go, I’m going to go crazy with their looks.” Venus urged him to leave.

Kerry smiled helplessly and turned into the crowd.

Venus had no intention of talking with these people and walked alone towards the lake.

She suddenly remembered that it was once such a lively night too, when a man told her by the lake that he liked her and wanted to take her with him.

Now that she thought about it, this was like something that had happened in her last life. She didn’t know if he’s doing well or if he’s found a girl who liked him and he liked her.

He was so warm, and he deserved a better love.

The wind blew and the music was keeping coming though the wind and Mu Venus keeped looking at her phone. It was already two hours and if they didn’t start, it would be over.

When she looked at her phone again, she received a message from Xuan Chu, with only one word—start.

Venus took a deep breath, drinking all the juice in her glass in one gulp, and started to call Kerry.

The phone rang three times before getting through, “Hello?”

“I have a stomachache, at the lake.” Venus said with a frown.

The smile on Kerry’ s face didn’t change, but there was a tension in his voice, “I’ll be right there.”

A minute or two later, Venus saw him running over, so she even covered her belly and lay down on the chair.

“What happened?” Kerry helped her up and saw that she was crying with tears in her eyes.

“My stomach hurts.” She said in aggravation.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 194 This Was My Child (2)
Kerry couldn’t bear to see her cry, “I’ll carry you back in your bed and call Dr. Han.”

“No.” Venus hurriedly pressed his hand and said, “It’s just an old symptom, I’ll be fine after a while.”

Chu might be in the villa now, what if he ran into them when Kerry carried her in?

“Really?” Kerry still looked worried.

Venus took his hand and placed it on her belly, “It’s better now. I guess it’s probably because I just drank cold juice. You can help me warm up my stomach.”

Kerry sat down beside her smoothly, “Can’t you drink cold juice? Why didn’t you say just now?”

“I haven’t been like that for a long time, and I really want to drink some.” Venus put her head on his shoulder. The heat from Kerry’s hands continued to warm her up, which made her a little hot.

“Don’t do that again, don’t drink if you can’t.”

“Well, I know, would it be a little impolite to call you out like this?” Venus asked cautiously.

Kerry breathed a sigh of relief, “It’s fine, I’m also a bit bored, I just happen to accompany you here and enjoy a quiet moment. Are you sure you don’t want Dr. Han to take a look?”

Venus shook her head, “There’s no need to do that, I know my body.”

Seeing that she was stubborn, Kerry stopped his words and accompanied her to cool off. He preferred to sit here than staying in the noise.

On the other side, as soon as Kerry left, Xuan immediately slipped into Ye family. He quickly found the study in the third floor by his acute movements and familiarity toward the room.

The door was locked, Xuan took out a small wire and slightly opened it, he rushed into the study and closed the door.

The study was small and dim for the lights were not on. Xuan adapted for a moment before he could barely see the layout of the room.

It was impossible to see things in such way, he couldn’t even find the switches. So he opened the torch on the phone for he couldn’t just turn on the lights.

Venus had checked all the shelves and drawers, so Xuan only focused his attention on finding the secret door on the wall. He finally heard something different behind the Chinese painting.

He knocked again and convinced himself that there was something behind the wall. But, how could he open it?

Chu’s intuition told him that the switch was on the bookshelf, but in which row?

It shouldn’t be in the middle for it was too easy to be found, so it must be at the top or at the bottom. Thinking this, Xuan picked up all the books on the lowest layer, but nothing was found.

Then, when he started to check the highest layer, footsteps were heard from outside.

John was inspecting the entire villa, and he found faint light in the study. So he came to check, but the door was open and nobody was in it.

He remembered that he had obviously locked the door, could it be that the Young Master came in later?

After a round check, John found no one, but the window was opened. He alertly went over to look outside, only to see a brilliantly lighted party not far away.

“Why is the window open?” John suspected that someone had sneaked into the study, and immediately closed the windows and door, then he informed Henry, “I suspect that someone has sneaked in, be cautious, and don’t disturb the guests.”

“Copy that.”

John stood in the doorway of the study and recalled carefully that he had indeed closed the windows and door of the study in the evening, and now they were both opened, so if it wasn’t the Young Master, then someone must have broken in.

Someone was trying to find something in the study.

Xuan was relieved with his hands grabbing the window. He jumped a few steps, and disappeared in the darkness.

This was not in vain. At least he knew that there was indeed a secret door in the study. Venus could go to find it the next time herself. She could find it for the study was small.


Beside the lake.

Venus seemed to enjoy the date, but actually all she was thinking was Xuan. She didn’t know whether he had done his work smoothly.

At this time, John came over form distance and shouted, “Young Master.”

Kerry turned his head to look at John who was hesitated. Kerry understood and patted Venus’s hands and said, “I have some things to deal with, just sit here for a while.”

Venus smiled and nodded her head, but her was actually very nervous.

She observed them. Kerry became very serious after hearing John’s words, and he also said something and then John left.

Venus clutched her hands tightly with sweats all over her body. When Kerry came over, she hurriedly released her hands and wiped them by her bag.

“What happened? Why you look so upset?” Venus still smiled as she asked, but only God knew how nervous she was.

“Just a small thing, a burglar come in.” Kerry said simply.

“A thief? He must be so foolish to come to Ye’s house. Have you catch him?”

“No, I ask John to keep an eye on him, it’s not advisable to make a fuss with so many people here.”

Hearing this, Venus was relieved.

“It’s getting late, I have to send my guests away, you ……”

“I’ll go to the room myself, you don’t have to worry about me.” Venus interrupted him immediately.

“Well, I’ll come to you later.”

Kerry kissed her on the forehead, and then turned back to send the guests. Only when he was far away did Venus took out her phone and dialed Xuan’s number.

“Hello, is everything okay tonight?” Venus asked quietly.

“It’s a wonderful night, don’t worry.” There was music on the other end of the phone.

Knowing it was inappropriate to ask at this point, Venus said, “I’ll contact you later.” Then she hung up the phone.

He said it was a wonderful night. Did he mean that he had some gains or he was just making an excuse?

Venus was confused.


After guests had left, Ye family was calm again.

Kerry came to the second floor with a bowl of fish soup cooked by Mrs Qin. He walked directly to Venus’s room and when he was about to knock the door, a faint voice came from inside.

Kerry didn’t want to interrupt her for he knew she was answering the phone. However, he heard she said the word study.

Such coincidence was weird. A burglar was found in the study tonight, and now she said the word study ……

Kerry focused himself and then Venus’s clearer voice came into his ears.

“I don’t find any switches in the study …… well, I know …… I will find a chance to go and check …… “

When the phone was hung up, Venus’s voice stopped, and it was until then Kerry found the bowl of soup in his hand was about to spill.

He suddenly figured out all the things.

The last time Yan was injured and stayed at home, she requested to go to the study for books. She might intend to look for something.

This time, she let him hold a banquet at home only to make opportunity for Xuan to sneak into the study. Although, she pretended to chose a partner for Xuan. She even pretended to have a stomachache to draw his attention ……

He was very furious, he never made traps for Yan although he was not totally sincere. She had played tricks on him.

Was she acting from the first time? In order to get his trust she even slept with him .

Thinking about this, Kerry wanted to kicked the door and asked her clearly.

However, he forced himself to calm down. There was the sound of water, she must enter the bathroom.

What else had she concealed?

Kerry didn’t want to be deceived again, and he also wanted to be check his assumptions. So he instantly moved to the room. Her phone was put on the bed and the person she had just contacted was exactly Xuan. They really collaborated.

Kerry clenched his teeth, and when he was about to throw the phone on the bed, his fingers pressed the button, and the phone showed its original screen saver.

Kerry’s eyes fell on the photo album, and then he opened it without hesitation. There was only a photo and a video. After looking at the photo clearly, he was shocked to stop breathing.

It was his child.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 194 This Was My Child (3)
The words popped up in his mind. The face and blue eyes all proved that the baby was his child.

Kerry’s hands were trembling, why did these photos appear in Yan’s phone?

He really wanted to click on the video, but his remaining sanity told him it was not the right time.

Taking a deep breath and suppressed his emotion, Kerry used his trembling hands to quickly sent the photo and video to his phone, after the transfer was completed, he deleted all the records, and then switched the phone to the interface of the phone record.

Not daring to stay any longer, Kerry disappeared from the room in the next second and returned to his room. He put the fish soup on the table in a rude manner, and grabbed the phone on the table, then he opened the video that he had just transmitted.

The screen shifted a few times and then a stroller appeared with a baby lying in it. That was exactly the baby he saw in the photo.

“Daring, smile.” A man’s voice came out.

Then, Kerry saw the most beautiful and innocent smile in the world ……

Kerry’s eyes were moist after watching the video, he kept looking at the video just as what Venus done.

Ecstatic, excited, happy, none of these words could describe his current mood.

Kerry was anxious, he put that picture on the mirror and constantly swept between them. The baby was identical to him with one blue eye and one purple eye. He believed there would not be another child in the world like this.

This baby was his son.

God, he was as pretty as an angel.

Kerry fixed his eyes on the photo and was completely moved. He just wanted to caress him and gave him the best thing in the world and let him felt his love.

After an ecstasy, Kerry was lying on the bed with a smile, his eyes were full of tenderness.

Now, he could assure that Yan was Venus, and that was why she was so excited to see baby clothes in the mall, and didn’t care about his idiosyncrasies, and why she disliked Yiyao.

All had proved that she was Venus.

Undoubtedly, the man in the video forced her to pretend Yan and stole the treasure map form Ye family. That was why she asked Xuan to help her for she had attracted his attention.

Kerry got up and was about to ask for the truth, but suddenly stopped as soon as he reached the door.

No, he couldn’t question her face to face, Venus would definitely find other excuses as she used to do. What if she flew again?

He would not allow that to happen.

This time he should be cautious and be in charge of it. Only in doing so could he save Venus and his child from that strange man.

Or perhaps, he could just give the treasure map to Venus, but who could guarantee that man wouldn’t hurt his child? He had too many enemies.

For the first time, Kerry regretted. He shouldn’t act in an arrogant way in the past.

Venus was right, what he done would definitely come back to him. He didn’t want his som to suffer so he couldn’t take the risk. The best solution was to let Venus continue to looked for the treasure map, and saved his son unintentionally the same time.

Kerry opened the door and shouted “Henry” twice, his voice was full of excitement.

Henry quickly appeared in his room.

Kerry had calmed down, “Go check Xuan’s social circle, and see if there are any of them that have conflicts with me. Besides,investigate Yan’s social circle in Hong Kong in carefully, and her track from Europe back to Hong Kong, be careful and don’t miss any details.”

Hearing this, Henry was surprised, but he would rather follow than question and then he replied, “Yes, Young Master.”

“Pay attention, act secretly, and don’t expose yourself.” Kerry paced back and forth in his room, and suddenly said after recalling today’s incident, “And stop investigating today’s matter.”

“Young Master, so you know the identity of the thief.” Henry was surprised to asked him.

“I know, it’s Xuan.” Kerry didn’t need to conceal the fact in front of his loyal subordinate.

Henry was shocked and opened his mouth, how could it be him?

“It’s very complicated, you just need to know the result. Do as I say and ask no more, I will tell you the truth in the future.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Henry was unconditionally obedient to Kerry for he knew Kerry had his own consideration.

After Henry left, Kerry went round and round in the room. He stared at the fish soup that had cooled down, and took it downstairs.

Mrs Qin was not in the kitchen, but the fish soup was still simmering, so Kerry replaced a hot bowl and carried it to Venus’s room again. His heat beat fast for he had missed the woman inside so much. However, he couldn’t be so excited and let her suspect.

After taking a deep breath, he raised his hand and knocked the door.

Footsteps came over and the door opened, the woman had just washed her face, which was really pretty with clear eyes.

“Kerry? Why don’t you sleep?” Venus said deliberately, of course she knew the connotations contained in the words.

Half an hour ago, Kerry looked at Yan to express his miss to Venus and now Venus really stood before him. Thus, he stared at her with tenderness.

“You eat nothing at night, Mrs Qin cook the fish soup, drink a little to warm your stomach.”

“Wow, it smells so good.” Venus made way for Kerry to come in. Her fragrance rushed into Venus nose and then he felt a sense of impulsion.

He said he wouldn’t let her go when he’d confirmed the fact. Tonight, he was full of desire, and he was going to vent crazily.

“Drink it quickly, or it’ll get cold later.” Kerry gave her the soup bowl and touched her fingertips. He felt as if he had an electric shock.

Venus didn’t see his weirdness and drank the fish soup with a gulp.

Kerry kissed her as soon as she put the bowl on the table. Then, he pounced over and pulled her on the bed.

Venus was speechless, he was in such a hurry.

“Wait, go and take a shower ……”

Kerry couldn’t suppress his desire and replied, “I’ve already done that before.”

“Ah- you, you-“

Kerry was very rude for she finally came back after such a long period. She even changed her appearance which made him feel confused. All he wanted to do was to be ruder and punished her.

“Kerry, are you crazy?” Venus gasped and asked him.

Kerry raised his head with desire in his blue eyes, “Yes, I’m crazy, I’m crazy for you.”

When she was about to think his words, Kerry became ruder.

This night ……

Finally, Venus couldn’t stand and became unconscious. After Kerry was relieved, he stared at Venus quietly.

“Venus, why is your face appear like that? Although it looks pretty as well, I like the previous one, which is cute and unassuming.” Kerry though in his mind.

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