Chapter 194: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 194 I don’t care! Losers!

“It seems so…”

“Who is that? How dare him?”


On one side, Steven Wan’s face was dreadfully pale as he saw his own son was bidding up against Colin Ward. Their old scores had not been settled yet; he had sighed with relief as he realized Colin Ward did not seem to notice him at all.

In addition to the control of Walson Martin, Steven Wan did not dare to provoke Colin Ward at all. He tried to avoid him as far as he could. Yet now his own stupid son was drawing the fire upon himself!

“Go, tell him to stop bidding.”

Steven Wan instructed his secretary to warn Benny Wan.

On the command, the secretary sneaked to the side of Benny Wan and whispered, “Mr. Wan, Master thinks the price is too high to be worth it.”

He did not come straightforward.

Benny Wan shrugged him off, “Go away, I know whether it is worth it or not.”

The secretary was still trying to say something before Benny Wan added: “Go, I know what I am doing.”

Of course he knew what he was doing–he was defending his dignity.

Seeing this, the secretary had to go back and tell Steven Wan.

Steven Wan stamped his feet in anger and worry. He knew his own son better than anyone else; his desire to excel over the others will not have him stopping now. But the problem was he had not idea who ‘the other’ he was facing was.

Benny Wan offered again: “12 million!”

He looked at Colin Ward provocatively. “Your turn!”

Colin Ward ignored him and told Vanessa Liu and Nina White to stop holding cards.

The woman by the side of Benny Wan continued the provocation, “A poor man is a poor man. Come on, it is just 12 million.”

“Not to mention twelve million, he can’t even afford 2 million!” Snorted Benny Wan.

Nina White didn’t speak.

Vanessa Liu sniffed, “Don’t flatter yourself, wait and see.”

Then Vanessa Liu held up the sign again taking the gap when Colin Ward failed to intercept her. “fifteen million!”

Colin Ward’s face sank. “What are you doing?”

“Of course I’m helping you,” Vanessa Liu said.

Nina White nodded. “Yeah, we can’t lose it.”

Colin Ward looked pale. “No,” he said.

When Benny Wan and the woman heard that Vanessa Liu continued to bid, they began to mock.

“You really could afford such a high price?”

“You’ll be a joke!”

Snorted Vanessa Liu.”Who are the joke here. You say you’re rich, but you can’t even afford 15 million?”

“15 million is but my pocket money?” Benny Wan pressured.

Then he held up the sign. “18 million!”

The audience were all shocked.

The sapphire was, indeed, valuable and collectible, but it was not worth it, right?

The host’s eyes were glowing with excitement; this stone was estimated to be at the price of 15 million; but now the offer had been bid up by three million!

“Eighteen million once! Eighteen……”

“Nineteen million!

Vanessa Liu held up her sign again.

Colin Ward couldn’t help muttering, “It is all yours. You’ll pay for it!”

The woman by Benny Wan’s side overheard the word of Colin Ward and hissed,”Yo, I knew you were bluffing?”

She whispered in the ear of Benny Wan:”Wan, I really love that stone; get it for me.”

Benny Wan ignored her and looked to Vanessa Liu.

Vanessa Liu glared at Colin Ward and snapped, “Colin Ward, man up.”

Nina White didn’t speak, but the expression in her eyes was clear.

Benny Wan answered: “He can’t! if he is not even a man! Let me tell you what a real man is?”

Vanessa Liu turned to Look at Benny Wan with her eyes full of contempt. “Oh? Then you are? Well, I don’t believe it.”

Seeing this, the woman glared at Vanessa Liu and dragged Benny Wan to her, yelling. “I’m your girlfriend, Benny Wan!”

Benny Wan was once again felt disgusted by the woman at her side, “Well, well,” he said, “I am bidding for you?”

At this point, the host on the stage was thrilled in announcing: “nineteen million twice…”

While Benny Wan jumped in by raising his sign again. “20 million!”

The host could no longer contain his emotion, “twenty million! Twenty million! Any more bids?

Is there anyone who want to bid?”

“Twenty million once!”

“Twenty million twice!”

“Twenty million third!”


“Congratulations, gentleman, you got the stone!”

A storm of applause burst out from the audience.

Benny Wan looked at Colin Ward and then at Vanessa Liu triumphantly. “Who is the real man?”

The woman by his side did not look very happy as Benny Wan was showing off to the other women; but her anger was smothered by the delight of winning the sapphire.

Vanessa Liu, instead, countered his look with a expression of disgust and mocking, as if he was an idiot.

Benny Wan’s face darkened as a thought occurred to him. Thinking back at their conversation, he suddenly realized that he had been incited to bid for the stone at such a high price.

“You did it on purpose?”

Vanessa Liu shrugged. “No, no, no, I’d love to continue the bid, but we don’t have the money.”

Nina White sighed. “Yes, we really don’t have any money.”

Colin Ward suppressed his laugh.

He did want to buy the stone for Doris Lee, but when Benny Wan kept raising the price, he decided it wasn’t necessary and worth the price, but to his surprise, Vanessa Liu and Nina White joined in.

Colin Ward felt a chill running down his spine at the thought of their guidance and performance. He had underestimated their scheming and methods.

They had reached a consensus and lure Benny Wan in step by step.

So he played along a bit after realizing what was happening.

Only the enchanting woman by Benny Wan’s side was still in the fog; she mocked at them complacently. “Well, don’t get beyond your depth, you will suffer; told you so before!”

Benny Wan’s face was dark as anger fermenting in his heart. “Shut up! You stupid woman! They are raising the price on purpose!”

Vanessa Liu shook her head innocently. “No! We really want it, but it’s 20 million! We really can’t afford it!”

“You!” The woman choked on her own words in embarrassment.

“Hum! Twenty million is a piece of cake for me, I don’t care! Losers!” Said Benny Wan, forcing a smile on his face.

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