Chapter 195 – 196: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 195: Ten Percent Shares

“Grandma, why you come here?”

Mary Su opened the door and found the old lady of the Su family was standing there with a stick.

And Hai Su was standing behind her.

Mary felt complicated seeing them.

She was dispirited since the old lady turned her out of the house after cajoling her to grant share.

She thought she would be strangers with Su family for the rest of her life. But she never expected the old lady to come to visit her suddenly.

How did the old lady know I live here? Mary was curious.

The old lady raised a gracious smile seeing Mary opened the door. Then she said, “Mary, I haven’t seen you for a long time. I come here to see how everything is here. Are you still angry? I come here, especially to apologize to you.”

The old lady was holding her displeasure when she was saying that.

Actually, she didn’t want to come here at all.

But she had no other choice.

The capital chain of the Su family has broken again recently.

And the enterprises of the Su family have stuck in trouble once again.

The old lady called many people to raise funds, but they all hung up once they knew her intention.

The old lady had no way to get out of it this time.

She was planning to sell some assets before Hai told her that Mary could earn large quantities of money each day as an Internet celebrity.

She learned it from Hai that Mary could get several million dollars’ tips every day. Thus Mary was rich now.

Su family could survive if Mary was willing to help them.

The old lady was dismay that Mary didn’t reply. She wondered what Mary wanted on earth since she told so many sweet words to her already.

Mary nodded and said reluctantly, “Come in, grandma.”

The old lady couldn’t help prizing the villa as soon as she entered. “It’s nice. The villa is good. You are capable that you could afford such a big villa after you left the Su family.”

And Hai, who was standing beside, nodded repeatedly and said, “You are awesome. I didn’t know you are so capable when you were in our family. Now it seems it’s right to ask you to leave our family. It initiated your potential.”

Hai said without shame.

Mary was unhappy hearing that. It seemed that she needed to feel gratitude for them to expel her out from the Su family.

She took a deep breath. Then she held her dismay and said: “Grandma, what happened in the family?”

As the saying went “not with the best of intentions, mean no good”

Jane Tang beside them didn’t talk. She was angry, in fact. She would curry favor with the old lady before, but she didn’t even have the mood to play cards now sitting on the sofa.

The old lady sat on the sofa, then she told them everything about the Su family, including their fund chain, was broken.

Mary didn’t reply after that. The old lady was worried, so that she said in a hurry, “Mary, grandma was not right to expel you out before. I apologize to you now. But after all, you were born and grew up there. You wouldn’t leave it in the lurch, right?”

“Yes, your father used our money to invest and lost. Otherwise, we would not be in such a situation.”

As Hai’s words fell, Jane stoops up suddenly. She sneered and said, “Can you talk like a human being? Yes, I admit that my husband made the Su family lost four hundred million, but Chairman Ding of Lieyang Technology gave ten hundred million to the Su family, right? What did he get from you? He gave the share to Mary. What’s the result? Su family earned six hundred million dollars at last. Tell me, how did you run out of the money? ”

The old lady felt embarrassed hearing that.

And even Hai became quiet, hearing what Jane said.

“Mom, it’s over. Don’t talk about that anymore.” Mary pulled Jane because she was afraid her mother would quarrel with them.

Though Mary was also furious with the Su family, like what the old lady said, she was the Su family’s granddaughter. Would that be good if they turn nasty?

She knew it clearly that she would not be an Internet celebrity if she was still in Su family. Though she could earn lots of money to be an Internet celebrity, but she didn’t have anyone to rely on.

Thinking of that, Mary asked, “How much does our family need, grandma? ”

Hai smiled slightly and replied, “Give us what you have. You would be the hero of the Su family if you could help us survive.”

The old lady kept nodding and echoed, “I will not let you suffer any loss this time. If you were worried, I could give you some share. How about that?”

Mary didn’t reply. She was afraid she would be deceived again, after all, what happened before was still vivid.

Jane sneered and said, “Don’t forget one thing. The share belonged to Mary. It’s you who cheated her and robbed it. Now you are so shameless to ask Mary for money. You did bad things and wanted to get a good reputation. How could you?”

Jane lived like a Queen before, but she was shrewish when she abused others. Otherwise, she would not be going to fight with Kris in the Third People’s Hospital.

In a word, she loved her daughter.

“Don’t say that again, Mom.” Mary had a little bit of a headache. She thought for a while, then she said, “Okay, grandma. I will give you money, but I have to notarize it with a lawyer.”

Mary had twenty or thirty million dollars now. She would use up the money if she didn’t plan it carefully.

As Mary’s words fell, the old lady laughed. She held Mary’s hand excitedly and said, “Mary, you are my good granddaughter. I know you would not leave us alone. How about this? I would give ten percent shares if you gave us twenty million dollars.”

Mary nodded and replied, “Sure.”

The old lady was relieved after she got what she wanted. She held Mary’s hand and chatted for a while. Then she was going to leave. She stood up and said, “You and your mother left Su family for a long time now. It’s time for you to go back and have a look. How about going back with me now?”

Mary shook her head and said, “Grandma, let’s talk about it the other day. My friend asked me to go shopping today.”

The old lady nodded mechanically and said: “Okay, then you need to come back and visit me often.”

Then Mrs. Su patted Mary’s hand, then she left with the help of Hai.

After they left, Jane said in rage to Mary, “Mary, why are you so silly? You forgot what did they do to us before? Are we going to back to subservient to them again?”

Jane figured out after she left Su family. She didn’t know why she flattered the old lady so much before. Actually, the old lady never treated them as families.

If Kris knew how she thinks about it now, he would prize her.

Mary smiled reluctantly, then she said: “Mum, I know clearly what am I doing.”

Then she went upstairs to change. She went to her friend Mina Li after dressing herself up.

Chapter 196: An unexpected rivalry

The last class of The Academy of Six Major Schools is drill class.

What’s a drill class? It’s a class to teach students movements in martial arts, such as horse stance, ways of training martial arts, human acupoint, and fighting.

Coincidentally, class 20 of Tian Class was also having drill class.

Mary Su, Xiaorou Xu, and Bao Cao are in class 20.

Although it’s drill class, there was no one practicing at all. They did whatever they want.

The weather was too hot. It’s still so hot after the Mid-Autumn Festival. No wonder people say there is a spell of hot weather after summer.

Kris Chen was enjoying the cool under a tree beside the playground. It’s comfortable when the breeze blew.

At that moment, a slender figure approached. She is Xiaorou Xu.

She was holding a bottle of water, which she had bought for Kris.

“Kris, are you thirsty? I’ve bought a bottle of water for you,” Xiaorou said with a smile.

Kris took the water with a smile.

Kris could feel Xiaorou, the beloved daughter of Xu family, is very good to him.

At that time, the boys on the playground looked at Kris with envy.

The boys of class 20, in particular, looked at Kris with wide eyes.

Xiaorou is the goddess of their class, but she was with a boy from another class, and their relationship is so close.

It made them all very uncomfortable.

Isn’t Kris Mary’s husband? It’s said that they have been married for nearly three years and Mary doesn’t allow Kris to hold her hand.

What was Xiaorou doing? Why is she so good to Kris?

Kris is a jerk. He flirted with other girls while her wife wasn’t there. What was Xiaoru thinking? How could Xiaorou lower her level to sit with such crap?

Xiaorou was a little prim when she sat beside Kris. She was shy when she looked at Kris’s manly face.

To relieve her embarrassment, Xiaorou took a piece of white jade out of her pocket. “Kris, do you know what kind of jade this is?” Xiaorou said with a smile.

Xiaorou hasn’t seen Kris for several days, and she missed Kris very much.

Xiaorou consulted someone and knew the two classes have the same drill class. Then she brought a piece of jade from home deliberately.

Even her grandfather doesn’t know the origin of the jade. Xiaorou took the opportunity to ask the origin of the jade to ease her lovesickness.

Kris took the jade pendant and watched it carefully. “This jade is good. It’s a masterwork. It’s of high quality, and it’s a rare red jade. It’s a good thing. This pendant should belong to the Song Dynasty palace. It’s very precious.” Kris said.

As soon as Kris said that, Fei Lin and Jiaojiao Lin glanced at him as they passed by. “Oh, isn’t he the thief of our class? He’s got a beauty to accompany him.” They satirized.

“Who are you calling a thief?” Xiaorou asked after being stunned for a while.

Fei Lin pouted her lips at Kris and said, “Who else would the thief be? It’s Kris. Miss Xu, don’t you know that? Kris stole a phone yesterday. How can you talk to such a person…”


Before Fei Lin finished what she wanted to say, Xiaorou burst out laughing.

Kris has stolen a phone?

It’s the funniest thing in the world.

Kris can live a surprisingly good life by his skill of appraising treasures, not to mention that he spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy Heavenly City for her.

Stealing a phone?

Is the woman talking nonsense?

Kris didn’t bother to answer Fei Lin. Fei Lin was determined to oppose Kris. As long as Fei Lin doesn’t touch Kris’s bottom line, Kris would let her go.

So Kris focused his attention entirely on the pendant.

Kris carefully considered for a moment and then said prudently, “There is a dragon and a phoenix engraved on the pendant, and they are intertwined. It should belong to the harem of the Song Dynasty, and it was worn by a very important person in the harem. From the ways of making, the one who wore it is the highest-ranking imperial concubine.”

After saying that, Kris paused for a moment. “Regardless of its age and origin, the jade pendant is worth 3 million dollars. If the owner of it can be identified, it’s worth more than 30 million dollars.” Kris added.

Xiaorou was infatuated. You know, her grandfather is not sure of its age and origin. Kris just looked at it for a moment, and he knew its age and origin. He is awesome!

Only such an excellent man can be worthy of her.

Kris is so good at appraising treasure. If Kris is her boyfriend, then they would be a one-two punch.

Xu’s family would certainly thrive under her leadership. At the thought of that, Xiaorou blushed.

Alas! It’s a pity that she didn’t meet such an excellent man first.

After Kris said that, a slender hand was handing over a bottle of water to him suddenly. Then a cold voice came, “Here you are. Drink it!”

Kris was stunned for a moment, and then he looked up.

He found those who handed over the water to him is Yanru Sima.


After seeing the goddess send water to Kris, the boys around were dumbfounded.

“Fuck, what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing big that Xiaorou sent water to him. But why the eldest daughter of Sima family sent water to him also?”

“Oh, no. Who is Kris exactly? Isn’t he a live-in son-in-law?”

“What’s going on?”

“Does Kris have an identity that we don’t know?”

All of a sudden, everyone was jealous.

When everyone was surprised, Yanru began to speak. “Kris, I wronged you. I apologize to you,” Yanru said.

Yanru’s heart was completely messed up after she said that.

Who is she? She is the eldest daughter of Sima family. She is definitely a princess if she lived in ancient times.

She had never handed over water to others.

Yanru wrote a note to Kris in the class, but she received no reply.

That made her a little angry. But after a second thought, she wronged Kris in the morning.

She is arrogant, but she can tell right from wrong. Her strict upbringing had taught her to acknowledge wrong and then change.

“It’s nothing. Forget it.” Kris said with a smile. Kris was a little guilty, as he actually took her phone.

Yanru still felt a little sorry after she proved his innocence. “No, I have wronged you. I will text in the group chat of our class. If anyone dares to slander you about that, I’ll fix that,” Yanru said.

“There is no need to…” Kris said.

“That’s settled. To show my apologies, I’ll treat you to dinner after school.” Yanru said.

“Oh my god?”

“Did I mishear?”

“The goddess invites him to dinner?”

At that moment, everyone was surprised. The boys around were dumbfounded.

It’s such an honor to have dinner with Yanru. More importantly, it’s Yanru who invited Kris.

“Why god didn’t choose me to be the lucky dog?”

Xiaorou was also confused, and she couldn’t figure out what’s going on. They were appraising the treasure and why Yanru came?

Why Yanru apologized and invited Kris to have dinner with her. What had happened?

Xiaorou was curious but sad.

You can see how excellent Kris is as the eldest daughter of the Sima family took the initiative to invite him to have dinner.

Xiaorou was happy for her own good taste, but she was also a little worried.

It’s not a good thing that a man is too excellent.

Because Kris and Mary didn’t get along with each other well, Mary doesn’t allow Kris to hold her hand even if they’ve married for about three years.

Anyway, Kris is the man. They will be bound to divorce over time.

Xiaorou holds the lucky psychology, and that’s why she approached Kris like a flying moth darts into the fire.

Compared with Mary, Xiaorou has a litter advantage in identity and status.

But Xiaorou lags far behind Yanru. Although they are about the same appearance and figure, the Sima family is enough to explain everything.

Can she really win Yanru?

At the thought of that, Xiaorou was nervous. She then grasped Kris’s arm subconsciously…

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