Chapter 195: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 195 No problem

Colin Ward’s face was expressionless, and even Vanessa Liu and Nina White did not condescend to explain themselves.

They were wondering how would he react after finding out who Colin Ward really was.

Steven Wan found the bitterness hard to swallow; not only did his son provoke Colin Ward but also he had spent 20 million on a stone!

Twenty million may be nothing to him, but to offend Colin Ward…

In fact, Steven Wan had offended Colin Ward in an ungrateful way.

A small discussion broke out among the audience.

“He looks like the son of Steven Wan.”

“He is really bold to go against Mr. Ward?”

“Very likely! After all, the Wanxing Trading Company been targeting the Marquis lately?”

“That makes sense…”

Benny Wan was not ready to accept that truth that he had been fooled; and the stupid woman beside him still looked very proud and happy, which make him even angry.

“Look at that piece of wonderfulness of the nature, Benny. It’s a jade bracelet.”

Said the woman in Benny Wan’s ear.

Benny Wan was disgusted. “You pay it on your own!”

“Benny?” She looked at Benny Wan in disbelief.

Benny Wan didn’t say much. Instead, he had an idea hitting his mind.

“Hey, there, let’s make a bet!”

Colin Ward turned his head. “Bet? Why?”

Benny Wan paused and said aggressively: “You were barking so loud earlier; I guess you have some coins in your pocket. Why don’t we make a bet? To bid for all the items that is to come and determine who is the richest guy?”

Colin Ward looked at Benny Wan and was amused: “Do I look like an idiot to you?” he asked.

Benny Wan was tempted to say yes, but apparently Colin Ward was not one.

His thought was simple; since he had bought one item at the price way higher than its value; now the revenge laid in serving him with the same sauce. He was going to raise the price and let him pay for it.

Colin Ward turned around ignoring him. Benny Wan’s mind was so easy to guess. And unless he was a real idiot…

“Good idea! Why not!” To Colin Ward’s surprise, Vanessa Liu agreed upon the suggestion of Benny Wan while Benny Wan glared at the cold back of Colin Ward with his eyes burning with anger.

Colin Ward cast a glance at Vanessa Liu and said. “Stop it.”

Said Vanessa Liu.”I am helping you.”

“Helping me? You don’t have to.”

Vanessa Liu tapped Colin Ward on the shoulder. “Bro,” she said, “you don’t understand. It is a fight of dignity and pride.”

Benny Wan nodded repeatedly in approval at what Vanessa Liu had said, “Yeah, it is a fight of dignity and pride. Well, man up! Bro!”

Colin Ward looked at Benny Wan pitiless.


“You!” Benny Wan glared at Colin Ward. “You are talking about me?”

Colin Ward shrugged. “Well? Who else could it be?”

The woman got a word in to calm Benny Wan down: “He is jealous of you? You are a real mature man! I suppose he did not dare the bet with you because he is in the end a poor lose!”

“Yes, loser?” Benny Wan nodded in agreement.

Vanessa Liu gave Colin Ward another pat on the shoulder. “Go on. Don’t be afraid. I am here for you!”

“Could you please stop messing up?” Begged Colin Ward.

Vanessa Liu snorted, “Never mind. I’ll do it myself.”

“I will take that bet; and he would pay!” she yelled at Benny Wan.

She was helpless, thought Colin Ward.

Nina White did not air her opinion; she did not know what was on Vanessa Liu’s mind; but judging from her character, she was always not the one who lost a bet.

Benny Wan’s eyes lit up. “Okay, do not go back on your word.”

He was joyful to be gifted another chance to show off his money and masculinity; and as long as he won, not only did he humiliate the Colin Ward, but also there was a chance he could win over the ladies. Anyway, it was a win-win opportunity for him.

“But there has to be a rule,” Vanessa Liu added. “To ensure no one deliberately give up on an item, each one of us has to made a bid at least once for each item! Is that okay with you?”

“Sure, but what’s our bet?”

Benny Wan thought that Colin Ward was doomed to lose. As long as he bid first and Vanessa Liu had to accept the offer at a higher price; Colin Ward would surely pay a good fortune for the bet.

“Of course,” Vanessa Liu asked. “But how do you decide who is wining and who lose? The winner is the one with the highest bid?”

“Of course, whoever ends up with lots that add up to the highest amount of money wins.”

Benny Wan nodded his head and suddenly realized that he may have made a mistake. If he had successfully lured Colin Ward into buying out all the items, the winner would surely be Colin Ward.

Vanessa Liu understood that as well, she said, “Well, how about the loser admitting that he is the idiot and shouting out for three times in front of everyone?”

The woman by Benny Wan’s rolled her eyes and snorted, “It is unfair. Who would gamble on that?”

“Look like someone has got a cold feet?!” Vanessa Liu asked.

Benny Wan would not allow the lady he coveted to look down upon him!

“Of course!” Benny Wan looked up. “But if I win, it should be him who does it!”

Vanessa Liu glanced at Colin Ward, and nodded confidently, “No problem.”

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