Chapter 196: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 196 Seeing Her Face at Last (1)
Kerry kept silently there. He actually wanted to stay, but Xuan Chu wouldn’t allow him to do so. “Let’s go, Mr. Ye.” said Xuan who bowed to him as a sign to let him leave. Kerry nodded and said reluctantly to Venus, “Have a good rest, and I’ll call you tomorrow.”

“OK, goodbye.” Venus replied with a smile.

When the two men walked out of the room and closed the door, Venus ran into the bathroom. Her jaw was wrinkled and the skin on it got hurt. Without the reminding of Xuan, she could have really suffered in the next day. She felt tired off the daily making-up process, which was like that you had to wear a mask everyday.

The next day when he saw Venus, Xuan looked at Venus with a mysterious smile, as if he had known her secrets clearly.

Venus put down her chopsticks and asked him,”What the hell are you smiling for?”

Xuan’s smile was larger and replied, “A good girl and bad singer!”

Venus’s face instantly turned red, she was a little embarrassed about the joking tone of Xuan and replied, “Alright, man, there is no such thing as a perfect person, a pretty girl have no need to be a good singer, and I don’t have the dream to be a singer.” An awkward answer as it was, it did amuse Xuan a lot.

“I have a question here,” Venus lowered her voice and asked, “I will go to Ye’s house in the afternoon. What places should I look for in my study? I have no experience in a searching job. “

Xuan turned a serious look and replied, “Bookshelves in it, and every book on the bookshelves.”

“But you know, I have read every book in the study and there is nothing special in these books.”Said Venus.

“Then maybe it is not in the book, it may be hided at the bottom or top of the book. And You have also to look carefully to see whether there is something different in these bookshelves. In addition to the bookshelves, the furnishings, porcelain bottles, pen holders and other tools should be carefully checked.” Said Xuan.

Venus seemed aware about Xuan’s requirement and said, “Alright, if I can’t still get what we want, I will give you a secret video call so that you can direct me to do so, OK?”

“Good idea!”


In Yehuang Group, Kerry was checking the progress of the amusement park project and all its information. As he found something wrong in the project, he picked up the phone and wanted to call Venus. At the point when he dialed the number, he paused and something caught him in his mind: Why Venus took Shixuan as her decision maker every time when she had conferences in A city? Actually, Kerry knew well the fact that the girl she loved was not Venus, but Yan Chu, who disguised herself as the appearance of Venus. And why she took Shixuan as her decision maker was because she had no such right at all in her family. She was no more than a tool of her family which wanted to earn more profits by any means. And that’s why she would enjoy the good relation with Xuan.

God damn it! Kerry sighed and dialed Xuan’s phone. “Hello, Mr. Chu. I’ve found something wrong with the report. Shall we have an interview or a video conference?”

On hearing this, Xuan stopped what he was doing and rubbed his eyebrows and said, “Something wrong again? Which one? I can check it with the information I have. “

“Take a good look, the actual construction of the base of the roller coaster is different from the data on the drawings.”Said Karry.

“Let me see,” Xuan quickly moved the mouse to find the place where Kerry said. After a careful look for a while when he found the problem, Xuan replied, “Yes, 0.2 meters wider than that on the drawing.”

“Yes, and the length should be larger.”

“These careless guys should be on blame,” complained Xuan. Venus just came over and said in a good tone, “My good brother, what do you want to have at noon? I’ll take it for you.”

“Whatever.”Said Xuan, whose eyes were fixed at the computer screen.

“OK, hark-working man.”

Kerry was so envious about the intimate conversation between Venus and Xuan. Venus was his wife, how could she enjoy a close relation with Xuan?

After the conversation with Xuan, Kerry gave Venus a call and asked, “Where are you, my lady?”

“It’s almost time for dinner. I’ll go somewhere for the lunch. ” replied Venus.

“Would you like to have a lunch in my company?”

“No way, I don’t want to be surrounded by your employees.”

Kerry was still a little skeptical about his relation with Venus, so he said, “Sorry, I’m too busy at noon to accompany you. But I miss you so much, can you share a lunch with me this noon?”

Venus giggled and replied, “Kerry, we’ll meet in the evening. I won’t be there at noon. I are going have something to eat for Xuan.”

“Ah…” Kerry sighed and said, “it seems that my status in your heart is far lower than that of your brother.”

“Of course. Xuan is my brother, but you are only a man who I have acquainted for months, Well…man, I am joking, I have to go, see you soon.”

“Wait, I’ll pick you to our villa up after work.”Said Kerry.

“I see. Call me after work.”

Kerry sat in a chair in a daze after the call. He wondered what should he do to make their relation closer. All in all, the evening came and Kerry was after his work. He came downstairs and dialed Venus’s number as quick as he could.

“Hello? Where are you? “Asked Kerry.

“I’m packing up at the hotel. Come here.” Replied Venus.

“Wait a moment and I’ll help you to carry the luggage.”

“I can do it by myself, there are just a few clothes. ” Said Venus, who had prepared herself well and would left the hotel when Xuan was about to check out.

As for Kerry, he was busy in choosing a cake for his girlfriend. Venus was crazy about sweet food, but he didn’t know which one was better for her, so he asked the salesman to take a bag of the five most delicate ones.

“Yes, just a moment, please.” Replied the salesman, who looked surprised about the straightforward consumer.

When he arrived at the hotel, he found that Venus was waiting in there front of the hotel with a small suitcase at her feet.

Kerry gets out of the car and said, “My girl, you don’t need to bother yourself to do so, I will do everything for you. ” Then he helped her to put the suitcase into the trunk of the car.

“Wow, do you buy me the cake?” asked Venus with a surprised smile.

“Sorry, I don’t know which one you favor , so I choose at my will.” Replied Kerry with a gentle expression on his face.

A young girl like Venus was really crazy about little gift from his boyfriend. She opened the bag happily and said, “I like it all, thanks so much.” She looked really satisfied when she took a little bite of the cakes therein.

“If you like, I’ll buy it for you every day.”Said Kerry, who was a little nervous about the praise of his new girlfriend.

“No way, I guess I will gain weight again.” Said Venus, who, however, was engaged in enjoying the delicious cakes.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 196 Seeing Her Face at Last (2)
Kerry wiped off the bits of cream on the corner of her mouth with his finger and put the finger into his own mouth. It tasted really good for Kerry. Then he replied, “It doesn’t matter, my lady, gaining weight will make you look more sexy.”

Venus felt a little shy when Kerry’s fingers touched her face. Then she said in a cute tone, “I don’t want to gain weight. When I become a fatty, you will turn a cold shoulder to me, I should restrain myself, or I will be restrained by man.”

“Nonsense!” replied Kerry, who patted lightly on her head as comfort, “I will love you no matter how you become!”

Venus stammered and said, “Alright, it is a online saying.” Then she was turned back to the delicious cakes.

Both John the butler and Mrs Qin were very happy about Venus’s(Yan Chu)visit. They clearly realize that Kerry was cheered up by her presence. And the big house now was full of happy talks and laughters.

“My hostess, try the chicken soup, I have spent a day on it. I have add a lot of nourishing Chinese herbs in it, I hope you love it.” Said Mrs Qin gently, then she put a bowl of soup in front of her.

Venus was really moved about her good will so she took the bowl and had a sip of it. There was a strong fragrance of Chinese herbal medicine in the soup, but it didn’t taste bitter at all. “I like it so much. Thank you for your efforts, Mrs Qin.”

“My pleasure, my hostess.” Said Mrs Qin, who seemed delighted about the praise from Venus.

During the meal, Venus stared at Kerry and said, “Kerry, although now I live in your house, I have to make three rules for you to obey.”

Kerry put down his chopsticks and said with a hollow smile, “Go ahead.”

” No, I need you to promise me now that you will follow them, or I’ll go at once.” Said Venus with a serious expression.

“Well, I promise you.” Replied Kerry. He did enjoy her companion, and he didn’t care about any rule from he at all.

Perhaps amazed by Kerry’s obedience, Venus hesitated for a while and said with a dominant tone, “First, I have the right to leave this house at my will, and you can’t stop me to do so. Second, you should make sure that no one will know my living here, except you and your servants. Third, I I don’t share a room with you, I should have my own one. “

“I promise you I will follow the two of them, but I am afraid I can’t agree with you on the third one.” said Kerry, who gazed at her with a mysterious smile, “you know I am your husband!”

“Then you should show respect to the decision of your wife!” Replied Venus. In fact, she was afraid that her true identity would be revealed when they slept together.

Kerry had no way but to agree with her, “OK, I will follow the three rules.” In fact, he didn’t care the three rules at all, for he had plenty of ways to do what he wanted. He had enjoy a good moment with his sweetheart this night. After that when Venus was so tired and felt into sleep, he went out of the room and thought over about the complicated relation between him and the family Chu. He knew the girl in the room was not Yan, she must be Venus undoubtedly. However, when she found her identity was exposed, she might reject any intimate meet with Kerry. As for Kerry, he found it hard to have a good investigation of her since she was backed by a really powerful background. Perhaps all he could do was to wait and enjoy the good moment with her.

However, Kerry’s plan became a failure next evening when he was about to get into her room.

“I’m going to sleep alone tonight.”Said Venus, who pushed Kerry out and shut the door.

“What’s the matter?” asked Kerry. Venus’s changed attitude surprised him for he never expected she would take so seriously the rules she set on him.

Venus angrily stared at him and said, “You make me really tired last night, I don’t feel good all day today, and now I want to have a good sleep of my own.”

“Alright, then let me in, we won’t do anything special tonight. I promise you.”Said Kerry.

“Ha ha, I can’t trust you at all. Don’t disturb me, I’m going to sleep.” Replied Venus.

“Alright, my lady, then can you kiss me good night?” asked Kerry.

“No way! I won’t kiss you.”

“Then I won’t leave.” Said Kerry. He preferred to be playboy this night, and he should get the kiss from his lady.

“Jesus! I have taken you as a gentleman, but I think I am wrong. “Said Venus, who was even drove mad by Kerry’s boring requirements.

“A gentleman also needs love from his wife.”

Venus gave in and opened the door, then she raised her face and narrows her eyes toward Kerry as if she would enjoy the kiss with him. In fact, all she wanted now was to let him go and have a good sleep of her own.

Staring at her beautiful face, Kerry’s eyes were full of tenderness. After a long and gentle kiss, he licked his lips as if the fragrance of her was still on his lips. Finally, he left the room as promised. However, he couldn’t sleep at all. Venus was in the room close to him, he could not resist the temptation at all.

Go for a secret visit, even take a look of her only was OK. Kerry thought aloud and obey the tempting voice in his mind. With his magic arts, he showed up in Venus’s room within a blink. Venus curved herself on the bed and was in a tight sleep. Kerry could see nothing but her back because the sleeping posture. Then he turned around and came close to her. He now could feel the her beautiful face with his hands. The skin of her face felt warm and soft, however, Kerry found something wrong when he was measuring the profile of her face.

At the point when he turned on the light, Kerry was really amazed to found that the girl on the bed was not Yan Chu. Jesus! His speculation was correct, she was Venus! Then he turned off the light to ensure Venus was in her tight sleep. She must have some special tools to disguise her appearance. After a good search, he got a thin mask in the bathroom. That testified why Venus could turned a different appearance in the daytime. And that was why she shut him out of her room, she was afraid her identity would be revealed.

Jesus! She was Venus! Kerry could not believe that she was his real wife! Honey, I can’t believe you are still alive, that’s really a piece of good news for me. I will be with you no matter what happen to us since now.

In the next morning, Kerry got up early and prepared himself for running outside.

“Good to see you, John.” Greeted Kerry in a delighted tone.

“My young host, what are you going to do?” asked John the Butler. He wondered why Kerry got up so early.

“I am so excited, I have prepared myself for exercising.”Replied Kerry.

“That’s really good.”Said John. John knew his young host well, it was Venus’s presence that cheered him up. Before Kerry left the house, he said to the old servant, ”John, take easy these days when Chu(Venus) lives here, she should have her freedom and no one can stop her, OK? ”

“My young host, but…” said John, who paused with a hesitation. Did Kerry mean that Chu became his new hostess? He was confused about Kerry’ words since he didn’t know Chu was disguised by Venus, his real hostess. All in all, John still felt grateful for Chu since she had help his host out of disappointment.

Would Kerry marry a woman again? That was nonsense for Kerry since Chu(Venus) was his real wife. To ensure his servant, Kerry said, ”Do what I told you, you will know what I mean one day!”

When Kerry was back, Venus caught the sight of him and felt a little curious that how Kerry, a real engaged businessman, maintained his health in the old time, as his wife, she had never saw him take exercises.

During the breakfast, Venus gave him a cold glance and asked, ”It seems that you are in a good mood.”

“Thanks to your rejection last night, my lady, I’ve save my energy for an exercise this morning, and I feel really good about that.” Whispered Kerry jokingly.

“You look so awesome like a…”said Venus, who retreated when Kerry moved closer to her. His strong figure and energetic spirit was attractive.

“Like a what?”Asked Kerry.

“Like a gigolo.”Replied Venus in a joking tone.

“That’s a good joke, my lady.” Kerry held her shoulders and said, “Will you go to your company today? I think you can stay home because you brother will go to the construction site with me, and that is not a good place for a lady.”

“really? But he doesn’t inform me of this.” asked Venus.

“I got his notice when I was exercising. Perhaps he will tell you so after the breakfast.” Replied Kerry. Then he pour her a cup of milk and said, ”My lady, stay home, and the guys in your family will ensure the business cooperation between us works well.” Then he fed her with a spoon of well-cooked porridge. To her surprise, it seemed that Kerry didn’t show any doubt against her, and he took her so considerately as if she was his real wife. But all in all, she could finish her searching job in Ye’s house.

At this point, her phone rang and it was Xuan.

“My sister, I will go to the construction site with Kerry, I hope you can stay at our company, OK?”Said Xuan.

“I’d love to, my brother, but I can’t, I am not feeling good today, I am have my period these days.”Replied Venus.

“Alright, take good care of yourself, my sister, give me a call whenever you need my help.”Said Xuan.

Everything went well as planned, Venus was sure that she would complete her searching plan and get what her family wants.

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