Chapter 196: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 196 Call himself an idiot in public

Benny Wan didn’t look so good either. Given the choices of wining the bet while losing money and humiliating Colin Ward, he had no choice but to win the bet.

“Then deal, Nina, you are the moderator.”

Nina White nodded. “I know the rules and would be moderating the bet, so please follow the rules strictly.”

Vanessa Liu chuckled. “Of course!”

“That’s fine with me, too.”

The situation was going on the direction unexpected by Benny Wan! Now to avoid being humiliated in the public, he had to buy all the items to win the bet.

Damn it!

Colin Ward was as expressionless as he had always been.

He did not plan to do anything to Benny Wan, even knowing that he was the son of Steven Wan, but now he was seeking trouble for himself.

In the back, the woman pulled the sleeve of Benny Wan and said, “Darling, why do I feel you’ve been fooled again?”

“Shut the fuck up, you stupid woman!” said Benny Wan with his face dark as coal.

She stopped talking all at once; Although Benny Wan was her boyfriend, she knew that she was going to be dumped at any second if he was upset.

Soon, the next item came out, a Song dynasty official ware, with a starting price of three million dollars.

As soon as the host finished, someone bid, but it was not from Vanessa Liu nor Benny Wan.

Vanessa Liu was in no hurry to make a bid. Anyway, Benny Wan would do his best to win the bid. And she was going to bid after Benny Wan did so that the final price would be higher.

“Five million!”

“Five and a half million!”


After some competition, Benny Wan saw that Vanessa Liu had not bid yet and knew her plan immediately. In order not to raise the price further, he had to bid, “eight million!”

Everyone looked at him in surprise one again.

What was wrong with this man?

Another crazy bid!

Vanessa Liu smiled and bid, “Nine million!”

Benny Wan grinned. “nine and a half million!”

People were shocked. Did their competition start again?

Steven Wan felt his heart throbbing violently. “That stupid beast!”

Benny Wan had never had an eye on the antiques; it was very likely that he was acting on impulse without due consideration.

“Tell that beast to go home, now!” Spat out Steven Wan savagely to his secretary.

Knowing the temper of Steven Wan, the secretary immediately got up and sneaked to the side Benny Wan, whispering in Benny Wan’s ear, “Mr. Wan, Master want you to go home now.”

Benny Wan would like to go back home, but he proposed this bet and had no way to back down at the moment. If he was not here, Colin Ward was winning for sure by simply buying some cheap items.

“I would!”Said Benny Wan unmindfully.

The secretary didn’t know what to say, so he went back to Steven Wan.

Steven Wan was eager to slap him awake; but he refrained himself considering the impact and fuss he could have caused and glared at the direction where his son sat, praying that he could restore to reason before getting deeper into the trouble.

But Steven Wan was disregarded.

The lot went to Benny Wan for 9.5 million dollars.

Benny Wan felt bitter in winning the item.

The woman by his side did not dare to utter a word either at the moment after seeing his sullen face.

Steven Wan was as if being put on a grill each time Benny Wan made a bid.

In the 15 left items, Benny Wan had bought six of them — paintings, calligraphy, precious stones and luminous pearls — at prices higher than expected.

Luckily, Steven Wan didn’t have a heart attack, or he wouldn’t have made it.

He was thinking about how he was going to do to his son.

“That beast, stupid moron, black sheep, I am going to kill him!”

The secretary supported him by his side, afraid that he would fainted and collapsed onto the floor.

Standing by Colin Ward’s side, Vanessa Liu turned to Benny Wan with a large grin from ear to ear and said, “Oh, you’re so impressive, so manly! You are winning!”

Benny Wan’s mood was getting a bit better as he heard the compliment of Vanessa Liu and saw that she had not won any bid; well, it looked like Colin Ward would have to call himself an idiot in front of so many people.

He did spend a lot of money, but it was worth it to see Colin Ward make a fool of himself in public, wasn’t it?

Yet, Colin Ward and the ladies did not seem to worry at all. What they were going to bid was the land located in the southern suburbs and it would cost hundreds of millions.

No matter how much money Benny Wan had spent on these small items, it was nothing compared with the price of the land! As long as they won the land, the winner was beyond all doubts!

And, Benny Wan did not seem to know any of it; he was now complacent like a little kid who just won the play-house game.

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