Chapter 197 – 198: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 197: Disrespectful For Human Life

What the hell?

Ms Xu held Kris’ arm!

Now everyone was shocked deeply. What was going on?

Isn’t Kris married into Su Family? Then what is wrong with this Xiaorou Xu?

Fei Lin was taken aback, and even Yanru Sima was slightly surprised.

When she realized everyone was looking at her, a warm blush rose to her cheeks. Then she released her grab.

“What’s wrong with me? Why did I do such a thing in front of so many people?” She thought to herself.

Kris also got confused. Why did she hold his arm, all of a sudden, was beyond his comprehension.

“Kris, how dare you to flirt with other women when you are already married. You are such a disgusting man.” Fei Lin said furiously. “I will publicize your unspeakable behavior.”

When he heard what she said, Kris got even more confused. Out of nowhere, he was given a new title–a disgusting man. What the hell was that?

All of a sudden, Kris got extremely nervous, and he could sense something was flying towards him from behind. He jumped ahead without thinking too much.

Then a huge noise was heard. “Bang!” Turned out, it was a millstone that was flying towards Kris. It was so heavy that it even smashed the concrete floor.

Damn it. If Kris was hit by this, he would either be killed or be disabled.

Thankfully, he had reached the innate-power stage, and his sixth sense was strengthened. Or he would definitely be damned.

“Who the hell threw this millstone?” Kris raged. And then he saw an extremely masculine man walking towards him.

That was Qiang Xiang, the martial arts teacher of the twentieth class of Tian class.

Qiang Xiang was the Shaolin school leader, and he was in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

His biggest disadvantage was that he was lecherous even though he is a Buddhist monk.

He couldn’t be more familiar with the female students in his class, and he found Xiaorou and Mary extremely attractive.

He was teaching his students how to use inner power to carry heavy things. He noticed his students were all looking towards another way and following his students’ gaze. He saw Xiaorou holding Kris’s hand. Suddenly, he was seized by furious anger and threw that huge millstone towards Kris.

He offered a fake apology, saying: “I’m so sorry. The millstone slipped. Are you hurt?”

Kris shook his head and said: “I’m fine.” And then his anger subsided quickly. Because he wasn’t hit after all, no matter how dangerous was it.

Then Kris said to Yanru with a smile: “Yanru, we can have dinner together after school.”

Yanru nodded and said: “Fine. I’ll call you later.” She got his number and then left.

Yanru had hardly walked away when Xiaorou asked Kris curiously: “Kris…What was going on? Why did she ask to go out with you?”

That was Yanru Sima, the precious little daughter of the Sima Family. So many men wanted to get close to her, but none of them had a chance.

What made Xiaorou jealous was that it was she who took the initiative and asked Kris out.

Kris laughed and was about to explain, but again, he sensed there was something wrong and pulled Xiaorou towards him.

And again, a similar noise was heard. It was another milestone that was thrown towards them. And this time, the millstone almost touched Xiaorou’s skirt. And again, the concrete floor was dented.


Xiaorou screamed. She was at first overwhelmed by happiness, then she saw the huge millstone, and her face got white with fear.

Damn it!!

This time Kris was really irritated. He was not that stupid as not to see that he was targeted when the millstones kept flying towards him.

Each of the millstones weighed more than fifty kilograms. If Xiaorou was hit, she would be dead.

She raised her head and found it was that damn idiot again.

Qiang Xiang walked to them rapidly. He ignored Kris and walked directly up to Xiaorou. He said: “You just got frightened. I’m here to apologize,” as he reached his hand out to grab Xiaorou’s hand, but before he touched her hand, Kris grabbed his hand and said: “Apologies now!”

Kris was furious.

Qiang Xiang raged instantly. He tried to get rid of Kris’s hand, only to found his hand was grabbed tightly. “Let go of my hand!”

Kris still grabbed his hand tightly. “Apologize now!”

What the hell! Kris got into a fight with the martial arts teacher!!

Students from both classes all gathered around them.

How dare Kris to argue with the martial arts teacher! Is he mad?

Bao Cao walked out of the crowd, pointed at Kris’ nose, and said: “Kris! What the hell are you doing? Mr. Xiang didn’t do that on purpose, and why are you asking him to apologize? Who do you think you are? You married yourself into Su Family! You are nobody! How dare you blame our teacher.”

People roared with laughter.

Kris glanced at him coldly and then said to Qiang Xiang: “This is the last time! Apologize!”

Then Xiaorou plucked his clothes and said: “Forget about it, Kris. I wasn’t hurt anyway.”

Qiang Xiang was their martial arts teacher. It was not wise for Kris to offend him.

And here is the Academy of Six Major Schools. Xiang Qiang was the leader of the Shaolin school, so he was in a very high position.

Qiang Xiang raged. As a leader of Shaolin School, he could not bear this man to treat him like this.

“Namo Amitabha!”Qiang Xiang’s face darkened. He managed to suppress his anger and said: “I dare you! I double dare you to say that one more time!”

“I don’t mind saying that three more times. Apologize to Xiaorou,” Kris said coldly.

Qiang Xiang was so angry, and he said: “Fine, I can no longer put up with your provocation. I believe in Buddhism, and today I’ll make it clear to you that even the Buddha gets angry sometimes. Now let me tell you why you should always be respectful to your teachers.”

Then he punched at Kris, but Kris was not afraid at all, because Kris was sure that if he hit Xiang Qiang, he would be killed. But what’s the matter? This jerk shouldn’t be a teacher anyway.

When Kris’ face was about to be smashed, someone called out from a distance.


And it was Lan Xia who showed up.

“Mr. Xiang, how come you are fighting with students in the school?” Lan Xia frowned.

Qiang Xiang withdrew his fist immediately, and his pupil dilated, and then he smirked and said: “Ms. Xia. Why would you think I was fighting him? I was teaching him how to fight.”

Lan Xia was in a higher position and a higher stage, but still, he couldn’t help but eyeing her up nonstop.

He thought: “Lan Xia is so beautiful, and she is also so powerful. If only I could get close to her….”

Chapter 198: Choosing the Shaolin School

Lan Xia came, and Xiaorou felt relieved for Miss Xia’s coming.

Otherwise, Kris would be beaten.

Qiang Xiang is a Kungfu teacher, how could Kris be his opponent!

Lan Xia scowled and asked, “So you always teach boxing in such a violent way?”

She is not blind, she saw what happened just now.

As a teacher of Kungfu, it was unfair to fight with his student.

Qiang Xiang forced a smile, replying, “Miss. Xia, you misunderstood me. I was really teaching boxing just now!”

Lan Xia said with a cold face: “I have seen it, Mr. Xiang, how can you bully students? Besides, you are a Kungfu teacher in class 20. Why do you teach boxing to a student from my class?”

Lan Xia hates Qiang Xiang very much.

As a disciple of Buddhism, he is an evil one, committing a different kind of sins, bringing shame on Buddhism.

“Ms. Xia, you really misunderstood me!” Qiang Xiang smiled bitterly, pretending a very innocent look: “I saw the Kungfu teacher of your class had not come yet, and I kindly taught your student boxing. Why you blame me?”

As he said, he spread his hand and said, “If you do not believe me, you can ask other students to see if what I said is true or false!”

“Yes, Miss Xia, you really misunderstood Mr. Xiang, he was just teaching Kris boxing! How could Mr. Xiang bully your student,” said Bao Cao, as he was walking out of the crowd.

Lan Xia stepped forward and prevented the tragedy from going on, so Bao Cao hated her secretly.

Kris was really lucky. Every time he was in trouble, there would be anyone to help him fix it.

After Bao finished speaking, Pan Wang and Shou Yan from the side also hurried out and said, “Ms. Xia, you are really wronging our teacher. He was indeed teaching Kris boxing!

“Yes, I can testify!” Shou Yan quickly echoed.

Oh, all of them spoke lies in broad daylight

Lan Xia was very unhappy, but her students spoke up for Xiang, so Lan Xia had to stop saying anything more.

She told Kris, “Stay away from him in the future.”

With that, she said added: “Kris, you donated the most for the damage caused by the Cult, as a reward, the college especially approve you to enter the Scripture Pavilion.”


Entering the Scripture Pavilion? Kris froze for a moment, he couldn’t help but glance at the Pavilion, which was not far away.

Since the founding of The Academy of Six Major Schools, the most mysterious building in the academy is the Scripture Pavilion.

It is said that the Scripture Pavilion stores numerous rare collections esp. secret Kungfu books, and it is the holiest place in the academy. Ordinary teachers and students are forbidden to enter it. As they walk past it, they need to keep a space of ten meters from it. The Scripture Pavilion is guarded by several top Kungfu masters, no one has any chance to enter it without prior permission.

Kris’s expression was a little hesitant. Lan Xia smiled and said: “How fortunate you are, even I haven’t been allowed to enter the Scripture Pavilion. You have to understand that six major schools have been passed down for thousands of years, except for the core fundamentals of Kungfu of each school. each generation will create a whole new book recording one generation’s findings and achievements in Kungfu, and if ordinary families can learn one of the top-level kungfu and continue practicing it for years, they can be considered as a renowned Kungfufamily.”

Then Lan Xia continued: “However If it was not because you donated the most, you would not be eligible to enter the Pavilion!”

Lan Xia spoke again: “You remember, there are six floors in the Scripture Pavilion, and each floor, respectively for each school, so you must seize this opportunity, but bear it in mind, you shall not bring any books outside, or the consequences would be serious!”

Speaking of this, Lan Xia couldn’t be more serious.

So Kris had to memorize the essentials of these secret books. If he takes out any volume, he would be killed on the spot by the security elders.

Seeing Lan Xia’s serious expression, Kris nodded solemnly, but he was very excited.

Knowing the secret of martial arts and keeping practicing it, an ordinary family can be converted into a renowned family.

What is a renowned family is the family having superiority in both power and fame.

Kris has already learned the Top Kungfu of Sun-Moon Holy Cult, if he can learn and master another top Kungfu scripture, he would be even greater.

“Don’t be too happy.” as Lan Xia saw Kris’s excited expression, she warned him, “Don’t be greedy for advanced Kungfu, you must choose the one that suits you. These Scriptures are the core Kungfu books of the six schools. Ordinary people may not be able to get started in a year or two, so after you enter it, you must firmly commit the scriptures into your heart. If you forget the content, small errors will get you into trouble. Remember my words!”

Sounds so scary!

However, he did not think so, for he just spent a night learning the Sun and Moon Divine Scripture, as well as Mayfly Power. The secrets of these six schools are deep and arcane, but at most, it is on the same level as the Sun and Moon Divine Scripture.

However, what Lan Xia warned him was for his good, so he nodded seriously: “I will keep your words in mind!”

Seeing thus, Lan Xia nodded, and then she handed Kris a piece of the jade pendant, saying: “This is a token to enter the Scripture pavilion. Only with this jade pendant can you enter the Scripture pavilion!”

After taking the Jade, Kris nodded, and then Lan Xia led Kris to the entrance of the Scripture Pavilion.

“Lan Xia of Wuliangjian School, now sending disciple Kris into the Scripture Pavilion following the order of the Dean!” with that, the door slowly opened.

Seeing the door opened, Lan Xia said: “Okay, the door is already open. When you enter, give the Jade to the elder of the first floor of the Pavilion. Remember that you can’t hide any book, otherwise you will die.”

The Scripture Pavilion is the forbidden place for six major schools.

Without the Jade given by the dean, even teachers are not qualified to get close to the Scripture Pavilion!

“Got it, teacher.”

Kris couldn’t wait to walk in.

As soon as he entered, the stone gate behind Kris closed.

He saw that a sloppy old man was lying on the ground in the middle of the first floor, drinking wine with the jug in his hand.

Kris took out the jade pendant, and the jade pendant in his hand suddenly flew toward the old man.

Oh my god, the elder released of the sturdy energy to get the Jade!

“I am the security elder of Gaibang School, we have five hundred and twenty-one volumes of scriptures. You only have one chance to choose only one book! If you don’t choose, you can go upstairs!” When the elder waved his hand, and the Jade was returned to Kris’s hand.

Kris hurried to the bookshelf and found that these scripture books were with no cover, and they were all put in sandalwood boxes. He doesn’t know what the secret is.

Shit, don’t you have to guess blindly?

That’s right, it’s really about guessing blindly. As the saying goes, those who have the chance to get the treasure can get it. When they arrive at the monks in the congenital realm, there is a whim.

“What book the hell should I choose?”

Kris was confused, and he thought about it for a while. The most powerful kungfu of Gaibang School should be Dragon-surrendering eighteen palms and the Dog-beating Club method. There were 521 scriptures here. It was absolutely impossible to pick out these two books.

After thinking for a while, Kris rushed to the elder: “Thanks, I need to go to the second floor!”

Then Kris walked upstairs and stepped up to the second floor!

As a result, as soon as he reached the second floor, sharp sword energy was directed at Kris’s facade. Kris’s hair stood upright, and he quickly activated his Mayfly Power, avoiding this sword energy!

“I am the guardian of the Wuliangjian School. There are 480 volumes of scriptures on this floor!”

It was an old man with a sword, and the sword energy he sent just now was from him!

Kris wiped the sweat beads on his forehead, so dangerous!

Wuliangjian School, isn’t that Lan Xia’s school?

He subconsciously touched the soft sword that was buckled on his waist, remembering that he had been hijacked by Changkong not long ago. Because of this soft sword, he was able to escape.

However, the Wuliangjian School and the Sun-Moon Holy Cult are a closely connected in relationship. Forget it. Although he has a soft sword and The dagger: Kill Qin, but they can only be used as a hidden weapon to give the enemy a surprise attack.

Thinking of this, Kris said goodbye to the elder of Wuliangjian School and immediately climbed onto the third floor.

The third floor is of the Huashan School. 360 volumes of classics of the Huashan School are here, mostly were sword scriptures, which did not interest Kris a bit.

The fourth floor is belonging to Emei School, which has 280 volumes of scriptures, but Emei’s Kungfu is mostly suitable for women, so Kris did not consider it and went straight to the fifth floor.

The fifth floor is of the Wudang School, which has 180 volumes.

Seriously, Kris was very fond of the Wudang School’s Pure Yang Gong and Tai-Chi Palm, but he remembered that Mr. Chen was a disciple of the Wudang School. If he chose the Wudang School, he would inevitably have connections with the Wudang School in the future, that was what he did not want to do.

After thinking for a while, Kris sighed and went straight to the sixth floor!

This sixth floor is of the Shaolin School!

As the saying goes, the world martial arts are derived from Shaolin, although this saying is much exaggerated.

Not to mention Shaolin’s Seventy-two Top Kungfu, only the Bodhidharma Scripture and Marrow-washing Scripture were enough to make Kris excited.

If anybody could get one of the two great scriptures, he is bound to make a great name in Kungfu.

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