Chapter 197: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 197 Forever with the one he loves (1)
Seeing her happy, Kerry Ye rejoiced, “How about we go fishing in weekend?”

“Go fishing at sea?”

“Well, I bought a yacht a few years ago and consigned it at the dock. I haven’t used it in a long time. Let’s go check it out this weekend if the weather’s nice.”

“Sure.” Venus agreed. Anyway, her main task now was to find the treasure map and deceived his feelings. After he fell deeply in love with her, she would take the treasure map and fly away with it, making him regret it.

After Kerry left for work, Venus wandered around downstairs a few times to see if someone was paying attention and then she went straight to the study room on the third floor.

However, the door was locked.

Venus was confused. It was so hard to get this opportunity but the door was locked.

No. She couldn’t just give up.

Turning down the stairs, John the Butler was in the garden, pruning the side branches. He saw Venus coming, said hello to her and went on with his business.

He was still thinking about what Kerry said in the morning, was master really going to abandon Venus and the baby? Or did the young master get some news that Venus had an accident?

“John, why does the door of the study room lock?” She asked cautiously, “I want to go in and look for a book.”

John the Butler recovered from his doubts. He put down his large scissors and said, “There was a burglar in the house two days ago so I locked the study door. Miss Chu, please wait a moment and I’ll get the key for you.”

Venus followed him over to the villa. She thought to herself that it was actually so easy to get the key?

After waiting for a moment at the head of the stairs, John the Butler brought over a key. “Miss Chu, this is the key of the study room. Just give it back to me when you’re done with it.”

“Thank you, John.” Venus took the key and went upstairs. She took two steps up the stairs, stopped and turned back to ask John the Butler, “John, are you so reassured to give me the key?”

John the Butler smiled gently, “What’s so reassuring about that? Master has told us that you can do whatever you want in the villa and we need to respect you as much as we respect him.”

Her eyelids jumped a few times. Kerry was so nice to her?

Forget about it. She’d better do what needed to be done first.

Opening the door and entering the study, Venus followed Xuan Chu’s words and really knocked out a different sound on the wall behind a pair of landscape paintings. She was so excited and began to turn over anything she could.

She picked up an antique celadon vase and rotated it a little bit. Nothing happened. She poured out all the pens in the padauk pen container, even tried every pencil, and they all worked.

Xuan said he checked the bottom shelf and there was no problem, so could there be a problem with the highest shelf?

Just like last time, Venus pulled her chair over and touched underneath each book she picked up to see if there was anything odd about it.

“The World History, what kind of book is he even reading,” She muttered as she picked up the thick book and reached in with her hand to touch the shelf. What was this?

She cleared the tops of the shelves of books. Venus stood on tiptoe to see a pattern the size of a fingernail carved into the smooth bookshelf. If she hadn’t had the purpose to look for it, she would have taken it for the most common pattern.

She tried to press it gently, and heard a clicking sound behind the landscape painting. Venus looked down and saw that a small wooden box was pushed out.

Venus immediately jumped down from the chair. She was shocked and wondered if the treasure map was in there.

Gosh, she had finally found it.

Venus took the little wooden box in her hands and looked at it from front to back but she didn’t know how to open it. Because the little wooden box was a single piece and there was no lock at all. There was only what looked like a magnetic piece on the lid.

She shook the little wooden box and there was a noise so there was indeed something inside.

What could she do about this?

After thinking for a moment, Venus took out her phone and took a picture. She didn’t dare to send it to Xuan rashly for fear that Kerry might see it beside Xuan, so she sent a few words first.

She sent was it convenient to talk?

After sending it out, Venus began to wait anxiously. She was really too excited. Once she was sure that this was the treasure map, she would be able to see her child and leave Kerry forever.

Two minutes later, Xuan sent a message.

He said he was convenient and what was wrong?

Venus immediately sent over the photo she just took, and attached a line: found the mechanism. Inside there was this small box but there was no lock.

Kerry and Xuan were inspecting the construction site. After receiving her message, Xuan walked away from Kerry for a few meters. He carefully looked at the photo of the small wooden box, thought for a moment and sent the message that this should be a fingerprint lock so it could not be opened without the fingerprint.

Venus was speechless. Fingerprint lock meant the she needed Kerry’s fingerprints. It was too hard.

She jolted the wooden box in her hand, and Venus continued to text and asked if she could use a saw to open it.

Xuan’s mouth twitched when he saw those words. And he thought that this woman was too violent.

He replied that a cleverly designed box would pre-empt these external injuries. In case there was mercury or some other chemical in the sandwich, you would only destroy the thing faster.

Venus slumped in chair with a lament. She wanted to break the little wooden box. It felt like a man in the water who saw a life preserver, but he couldn’t get hold of it.

Kerry saw the complicated expression on Xuan’s face with his remaining light. He seemed to have discovered some secret and smiled wryly.

What should we do then? Venus continued to send messages.

He replied that we should not do anything rash yet and wait for me to consult an authority on the subject and see if there was a way to lock it without fingerprints.

That was the only way.

Venus saw the small wooden box again and again. She also put her thumb on the magnetic film, only to hear the two soft sounds of “drip”. But the little wooden box didn’t open.

She put it back in place. Venus pressed the button and the small wooden box was once again hidden behind the landscape painting. The wall looked intact with not even a crack in it.

Although she was a little disappointed, finding the mechanism and the small wooden box today was already a major discovery. It was worth congratulating.

Thinking that, Venus felt much better. The worst-case scenario was to just give them the little wooden box in the end and let them find a way to open it.

On the construction site.

Kerry seemed to say, “Is there anything important? We can finish early.”

“My friend has some personal matters to consult me. She’s done asking.” Xuan’s face was calm, and he couldn’t see any signs of trouble.

Kerry, however, had a shallow smile curved at the corner of his mouth.

After a busy day at work, Kerry returned home. Venus stayed in her room and drew pictures. It had been a long time since she had a drawing. And today she was in a good mood and she had a lot of ideas so she designed for three dresses.

Kerry asked John the Butler where was she. He didn’t disturb her but went back to the study room first.

When he saw the subtle changes in the study room, Kerry smiled. Venus should never commit a crime in the future or she would definitely be the first to be caught.

First of all, the celadon vase had been moved three centimeters, and her fingerprints were all over the bottle. And the pen container, it was his habit to keep all the nibs facing down, but now, most of them were facing up, so it seemed that they were just put in there casually.

And this landscape painting hanging on the wall was all slanted. Didn’t she know to straighten it when she left?

He shook his head in frustration. He reached out and pressed the mechanism and he found out that the small wooden box was still there.

Then, Kerry sat on the chair and turned on the computer, brought up several pinhole cameras installed in the study, and watched the whole process of Venus’s entry into the study room.

It seemed that his guess today was not wrong. The person Xuan had frequently texted in the morning was Venus, and they should be discussing how to open this small wooden box.

He thought that why couldn’t Venus just come and ask him? If she asked him, he would tell her and open it for her.

Ever since that night Xuan sneaked into the study, the next day Kerry had asked John the Butler to install a camera in the study room. He didn’t expect that the camera would be used so soon.

During the evening meal, Venus kept staring at Kerry’s hands. She silently wondered in her mind which finger he would use as a fingerprint lock. Chopping it off was out of the question. She thought that should she get him drunk one night? And then try one by one?

But she was a terrible drinker. He wasn’t drunk yet and she already lay on the table drunk.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 197 Forever with the one he loves (2)
“What are you staring at my hands for? Do you like them?” Kerry asked deliberately.

Venus smiled awkwardly and gave a nonsense reason, “I read the entertainment news today, and there’s a male star with beautiful hands, and I think your hands are pretty too.”

“Really?” Kerry raised his hand and have a look at them, “Thank you.”

“Sure.” Venus laughed and lowered her head to continue thinking. Actually, the second method just now was not bad, although she couldn’t drink more than him, she could drug him, It wasn’t the first time she had drugged him anyway.

It was feasible. She planned to discuss it with Xuan Chu tonight. Maybe he could give her some drugs.

Kerry knew it clearly that she was looking for a way to frame him, but he couldn’t do anything but to face it.

But it’s fun to watch her play tricks like that.

Luckily, he found out that she was Venus, otherwise he would have been cheated by a woman again. He had suffered too much from Xinyou Qiao in the past, and now he couldn’t be foolish again.

“Kerry, which finger of yours do you like better?” Venus still didn’t give up.

“The middle one.” Kerry said without thinking.


Kerry said, “Because it’s the longest.”

Venus didn’t react for a moment, but looking at his wry smile, she suddenly realized what he was talking about, whose face immediately turned red. She then tossed an apple to him, “Hey, screw you.”

Kerry caught the apple, laughing, “You’re just asking and I’m just answering your question. What?”

Venus glared at him with tenderness in her eyes, “For example, which finger would you use if your phone was a lock screen and which finger would you use if your room was a fingerprint lock, but what are you talking about?”

“Oh, that’s right. You should have told me earlier.” Kerry then said, “My thumb.”

Venus was a little happy to get the answer and continued eating.

“Why do you ask this?” Kerry asked.

“Nothing, I just want to know more about you. Of course, in case you’re flirting with some girls on the phone, I’ll know how to unlock it.”

Kerry was happy to hear this, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in other girls for the time being.” Saying so, Kerry pushed the phone in front of her, “In addition to the fingerprint, the password of the phone is 0428.”

Venus asked, “Why 0428?”

“This, is our wedding date.” Kerry observed her, but she seemed to forget this.

Venus froze. She just felt that these numbers were familiar. It was the password box which their marriage certificate was put inside. Kerry really liked to use all kinds of boxes with passwords. The number was not enough, but also fingerprints. How many secrets was he afraid of others to know?

Seeing her dazed, he interrupted her and said, “What, don’t want to check it? I’m actually quite looking forward to you checking my call records and my chatting apps.”

Venus disgustedly pushed his phone over, “I’m not bothering to check. We’re all adults and trusting each other is the most important. If one day you really like another woman, I guess I won’t be interested in you, and then we’ll say goodbye.”

Kerry answered seriously, “That day won’t come.”

Venus shrugged, “I hope so.”

She didn’t believe his words, for he hooked up with Xinyou when he got married, and then taking Yan Chu home after the wedding. He had no loyalty towards marriage. Maybe he would treat Yan Chu nicely, who was a beaty not easy to meet.

Kerry was helpless. No matter what he said, she wouldn’t believe it.

He was desperately to take off her mask and told her that what he was saying were true.

In the evening, Venus called Xuan Chu, asking for his advice.

After listening to her seemingly foolish but practical solution, Xuan Chu promised her, “Come to the office tomorrow and I’ll give it to you.”


After hanging up the phone, Venus lay on her back on the bed, who was about to be overwhelmed by joy.

“Baby, wait for mommy. I’ll come to you soon.” Venus gently kissed her son on the phone screen, then pressed the phone to her chest and began to plan when it would be appropriate to do it.

Thinking of the key point, she noticed someone was knocking on the door.

Venus got up from the bed to open the door. She knew it must be Kerry.

It was him.

“What’s up, Young master?” Venus leaned against the door and asked with a smile.

“I don’t want to sleep, so can we talk for a while?” Kerry was dressed in a pajama, lazy and warm.

Venus looked him up and down, poking him in the chest and said, “It’s late at night. Chat? Do you think I’m a naïve girl?”

Kerry held her fingers and said in a magnetic voice, “If you don’t want to chat, then follow me.”

Venus was led forward by him, “Where to go?”

Kerry didn’t say anything. After turning a few corners, they came to a familiar room.

Venus was confused. Why did he take her to this room? Talk about his past?

In order not to let her memories disturb her, Venus hadn’t entered this house since she returned to Ye family. Although she hated him, after all, she was a human being, who had the feelings. After living in this house for so long, she still had some feelings for it.

“Is this the place?” Venus pretended to ask.

“Yes, it is.” “What makes it special?”

Kerry looked down at her, “This is my wife’s room.”

Then Kerry pushed open that door, turning on the light, and walked in holding her hand.

Memories came flooding back. The white gauze curtains swayed in the night breeze. The half-drawn design was still on the table, as well as eraser and pencil.

The sheets were all new, probably because he had to change them because she had bled so much.

“This is where Venus used to live,” Kerry began to say, “She liked to sit on the sofa and curl her legs up to design one inspirational dress after another.”

Venus was a little moved, but she didn’t understand why he took her here tonight.

“Since she left, I’ve kept the house as it was and all of her things have been left untouched. I come in and sit when I’m upset. I’m always wondering where she is, how she’s doing and how the kid is.” Kerry turned back and asked her, “Where do you think she is now?”

Venus was listening, but when he asked her, she didn’t know what to say, “How should I know?”

Kerry focused on her and was slightly disappointed. He had wanted her to feel his true feelings, but he didn’t find any tenderness on her face.

Venus didn’t want to stay in this house anymore, although there were happy memories, yet more cruelty and indifference.

“Kerry, why take me here?” Venus frowned and asked.

Kerry sighed, “Nothing. I just wanted to take a look.”

“Oh, take your time then, I’ll go back first.” As soon as Venus finished speaking, she turned back to walk out, but was stopped by Kerry.

“Are you mad?” Kerry asked.

“Kerry, Venus is your wife, it’s your business to miss her, but please don’t drag me into it. I respect your feelings, but it doesn’t mean I have to accept it. I have no intention of offending her.” Venus said in a serious manner. She stood here as Yan Chu and she always felt like she was his mistress.

Kerry wanted to call her, but he didn’t, “Yan, I don’t want you to accept it, but…”

But what?

Kerry couldn’t just say it out. He wanted her to know how much he loved her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 197 Forever with the one he loves (3)
“Kerry, Just continue to reminisce about your past with your wife here. I have to go now.” Venus shook off his hand and left the room filled with her bad memories.

Kerry hurried to catch up with her, but Venus was going faster and faster. However, the moment she closed the door, he already stood in the doorway.

“Don’t be mad, okay? I really didn’t mean anything by it,” Kerry said softly, “I just want you to know about my past.”

“I’m not mad at you. I just want to go to sleep,” Venus said indifferently.

“You already think my marriage to you is in the past. You’re so unfaithful to love.” She thought.

Kerry lifted her hand and touched her cheek, “But you don’t have a smile on your face.”

Venus forced a smile, and then said, “I’m really sleepy.”

Kerry pushed the door open and then bowed his head and kissed her.

Next, Venus had no chance to resist. They kissed from the doorway all the way to the bed.

The thing Venus was thinking now was that a man sure can’t be single for too long or he’d be crazy to fuck her girlfriend.


The next day, Venus met with Xuan Chu at the office. Xuan gave her a small bottle of liquid. She opened it and smelled it. There was a faint smell of medicine.

Venus leaned against her desk and looked at the bottle, worriedly asking him, “Will Kerry die if he drink this medicine?”

Xuan was turning on his computer for something he was going to use for a meeting. When he heard her words, he was a little angry. “I’m working with Kerry. I certainly won’t hurt him. His death won’t do me any good at all. I only make money and won’t do anything that kills people.”

Venus was relieved.

She was hesitant to do it now. Kerry had killed her brother and she hated him, but he was the biological father of her child. If she killed him, how would she ever face her child?

All she could do was to leave here with her baby and live on her own.

“Remember not to put too much medicine in Kerry’s drink, or he’ll probably take more than three days to wake up,” Xuan warned.

Venus headed out with the medicine and Xuan called out to her again, “Wait a minute.”

Xuan was silent for a moment and said, “Where are you going to go after you finish your tasks?”

Venus was excited immediately, “I’m going to get my kid out first. I’m not going to tell you where I’m going.”

“Why can’t you just tell me where you’re going?”

“I’m going to find a place where no one knows me, so I can’t tell you.”

Xuan nodded, “You’re right. It’s time to start over. I wish you all the best.”

“Thank you.” Venus left joyfully. It was as if she already saw a new life beckoning her.

Xuan looked at her back with a complicated look in his eyes. She was a good girl and deserved a better life.

In the afternoon, Venus drove to the villa where she once lived with her parents. After Changrui Mu’s family moved out, the place was empty, with weeds and wildflowers everywhere.

“Mom, dad, and brother, I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to come back and see our home again. Don’t worry about me, I won’t kill myself again. I will live my life for you and for my children. You guys in heaven have to bless me with a successful rescue of my baby.”

Back at the Ye family, Venus took a bottle of red wine from the wine cellar. She used a cotton swab to dip a highly concentrated sleeping pill into the rim of the wine glass so that Kerry wouldn’t see signs of her drugging,

She was afraid she might confuse the two glasses, so she left a shallow lipstick mark on her glass beforehand. Once everything was ready, she just waited for Kerry to come home.

As usual, Kerry was back at the villa as soon as he got off work. He looked a little tired and frowned as he ate.

“Did you have trouble at work? You don’t look very happy.” Venus asked.

Kerry sighed sadly, “Yeah, but I’ll take care of it. Don’t worry.”

“Let’s have a drink, shall we?” Venus said. “Just relax.”

Kerry was surprised, “I thought you didn’t drink?”

“I don’t drink outside, but I’m at home now. It doesn’t matter if I am drunk,” Venus said.

Kerry felt happy when she said the word ‘home”. It was the first time she seemed to think of this place as a home.

“Okay, I’ll send John to get the wine.”

“Don’t bother him. I’ll pick it out myself. After dinner, you go take a shower. I’ll find the wine and come to your room.”

Kerry was curious that she was so attentive, and then he thought back to yesterday. “Is she going to put drugs in the wine again?”

“You’re so attentive today. I’m not used to it.” Kerry teased.

Venus said “Aren’t you happy that I’m being nice?”

Kerry smiled, thinking that she must be hiding something.

As Venus had arranged, he ate his dinner and lay in the living room for a while watching the financial news, then went back to his room to shower. Soon Venus came into his room with wine and two glasses.

Kerry was lying on the couch in a white t-shirt and light pants, just like he was wearing then the night Tianye Mu had taken Venus away.

“Come here.” Kerry waved at her. Venus walked over and sat on the couch across from him, putting her wine down.

“What’s your ideal life like?” Kerry asked carelessly.

Venus said as she poured his drink, “My ideal life is to find an isolated place, and then live there with the people I love.”

“So simple?” said Kerry.

“Do you know how hard it is to find such place in today’s world with information technology being so advanced?” Venus contradicted.

Kerry nodded, “You’re right. But don’t you think that life is too monotonous?”

“No, I think it’s very nice. If I feel bored sometimes, just take a drive to the big city and then go back to my own place.”

Kerry smiled lightly, “That’s ideal. What about the baby? He needs to go to school, and you will have to find him a school and then you will have to deal with teachers. If he disobeys and fights with his classmates, you’ll still have to go to school.”

Venus laughed and stopped him, “You just made the premise of an ideal life. I told you, and you’re judging me. You need to drink as punishment.”

Venus handed him a glass of red wine and Kerry happily took it. He shook it slowly but not drank it.

“Actually, sometimes I’d like to live the life you’re talking about, but I have many desires and can’t throw away the company I started.”

Venus kept his eyes on the glass of wine in his hand, not even bothering to listen to him. “What’s your ideal life like?”

“I want to make a lot of money and then grow old together with the people I love.” said Kerry.

Venus was a little anxious to see him not drink, and then she lifted her own glass of wine and toasted him, “I wish you the best of luck with that.”

Kerry finally picked up his glass and prepared to drink it. Venus watched him as he drank all of the wine in his glass before she was relieved to drink a little of her own.

“This wine ……” Kerry said suddenly.

Venus asked calmly, “What’s wrong?”

“It tastes pretty good.” Kerry said, and then smiled meaningfully.

“I picked it out at random. I’m glad that you like it.” Venus began pouring wine into both of their glasses again.

And as she lowered her head to pour the wine, time suddenly stopped, the liquid solidified in the air, and even the wind stopped.

Kerry quickly got up from the couch and then took his glass and went straight to the bathroom, He spat out all the wine he had just consumed. He then took out a clean glass from the liquor cabinet and returned to where he was sitting.

When he shook the wine glass just now, he could smell a medicinal odor mixed in with the smell of wine. Although the strong scent of wine masked the medicinal smell, he still smelled it keenly.

He regretted being tricked by her to escape last time. This time he would never let her escape again.

Soon, everything was back to normal.

“Let’s just drink more,” Kerry said.

Venus was afraid of diluting the effects of the drug, so she poured just a little into Kerry’s empty glass and said with a smile, “You need to sip the wine slowly, so you don’t get drunk all at once.”

“You’re right,” Kerry lifted the glass and Kerry drank it all in one gulp.

Venus was elated.

They talked for a few more minutes and Venus noticed that Kerry seemed drowsy and cautiously asked, “Are you sleepy?”

Kerry lay on the couch with her eyes closed, “Yes, probably I worked too hard today.”

“Let me help you to the bed.” Venus got up and took his arm.

Kerry bowed his head. Then he deliberately closed his eyes and pressed the full weight of his body against hers. Venus whined, “Why are you so heavy?” Kerry smirked.

Venus threw him on the bed and helped him take off his shoes and cover him with the blanket.

Kerry reached out and put his arms around her waist, “Please don’t leave.”

Venus couldn’t get out of his tight hold, so she said, “I’ll come after I wash my face.”

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