Chapter 197: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 197 A hundred and fifty million!

As the auction drew to a close, the highlight of today’s event came.

“The next item to be auctioned is the land contract for our Sweet food factory, which is close to Lanbo Port. The location is so advantageous that I don’t feel it necessary to say more than is needed. We will start at the price of 80 million, with each bid at least 5 million.”

Before he could finished, someone jumped into making the first bid.

“Eighty-five million.”

Trigg Yue, the chairman of the Yueya Group made the first bid.

Colin Ward looked at Trigg Yue expressionless.

His chief object was the land in the southern suburbs; he had little interest in the rest.

No one competed with Trigg Yue upon this land.

“Eighty-five million once! Eighty-five million twice! Eighty-five million third time! Deal!”

“Let us congratulate Mr. Yue of the Yueya Group for winning the land contract of the Sweet Food factory.” The host exclaimed.

Colin Ward was surprised that no one bid against Trigg Yue upon this land.

Then came another three land contracts; they were taken by three other groups, all of which had once been controlled by Walson Martin.

Walson Martin, on the contrary, had been remaining his silence.

Colin Ward was wondering what were they up to. As a oversee returnee, Walson Martin would not be table to take the land of the southern suburbs by himself; so supports from consortium was needed in order to take the land.

But after these groups had each acquired a piece of land by spending a relatively large fortune it was not that easy to bid for the land in the southern suburbs.

Colin Ward couldn’t figure it out.

Nina White seemed to be suddenly enlightened and she exclaimed: “Mr, this is not good for us, because these four lands happened to be surrounding Lanbo Port.”

It dawned all at once on Colin Ward as well.

Walson Martin wanted to undermined the expansion and development of Marquis, the best weapon he could wield was real estate, which was the strength of Marquis. And these four lands just surrounded the Lanbo Port of the Marquis.

With these four lands within Walson Martin’s grasp; he could achieve his goal simply by idling the lands and impeding the development of the business circle of the surrounding areas of Lanbo Port. Well, whatever Colin Ward’s plan was here, Walson Martin would make it a ghost town.

What a wicked idea!

In the meantime, neither Benny Wan nor Vanessa Liu was bidding again, while Benny Wan was complacent that he had almost won anyway and that the lands were really useless to him.

And Vanessa Liu’s mind was all upon the final land.

“Next, the final item of this auction, as the closing lot, I think you all know, that is, the contract for the joint development of the southern suburbs.”

“Everyone must have done the homework before coming here for the land; so I would save the energy and time in introducing it, the starting price is 500 million, each bid must not be less than 50 million.”

Said the host, and everyone looked up.

Most people here today were the on-looker of the bidding; after all, not any one could afford 500 million.

“Five hundred and fifty million!” The bidding started with Trigg Yue holding the sign and making the first offer.

Nina White looked at Trigg Yue and frowned.

At the sight of Trigg Yue, Vanessa Liu looked sullenly and said. “Humm, ungrateful ass!”

Colin Ward took a glance at Trigg Yue before raising his hand and said coldly, “Six hundred million!”

Dubai Real Estate’s chairman Byne Du made his bid.

“Six hundred and fifty million!

Colin Ward cast a cold look around them and motioned.

“Seven hundred million!

Another guy, who was also from one of the five groups, jumped in.

“Seven hundred and fifty million!

Nina White frowned. “What are they doing?”

Colin Ward, with his face grim, gritted his teeth and held up his sign: “A billion.”

The crowd was shocked.

A Billion?!


“Yes, how rich should they be to be able to afford a billion.”

“Well, Marquis is after all the leading enterprise of Tianbei City!”


Behind Colin Ward, Benny Wan and his woman were already dumbstruck.

They thought Colin Ward had no money and could sit in the VIP seat only because of Nina White’s relationship. However, he just bid one billion for a land.

How was that even possible? Benny Wan found it incredulous.

And it looked like Colin Ward would be continuing the bidding…

The items he had bought was nothing compared with one billion!

Not until now did he start speculating.

“You are the CEO of the Marquis?”

No one cared about him and his hindsight.

Colin Ward was busy in his bidding.

The woman hid behind Benny Wan and felt her face burning with embarrassment. A moment ago she had called the CEO of Marquis a poor loser. What the hell had she been thinking? She could not help blaming herself.

After all, Colin Ward was the richest man in the whole Tianbei City.

At the moment, Trigg Yue raised his sign again.

“A hundred and fifty million!

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