Chapter 198: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 198 Whatever the Cost May Be (1)
Kerry then lifted his arm lazily and let go of her. Venus went to the bathroom, turned the tap on and off, and two minutes later, she went back to the bedroom. Kerry was already snoring. Apparently, he was deep in sleep.

Venus patted on his face to make sure he was really sleeping, and he gave no response. She was surprised at how fast the drug was taking effects, and she decided to take action right away.

She went to the study on the third floor, found the secret place and took out the little wooden box. She then walked out of the study, looked around, and found there was no one in the corridor. Her heart was beating so violently in her chest.

She sneaked back to Kerry’ s bedroom and found he was still sleeping. She took a deep breath, calmed herself down, sat on Kerry’ s bed, grabbed his right hand and pressed his thumb on the fingerprint reader on that box.

The box was not opened.

Is he a lefty?

Venus then grabbed Kerry’ s left hand and repeated the same process. She was so nervous. She didn’t know what to do if the box couldn’t be opened.

But luckily, the light on the box flashed, and after two beeps, the box was flicked open.

Venus was so excited that she almost screamed. She then threw Kerry’ s hand aside, held her breath and looked into the little box.

But when she saw what was inside, her face darkened in an instant. It was a big blue gem which gave out a soft glow. And the treasure map was no where to be seen.

Venus didn’t want to give up. She took out the gem and found there was nothing else in the box. She knocked it with her finger to see if the sides of the box were hollow, but they were not, which meant there was no hidden compartment.

She was suddenly overwhelmed by frustration, sadness and despair. She sat there motionlessly, and she didn’t know what to do.

She suddenly realized Kerry had never admitted that he had the treasure map in his home. It was only her guess. And Xuan Chu’s discovering of the box made her believe the treasure map was must in the box. It was a highly subjective point of view.

She thought she would find the map, and she was even ready to leave this place forever. And now, everything seemed like a terrible joke.

A few minutes later, she took out her phone and called Xuan.

“Hello?” Xuan’s voice was so happy.

Venus found there was no easy way to say it.

“What is it? Yan?”

Venus cleared her throat and said: “Xuan, I opened the box just now.”

Xuan noticed there was a tinge of disappointment in her voice. He asked: “The map is not in there?”

“No, it is not.” Venus said. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

“Then what is it?” He asked.

“A blue gem.”

“Can you send me a picture?”

“Sure.” Venus wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

Xuan knew Yan was must in a state of utter depression. He tried to comfort her. He said: “Don’t worry. We can keep looking for it. We will find it.”

“Thank you. I’ll talk to you later.” Venus said. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply to hold her tears back.

She sent the picture to Xuan, and put the gem back in the box. She looked at Kerry, who was still sleeping, and suddenly, she was seized by a blind rage and she punched on his chest heavily.

“You jerk! Where the hell did you hide that bloody map!! I should be able to leave this place tomorrow!” She shouted in a low voice.

A few minutes later, she left the room with the box, banging the door behind her.

Kerry then opened his eyes. He put his hand on his chest and groaned. These were indeed some powerful punches, and he almost cried out just now.

Turned out, Kerry had already asked John to install some hidden cameras in his study and swap the map with a precious gem. He knew Venus would absolutely leave when she found the map, and he couldn’t let her go. He felt very sorry when he heard Venus’s broken voice just now.

“Venus, I’m sorry. But I can’t let you go.” Kerry said to himself.

Venus put the box back where it was and went to her room. She couldn’t bear the sight of Kerry. She knew she couldn’t stop herself from punching him when she saw him.

She removed her mask, and laid on bed tiredly. She felt like she just had a bungee jumping. It was like she fell into hell directly from paradise.

The silence in her room was suddenly broken by the ringing of her phone. She knew it could only be Xuan at this hour. She picked it up and said tiredly: “What’s up?”

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Venus stared at the ceiling with her blank eyes.

“I saw the picture you just sent me. The gem was once inlaid in a sceptre belonged to a pharaoh in ancient Egypt. It is called “Eye of the Sky”, and its value is immeasurable. That’s why Kerry kept it in such a secret place.”

“I don’t care how valuable it is. This is not what I want.” Venus said in a flat tone.

Xuan was silent for a few seconds. He then said: “You still have time. Don’t give up.”

“Of course I won’t give up. I need to save my child. Thank you, Xuan.”

“It’s late. You should go to sleep now, Good night.”

Venus hung up.

She only had half a year to find the map, and now three months had passed and she found nothing. She determined to try harder for the next three months.

It was early in the morning. Venus was stretching herself in the yard, and Kerry walked to her.

“Good morning.” Venus gave him a bright smile. No sadness could be noticed from her face.

Kerry also tried to do some stretches, but he then groaned and covered his chest.

“Weren’t we drinking wine last night? Did I get drunk?” Kerry pretended not to remember anything.

Venus said: “Yes. You said you were too tired, and you were not in a good mood. So you were rendered drunk easily.”

“I see. But what’s with the pain in my chest?”

Venus’s cheek twitched and she said: “Last night I tried to drag you into your bedroom, and you bumped on a table accidentally.”

Kerry nodded. He rubbed his chest and said: “I see. I thought you hit me last night. Because the pain is so sharp when I woke up this morning.”

“Why would I hit you?” Venus looked away.

“I am just saying.” Kerry looked at her face in profile and smiled.

Venus didn’t want to talk about what happened last night. She said: “We are going out to sea tomorrow. What should I prepare?”

“Just take some sun cream and some other creams you need to protect your skin. And don’t worry about other things.”

“That’s good.” Venus did another stretch and said: “Time for breakfast.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 198 Whatever the Cost May Be (2)
Kerry followed her into the Kitchen. His chest was all black and blue, and that was how he knew how angry she was last night.

“Didn’t she even worry about waking me up? How confident she is with the drugs?” Kerry thought to himself.

After breakfast, Venus went to the company and Xuan Chu was already working in his office.

Venus sat in a chair across Xuan’s table. She said: “Xuan, I have something to discuss with you.”

Xuan’s sixth sense told him that it was not something good. He frowned and asked: “What is it?”

Venus put her hands on the table and said in a low voice: “Since you know the man in the sliver mask, why don’t you talk with him and ask him whether it is possible to give my son back to me if I give him that precious blue gem of Kerry’s?”

Xuan froze for a few seconds. He then shook his head and said: “I’m sorry. I can’t help you with it. I can offer you some assistance if you need, but I will never participate in the process. That’s my principle. You can talk with him if you want.”

Venus sighed with disappointment. She leaned against the back of the chair and said: “Forget it. He won’t agree. Besides, if I told him about the gem, he may want both the gem and the map.”

Xuan knew what Venus said was reasonable. Because the man with the sliver mask is insatiable. ]

“How else can I get the map from Kerry?” Venus thought very hard.

She got an idea suddenly. She was so excited that she thumped the table excitedly, and she gasped because a sharp pain shot up her hand.

“What is it? Why are you so excited?” Xuan looked at Venus confusedly.

“I have a solution. But whether I can succeed totally depends on whether Kerry likes me or not. If he likes me a lot, I will succeed.”

“Tell me what’s your plan.” Xuan put down the documents he was dealing with, and he looked at Venus seriously.

Venus then told Xuan everything about her plan. She seemed so happy with her plan and excitement was written all over her face. But Xuan’s expression was rather odd after hearing what she said.

“What do you think?” Venus looked at Xuan expectantly.

Xuan frowned. She drummed his fingers on the table and said: ‘This is a good idea. But what if Kerry doesn’t like you that much?”

“Then I fail. That’s all. I have nothing to lose.” Venus spread her hands.

“Kerry is a very smart person. You should be aware of the risks involved in this plan.”

“I don’t mind. I must give it a try, even though there is only a slim chance of winning.” Venus looked very determined. And her determination shocked Xuan slightly.

Xuan looked at her and said: “Yan, I need more time to think about this plan.”

“But I don’t have much time left, and there is no other way to do it. If you don’t want to help me, I’ll ask someone else.”

“Why are you so excited all of a sudden? I didn’t say I won’t help you.” Xuan was slightly annoyed. “Fine. I’ll help you. And your primary job is to make Kerry fall in love with you.”

A smile crept onto Venus’s face when she heard Xuan would help. She said: “Xuan, even though you know the person who kidnapped my son, I still think you are a good person.”

It was the first time Xuan was called a ‘good person’. He smiled mirthlessly and said: “So if I don’t help you, I am just a bad person?”

Venus shook her head. “These people who help me are must good people, but these who don’t help me are not necessarily bad people.”

“Fine. I need to work. You should also go deal with your business.”

“Sure. You don’t want me to stay here and help with Chu Family’s business anyway. See you.” Venus said. She had a new plan, and she felt very happy. She decided to buy a sexy swimsuit to make herself irresistible to Kerry. She had already slept with Kerry for a few times so there was no need to feel shy.


It was Saturday and the weather was just lovely. Kerry drove Venus to the dock, and the yacht was already waiting there.

Venus had never seen such a huge yacht. She seemed very excited and she said: “Is this yours?”

“Yes, it is.” Kerry was very glad to see Venus so happy.

The yacht is about ten meters long and five meters tall. It is elaborately decorated and it is pretty much an apartment on the water. There is a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a gaming house on the yacht. And the deck is spacious, which is a good place for fishing.

Venus boarded the yacht and walked around at a brisk pace. She said: “We are the only people on board? Who will steer it?”

Kerry put on a proud expression, indicating that he would steer it.

“Do you really know how to do it?” Venus was so surprised.

“I learned how to operate this boat when I decided to buy it. It would be so dumb to buy such an expensive machine and let someone else steer it.”

Venus gazed at him in admiration. “Kerry, that’s so cool.”

“Don’t make me too proud.” Kerry lifted her chin slightly and kissed on her lips gently. He then walked into a cabin.

Venus wiped her lips when he was not looking at her, and then followed him into the cabin.

Kerry pushed a few buttons and the engine was started. He then steered the boat away from the dock skillfully.

The dock and the city soon disappeared behind them, and they were now completely surrounded by the blue ocean. It felt like they were the only people in this whole world. Venus was standing right beside Kerry, and she felt so excited.

“Do you want to give it a try?”


“Or who else do you think I am talking to?”

Venus waved her hand hurriedly and said: “I don’t know how to operate it.”

Kerry then pulled Venus in front of the wheel. He grabbed both of her hands and put them on the wheel and said: “It’s easy. It’s just like driving a car.”

Venus tried to turn the wheel to the left, but she found it was too heavy to be turned. Kerry smiled, and he put his hands on hers and helped her to turn it.

She smelt like lemon. So fresh and sweet. He thought. He wanted to take a bite of her.

The yacht stopped. Kerry went to the deck and opened two huge parasols. Then he placed two deckchairs under the parasols and took out his fishing tools.

Everything was arranged, but Venus was still in the cabin. He said in a loud voice: “Yan! What are you doing? Why is it taking so long?”

The moment he finished, Venus came out. She was dressed in a bikini. Her skin was shinning under the bright sun and her breasts were so ample and that bra of hers was obviously way too small. Her waist was so slender and Kerry just couldn’t stop looking at her.

Venus had never tried bikini before, and she felt very shy, but she was trying her best to act normal.

“Hey, can you please stop staring at me?” Venus walked to him naturally. She put the fruits she just prepared on the table between the two deckchairs.

Kerry felt his desire was burning him and his throat was dry. He said: “What……”

Venus laid on a chair comfortably and said: “What? I didn’t know you are such a conservative person. What’s wrong with wearing a bikini when we are on the sea?”

Kerry would absolutely go mad if someone else saw her in this dress. So, luckily, there was no one around. He said: “Yan, are you trying to seduce me?”

Venus smiled and said: “Kerry, you must control yourself, and don’t…….Wait…..I am not finished……”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 198 Whatever the Cost May Be (3)
Kerry was completely taken over by his desires. And before Venus could finish herself, Kerry was already on top of her, and her bikini was soon thrown on the deck.

The sky was so clear that day and not a cloud was to be seen. A gentle breeze caused ripples to spread across the ocean. This lovely environment excited Kerry to the extreme, and he got enormous pleasures of the flesh from Venus.

“Tell me, did you put on the bikini on purpose? Are you trying to seduce me?” Kerry licked her earlobe and said.

Venus breathed heavily. She said: “You can not bring yourself under control, and now you are blaming me.”

“How can you expect me to control myself when you are dressed like that?”

When they were done, Kerry went to a cabin and grabbed a white shirt for her. He said: “Put this shirt on. If you keep wearing that bikini, I will lose control over myself again.”

Venus’s swollen lips pouted. She put on that shirt slowly and said: “I bought that bikini only yesterday. And now they are torn apart by you.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll buy another one for you.” Kerry said. He squatted down and helped Venus with the buttons on the shirt, and he noticed Venus blushed.

“Are you feeling shy? When we were making love……”

Before Kerry finished, Venus covered his mouth with her hand and said: “Don’t say it out loud.”

Kerry bit her hand gently and said in a soft voice: “Fine. I’ll stop.”

His shirt is very big, and when Venus put it on, it was like she was wearing a dress, which made her look even more sexy.

Venus noticed Kerry’ s eyes were alight with excitement. She said hurriedly: “Don’t! We are not here to make love to each other!”

Kerry smiled awkwardly and pinched her nose. He said: “Fine. I’ll listen to you.”

Venus felt relieved when she saw him lying on the deckchair.

Then they started fishing. A few minutes later, Kerry felt a tug on his rod, and he pulled it in an instant and a big fat fish was on the hook, struggling helplessly.

“This is our lunch.” Kerry said excitedly.

“Do you know how to cook fish?” Venus asked. She knew he didn’t even know how to clean vegetables.

Kerry looked at her and said: “I thought you know to cook it.”

“I can cook it but I don’t dare to kill it.”

Kerry had never killed a fish before, so he didn’t know how to do it either. But he was not intimidated. He said: “Don’t worry. I’ll search on the internet for some instructions later.”

Venus gave him a thumbs up. She truly admires Kerry for his ability to learn everything very quickly.

It was noon and the temperature raised significantly. They took the two fish they caught to the kitchen. Venus didn’t want to see the fish getting killed, so she said: “I’ll be waiting in the living room. Call me when you are done.”

“Okay.” Kerry said.

Venus went to the living room to watch TV. And a few minutes later, Kerry shouted from the kitchen: “The fish are killed!”

Venus went back to the kitchen and found both fish were disemboweled and washed clean.

“Kerry, you are so cool. If one day your company went bankrupt, you can still make a living by selling fish. You obviously have a talent in killing fish.”

Kerry smiled brightly after hearing what she said. He answered: “I still want to be a business man who is only interested in making money. Or how will I raise the woman I love.”

“Am I one of the women you want to raise?” Venus asked smilingly.

Kerry looked at her attentively and said: “Sure. Actually, you are the only woman I want to raise.”

“Whatever the cost may be?”

“Whatever the cost maybe.”

Kerry was looking very serious.

Venus’s eyes swiveled and she asked: “If someday, you need to exchange one of your precious items for me, will you make that exchange?”

Kerry knew what was she talking about. He answered: “Sure. I will exchange anything for you.”

“Really? Am I so important to you?” Venus felt rather happy.

Kerry nodded and said: “Yes. You are.”

Venus was touched. She stood on her tiptop and kissed on Kerry’ s lip. “This is your reward. I’m very glad to hear that. Now go out. I will cook the fish.”

Kerry also gave her a kiss on her lips. He said: ‘I’ll stay and help. I’m so hungry. I want to have lunch soon.”

“That would be nice.”

Time seemed to be dragging when they were on the sea. It was afternoon, and a wind came from west. The sky was soon covered by dark clouds. Venus stood on the deck. And the wind blew into her shirt. She said: “It seems like we are not going to see the sunset.”

Kerry was also disappointed. He wanted to live on the sea that night. But it seemed a heavy rain was imminent, so he decided to went back for safety reasons.

“We can come here again next weekend to see the sunset.” Kerry put his arms around Venus’s shoulders. And Venus nodded.

Kerry then kissed on her forehead and said: “Go to the cabin. It’s not safe here.”

“We are going back?”


Kerry went full speed ahead so that they could arrive at the dock before the rain.

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