Chapter 198: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 198 A domineering woman

“Are they doing this to Marquis on purpose?”

“I think so, too. Marquis Group has been sanctioned lately by these groups?”

“No wonder!”

Benny Wan’s face was deadly pale after confirming that Colin Ward was the CEO of the Marquis. How stupid he must have been to say things like that? He was hopping that after all this, they could have forgotten about their bet.

Colin Ward had indeed forgotten about him; his mind was fixed at Trigg Yue, who was smiling back at him.

Nina White felt concerned: “Mr. Ward, one billion is our budget, but now…”

After a second of pause, Colin Ward raised the sign again. “1.1 billion.”

Nina White looked at Colin Ward in surprise.

Vanessa Liu stood aside and did not say a word but she was worried as well.

It was over one billion now, a number way larger than the bet she had with Benny Wan.

The host’s pitch was raised high as he saw the price had gone beyond the estimated value of the land.

A good bid price meant a good commission for him.

“One billion one hundred million! We are now at One billion one hundred million! Any higher bid?”

Colin Ward’s eyes were fixed at the host firmly; he was so determined to acquire the land; otherwise Marquis Group was to go through a great calamity.

The crowd held their breath.

1.1 billion!

This was not a small digit, even for a great group. But Marquis Group was any group.

It was the leading group of Tianbei City.

Walson Martin was not ready to give up either; he suddenly raised the sign, “1.2 billion.”

The crowd was in uproar.

“Which group is he from?”

“Don’t know, haven’t seen him bid before!”

“Maybe a delegate of a great company?”


Walson Martin had been abroad over the past years, so not many people knew him.

Colin Ward gritted his teeth and thought– Walson Martin had the support of several other groups, which could work together to buy and develop the land together. He, on the contrary, had only Marquis behind him; no matter how abundant and solid his fund and financial strenth was, he was no match.

“Mr. Ward, we…” Worried Nina White.

Adam Moore, who had been sitting on the other side, was also concerned. The land in southern suburb was indeed a land of strategic importance, but the price had now reached 1.2 billion, which would be way beyond their budget and the estimated value.

“Mr. Ward, why don’t we give up?” Adam Moore came over and said.

Instead of looking at Adam Moore, Colin Ward raised his sign again: “1.4 billion.”

The land was indeed important, but it had its value at about one billion; 1.4 billion had it not worth for the bidding.

So whoever got the land, they were not going to make much profit out of it.

Yet, they were not ready to let go.

Walson Martin turned and looked at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward stared back calmly at him.

The two exchanged message in their eye contacts, while the others knew nothing.

At this point, Walson Martin raised the sign again, “one and a half billion!”

“Good Heavens!”

“One and a half billion!”

“Is he nut?”

The crowd turned to Walson Martin.

Everyone looked at the strange man who had just made an offer of one and a half billion; his courage and confidence was beyond doubt.

How much asset should he have to make a bid of one and a half billion without even blinking his eyes?

The host was even more excited, “One and a half billion!

One and a half billion!

The highest price tonight. Any higher bid?”

Colin Ward looked awkward.

Adam Moore, fearing Colin Ward would raise his hand again, shouted out, “Sir, it’s really not worth it. Just let them.”

Not matter how important this land meant to Marquis, continuing the bid would only inflict more loss to Marquis.

Vanessa Liu didn’t understand this so she didn’t interrupt.

Walson Martin smirked as he looked at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward was silent, as if pondering whether to bid.

Then Walson Martin mouthed the word “antidote” to Colin Ward.

Colin Ward was shocked. He understood what Walson Martin meant immediately. As long as Colin Ward stopped bidding, Walson Martin could give the antidote for Ramon Chen to Colin Ward.

Walson Martin curled his lip with a smile. “How do you choose?”

Even though they are sitting far apart, Colin Ward was well aware of what he meant.

Colin Ward clenched his fist.

Without this piece of land in the southern suburbs, plus four other pieces of land being taken already, the Marquis’s Lanbo Port project was doomed to fail.

But if he got the land in the southern suburbs, the siege of Marquis would be raised but at the cost of the life of Ramon Chen.

With some efforts, Vanessa Liu would likely be able to save him.

However, Walson Martin did not know that Vanessa Liu was siding with and working for Colin Ward, but he didn’t think that Vanessa Liu could cure his poison, either; so he was confident that Colin Ward had no chance.

Well, one stone two birds, he was to let Ramon Chen see if what he said the other night was worth it.

At the moment, Walson Martin was on a video call with Ramon Chen so that Ramon Chen can clearly see what was happening here.

It was time to touchstone their so-called friendship?

Wouldn’t he rather die than do something that would be sorry to Colin Ward?

Well, it was time for him to wake up and re-know the so-called friend, Colin Ward; to see with his own eyes how far could his good friend go for his own interest!

Let him know how wrong he was!

Ramon Chen, on the other side of the video call, looked grim.

He knew how important the land meant to Colin Ward; so he did not think that Colin Ward Colin Ward would give it up for his antidote. Besides, he had found someone who could cure him anyway.

Ramon Chen just watched and did not say a word.

The host raised his hammer and said with excitement overflowed from his expression: “I guess we could call it a day!”

“One and a half billion once!”

“One and a half billion twice!

“One and a half billion third…”

“1.6 billion!

“1.6 billion?! 1.6 billion!” The host could not believe what he heard.

The crowd was shocked and looked in the direction where the voice came from.

It was a woman who was in a red dress; the sea of audience could not overwhelm her domineering aura.

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