Chapter 199 – 200: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 199: The later period of the innate-power stage

“Amitabha Buddha, I’m a monk who guards the scriptures. There are 74 volumes on this floor.”

Kris Chen nodded his head. Since there are 74 volumes, the possibility of getting a rare book was much stronger.

It’s not a loss, no matter Kris found one of the two major scriptures or 72 Stunts.

Kris took a deep breath and walked towards the bookshelf where rare books are.

When Kris went to the bookshelf, he was shocked because there are only a few books on the shelf. The rest are either bamboo slips or animal skins. Kris even saw several Buddhist relics.

All of a sudden, Kris had a whim. Then he saw a piece of animal skin out of the corner of his eyes.

That’s it!

Kris took the animal skin and backed out. The monk who guards the scriptures opened his eyes and pointed to the adytum beside him, saying, “You have three days for enlightenment. Three days later, you must return it.”

After saying that, the white-haired old monk closed his eyes.

The words on the animal skin are Sanskrit. Fortunately, Kris knew a little about Sanskrit when he studied antiques.

The first three Sanskrit characters translated into English are Marrow-clearing Scripture.

Oh my god!

That’s freaking awesome!

It’s one of the two major scriptures- Marrow- clearing Scripture.

But as it is written in Sanskrit, others who have it can’t understand it if they don’t know Sanskrit.

Kris was excited, and his heartbeat into his throat. Have you read novels? Marrow-clearing Scripture is holy Scripture that can clear your marrow and strengthen your tendon.

How lucky Kris was!

Kris couldn’t wait to enter the adytum and began to practice with great concentration.

Having Marrow-clearing Scripture is equivalent to take infinite Heaven-made Sturdy Energy-protecting pills. It can be said that as Kris got Marrow-clearing Scripture, he’s got the ticket to enter the return-to-nature stage.

Of course, the premise is that Kris could understand Marrow-clearing Scripture.

At the thought of that, Kris took a deep breath and pressed down on the excitement of his heart. Then he began to read with great concentration.

He translated Sanskrit word by word first and then recited it repeatedly. Kris didn’t put down the animal skin until he could even recite it backward fluently.

As time went by, the air of Kris got stronger bit by bit.

Without knowing how long it took, the door of the adytum was opened. Three days have passed.

Kris opened his eyes suddenly. His eyes were shining.

A powerful air spread from him.

The later period of the innate-power stage. Kris praised it without ceasing. Marrow-clearing Scripture deserves to be one of the two major scriptures of Shaolin Temple. It made him go up two levels to enter the later period of the innate-power stage.

Just a step forward, he would be a practitioner in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

Kris unleashed his Genuine Energy, and he found it’s a couple of times stronger than it used to be.

What’s more, Kris felt he could see and hear better. Many things he had not understood in the past have come to light in a moment of reflection.

Marrow-clearing Scripture’s greatest effect is to clear the practitioner’s marrow and strengthen the practitioner’s tendon and sophisticate the practitioner’s aptitude. Kris took Dragon and Tiger Pill first and then studied Marrow-clearing Scripture. He could understand the common rare books in a moment.

It can be said that Kris is a supreme genius.

Strong confidence rose from his heart. It’s the confidence of a strong man.

The reason why Kris went to The Academy of Six Major Schools was to steal scriptures, and that’s proved to be the right thing. With more effort, he is sure he can enter the return-to-nature stage within a month.

At the thought of that, Kris stood up and released his Genuine Energy. The dirt on his body fell down in an instant.

When Kris walked out of the adytum, he felt as if a generation had passed.

Kris walked out of the Scripture Library after putting Marrow-clearing Scripture back.

Kris was stunned when he walked outside.

Oh my god.

It was dark outside, and Kris turned on his phone.

“Oh my god, it’s National Day. Is the school closed?” Kris thought.

Thrum! Thrum! Thrum!

Just a few seconds after the phone was turned on, a steady stream of pm sound came successively.

After being powered off for three days, there must be a lot of people finding him.

Kris clicked on and found there are messages from Youming Zhou, Heqiu Zhao, Liren Zhang, and Guobang Liu. All of them invited Kris to go on holiday with them.

Even Xiaorou Xu and Yanru Sima messaged him.

Mary Su also messaged him.

Kris messaged back one by one.

Just as Kris was messaging, his phone rang. It’s Mary who called him.

As soon as the phone got through, Mary said anxiously, “Kris, you finally answered the phone. Xiaorou Xu said you went to the Scripture Library. Are you out now?”

Mary missed Kris very much these days, and she called him every day. Unfortunately, Kris didn’t reply to her message and powered off his phone.

The National Day is around the corner. People were all paired off, but Mary was alone.

Mary celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival alone, and she didn’t want to celebrate the National Day alone too.

Mary cherished every minute and second with Kris.

Today is the first day of National Day, and the streets were in jubilation. Mary made an appointment with Mina Li to go shopping.

When she saw the sweet couples on the street, she missed Kris very much.

So Mary called Kris. She thought Kris’s phone was still power off and didn’t expect it would get through.

Kris smiled and said, “Yes, I’m out. Where are you?”

“I’m in the temple fair street with Mina. There are so many people and boisterous. Would you like to go shopping with me?” Mary said.

After hearing Mary’s delicately pretty voice, Kris’s heart shivered. Kris hasn’t seen Mary for several days, and he missed Mary. “I’ll be right over. Wait for me,” Kris said immediately.

Mary was very happy after hearing what Kris said.

Mary asked Mina immediately, “Mina, does my make-up mess up? Does my hair…?”

Mina had many plans in her heart when she saw Mary behaved like a young girl who is passionately in love. Mina smiled and nodded, saying, “You’re beautiful. Kris is bound to like what you look like.”

“Really?” Mary said with joy.

“Yes,” Mina nodded and said.


The temple fair street is the oldest street in Westriver City. There are lion dance and lantern dance on the lunar calendar’s first day and fifteenth day every month. The street remains the most original taste and flavor of the cultural atmosphere.

It’s National Day, a day of national celebration.

The temple fair street was a blast.

There was a sea of people.

Kris had to get out of the taxi and walked there.

Every shop had a red flag on its door, and almost everyone was holding a red flag. The actors of lion dance and lantern dance squeezed through the crowd.

There are jugglers, artists of sugar figure blowing, and people who play shadow puppetry on both sides of the streets.

Kris was very interested in the handicrafts handed down by the older generation. Kris looked for Mary while enjoying the handicrafts.


At that same time, Bao Cao took Lan Yu to a stall.

“Bao Cao, what are you bringing here for? Isn’t that fortune-telling?” Lan Yu frowned and said. Lan Yu doesn’t really believe in fortune-telling.

“Lan Yu, I’ve heard that this fortune-teller can tell fortune very well. Let him tell your fortune.” Bao Cao pleasingly looked at Lan Yu and said.

“But…” Lan Yu said.

“Since you are here, just let him tell your fortune.” Bao Cao said. Bao Cao grin cheekily pushed Lan Yu to the stall. Then he looked at the fortune-teller and said, “Sir, would you please tell the fortune for my girlfriend?”

The fortune-teller is in his fifties and wore a pair of sunglasses at night. People don’t know him would think he is blind.

“This lady is 29 years old, and your surname is Yu. Am I right?” The fortune-teller counted on his fingers and asked.

Lan Yu stunned for a moment and then said, it’s magic. What he said was all right.

Chapter 200: Demigod Zhang

“Oh Demigod, you’re a real god. please foretell my girlfriend’s fortunes!” Bao Cao walked over and said to the fortune-teller, “I met a lot of fortune-tellers, and you did the greatest job!”

The fortune-teller Demigod Zhang laughed and said, “Yes, I will never fail the title Demigod, and I just tell fortunes for those who look nice and friendly. If they are lucky, I would probably do to them free of charge; however, to those who look evil and unfriendly, even they offer a big sum of money, I would not work for them.”

“You are really a great master!” Bao Cao praised him with hand akimbo.

Demigod Zhang waved his hands again and again and said, “As I could see, both of you are a very nice and kind person, so you do not pay for me for my service this time, and I will try the best to foretell your future.”

Many people around me heard that the fortune-teller refused to accept the money, and instantly, they showed their respect to him and murmured in the heart that: Demigod is really a great master in fortune-telling business!

No wonder he is called a demigod, and he definitely deserves the name!

Awe rose Bao’s heart, and he repeatedly said: “Please, just do it for us, thank you so much!”

Demigod Zhang nodded and asked Lan Yu: “This lady, can you tell me your birth date?”

Lan Yu didn’t believe in such business, but when he saw the Demigod was so accurate in making the judgment, she got interested, so she told him of out her willingness: “Early morning November 8, 1991 …”

“Early morning, November 8, 1991…”

Demigod Zhang began calculating while he was thinking.

After a few minutes, he stopped and said, “You are not good in the past few days, right?!”

Not so good?

Lan Yu raised her eyebrows and quickly asked, “What is meant by saying not good?”

Demigod Zhang smiled slightly: “If I’m right, you haven’t been doing well since this year, and you must be frequently offended by villains, right?”

As his voice just fell, and Lan Yu nodded subconsciously.

Indeed, this year she did not do well, and several homicide cases remained clueless, and she felt greatly pressured by that. The police team was rumored that the cases would not be cracked successfully by the end of this year. Lan Yu might be demoted.

Seeing Lan bought Demigod’s words, Bao Cao felt happy, giving Demigod Zhang an appreciative look!

In fact, this so-called Demigod Zhang is a swindler, and he cannot foretell other people’s fortunes at all!

However, this old fox was a crafty deceiver, even Lan Yu, the captain of the criminal investigation team, didn’t see it through.

With the appreciative look of Bao Cao, Demigod Zhang was becoming more confident and began to talk nonsense: “This year is your disaster year. If you are not turning good, you may not even be able to work, and this year your troubles are one after another, but fortunately, there is some noble guy who would offer you help at each critical moment; everyone has his star in heaven, and your star is constantly clouded by mist, if I guess right, you are either a police officer or a soldier!”

What, his… his guess was too accurate!

Lan Yu shuddered a little in her heart,

First, her encountering tomb robbers at Dongmang Mountain and being kidnapped by Changkong Yin. Each of which was rather dangerous and perilous. If Kris did not show up and offer help, she might have been killed.

Thinking of this, was it possible that Kris is that noble guy?

Thinking of close contact with Kris a few times, Lan’s face blushed suddenly.

Under her shyness, the police captain Lan Yu turned to a little girl.

And this fortune-teller named Demigod Zhang was so accurate that she now came to believe that he is a true master.

She bit her lips and asked, “Would you please give me a solution to tackle my troubles!”

Demigod Zhang did not speak but pinched his fingers again. After a while, Demigod Zhang smiled and said, “With that, we must first resolve the disaster year, the only way is to get Bliss!”


Getting bliss?

Lan Yu froze, what type of bliss?

Demigod Zhang said with a smile: “If you want to clear all the troubles, you need to get bliss, that you need to get married.”

At this time, Lan Yu knew, and the so-called getting bliss was to get married.

With that, Demigod Zhang turned his head to look at Bao Cao on the side, pointing at him and saying, “If I am right, this gentleman and you have been together since childhood. Both of you know each other pretty well. And both of you have an engagement since childhood, am I right??”

Lan blushed and nodded.

At the moment when Lan nodded, everyone around was in an uproar!

My God, this Demigod Zhang’s calculation was so accurate, even their childhood engagement, he was nearly a God!

Demigod Zhang smiled softly, remaining calm

Then he said, “National Holidays is a perfect date for the wedding, at which time many young people hold their weddings throughout the whole country. If you are willing to get married on that day, everything will be smooth and happy in the future!”

After that, Demigod Zhang felt a little bit relieved in heart, the thinking woman was really prone to get deceived.

He was considering that he would take the train to leave this city overnight after finishing this order!

Seeing this, Bao Cao, on the side, took the opportunity to kneel on one knee, pulling out a diamond ring from his pocket, and said sincerely to Lan Yu: “Lan, marry me.”

After he finished speaking, he handed the diamond ring in front of Lan Yu.

The diamond ring was the pigeon egg’s size, which shined brightly under the light, making people dazzled at its rays.

God, what a big diamond ring!

The moment the diamond ring appeared, stars began to appear in the eyes of the surrounding girls.

Proposing in public! This was a happy thing!

Many onlookers clapped and shouted, “Marry him, marry him!”

Lan Yu was at a loss for such a scene!

Marrying, she doesn’t want to get married so early!

Although she had an engagement t with Bao Cao, she was disappointed at Bao Cao’s previous performances too many times. If it was not for saving the two families’ face, she would withdraw from the engagement.

His sudden marriage proposal made Lan confused at once.

Although she doesn’t hate Bao Cao, she doesn’t like him either!

Marrying him was still too hasty. Her dream husband must be upright. Bao Cao is far from that.

However, Demigod Zhang said that only getting married could make her fortunes turn well.

At this time, Bao Cao knelt on one knee, begging with unimaginable sincerity: “Lan, marry me, let me protect you all your life.”

Bao Cao was terribly nervous at this moment! For the so-called Demigod, Zhang is just a street fortune-teller. As long as he helps him win the marriage proposal, Bao Cao promised to give him one million!

That’s one million, a large sum of money, which Demigod Zhang did not even dare to dream of getting so much money.

This time, Bao gambled all of his luck and credit!

Bao Cao believed that now was the best time to propose to Lan, and Lan Yu would accept it this time!

Lan Yu wanted to refuse Bao Cao, but she didn’t know how to refuse. She didn’t want to marry someone she didn’t like!

Just when she was anxious, she suddenly saw a familiar face.

Somehow, when Lan Yu saw him, her heart suddenly raced up.

It was Kris Chen!

Lan Yu didn’t even think about it, then he let go of Bao Cao and walked quickly to Kris.

Bao Cao, kneeling on the ground, instantly confused and immediately stood up, looking at Kris with a stern look: “Kris, why are you here?”

Kris is a natural enemy to Bao, wherever Kris is, Bao would not be happy.

Before Kris responded, Lan Yu folded his arm so eagerly and tightly that two of them collided with each other.

In the eyes of others, Lan Yu was so willing to be embraced by Kris!

Bao Cao was almost exploded!


Kris, you bastard, let go of Lan!

His nasty F word uttered without thinking, and everyone else was shocked when he heard his word!

The onlookers all looked at Kris with curious eyes!

It’s interesting, the proposal came to a halt all of a sudden, now the bride-to-be was giving a big hug to a married man, and this married man was adopted. What a hilarious scene!

Lan Yu bumped into Kris’s arms, and her soft breasts hit Kris’s arms, she felt softened, and an inexplicable feeling came over to heart!

“Kris, you… why you come here? By the way, have you prepared the obstacle-breaking pill?”

Bao Cao was embarrassed and angry: “Lan, why you hug him?”

FXck, her fiancée, hugged another man in front of his face, a totally unacceptable thing for him!

Bao Cao’s spirit exploded in a second.

As soon as Kris appeared, Lan Yu’s attention was focused on him. She didn’t know what was wrong with her, as if Kris had become the center of the world in an instant.

Kris tenderly touched her nose: “What a coincidence, what are you doing here?”

“This demigod was telling my fortunes, do you need it too?” Lan Yu unconsciously took Kris’s arm and shook it, said with a slight shyness: “This fortune teller is very awesome, you also try it!”

Kris couldn’t help laughing: The criminal investigation team captain would have believed such an absurd and superstitious trick!

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