Chapter 199: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 199 If You were kidnapped, Just Kill Him (1)
The waves rolled up, and the yacht rose and fell, Venus Mu could not stand, so she had to hold onto Kerry Ye’s chair tightly.

Just near the dock, it rained heavily. They ran to the car, opened the door to get in, and they were wet totally.

Rain crackled down on the roof of the car, and Kerry wiped her hair with a dry towel.

“I’ll do it myself, you’re wet too.” Venus took the towel from him and wiped her face and neck herself, while Kerry reached out from the back seat for another towel and wiped the water.

“It’s raining too much now, we’ll drive back later.”

“Will this rain stop?” Venus was in disbelief, feeling like the sky was falling down.

Kerry tilted his head to look at her, “The summer rainstorm comes and goes quickly, don’t worry.”

They were too bored to talk, Venus turned on the radio in the car, which was broadcasting this heavy rain in Sky city, when the traffic in Sky city was almost about to be paralyzed, and everywhere was flooded into the sea.

“It seems that we made the right choice not to go back now.” Venus smiled.


At that moment, Kerry’s phone rang, and when he pulled it out of his pocket, it was Secretary Liu.

Today was the weekend, Secretary Liu would not contact Kerry at this time without something important.

“Secretary Liu, what is it?”

Secretary Liu’s voice was a little impatient, “President Ye, take a look at the entertainment news, something happened to our spokesperson.”

Kerry frowned, “You mean the spokesperson of our women’s clothing?”

“Yes, the scandal just came out on the internet that she interfered in someone’s marriage and was caught in bed by the man’s wife.”

Kerry frowned even tighter, “I’ll take a look first, I’ll call you back later, and also, tell the PR department that this matter should not be posted on the internet before the person concerned has responded.”

“Got it.”

Hanging up the phone, Venus saw Kerry look gloomy and asked him, “What happened?”

Kerry said as he searched the news, “The company’s business, our spokesperson is being chased into bed, I really can’t understand what this woman is thinking.”

Venus remembered the spokesperson he was talking about, an actress who had just became in popularity in the past two years, and she was very pure and beautiful.

“Doesn’t this actress from your company have a boyfriend?” Venus remembered the gossip from two days ago.

“Well, there will be nothing if it’s her and her boyfriend, but she seduced someone’s husband and she was caught.”

Venus was startled. Is the entertainment industry so chaotic?

Kerry quickly browsed the web page, the entertainment headlines were full of pictures of the spokesperson running away from the camera naked, and of course the video.

“It looks like I’ll have to change my spokesperson.”

Before things festered to the point of being unmanageable, it was important to try to recoup the damage.

Kerry called Secretary Liu, “Immediately notify all flagship stores across the country, pull down all the posters or photos related to this woman, and notify the Enterprise Propaganda Department, immediately look for a new spokesperson. This time you should be sure to investigate the details of the spokesperson, and finally, send a letter to this woman’s agent to cancel all cooperation with her. And she will be held accountable.”

When the contract was signed at that time, one of the items was that during the endorsement period, no negative news could come out, or else she would be held accountable, but he didn’t expect it to be used.

“Okay President Ye, I’ll do it right away.”

After ordering all the things, Kerry leaned on the chair with a gloomy face, the kind of woman he hated the most is this kind of seduction. If his mom was not …… his childhood might have been much happier.

The rain was a little bit small, so Kerry started the car, back to the villa.


After a weekend of fermentation, the spokesperson’s scandal had been discussed animatedly, and the popular actress had been lambasted so loudly by so many. Although Kerry made the fastest response, the impact was still significant, and the weekend was supposed to be the best time for sales, which was less than half of the sales of women’s clothing under Yehuang Group’s banner during the week.

On Monday’s morning meeting.

Kerry looked at several candidates for endorsement which the corporate announcement sent up, the screen image were still good.

“Connect with all of these people and see what they mean.” Kerry threw the information on the table.

The manager of the Enterprise Propaganda Department said, “President Ye, our Yehuang Group’s endorsement has always been competed by actresses. These people all expressed their desires yesterday, just waiting for you to decide on one, and we can talk about the conditions very well.”

Kerry picked up the information to read it again, and asked all the executives present, “What do you mean?”

The crowd looked at each other, and everyone voiced their opinions, but the opinions were different, after all, everyone had different tastes. And these actresses had similar position and exposure.

It was hard to decide.

Kerry remembered Venus and picked up the phone and called her.

The people present were very consciously quiet, very gossipy and wanted to know who (Kerry) would call at such a critical time.

Venus was reworking her old job, designing clothes, and picked up casually when she heard the phone ring.


“Venus.” As soon as the word Kerry was uttered, everyone’s faces smiled in fascination, then looked at each other and lowered their heads to continue listening.

“Something wrong?”

“I’ll tell you a few female stars, tell me which one you like.”

“Why? I like male celebrities, I don’t like women.” Venus said smilingly.

“It’s okay, pick the one you like better among these actresses,” Kerry flipped through the information and read them one by one, and finally asked, “Which one do you like?”

Venus stopped her pencil to think and said the name of one of them.

“Okay, I got it.”

“Wait, why are you asking me that?” Mowgli was confused.

“We are settling on a new spokesperson.”

Venus was confused, saying, “I’m talking nonsense, this is a big deal, you need to think about it.”

“You chose well.”

Venus was speechless, well, he could do whatever he liked. the company was his own anyway.

Ending the call, Kerry singled out one of them to the manager, “Just her, sign the contract and take pictures as soon as possible.”

The Corporate Propaganda Manager didn’t expect that the matter he had been struggling with for so long would be settled by a single phone call, and it wasn’t even someone from the company …

Kerry scanned and found that everyone was looking at him with a strange look, and he asked coldly, “Anything else?”

“No, no ……” said everyone shaking their heads.

“If there is nothing, the meeting is over.” Kerry finished this sentence, turned around and left the meeting room with big strides.

The executives looked at each other, unable to contain their pleasure.

“The Venus …… that President. Ye is talking about is that Yan Chu from mk Company?”

“Absolutely, no other women have appeared besides her during this period of time.”

“Oh my god, our President Ye who always fair and objective also has a day to listen to a woman.”

These people laughed as they returned to their offices.

Monday’s work was always tedious, but someone was still adding fuel to the fire at this time.

In the afternoon, Kerry was looking at the sales report sent up, outside the office came the sound of noise Half a minute later, the door was suddenly opened, a tightly wrapped woman broke in, but also wearing big sunglasses, followed by anxious-looking Secretary Liu.

Kerry raised his head to look over coldly, Secretary Liu explained, “President Ye, Miss Zhao is …”

“President Ye,” the person who barged in took off her sunglasses, revealing his red and swollen eyes, and spoke with tears, “President Ye, can you be so kind as to let me off the hook, I really can’t afford to pay your company’s breach of contract right now.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 199 Chapter 199 If You were kidnapped, Just Kill Him (2)
The person who came was the spokesperson who had just been replaced, and when she received the legal letter from her agent, she was confused. She had squandered all the money she had earned in the past few years; how could she afford to compensate Yehuang for this huge amount of money? She had no choice but to dodge the paparazzi to beg Kerry.

“Mr. Ye, I’m sorry, I didn’t stop her.”

“You go out first, I’ll talk to Miss Zhao.”

Cupping his hands in front of his chest, he indifferently stared at her, who was crying, “Miss Zhao, we made it clear when we signed the contract and now that you have a scandal, which damages the interests of our company. It’s reasonable for us to do that.”

“I know it. I’m sorry. It’s indeed my fault, but I really have no money now and I can’t afford to pay…”

“Miss Zhao, you’re an adult and you should take responsibility for what you’ve done. Besides, how can you let me not to sue you? I can’t find any reason.”

Miss Zhao slowly walked up to him with tears, “Mr. Ye, please. I’ll do whatever you want me to do as long as you don’t let me to pay that.”

Kerry was disgusted about her acting in this way, “Miss Zhao, I don’t know what you can do.”

“I…” Miss Zhao bit her lower lip, looking at him with tenderness, and said softly, “If Mr. Ye doesn’t mind, I can be on call.”


Kerry sneered, “Miss Zhao, you really think too highly of yourself. Do you know how many women want to sleep with me? And do you think I’ll be interested in you?”

Miss Zhao blushed. He was humiliating her, but she could only endure.

“I think Miss Zhao has understood what I’ve said. Bye.” Kerry coldly said.

Unexpectedly, she just kneeled down, “Mr. Ye, I apologize for what I’ve said. I’m really desperate now and the money is impossible for me. How about this? Could you please give me more time and I’ll pay you back when I get more plays? Is this OK?”

Kerry was indifferent, “Miss Zhao, I think you’ve taken a lot of plays and endorsements over the years, and your annual income is quite good. Can’t you even take out a paltry four million?”

“I’m making a lot of money, but…but I’ve spent it all on jewelry and clothes…”

“Then sell the jewelry and clothes.”

Miss Zhao didn’t want to sell them, for they were treasures to her. Besides, they couldn’t sell at a good price.

When they were talking, the door was pushed open, then came Venus’s voice, “What is he doing in there? Why can’t I get inside?”

Then she looked back and froze. A woman was kneeling next to him, who was Ms. Zhao, dominating the headlines for these days.

She was behind her desk, so she couldn’t see if the two were talking or doing something else.

“No wonder they won’t let me in. You have a guest.” Venus said with a smile, standing at the door looking at Kerry.

Kerry got up and came over, “What are you doing here?”

When she saw his clothes were tidy, she relieved, knowing that she was thinking too much, “You don’t want to see me?”

“Of course not, I’m glad that you come.” Kerry then let Venus and said to the secretary Liu behind him, “Go to get some coffee, with milk and sugar, but not too much.”

“You actually remembered my taste?” Venus was really surprised by this.

“Of course,” Kerry led her to sit in the chair in front of his desk, “Sit down for a moment.”


Miss Zhao turned her head to look at Venus, full of envy. Because of her work, she had seen Kerry a few times, but he had never spoken to her or looked at her. She used to think that Kerry didn’t like her, but in the end, she found out that he treated every woman like this. Today, however, she realized that she was wrong. He wasn’t cold-talking to everyone and he was giving this woman all his tenderness and warmth.

“Miss Zhao, you can leave now.” Kerry stood beside Venus, looking down at her, “Remember, everyone should take responsibility for what they’ve done. I’m a businessman, not a charity. I don’t care whether you have money or not and what I care about is whether my interests can be protected.”

Perhaps out of a woman’s vanity, Ms. Zhao didn’t want Venus to belittle her. She got up from the ground and put on her sunglasses, “Mr. Ye, I will pay you back as soon as possible, goodbye.”

Kerry didn’t expect her to be so nice all of a sudden. Then he watched her leave.

“What does she come to you?” Venus was curious.

Kerry spread his hands, “She made a scandal, causing me to lose a lot of money overnight. Yesterday’s turnover was so low, of course I have to talk to her, but she actually didn’t want to pay me by using her tears. Is she mad?”

Venus laughed, “She…she looks very arrogant. Why would she do this?”

“Well, who knows. Let’s not talk about her. Why do you come today? Tell me. I know you’re not just coming to see me.”

“Of course not, that’s why I’m here.” Venus took out her phone to open a webpage, thus showing it to him, “This competition, I want to participate, but the prerequisite is to participate in the name of the company, so I can only come to you. MK doesn’t have a clothing business.”

Kerry read it in detail. It was a national competition.

“Yeah, no problem. If you win an award in the competition, it will be good for our company.”

Venus knew he would agree, so she took the phone and got up and said, “Okay, bye, I’ll go first.”

“Where to go?” Kerry pulled her back to circle her into his arms, looking tenderly into her eyes, “Wait for me. Then we’ll go to dinner, okay?”

“No,” Venus smiled and refused, “I’m going to go look for some inspiration and go to the mall to find the fabric I want.”

“You sure you don’t want to accompany me?” Kerry tightened his arm.

Venus smiled helplessly, “Hey, aren’t you tired of us being together? We will spend the weekend together, OK?”

“I want to spend every second with you.” Saying that, Kerry was about to kiss her lips, but Venus leaned back to avoid his mouth.

“It’s in the office. Let me go, it’s not good for the secretary to come in and see it.”

“Secretary Liu is smart and he won’t come in at this moment.” Kerry caught her and kissed her fiercely for a while.

Venus flushed, “Is it okay? Stop it, I’m going to the mall now, call me when you get off work and come pick me up.”

“Well, finish your coffee before you go, okay?”

Venus teased him, “Kerry, be a man. I remember you should be cold, right?”

“I was, but now you changed me.” Kerry let her go, “Hurry up. I’ll see you after work.”

“Good boy. Bye.”

Venus was afraid that he would come to catch her. After saying this, she quickly ran out the door and made a face at him at the door.

Kerry wished she could always be so happy.

Time passed by and after finishing the last financial statement, it was almost six o’clock.

He rubbed his sore eyes and called Venus, but she didn’t answer it.

Was the mall too noisy?

Kerry went downstairs while keeping calling her, but no one answered.

Kerry texted her in the elevator, “Where are you? I’m off work.”

However, she didn’t reply.

The Cayenne was parked in front of the office. Kerry got into the car and the driver turned back to ask him, “Mr. Ye, are you going home?”

Kerry looked down at his phone, “Don’t go back yet. Drive around.”


Kerry dialed the familiar number for the fourth time, but no one answered.

Where did she go? Why didn’t she answer it?

The car wandered aimlessly around the city center, and just happened to meet the rush hour, making Kerry more and more anxious. His instincts told him that something happened to Venus.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 199 If You were kidnapped, Just Kill Him (3)
He didn’t want anything bad to happen to her, but the terrible thing was that his perception told him something must be wrong with her.

He called Venus many times, but none of them were answered. Then Kerry called Xuan Chu anxiously.

“Mr. Chu, is Yan with you?”

Xuan was obviously taken aback, “She went to see you this afternoon. Isn’t she with you?”

“She came to me, and then she said she was going to find fabrics and then left. Now, no one answers her phone.”

“Did she tell you where she went?” Xuan’s voice also became tense.

“No. I’ll go to the nearby shopping mall to find her. If she contacts you, please let me know.”

“Okay, I’ll look for her later.” Xuan said, “She is not very familiar with Sky City. She should be at a mall near your company or ours,” Xuan said.

“I think so too. I hang up first.” said Kerry.

Kerry told the driver to park the car on the side of the road and called the company’s monitoring room, “This is Kerry. Check the company’s security cameras and tell me which direction Yan Chu is heading after she left our company at 3:10 pm.”

These staffs in the monitoring room were trembling when they received the call from Kerry, but they didn’t know Yan Chu. They were nervously watching the security camera and hurried to find someone who knew Yan Chu. Fortunately, the manager of his department knew her. After he watched the surveillance camera, he immediately informed Kerry that she was heading east.

“The east side is in the direction of the apartment where she used to live, and there are several large malls over there.” Kerry thought.

Kerry told the driver to turn around and go to the nearest mall first. He still called Venus, but still got no answer. When he called her again, the phone went off automatically.

Kerry was getting anxious. He frantically searched several nearby malls, even asking all his bodyguards to look for her, but they didn’t find her.

As night fell and it was almost eight o’clock, Chu called Kerry. “Have you found Yan yet?”


“Can you call the police? I’m not familiar with the regulations here.” said Xuan.

“Not now. The person has to be missing for twenty-four hours before the police register a case. I’ve sent people to check the surveillance at the entrances of the various malls.” Kerry said.

“What if Yan didn’t go to the mall?” Chu said, “Mr. Ye, can you call the traffic police and have them check the surveillance on the road.”

Kerry had been looking for her at the mall thinking Venus had gone to the mall, but he hadn’t thought if she hadn’t gone to the mall.

“I know. I’m going to the traffic police right now.”

“Mr. Ye, thank you very much.” Xuan’s voice was heavy.

“You’re welcome. It’s what I should do,” Kerry said.

The driver knew that Kerry was in a hurry, so he raced all the way to the traffic police department. Since he had called the traffic police beforehand, the head of the traffic police, Mr. Wei, was waiting for him at the gate.

“What kind of person could make you come to my place?” Mr. Wei was curious. He and Kerry had been good friends for many years, but he’d rarely seen him this nervous.

Kerry looked calm, “A person who is important to me..”

The two of them quickly went to the surveillance room, whose wall was full of surveillance footage from every public place in Sky City.

Mr. Wei instructed his man to pull up the surveillance cameras near Yehuang Group’s east entrance around 3:10 pm. Soon, Venus’s figure appeared inside.

Mr. Wei looked at Kerry, pointed at Venus and said, “Is that her?”

“Yes, that’s her.”

He watched Venus carefully for a moment, quite surprised, “Why do I think this woman looks a lot like your missing wife.”

Kerry turned to look at him without speaking.

“She looks like Venus in height and the way she walks. It’s just that her face isn’t quite like your wife’s.” Mr. Wei held his hand to his chin and said.

“Will you stop with all the bullshit?” Kerry said anxiously.

Mr. Wei shrugged. Only Kerry would dare speak to him so rudely.

The surveillance showed her arriving at the nearest mall east of Yehuang Group. She also bought a bottle of water from a stall at the entrance, and then entered the mall.

Kerry was about to call that mall when Mr. Wei stopped him, “Do you know why she went to the mall?”

“She signed up for a fashion designer’s contest, so she wanted to get some fabric.”

“Fabric? There’s no fabric for sale at that mall. Don’t call the mall yet. I guess she’ll be out later.” said Mr.Wei.

Kerry had to calm himself down.

Mr. Wei went to the water dispenser and got him a glass of water, “Have some. I think you’re getting dehydrated.”

Kerry then felt thirsty and picked up it and drank the water inside in one gulp.

Mr. Wei saw his hands trembling and knew that this woman was really important to him.

“Kerry, who the hell is she?”

Kerry finished her second glass of water, placed the paper cup on top of the dispenser, took one look at him and said, “A very important friend. I’ll tell you about this sometime, but for now don’t ask anything, okay?”

He couldn’t let anyone know that Yan Chu was Venus before he had rescued her.

“Fine, I’m just asking.” said Mr. Wei.

Then the traffic cop next to Mr. Wei who was in charge of checking the surveillance said, “She walked out of the mall.”

The two men’s eyes went back to the screen again. Sure enough, she hadn’t even been in this mall for ten minutes before reappearing on the surveillance screen at the entrance of the mall. She stood in the doorway for half a minute, seemingly considering where to go, then she turned and continued walking east.

Venus was slowly walking along the road when suddenly a black car pulled up next to her and a man got out.

The surveillance was a little far away, but it was still clear that the man seemed to be asking her for directions, Venus’s hand pointed the way for the man, and then the man thanked her. He was about to turn around and leave when Venus wasn’t looking, but suddenly he covered Venus mouth from behind, and then a man in a cap stepped out of the back door, lifted her legs and shoved her into the car.

Mr. Wei did not expect such a situation, but he was much calmer than Kerry. He ordered his men to follow the car, but it soon turned into an alley and disappeared from view. There was no more sighting of this car in the next few streets.

“Back up and take another look.” Mr. Wei said with a heavy look.

The surveillance footage rewound a little bit.

“Could the surveillance footage zoom in any closer?” Kerry asked.

“No, the video can only be zoomed in so far.”

The car that appeared on the surveillance was new and unlicensed, as if it had just been purchased. The man Venus was talking to was medium height. He had his back to the surveillance, so his face couldn’t be seen. The other man wearing a hat had an extremely low brim that obscured his face. He also had his back to the surveillance camera. He showed just a bit of his chin as he shoved Venus into the car.

“These two people should be repeat offenders, and they were obviously prepared in advance. I’ll call the police. If the robbers are repeat offenders, the police department should have their case files.”

Kerry gritted his teeth and stared at the two men on the screen. He really wanted to cut them into pieces immediately.

“Kerry, who is she?”Mr. Wei asked again.

Kerry took a deep breath and braced both hands on the table. “She’s Yan Chu from MK Group in Hong Kong and the head of our company’s Hong Kong partner in the amusement park project.”

“Does she have any family or friends in the mainland? Tell them to come to the police station immediately.”

Kerry pulled out his phone and called Xuan. The sound of his footsteps and gasps were still heard on the phone from Xuan. Hearing Kerry’s words, he stopped in shock and asked, “She was kidnapped? How is that possible? Yan knows very few people here, and she’s not holding a grudge against anyone.”

“Maybe someone kidnapped her on purpose,” Kerry said.

“What do you mean?” Xuan didn’t understand his words.

“They might be trying to extort money.” Kerry paused, and then continued, “She knows me, but I have a lot of enemies. Maybe she was kidnapped by one of my enemies.”

“That’s not possible. How could this happen to Yan.” Xuan said uneasily.

“Calm down. I’ll definitely find her and get her out.” Kerry hung up the phone after saying that.

Then he turned to Mr. Wei and said, “I’ll leave now. Let me know immediately if you have any clues. “Yan’s brother Xuan Chu will go to the police station later.”

“Where are you going?” Mr. Wei took his arm and asked.

“You have your ways, and I have mine. We have agreed not to interfere with each other.” Kerry said.

Mr. Wei gave him a deep look and patted him on the shoulder, “Be safe. If she was kidnapped, the kidnappers would call for a ransom.”

“I know.” Kerry said, and then he strode out of there. Once out of the surveillance room, Kerry pulled out his phone and instructed Henry, “Have all our men go out and find Yan. She was kidnapped into a car that drove down Tuanjie Alley. You go see what Hao Nangong is doing first. If he kidnapped Yan this time, I’ll kill him.”

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