Chapter 199: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 199 Any other bidder?

“Ellie Ye?”

Colin Ward was surprised to see Ellie Ye bidding.

Walson Martin frowned at her pop-up; what was she up to at the critical moment? To mess things up?

Instead of looking at Walson Martin, Ellie Ye cast a meaningful glance at Colin Ward.

Colin Ward felt lost; Ellie Ye had always been picking up on him, but when she bid, she made it clear she was against Walson Martin.

Ellie Ye looked calm and without emotion.

The audience was speculating the identity of her.

‘Who is this?”

“I don’t know!”

“This auction is really getting more and more interesting!”

Walson Martin had no choice but to raise the price again: “1.7 billion.”

“Oh my god! This is fucking exciting!”

“Another fucking bid!”

“Is this land in the south suburbs really so good?”

This time, Ellie Ye stopped bidding.

Walson Martin looked at Colin Ward and reminded him once again, “The antidote.”

After seconds of silence, Colin Ward stood up.

Now the audience finally got a chance to take a good look at the man who had been bidding at a sky-high price.

“I have a question. What if I succeed in getting the lot, and at the end, I don’t have enough money to pay for it?”


The host looked at Colin Ward awkwardly before laughing wittingly and saying: “Mr. Ward, you are joking, right? How come such things happened to you?!”

Would Colin Ward, CEO of the Marquis Group, fail to pay the bid?

People wondered why Colin Ward would ask such a question.

As a matter of fact, anyone who had come to auctions regularly knew the rules of auctions, but not Colin Ward.

The question brought forward by the CEO of the Marquis Group was like a joke to everyone here.

“My problem is not for myself, but for him.”

Then Colin Ward pointed to Walson Martin.

Walson Martin stood up, too. “Humph! You are worrying too much, Mr. Ward! I would be responsible for my own deed!”

Without further comment, Colin Ward asked again: “Please tell me what would happen if this happened.”

Host answered earnestly: “Well, everyone present here had paid a caution money of ten million before entering our auction hall; so if in the end, they bid what they could not afford or fail to pay, we have the right to confiscate the caution money; in addition, we would resort to the law, and a six-month custody is expected for the violator.”

Colin Ward was pleased. “Ok, thanks for the answer,” he said.

The host smiled awkwardly.

“In that case,” Colin Ward said to Walson Martin, “give it to me and I’ll give it up.”

“What?” For one second, Walson Martin thought he heard Colin Ward wrong.

“Give me the antidote, and I will give up this land in the southern suburbs.”

Finally, Walson Martin came to his senses as Colin Ward repeated. “You give up?”

“Yup.” Colin Ward nodded.

Walson Martin asked incredulously, “It is the Marquis Group’s only hope. Do you really give it up?”

“Walson Martin, I am not you, so don’t take it for granted.”

“Yes, it is very important to the Marquis, but you know what’s more important? A man’s life.”

“I know, in your eyes, there are only interests, but not to me! They are merely worldly possessions; I would get it sooner or later, wouldn’t I?”

“You’re a fool!” Walson Martin was angry even though the outcome was what he preferred.

Colin Ward did not answer.

Walson Martin sneered.” Well, it is an insult to me to compete with such a fool as you!”

With that, Walson Martin handed a small bottle to a errand boy next to him and motioned him to bring it to Colin Ward.

Colin Ward sighed with a relief.

Walson Martin mocked again. “Colin Ward, I thought highly of you before; I think I was wrong. The Marquis, from now on, will collapse bit by bit!”

Colin Ward shrugged his shoulders in response.

Walson Martin was angry. He really couldn’t understand how Colin Ward, such a coward, could have brought down the Martin Family.

The crowd was all in shock and disbelief.

Marquis Group had given up!

What were they talking about?

And what was that Colin Ward got?

Was there other trade going on?

Why did Walson Martin say that the Marquis will collapse bit by bit?

Was he so confident to bring a large group like Marquis?

Walson Martin felt that Colin Ward was weaker than he had expected.

Ramon Chen, who was on the other side of the streaming call, saw the whole thing.

He really didn’t expect Colin Ward to give up on that land in the southern suburbs in order to get the antidote for him.

Tears welled up in Ramon Chen’s eyes…

The host was a bit confused like all the other audience, “So, any other bidder?”

While Walson Martin was fully prepared to receive the applause of congratulation from the audience, Ellie Ye bid again, “1.8 billion.”

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