Chapter 20: Negotiating – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

At that moment, Jane Tang snatched the phone.

“Well, how dare you reject grandma. It was this crap who incited you!” Jane pointed at Mary Su and said with her chest heaving heavily, “Why you believe such a dead dog? You really want to marry him and to be a futile couple with him? You have to divorce after grandma’s birthday.”

“Mom, Kris Chen knows that grandma would call me, and…”

Jane was too angry to hear what she said, “Do not talk about that dead dog anymore. I feel like vomiting as soon as hearing his name! Poverty is forgivable, but he doesn’t make any progress. I am a joke in front of my friends now, and no one doesn’t know that I have a trashy son-in-law.”

It should be a pleasant reunion dinner but didn’t go so well finally.

Miss Su reassigned Ming Su to negotiate with Huanyu Group.

Ming Su, as an important child of the Su family, owned a high status, ranking only second to Hai Su.

Everyone pined their hopes on him. But he was evicted by the guard, even cannot enter the company.

Miss Su was flustered for this. The handsome young man was kicked out one by one, which made her realize the situation.

Can it be that Huanyu Group only knew Mary?

Miss Su sat on a chair with her closed eyes, rubbing her dizzy head unceasingly by hands.

“Grandma, I have another measure!” Hai Su stood up and said.

“Oh? Tell me! Hurry up!” Miss Su opened her eyes and stared at Hai Su.

“Grandma, in my opinion, the President of Huanyu Group, just is a lecher. If not his infatuation for the beauty of Mary, he would not sign a contract with her.” Hai Su said, “The Su has many beauties beside Mary. And Yu Su is also very gorgeous, why not let her give a try?”

Everybody suddenly is enlightened after hearing Hai Su’s words. That’s right, the President of Huanyu Group must sign the contract because of Mary’s charms.

Since Mary didn’t want to negotiate, others were also fine. Mary had to call her “elder sister” in order of seniority. And Yu Su’s beauty was acknowledged by the Su Family and was about the same as Mary’s.

This proposal got everyone’s approval. Miss Su waved her hands, “let Yu Su take a fling tomorrow.”

The next morning, Yu Su went to Huanyu Group alone. No matter the appearance or the status, this woman was superb, even was the best in the world.

She was very sexy with her slender thigh covered by black silk stockings, wearing a miniskirt and red high heels.

Seeing Yu Su, the paparazzi at the Huanyu Group thought she was the new actress of Huanyu and took pictures for her crazily.

Even the guard also thought she was the company’s artist and didn’t dare to stop her.

Yu Su went to the President’s office directly without any difficulty. The office’s door opened from inside when she was about to knock.

Xue Mi and Yu Su looked at each other. Xue Mi closed the door without a word and asked, “You are?”

“Hello, I’m from the Su Family…”

Xue Mi suddenly became serious before Yu Su finish her words, “Go away! Anybody who comes is useless except Mary Su.”

Yu Su felt miserable for being evicted from the company, even didn’t enter the President’s office.

She was the renowned beauty in Westriver City and was pampered before. But this time, she was rejected, which made her feel frustrated.

Miss Su got angry again because of Yu Su’s failure. What should I do?

The next day, the Su hacienda.

Today was the seventieth birthday of Miss Su. The hacienda was decorated gaily and was very boisterous. All the members in the Su Family got away from business and came here to celebrate Miss Su’s birthday.

As the master of this big family, Miss Su’s seventy birthday must invite many people.

This birthday feast also invited many celebrities in Westriver City, although the Su Family was a third-class family.

Meanwhile, luxury vehicles fully occupied the parking outside the Su’s estate.

Mary and Jane stood in front of a Benz impatiently. And then, Kris Chen came, riding his new electric car slowly.

Kris runs here quickly after parking and locking his car well.

“Sorry, I was held up by heavy traffic,” Kris said breathlessly.

The traffic in Westriver City was hefty. He was the one who asked Xue Mi to drive him and then got stuck in traffic for near one hour in downstreet. The birthday feast was about to start, so he had to take an electric car from the trunk.

The Su Family just was a third-class Family, but it must be prominent to be called a Family. So riding an electric car to the feast made others laugh.

“I know this guy. He is the Su Family’s son-in-law, who rely on the family’s status.”

“Yeah, that’s him, Mary’s husband.”

“Ow, this boy is really lucky for marrying such a goddess-like Mary. Really enviable!”

“There is nothing to envy. Don’t you know that he had married Mary for two years, but even didn’t hold her hands? And it is said that he slept on the floor all the time for two years.”

“What? No way! This buddy is too bearable! Isn’t it something wrong with his body?”

Several junior of the Yu Family discussed in a low voice. The Su Family and the Yu Family have been friends for generations. Each family has the other’s daughter-in-law and son-in-law. So it can be said that the two families know everything about each other and had no secrets.

Their voice was low, but Mary still heard it clearly, making her embarrassed. She couldn’t help saying to Kris, “It’s all your fault, why don’t you park your electric bike to another place? You are embarrassing yourself in front of all guests here.”

“Oh, I’ll park a little farther away next time,” Kris answered indifferently.

It was really irritating that Kris was so dandiacal.

He still wore so cheaply on such a momentous day. Has he no shame?

Instead, Mary had been accustomed to Kris being like this and didn’t say anything, she just took a step forward and asked softly, “Have you got the gift for grandma as I told you?”

“Yep.” Kris smiled and took a cylindrical wooden box, which was really antiquated, even the surface paint had been peeled off.

“This is what you get for grandma?” Mary looked at Kris unbelievably. Today is grandma’s seventieth birthday. She blushed with anxiety, “You gonna give this garbage to grandma?”

“This is not garbage!” Kris gave Mary a glance and said.

“Then what? We are not blind!” Jane couldn’t stand anymore and scolded Kris, pointing at his nose. And at that moment, the emcee’s voice from the hacienda, “Then let’s call the Su’s children to celebrate Miss Su’s birthday!”

Listening to this, Jane stopped scolding but glared at Kris, taking Mary’s hands entering the hacienda.

The Su Family’s hacienda at this time was crowded, and all guests were already seated.

Miss Su was really pleased sitting in the main hall with a celebratory dress.

“President Li from Nebula Group comes to give regards to Miss Su’s birthday!” the emcee roared out, celebrating words with microphone. And then, a middle-aged man who was over forty came, which was Nebula Group’s President Tianxing Li. Miss Su was an incredible mentor to him, so he had great respect for Miss Su.

He took over the big box from Secretary, opened it, and celebrated, “Miss Su, I wish you have a long and happy life!”

“Wow, what a beautiful vase!.”

“This is not a vase simply. This is enamel porcelain is used in the Qing dynasty, and it is a rare antique.”

Connoisseurship can recognize the porcelain only by one glance. The price of this antique was at least one million dollars.

It’s very kind of you to give me such a valuable gift. Miss Su looked flushed.

“President Li, please have a seat.” Miss Su grinned from ear to ear, “No one didn’t know antiques were what Miss Su like best. She was so fond of this porcelain gave by Tianxing Li. Maybe because Tianxing Li’s gift was too costly.”

The presents after him looked nothing special to the Lady and cannot arouse people’s interests.

The attendants didn’t look a little more alive until Hai Su came, and they stared at him with gleaming eyes. As the grandson who was beloved most by Miss Su, what gift will he actually give to grandma?

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