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Chapter 200: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 200 Rescue, Don’t Hurt My Woman (1)
“Copy that.” Henry Zhang replied.

Sitting in the car, Kerry Ye felt drumming in his temples.

Venus Mu was pulled into the car at around 3:40 pm. It was now past 9:00 pm. Six hours had passed; the kidnapper had enough time to take her anywhere.

Kerry’s eyes almost turned into a dark purple. He forced himself to calm down and tried to locate Venus with his ability, but couldn’t sense anything.

Now, he was hoping that this was a simple kidnapping case, which meant that the kidnappers would contact him or Xuan Chu for ransom and Venus’s life should be protected. But if they took her directly out of Sky City to sell her to the red light district……

Kerry couldn’t continue to think about it, he felt like he was losing control.

This afternoon, when Venus came to see him, he should have forced her to stay in the office, so that nothing would happen later.

Never before had he been so worried. In the past, Venus left or disappeared out of her own will, he knew that her life wouldn’t be in danger. But this time was different, she was abducted by two strangers. It could be inferred from their rude manner that they would not treat her nice.

Kerry was nervous, it was like time stood still, he was trapped and couldn’t get out of the torturing.

The driver took out a hamburger from the bag in the passenger seat and brought it to Kerry, saying with concern, “Sir, you’ve been busying all night and haven’t eaten anything. Please have something to eat.”

Kerry closed his eyes, shaking his head, “I have no appetite.” He wasn’t in the mood for food as he couldn’t stop worrying about Venus.

The driver silently put the burger back and asked, “Sir, where are we going now?”

Kerry paused for a moment, “Go to Tuanjie Lane, I want to check that place myself.”

The driver recalled the location of Tuanjie Lane and started the car. Within five minutes, Kerry received a phone call from Henry Zhang.

“Young Master, there’s a black car with no license plate parked in Tuanjie Lane. No one is inside, is it the car that took Yan Chu away?”

Kerry tensed, “That’s it! Go check what else is in it, I’ll be right there.”

The driver delivered instant acceleration without Kerry’s command upon hearing their conversation.

At this time the traffic on the road was not so heavy. The black Cayenne galloped down the road. It only took ten minutes to get there.

Henry and a few others came to Kerry, “Young Master, the car is over there. We smashed the door open, nothing was left inside, but there are signs of fighting in the backseat.”

Kerry stopped for two seconds, then quickened his pace to go check the car.

The alley roared in the dusky light. Henry took the searchlight to illuminate the backseat for Kerry’s observation. There were messy footprints of high-heels on the black pads.

These should be left by Venus. Kerry remembered she was wearing a pair of stiletto heels when she came to see him this afternoon.

Henry then directed the light onto the car door and pointed to a spot on the seat, “Look at that!”

Following Henry’s gaze, Kerry felt his heart lurch in horror. He was like being hit by a heavy stick as he saw a few drops of blood. There were also a few black and long hairs that fell around.

Did they beat her?

Kerry slammed his fist into the sitting chair, but couldn’t feel a hint of pain.

Son of a bitch!

“How dare you do that to the one I cherish and treasured the most? When I catch you, I’ll chop you up and feed you to the dogs.” Kerry thought.

He then got out of the car, poker-faced, “Where is Hao Nangong? Where is he today?”

“He’s been working at the office all day. He has been acting normal recently. He went straight back to Villa Nangong to accompany his parents for dinner after work, and he should still be at the villa.”

Kerry asked with suspicion, “He went back home for dinner? When did he become so filial?”

Henry was also surprised when he found this out, so he investigated into the reasons.

“A few days ago, Hao was hanging out with a model and was bumped into by his father, who detests models and actors. So he ordered Hao to stay with them except during office hours.”

Kerry thought to himself, “Does this have nothing to do with him?

He had been putting all his efforts into the commercial business in the past year, rarely dealing with those from the criminal underworld. His previous enemies should have settled, so who could this be?

“Henry, send Yan’s photo to the people who worked in the red-light zone. Tell them to pay attention while taking in new recruits.”

“Young Master, you mean …….”

“It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

“I see.” Henry stepped aside to make the calls. Kerry was standing under the orange light, feeling cold and desperate.

Kerry didn’t go back to the villa that night. After contacting Xuan Chu, he came to the villa where Venus used to live. Xuan was living here since Venus moved to the Ye family.

Xuan opened the door for him, Kerry was tired and anxious. They looked at each other in silence. Then they slumped into the sofa, waiting for messages.

Kerry was extremely powerful in Sky City, but so far he had found nothing useful but that car. It was like that Venus had disappeared into thin air.

“Do you have any clue now?” Xuan took out two cans of beer from the fridge and handed one to Kerry.

Kerry pulled the zipper and gulped down a mouthful of beer. The icy liquid went straight down his throat, stimulating every cell in him.

“Not yet.” He answered.

Xuan dropped into the other couch, worrying, “Is this all we can do? Stay here waiting?”

“My men are searching outside, and the police are checking every intersection. But I have a feeling that the kidnappers will contact us.”

Xuan let out a long sigh, “Hope so. God bless Yan and keep her safe.”

It was late at night but neither of them felt like going to sleep. It was almost dawn before they got sleepy and took a nap on the sofa for a short while.

Suddenly, a pleasant ringing sound broke the silence of the room. Xuan and Kerry woke up at the same time. It was from an unknown number.

He glanced at Kerry and then answered the phone.

“Hello? “

“Excuse me, are you Mr. Chu?” There was a muffled man’s voice over there.

“I am. Who’s that speaking?”

“Is your sister Yan Chu?”

Xuan exchanged a look with Kerry, took the phone away from his ear and turned on the speaker.

“Yes, she is. Did you kidnap her?”

“Well, I just want to figure out if I’ve got the wrong person. This bitch has been refusing to utter a word. She said she was not Yan Chu.”

Xuan immediately shouted, “I’ll give you anything you want, don’t hurt her.”

“Ha ha, I know that your family is rich, but I don’t want money.”

“What do you want?”

“If I’m not mistaken, Kerry Ye of Yehuang Group should be next to you right now.”

Kerry said coldly, “I am Kerry Ye.”

The kidnapper sneered, “Seems like I am right about this. I want to trade Yan Chu for the one thing you have.”

“What is it?”

“Of course the most precious thing of the Ye family.”

Kerry frowned, “My company?”

“Hahaha, why would I want your company? I don’t know how to do business.” The man suddenly stopped laughing and lowered his voice, “Where is the thing your father left you before he died? Give it to me.”

Kerry was startled, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Mr. Ye, let’s cut to the chase. Stop playing dumb with me. Back then your parents went to many places in order to find the treasure. But why don’t they share the information with us? Your Ye family wants to monopolize it, isn’t that too greedy?”

Few people could know about this. Was the kidnapper a participant of the former treasure hunt?

“How about my suggestion? Do you agree?”

Kerry didn’t answer, he was now more concerned about Venus’s situation, “Where is Yan Chu? Put her on the phone, how else am I supposed to know if you’re telling the truth?”

“Fine, wait a minute.” Came the sound of the man’s footsteps on the phone, and a few seconds later, “Hey, wake up! Come on, tell your brother and Kerry Ye that you’re still alive.”

Kerry and Xuan clenched their fists in anger, but didn’t hear anything from the other end of the phone.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 200 Rescue, Don’t Hurt My Woman (2)
“Bitch, make a sound.” The man shouted impatiently.

“Bastard, fuck off.” Venus’ hoarse voice came from over there and hit Kerry straight in the heart.

“Now you hear her voice. Can you believe me now?”

Xuan Chu was about to speak when Kerry stopped him. He tried to calm himself down and said, “There are so many people with similar voices, I don’t believe the voice is hers. You take a picture and send it over. I want to see her in person.”

“Shit, I don’t think you care much for this woman.”

“I trade my treasure for a woman. Shouldn’t I now make sure you’re not lying to me?”

“Okay, I’ll take a picture of you now.”

Soon Xuan received a photo on his phone. The moment he saw the photo, Kerry got angry. He yelled at the phone, “Damn it. Don’t hurt her again.”

The photo showed Venus sitting on the ground with her hands tied, her hair in disarray, his mouth bloodied. She was staring fiercely at the person taking the picture.

“I didn’t want to hurt her either, but she didn’t make a sound.” The man said. Then he heard Venus yell over there, “Kerry, don’t give it to him.”

Kerry was already on the verge of rage, “Okay, where and when do we meet?”

“Two o’clock this afternoon. We’ll be waiting for you near the small lake on the border Sky City and S City. Remember not to call the police or try any tricks. There will be many eyes on you along the way, and of course, there will be many guns on you. If you don’t want both you and her dead, don’t try any tricks.”

“Ok, but don’t hurt her again, or I’ll destroy the treasure map completely.” Kerry said through and gritted his teeth.

“Don’t worry. Of course I’ll treat Miss Chu well.”

Hanging up the phone, Kerry got up and prepared to go out, but was held back by Xuan.

“Xuan, what’s up?” Kerry was startled.

“Have you thought about it?” said Xuan. He looked hesitant.

“I can’t let them hurt Yan. I have to save her.” Kerry said firmly.

“But …… “Xuan hesitated.

Kerry shook off his hand, “Yan is your sister, the one I love. I have to save her. No matter what will happen later, the most important thing now is to get her back safely. I don’t care about the treasure map.”

Kerry now understood Xuan’s hesitation. Venus returned to him for this treasure map, and if it was taken by another group of people, what would they use for his child?

But now Kerry couldn’t care this. His heart ached like a knife cutting it when he thought of Venus in the picture.

“Do you really have to trade the treasure map for Yan?” Xuan looked at him with a deep gaze.

“You’re Yan’s brother. Why are you asking me this question? Don’t you want me to save her?”

They stared at each other in silence, and finally Xuan said, “I’ll go with you.”

Kerry nodded and the two of them went downstairs together to go back to Ye’s house.

As he sped along, Kerry ran five or six traffic lights and almost rear-ended several cars, but he held the steering wheel tightly, his eyes cold and steely. Xuan, who was sitting in the passenger seat, fastened his seat belt. He was really worried that Kerry would have an accident with his car.

At that moment Kerry remembered Henry who was still busy outside and called him, “Get all our people back. No need to look for Yan.”

Henry was surprised, “Sir, did you find Miss Chu?”

“I’ll pick her up this afternoon.”

Kerry’s tone was flat, but Henry could tell he was anxious.

“Sir, I’ll take my man with you.”

“No need.” Kerry said meaningfully. “If they come with me, things will get even worse.”

Henry instantly realized what Kerry was saying about him being able to do supernormal things. The more people that knew about this, the more dangerous it would be for Kerry.

“But I’m worried about you.” Henry said.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back safely with Yan.” said Kerry. Then he hung up the phone.

Xuan had been sitting in the passenger seat keeping silent. He hadn’t expected it to come to this. Everything was out of his control.

The car pulled up at the Ye’s villa and Kerry raced into the house, not having time to greet John before he went into the bedroom.

There was a safe in the corner of the dressing room. There was no combination on it before, but now there was a code, the date of his and Venus’s wedding.

He opened the safe. Inside it was nothing but stacks of money, with a parchment roll on the top shelf.

The most dangerous place was the safest. Venus had seen this safe before, but she hadn’t thought to look at it again when she lived in Ye family.

Taking out the parchment roll and taking a look at it, he didn’t go down one floor, but went up three floors into his study.

When he came back down, Kerry had a loaded pistol pinned to her waist, and then gave the other gun to Xuan.

Xuan took the gun, shocked, “Will you fight them?”

Kerry snorted, “I’m going to break them into pieces.”

“You can now choose not to come with me to save Yan,” Kerry was aware that Yan was Venus, so he knew that Yan was not really under any obligation to take the risk to save Venus.

“I’m your driver now. I will deliver you safely to your destination.”Xuan said calmly,

Kerry nodded at him. Just as he was about to get into the car, Henry ran over panting, “I want to come with you to save Miss. Chu. I’m really worried about you.”

“Henry, don’t you listen to me?” Kerry asked him sternly.

Henry lowered his head and was silent.

Kerry looked coldly at Henry who had been with him for over a decade. He didn’t know what the danger would be, so he didn’t want Henry risking his life with him to save Venus.

“Henry, if you really want to help me, finish what I told you before.”

“Yes, sir. I know.” Henry said reluctantly. Henry had sent Nighthawk to Hong Kong regarding the matter of Chu’s background, but so far no evidence had been investigated.

It was now just after ten o’clock in the morning, and it would take almost three hours to drive to the designated location. It was the best option for them to set off at this point.

“Henry, call Dr. Han over first.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Kerry and Xuan got into the car. Xuan drove the car downtown and then pulled up in front of a restaurant.

Kerry was confused and asked, “Why do you park the car here?”

“You need to eat something.” Xuan said, “You haven’t eaten anything since last night, and I don’t want you to run out of energy when it comes to saving Yan.”

Kerry gave him a cold stare.

“I know what’s going through your mind, but I think you only have the strength to save someone if you’ve eaten enough.” said Xuan.

Kerry didn’t want to waste time with him and got out and followed him into this beef noodle restaurant.

“Two bowls of beef noodles, one with chili and one without. Please serve the noodles quickly, we’re in a hurry.” Xuan said to the shop owner.

“Please take a seat, the beef noodles will be here soon.”

Kerry took a glance at the seemingly calm Xuan. “You don’t seem to worry about Yan?” he asked.

“Honestly, our Chu family has gone through a lot of these things and ended up giving money to release people, so I might not be as nervous as you are, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about Yan. She’s my sister, and I’m definitely worried about her.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 200 Rescue, Don’t Hurt My Woman (3)
Kerry Ye didn’t believe his nonsense and continued to ask, “But why do I get the feeling that you’re stalling? And, you asked me to think it through in this morning, don’t you want to give a further explanation about it to me, President Chu?”

Xuan Chu said blankly, “Nothing. I just want to remind you to get it straight so that you won’t regret it in the future.”


“Kerry, you never know. Indeed, I appreciate you saving Yan Chu’s life with the treasure map. But what if you didn’t like her anymore? Won’t you regret your choice?”

Kerry stared at him and said to him as well as to himself, “Xuan, I’ve ever had eyes for her. Even if my love faded one day, I won’t regret it. Because to others, the map may be a fortune, but to me, it’s just a map but nothing.”

At these words, Xuan cast a surprised glance at him. Couldn’t believe that there would be someone totally indifferent to a huge treasure!

“Kerry, you can’t convince me. Or maybe you know that it’s a fake map so……”

He seemed to have guessed his response and interrupted him directly, “Look, Xuan, I don’t know whether it is true or not. As for the rest, you can believe or not, but I don’t want to explain. The only thing I want to do is to save Yan.”

Xuan was lost in thought. Wasn’t it in vain if their great efforts were returned by a mere fake map?

At this moment, the waiter served them two bowls of beef noodles, and Kerry took the one without peppers and tucked into it.

After living with Venus Mu for a long time, he changed his taste into the one akin to hers and began to dislike pepper as well.

He felt better after stuffing his empty belly with a bowl of noodles. Kerry paid for it, then he said and was ready to going out, “Come on, time’s limited.”

The temperature went higher as the sun’s ray became stronger, getting beads of sweat on his forehead. Kerry bent down to take a cigarette out of the car, lit it, and calmed his mind down in the puffs.

By then, he could stop the time to save Venus as well as keep the map. But it was too dangerous for that there must have been under surveillance. Fat chance at killing all of them, after all. What’s more, Venus had forbidden him from killing others.

Xuan finally came out as he almost finished the cigarette.

The two guys were on the road again. The car compass freed Kerry of guiding the direction, so he tilted his head to look out the window with dashing eyebrows wrinkled in anxiety.

It just occurred to him that the kidnappers, luckily, proposed this meeting during the daytime because the mask on Venus’s face won’t work anymore tonight, and once found out that she was his wife after seeing her face and taking an investigation, they would no doubt hold all the cards.

He didn’t want to place her in such a predicament.

As they went through the last toll station of Sky City after over three hours, a gentle female voice was heard from the compass and said, “You’re now in S City.”

Followed a few miles drive, Kerry caught a natural lake not far away. Surrounded by thick trees, the lake, shallow and a bit turbid in summer, was turned into a perfect hiding spot.

Xuan drove in and parked the car by the lake. Here was secluded by the dense trees from the roads, nothing could be heard except the whizzing sounds from the cars and the chirping of cicadas.

The clock said twenty to two in the afternoon. There were twenty minutes left before the appointed time.

Kerry wiped the gun in his hand to kill time calmly.

As for the map, it was casually stuffed in his pants pocket.

Xuan lit a cigarette irritably and heard him say, “You stay in the car, if there’s something wrong outside, go save Yan first.”

“How about you?”

“Since I’ve been in Sky City for quite a long time, certainly I would have my ways to escape even if I’m caught by them.” Kerry said lightly. He believed that Venus didn’t leak even a bit of his secret to Xuan. Though with a close relationship with Tianye Mu, she didn’t allow him to threaten Kerry by this, and her integrity was thus told and became one of the reasons why he had a crush on her.

A jeep came into their line of visions at nearly two o’clock.

Kerry was all tensed up. As the approaching car stopped, he pinned the gun to his waist and got out of the car cleanly without a tint of fear.

A man in a camouflage shirt and black wide-leg trousers came out of the jeep. Dark skins and firm eyes, the man looked as young as Kerry with the powerful arms covered a vivid giant dragon in tattoos.

The quick-thinking didn’t get him any clue about this man.

“Oh, I know you, Kerry.” A smile displayed on the man’s face. He recognized that this guy was the man who talked with him on the phone this morning.

“Where’s Yan?” Kerry didn’t want to waste their time and came straight to the point.

“Where’s my thing?” The man was canny as well.

Kerry took out the map from the pocket. The archaic sheepskin roll rendered it a sense of history.

The man’s eyes lit up the second he saw the map. He curled the fingers to the back, and then two men jumped down from the trunk with Venus followed them. The poor girl, with her hands tied behind her back, was dragged off the car in a rude way. Her disheveled hair was tied and her face was red and swelling, apparently, she had been beaten by them.

Her eyes were instantly covered with a film of moisture as she looked up at him.

Kerry felt his blood was up in a flash, he barely suppressed his anger by taking a breath, and then looked at the man coldly, “Okey, let her go.”

The man smirked unpleasantly and said, “Kerry, are you fooling me? How could I know if the map is authentic? What if you just give me the fake one?”

“What do you want?” Kerry asked calmly.

“Well, the main purpose of my coming today is the treasure map, so the woman will be nothing to me once I get it. You can throw it to me and let me have a look. If it’s true, I will let her go instantly.”

Kerry laughed ironically, “How could I believe in you as I don’t even know who you are?”

The man stretched his hand, dragging Venus in front of him and pinching her neck, and said harshly, “I can pinch her to death quite easily, do you believe it?”

“Stop!” Kerry thundered.

“Can you throw the map to me now?” Craziness glinted in his eyes.

Kerry didn’t want to venture her life, but at the same time, he could not let the man find out the flaw of the map, so he had to step back and said, “Well, seems we don’t trust each other.” He split the map from the middle into two neatly.

This time, it was the man who saw red and shouted at him, “What the hell are you doing?”

“You said you want to check whether it’s authentic or not, right?” Kerry showed him the map and sneered, “I can show you half of it. If it’s true, you let her go. I know your guys are hiding in the forest, but I come alone and have no way to run. There’s no need for you to be worried about.”

The man thought for a while, seeming quite confident in his plan, and said, “Okey, I promise you, and you give the half to me first.”

Kerry threw it over with a wave and the map fell on the ground. The man winked at his followers, and then one of them hastened to come over to pick the map up and handed it to the man.

As Venus was dropped down, she began to cough violently and reddened her face.

“Yan!” It rent his heart so hard that his first impulse was to hold her in his arms.

The coughing stopped, and Venus turned to look at him and smiled faintly, “I’m Okey, Kerry.”

He was stung by her smile, obviously just a disguise to cover her fears. God knows how much he would like to see her tears rather than that smiling face.

“Don’t worry, I will bring you back safe and sound.” Kerry gave her comfort.

She nodded and said, “I believe you, but……”

“No, don’t say anything. You are the most important to me. We can talk about other things later.

Venus ran a deep look at him. At this moment, she suddenly got a strong intuition that he knew anything.

It was indeed a bittersweet moment for her when she heard on the phone that Kerry agreed to bring her back with the treasure map as the price in the morning. She was glad that Yan was important to him while feeling sad that only this figure could stay in his heart.

But now, his words, and his eyes, all these signs showing that he was not looking for her resemblance with Venus but exactly looking at her.

Did he see through her identity?

As the couple’s figures were absorbed in each other’s eyes, the man beside was verifying the authenticity of the map meticulously. After he finally confirmed that it was true, his face showed ecstasy.

Kerry looked at him coldly, “Of course it’s true. Now, can you let her go?”

The man raised his head and gazed at the other half in his hand, saying, “Give me the rest of it.”

Seeing that he broke his promise, Kerry took out a lighter and was ready to ignite the map, “Well, maybe I should let it vanish from the world.”

“No, no, I will let her go.” The man hastened to turn back and push her out. Venus staggered a few steps, almost falling to the ground, and then Kerry moved forward to hold her in his arms and retreated to his Cayenne slowly.

“Give me the map.” The man took out a gun, “Or none of you can run away from here.”

Kerry wasn’t worried about it at all. He directly stood in front of Venus, whispering to her to let her get into the car and shouting at the man, “Let her go! I will stay here. You’ve got guns in your hands, so what are you worried about?”

The man kept silent for a while, and Venus took the chance to get into the car.

Seeing that she was safe, Kerry threw the other half out, and before the man came to pick it up, he turned around to get into the car quickly.

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