Chapter 200: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 200 He united the six groups?

Walson Martin said darkly. “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

Ellie Ye shrugged and said plainly: “Mr. Ward’s quitting doesn’t mean that others have to follow him, right?”

Walson Martin’s eyes narrowed. What had emboldened Ellie Ye to go against him like that? Wasn’t she afraid of his poison?

Colin Ward smiled. “Look, Walson Martin, it is really a high price? I must warn you that you would be jailed failing to pay for the bid.”

Walson Martin snorted coldly.”Save the concern for your Marquis; since I dare to make a bid, I am capable of paying for it!”

“Well, Marquis would only get better and better, but you…”

Colin Ward did not believe Walson Martin could afford to pay so much money.

Walson Martin sneered, “Colin Ward, so young so naive, what do you think your Marquis can do?

What can you expect from the four lands we have just got earlier, plus the one in southern suburbs?”

Walson Martin’s courage and method did impress quite a few great figures in the audience.

Obviously, in this competition, Walson Martin had the upper hand over Marquis.

Some of them incline their supports to Walson Martin right away.

“Yes, Mr. Ward is, in the end, too young.”

“The business circle was way more sophisticated for Mr. Ward!”

“Well, you can’t blame him; he is young and inexperienced.”


Colin Ward could not care less about what these insignificant fence sitters said; Nina White and Adam Moore, on the other hand, looked grim.

Adam Moore even tried to defend for Colin Ward.

“You know nothing? Mr. Ward has his own considerations, it is not for you to judge?”

Other people did not argue although they were filled with contempt.

Walson Martin looked at Colin Ward and said proudly, “See, you lose to me!

Just as what Marquis would do in the near future!”

Then Walson Martin’s eyes narrowed and skipped him to look at the one behind.

Soon the crowd heard a bid.

“Two billion!”

It was from Wei Reed, CEO of Juding Bank.

He said savagely: “This is for Martin.”

Colin Ward raised his eyebrows; it turned out that even the CEO of Juding Bank was under the control of Walson Martin.

Others were shocked.

To bid for Walson Martin? What was their relationship?

Was there any cooperation between the two?

Only that could explain!

But what background did this Walson Martin have to have the Juding Bank’s CEO bid for him.

Walson Martin smiled at Ellie Ye. “Well? Will Ms. Ye continue?”

“Mr. Martin, you have the whole bank behind you,” said Ellie Ye, shrugging. “I’m certainly not going to make a fool of myself.”

It meant Ellie Ye was out as well.

People all looked at Walson Martin with a fresh impression.

Which was–this man was not to mess up with! He had every support he could have.

“Do not provoke him by any means!”

“Yes, but does anyone know who he is?”

The crowd shook their heads.

Walson Martin glared at Ellie Ye. Didn’t the Ye family flush with money? Why not?

Ellie Ye looked at Colin Ward without a hint of anger and smiled meaningfully.

Colin Ward looked puzzled.

What did Ellie Ye mean?

By rights, Ellie Ye was his enemy, right? Why would she help him?

But even without Ellie Ye, the show of today was good enough.

Colin Ward knew that Walson Martin would not be able to put up so much money; he had thought about pooling funds from six other groups, but what he did not expect was that Colin Ward had already detoxicated the other five heads of groups apart from Steven Wan.

Without the support of the five, Walson Martin will go to jail if he failed to pay for the money.

Unfortunately, he left out Sun Wei, the CEO of Juding Bank.

He had suspected that Walson Martin would not control only six groups, but even the CEO of a bank? That was what he did not think about before.

But the outcome will not be known until the end.

Colin Ward whispered in the ear of Vanessa Liu. Vanessa Liu nodded and left.

Then Colin Ward said to Walson Martin, “Mr. Martin, the land in the southern suburbs is yours now. Congratulations!”

Walson Martin smirked. “Colin Ward, you’re so green!”

Colin Ward looked at the host and said, “Strike the hammer, sir?”

The host woke up from mind-absence and astonishment, taking the microphone and exclaimed excitedly:” Two billion once! Two billion twice! Two billion third times! Deal! Let’s congratulate Mr. Martin on winning the contract for the land in the southern suburbs.”

Applause burst out from the crowd.


Enjoying the shower of the claps, Walson Martin looked at Colin Ward with disdain as a winner.

Colin Ward responded him with a smile on his lips.

That smile on Colin Ward’s lips sent a chill down Walson Martin’s spine. ” Why are you laughing?”

“I was worried about You, Mr. Martin.”

‘What do you mean?” Asked Walson Martin darkly.

Colin Ward then turned to the host and said, “Although Mr. Martin has the backing of the CEO of Juding Bank, I think it would be wise to check Mr. Martin’s account just in case.”

“Colin Ward, are you stupid?” John Martin’s eyes were full of disdain.

Everyone felt Colin Ward’s demand funny and stupid, as well.

Why can’t he just accept the ending? Thought some of the audience.

What could go wrong with the backing of a bank?

Walson Martin mocked him saying, “Even without the backing the of Juding Bank, I could still manage to pay for the price…I have the supports of six large groups just in case you don’t know about that…well, do you still think it necessary to check my account?”

The crowd was amazed again.

What the hell was this Walson Martin?

How could he unite the six groups on one project that he had an eye on?

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