Chapter 201 – 202: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter: 201 A Swindler

“Don’t disbelieve in it! Demigod Zhang’s fortune-telling is unexceptionally true!” Lan Yu said.

Kris Chen smiled, and then he said: “I’m sorry, but I really don’t believe it!”

“No hurry! Please stay for a moment!” Demigod Zhang exclaimed, while his one hand was seizing an arm of Kris Chen’s, “Young guy, as you have a destined affinity with me, I would like to presage your fortune free of charge!”

“Kris Chen, you are too lucky! The Demigod are willing to presage your fortune free of charge! It’s really a god-sent gift!” Bao Cao said in an unpleasantly way, and he cast a glance at Kris Chen.

But his expression is faked, and he has given signals to Demigod Zhang to do so just now.

The surrounding onlookers were unaware of the truth, and they had faith in it, so they kicked up a row:” Undoubtedly, the Demigod’s fortune-telling is straight from the shoulder! Please let him give you fortune-telling!”

Kris Chen was still in a smile, but he was shaking his head and saying: “I’m sorry, but my fate is controlled by my own hands.”

“Cool it, stay here!” Demigod Zhang held up one hand and pinched his fingers to make a calculation, and in doing so, he gradually frowned,” Alas! You Mister, you will suffer many mishaps in during your lifetime. Your future is very misty, and if you don’t solve it, the danger of life will probably befall you!”

“Release me!” Kris Chen frowned, and he scrutinized the so-called Demigod gloomily.

Demigod Zhang did not lose hold of Kris Chen at all, as his God of Wealth was staring at him!

Demigod Zhang firstly gave a deep sigh, and then instantly unfolded his brows, at last, he said sincerely and earnestly: “I will not do harm to you. Please stop worrying!”

But he began to mutter something strangely and weirdly, and his hand seizing Kris Chen began to shiver. A moment later, he stopped muttering and shivering, and then he said:” Ah! You are a miserable man. If I didn’t miscalculate it, you are supposed to be an adopted son-in-law. But you are very lucky if you have not become son-in-law, you can hardly keep alive.”

Holy Shit! He was really an adopted in son-in-law!

All the people around stared at Kris Chen.

Now that the Demigod also said so, this guy is absolutely a son-in-law!

Bao Cao was overjoyed, and he praised Demigod Zhang’s tricks in the heart.

A moment later, Bao Cao said to Kris Chen in an admired manner: “I’m sorry to have blamed you wrongly. You choose to be an adopted son-in-law just for saving your life! I misunderstood you!”

It was beyond Lan Yu’s expectation, and she has never thought so. After a short-time deliberation, Lan Yu regard it reasonable, who are willing to be adopted in a son-in-law?

Lan Yu began to have sympathy for Kris Chen!

Thus, Lan Yu went to Kris Chen, held his hand lightly, and soothed him: “Kris, I understand your dilemma!”

She had no doubt about Demigod Zhang’s remarks.

After all, he calculated her name and job, she has no reason to disbelieve him.

Kris Chen forced a smile and said:” Officer Yu, you are still deceived! He is a genuine swindler!”

Shit! Nowadays, swindlers are so bold that they dare to cheat the head of a criminal police team!

Kris Chen’s words made Lan Yu feel anxious.

Lan Yu said earnestly: “Kris Chen, Please don’t make nonsense. Demigod Zhang’s fortune-telling is extremely true!”

Bao Cao sneered grimly, and then he said: “Kris Chen, your pain spot is pointed out by the Demigod, is it right? You are still unwilling to acknowledge it? In the whole of Westriver City, all the people know that you are a shamed an adopted son-in-law of the Su Family. They also know that you do housework, clean up the house, and serve your wife day in and day out. You have been married for two years, but you have never held your wife’s hand. I feel ashamed for you!”

Haw-haw! Haw-haw!

Bao Cao’s remarks immediately brought about a guffaw from the surrounding people.

This guy has never held his wife’s hands! This is too unimaginable, and it is just like a tale of nonsense !

Demigod Zhang kept silent at this time, and he was very confident now as if he was really a demigod and demi-man!

Kris Chen did not pay attention to them at all, he just laughed grimly and walked over, then he caught hold of Demigod Zhang’s collar suddenly, and the latter was lifted up by him.


Demigod’s garment was splitted.


Immediately after the splitting of the garment, a small notebook dropped off. Kris Chen bent down and picked it up.

“Help! Help! You cannot take my property! You are breaking the law!” Demigod Zhang cried desperately and reached his hand to get back his small notebook.

Of course, Kris Chen would not satisfy the Demigod’s desire, and he kicked him with full force, and at once, the Demigod dropped onto the ground. Kris Chen began opening the notebook, and his face became more and more stern and austere!

This notebook recorded how many persons the Demigod had cheated. Kris Chen counted them one by one and found more than 100 persons had been cheated by the Demigod!

What was more, the Demigod also kept what he had learned during the cheating process in this notebook.

Turning over to the last page, Kris Chen directly tore it down and passed it to Lan Yu, and added: “Please look at it yourself!”

“What’s… What’s this?” Lan Yu was angry with Kris Chen’s indiscriminate behavior just now, but now she consciously received the notebook.

As reading the records in the notebook, her lithe body became stiff:” Lan Yu, the head of the Criminal Investigation Team of Westriver City.”

This……this was the information about herself!

She understood it at once–the so-called was a swindler!

What’s more, the last paragraph in this notebook recorded the deal between the Demigod and Bao Cao, and if Bao Cao’s proposal were successful, he would give one million to the Demigod!

Lan Yu’s lithe body could not stop shivering, and she grasped the page firmly, while her face becomes more and more austere.

“Game is over!”

Demigod Zhang felt that he was falling into the valley floor from a high peak.

He never thought that Kris Chen was so violent and rude. All the crimes recorded in the books were in detail!

It was beyond the Demigod’s knowledge that Kris Chen had learned theft skills of Sangraal School.

Theft belonged to nasty business, so the predecessors of Sangraal School recorded all the tricks and complied with a book.

Lan Yu’s face was blushed. She was an excellent captain of the criminal investigation team, but she not only failed to perceive this quackery but also was deceived by it!

At last, the truth was that this Demigod was a swindler.

“Dare to cheat me in broad daylight, do you know who I am?” Lan was angered. The most important thing was that Bao was behind this matter!

“I know you are the captain of the criminal investigation team!” Demigod Zhang was terrified and hurriedly knelt in front of Bao Cao, begging: “Mr. Cao, you told me to put on this act, you can’t just leave me alone! I am aged, I cannot stand being put behind bars!”

Bao’s body stiffened and kicked Demigod Zhang’s body immediately, kicking him upside down, and then shouted at him: “Shut your mouth, do not talk any nonsense here, how can I be your accomplice, confess it, who sent you to deceive Lan, is it Kris ?”

Kris sneered at Bao. Shame on you, Bao!

Demigod Zhang is also a smart guy. Hearing what Bao said, he nodded hurriedly and said, “You…how do you know that Kris sent me?”


Lan dropped the shredded paper on Bao’s face, snapping: “Look at the thing you did!”

Bao was terrified. When he saw what was written on the paper, he was totally frightened!

FXck! Leaving some evidence behind, now being found out by others, how silly Bao was!

Bao smiled bitterly, but he was stubborn, did not admit it, he said: “Lan, you believe me, okay? It was Kris and this guy who set me up, you believe me! “

Lan Yu didn’t speak, then she took out her cell phone with a cold face and called her colleague. After a while, two policemen came and took away “Demigod Zhang”!

“I am wronged, he asked me to do so!” Demigod Zhang howled: “Arrest him too!”

Unfortunately, the paper that recorded the transaction between Demigod and Bao had been secretly destroyed by Bao.

Before leaving, Kris gave the policeman the book that recorded Demigod Zhang’s crimes.

Onlookers left as Demigod was taken away.

At this time, Lan Yu walked to Kris, lowered her head, and said embarrassingly: “Kris, I’m sorry.”

Kris smiled and said: “It’s damn difficult to guard against thieves from within, you need to pay more attention to this!”

In fact, Lan was not to blame. As the captain of the criminal investigation team, it was also easy to be set up by others!

Lan Yu nodded, as she was thus comforted by Kris, she really felt better!

In order to ease the embarrassment, she shifted the topic and said: “By the way, have you prepared the Obstacle-breaking pill ?”

Chapter 202: Are you sick?

Kris Chen shook his head: “I do not have it now, I am sorry.”

In fact, he had it in the pocket, but he did not want to give it to her, the reason was pretty simple:

He is not a philanthropist. Why should he follow other people’s orders and offer his own property?

Lan nodded with disappointment: “Well, next time you take the pill, OK?”

Kris nodded, and said goodbye to Lan, then left.

Seeing Kris had left, Lan also turned around and left without looking at Bao Cao.

“Lan, why don’t you wait for me!” Bao shouted, chasing after her.

Lan was now angry and desperate.

The first time, she was kidnapped by Changkong Yin of the Sun-Moon Holy Cult. His kind of coward behavior had left shame on him.

The second time is the tour to Xiluo Bay that Bao told someone to pretend to be a shark. As a result, a real shark came from the sea, and Bao fled in person, leaving Lan there alone.

And the third time, as being robbed by bandits. Bao was scared to death, did not dare say nothing. Instead, he wronged Kris for the matter.

The last time is that he hired a hooligan, pretending to be a fortune-teller, trying to trick herself into marrying him!

Would Lan Yu be willing to marry such a coward? It doesn’t matter if a person has money or not, but the bad character is absolutely unacceptable!

Lan was completely disappointed at Bao!

However, Bao didn’t realize it yet, that, actually, Lan had sentenced him to death in heart!

At the same time, at Xu family, Westriver City.

Xiaorou Xu stood on the top of the building and looked far in the distance. The breeze blew slowly, bringing a sense of coolness.

Kris had stayed in the Scripture Pavilion for three days.

In these few days, she was at a loss, didn’t know what to do.

Unable to eat and sleep, her mind was full of Kris.

She knew that Kris was already married, but she couldn’t control herself, every time as she thinks of him, she is like being enchanted by him.

Especially a few days ago, in order to protect her, he disregarded the school rules and had fought with another guy, which moved her deeply.

The feeling of being protected by him is really great.

She touched the necklace: The Heavenly City, which Kris gave her that day.

She was so sweet at the thought that he spent a lot of money buying the necklace for her.

Rumor has it that Mary is not very good to him. Will they get divorced in the future?…

Thinking of this, Xiaorou’s heart beating again. On the other hand, in the Meantime, Kris had been searching for Mary for almost 20 minutes and had not yet found her.

This Temple Fair street is always lively and filled with people. As Kris is taller than most people, he saw other people’s heads moving to and fro.

In particular, there were many shops selling flowers on both sides of the street, and some little girls holding flowers in their hands, selling to passers-by from time to time.

Speaking of himself, he and Mary have been married for almost three years, and they haven’t even sent the flowers to each other.

Thinking of this, Kris couldn’t help but feel ashamed. How about giving her a surprise today?

With this thought, Kris made a call to Xue Mi, and after telling her the important things, he hung up. As soon as he hung up the phone, Kris stopped walking.

He looked up and found Mary was there.

Bedside her was Mina and another lady, who looked familiar, but Kris could not remember where he had seen her!

Finally, Kris found Mary!

Kris was so pleased, and he walked to them. As a result, after taking a few steps, he found that two men kept following her behind Mary.

It turned out to be Shen Chu and Fei Yu?!

Fei Yu is the eldest grandson of the Yu family. Kris is not very familiar with him. Last time while he played in Xiluo Bay, Fei was there too!

Looking closer, the lady holding Mary’s arm was Yalan Jin, Fei Yu’s wife.

Not to mention Shen Chu.

When Shen Chu was playing in Xiluo Bay together with them, he had already repeatedly shown love to Mary in front of everyone.

And for this sake, they picked a fight for Mary!

Shen Chu invited Fei Yu and his wife to come to Temple Fair Street tonight.

What a coincidence, Shen Chu should meet Mary in here.

The last time Shen met Mary was in Xiluo Bay, his soul was completely captured by Mary, so he made up his mind that he must get Mary as she was fair as delicate flowers.

This coincidence made Shen Chu even more excited. Could this be God’s special arrangement?

What a perfect opportunity, If he failed to grasp it, that would be too bad.

So Shen Chu came to greet Mary first. To be honest, Mary’s impression of Shen Chu was not very good, but she could not give bad look to him out of politeness.

After chatting for a while, Mary took the opportunity to leave, who knows that Fei Yu’s wife took her arm, which made Mary a little embarrassed, but it was not easy to refuse her. It was not good if she offended the eldest daughter-in-law of the Yu family.

But Shen Chu was happy to see this happen.

“Wow, Mary, look at the flowers, so beautiful.”

At this time, Yalan Jin, who was holding Mary’s hand, could not help but exclaiming, pointing to the front and said: “What beautiful red roses!”

Mary and Mina looked in the direction of her finger, in a second, both were stunned.

As they saw, Shen Chu walked over with a huge bouquet of bright red roses in his hand!

“Mary, this is the French red roses I am giving to you. Do you like it?”

This huge bundle of red rose was imported from France, costing tens of thousands of pounds.

There was a total of nine hundred and ninety-nine petals, and it would take hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Such a heart-shaped gift, such bright flowers, even Mary a goddess, how could she resist it?

Haha, she must be moved by herself?

Thinking of this, Shen Chu couldn’t help but feel proud! Beauty, please come to my arms!

Instead of being moved, Mary looked at him with strange eyes: “Why are you giving me flowers? I’m married, don’t you know that?”

Frankly, Mary was not surprised at all, but a little frightened!

I’m already married, and Shen Chu was still showing love to her, It sounds so disgusting!

“Wow, this is so beautiful, this rose is so beautiful!”

“Honey, I also want a bundle of 999 red roses! Will you buy it for me?”

“If someone gives me nine hundred ninety-nine roses now, I will definitely be his girlfriend!” said a few other girls enviously.

At this time, Yalan Jin held Mary’s hand and smiled and said, “Mary, hurry up and take over the flowers. This represents a deeply loving heart!”

“Yeah, Miss Su, just accept it!” On the side, Fei Yu said: “This is an authentic French red rose, but Brother Chu took a lot of effort getting it.”

“Hmmm…” Mary looked at Mina, looking for help.

Mina was also helpless at this time. She sighed and nodded gently.

To Accept or to Refuse, that’s the problem! If Mary declines Shen Chu, he would hate her for this, and the Yu family would be offended.

Mary nodded helplessly to Shen Chu: “Thank you!”

Mary had to accept the bouquet, but the bouquet was too big. Shen Chu asked Mary’s family address, saying that he would mail her the flowers.

Mary told Shen Chu her address without giving a second thought.

This deeply encouraged Chu, as Mary even told himself her home address, he would be possible to date her in the future.

Shen Chu was pretty happy seeing this, but he said with a straight face: “Do not thank me, you are so beautiful just like these flowers, right? Such beautiful flowers can only be worthy of you! !”

Mary smiled and did not speak.

Just when she was about to leave, she suddenly saw a familiar figure and came over from a near distance.

At the moment when he saw the figure, Mary was filled with joy.

“Kris, you are finally here!”

Mary shook off Yalan Jin’s hand and ran to Kris with joy, hugging Kris at once.

Mina was also stunned. When she saw that the person was Kris, she was also a little nervous. After all, the last time she arbitrarily sold the house had angered Kris. Although Kris forgave her, she was already scared. : “Kris, you’re here…”

Feeling Mina’s tension, Kris smiled at her, which made Mina soothing.

But Shen Chu hated it deeply.

Oh fuck, where did this trash pop up!

Isn’t he in the Scripture Pavilion?

How did he get outside?

Mary held Kris tightly as if holding the world.

She looked up at Kris, touched his face with some distress, and asked, “How have you been in the Scripture Pavilion these days?”

Kris nodded with a smile, he was very glad that his wife was finally showing affection to him!

Afterward, Kris’s eyes fell on Shen Chu. He sneered at him and said, “Shen Chu, shame on you, you know Mary is my wife, and you still give her roses, are you mentally sick?”

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