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Chapter 201 – 202: My Billionaire Mom


Hill Bar is one of the most famous bars in the neighborhood, with high consumption and many beautiful women, so the business inside is particularly good.
The reason why Alex Hales chose this bar is entirely because the bar owner is his friend. He was slapped by Chuck just now. He has to call back today.
He thought if he proves that Chuck is rubbish, then he would have the opportunity to go to Yvette!

He stared at Chuck’s sports car and sneered in his heart.
At this time, he was about to get out of the car, but the classmate of another car came over and opened the door to sit in. It was Yvette’s female classmate to whom she went to the toilet to ask to her female classmate to ask her husband to help her.

Alex Hales glanced at her, “Other people get off first.”
The monitor and several other classmates got off the car.
Only Alex Hales and the female classmate were left in the car.
“What are you doing up here? Aren’t you afraid that your husband will know our relationship?” Alex Hales put his hands down but not honestly.

“Dead, don’t touch it. I know you want to go to Yvette. So you did this class meeting today. Don’t I know what you wanted to? Last time you wanted to go to me, so you also got a class meeting…so the old tricks!” The female student snorted.
This was the case last time.

Alex Hales smiled. He played too many women. Basically, at that time, two-thirds of the women in a class were taken by him. How could he let this woman go?
“You want to say this when you come over? Don’t be angry. I will wait at the old place for you tomorrow, and promise to let you…” Alex said.

“Don’t say it, you can’t tell me now… well, I will come tomorrow, my husband will go on a business trip tomorrow, and I will go home in the afternoon, I will be waiting at my old place for you… However, I am not here to seduce you, nor to be with you in the car… I came in to tell you, Yvette’s husband’s car is not his…” said the female student.

“Not his?” Alex Hales looked out of his eyes and saw Chuck and Yvette coming out.
“The driving license is his, and it is not fake. I can see it.” Alex Hales continued.
He just read it carefully. How could he be wrong?
If it is false, he must have exposed Chuck on the spot!

“I don’t know if it’s fake or not, but do you know? Yvette borrowed from loan shark, and was hacked by the loan shark…”
“What?” Alex Hales was surprised and soon sneered.
“Really, didn’t I went to the toilet when I was eating? Yvette went to see me at that time and told me about her and to let my husband help her, you said her husband, Chuck is so rich. How can he ask his wife to borrow from a loan shark? So I said, his car is not his. Yvette must have borrowed from a loan shark from him. If he can’t afford the money, will the car still be his? He would be driven away by usury. You said he has it now. You can borrow usury to buy a car. You can’t pretend to be forced.” The female student said, her face full of ridicule and disdain.
“That’s it! Then her husband is rubbish!”

Alex Hales sneered and felt too comfortable. It turns out that his car came like this!
He’s really rubbish. Actually buying a car like this, I just said it was my own right? He’s shameless too, your car will be towed away at any time!
“Her husband’s rubbish, I think Yvette is even more guilty. she actually borrowed usury to buy a car for him. How cheap can this be done?” She sneered.

“Don’t say that to her, Yvette is still good.” Alex Hales stared at Yvette’s figure in the car.
“Asshole, are you thinking of her, right? You miss her that way?” She was jealous. What? She had been sitting in the car for so long. He had touched herself without feeling it. This is good. He looked at the car. Yvette outside felt it at a glance.

Yvette just have longer legs, bigger hips, and a better figure. Why can’t he compare it with her?
“No.” Alex Hales smiled.
“I hate,……”
Two minutes later, Alex Hales came out of the car. He frowned and looked at the female student who came out, confused.
Alex Hales walked in front of Chuck, he smiled, garbage, you bought this car so confidently? Okay, wait for your face!

“Let’s go in! This bar is very good.” Alex Hales smiled.
Chuck knows this bar. After all, the bar that his mom bought before has been under construction for a long time. It is estimated that it will not be opened in a few days. How to say that when Chuck drove by, many people renovated it.

When his mom’s bar opens, how can he have to be in the past!
So Chuck knows a lot about nearby bars. This Hill bar is good, with high consumption and a good environment, but Chuck believes that if his mother’s bar is opened, this bar will immediately not be comparable.

“Yes.” Chuck had no opinion.
“Don’t stand, everyone go in!” said the monitor.
All the classmates went inside. If it were not Alex Hales today, they would rarely come to this bar because the consumption is too expensive.
Yvette followed Chuck and walked in. There were many people in it. Many beauties wear super short trousers or short skirts with long legs swaying like this. It was indeed a temptation for men.

Yvette looked helpless. She rarely came to this kind of place very rarely. She was not used to it. After all, when she would come over, someone would come over and talk, and she didn’t like it.
“Her husband…” Yvette took the initiative to take Chuck’s hand, only to feel more relaxed.
Chuck smiled slightly, and Yvette was a little woman, which felt very good.

Alex Hales went to the bar and opened a few stations, but today will be very lively, because the bar will do activities every month, and today is the time for the bar to do activities, and this event, Alex Hales is going to fight Chuck’s face fiercely!
Alex Hales outlined a sneer!

All classmates sat down. Alex Hales ordered a lot of wine.
Everyone could drink it casually. Chuck certainly wouldn’t drink any alcohol because he had to drive. Everyone listened to music.

“Chuck, today’s bar activity, invited a star to sing, the highest consumption in the audience, you can not only can take pictures with this star but also a chorus with this star, you should be interested?” Alex Hales smiled.

At this time, someone cheered.
“Beautiful leaves, beautiful leaves…”
Many people are cheering. Everyone in the bar saw a mysterious star. This time it is the popular star, Zabrina!
In fact, this month the bar owner wasn’t asking for Zabrina. He had already told other stars, but the boss suddenly knew that Zabrina was coming here to film, and of course he immediately communicated with Zabrina’s agent and spent 800,000 to ask her Come here for an hour.
Zabrina didn’t refuse, but agreed to come, after all, she couldn’t delay the shooting the next day.

So with the lively scene in the bar today.
Chuck accidentally saw, Zabrina came over to the bar?
Other students were excited, Zabrina is a star!
“Alex, you know that Zabrina will come over today, right? You are too powerful!” Some students cheered.
Alex Hales smiled, “How about, would you like to sing a chorus with Zabrina? Then you have to fight for the highest spending tonight!”

He is proud and fights for the highest consumption, so maybe he can sleep at night with beautiful leaves.

“Not interested.” Chuck shook his head and Yvette was beside him. How could he do this? Besides, if you sing with Zabrina, you still have to fight for the highest consumption?
“Not interested? Why are you not driving worth more than five million sports cars? Why are you not interested? Is there no money in your pocket?” Alex Hales sneered, certainly no money!

Your wife has to borrow a loan shark, how can there be money?
“It has nothing to do with having money or not.” Chuck shook his head.
“What does that have to do with it?”

“To sing with Zabrina, I don’t need to spend money,” Chuck said.
“Haha! You don’t need to spend money? Are you joking? Do you know Zabrina?”
Alex Hales smiled, and the other students laughed.
Can you know popular stars when you drive a sports car. Still boasting that you can sing with her at no cost? It’s ridiculous, you are not even hundreds of millions in the net worth, will Zabrina take care of you?

Yvette was surprised. She knew that Zabrina had gone to Chuck the last school. She thought it was fake, but she didn’t know that Chuck knew Zabrina until she saw Zabrina shooting in the square a few days ago. nice.
But how did he know?
“You’re right, I know her, so singing with her doesn’t require money,” Chuck said.


Yvette was surprised, Chuck admitted that he knew the beauty of flowers, but who knew Chuck after all? How do he know?
Yvette is really too curious.

Alex Hales wouldn’t wanted to say Chuck anymore. Just now he believed that chuck’s car was his, but the female student said that he bought it with a loan shark. He certainly doesn’t believe it now. Anyone who wants to buy a sports car with a loan shark can know a star?

“Since you know, then will you sing a chorus with her later.” Alex sneered.
“I don’t like to sing, so you still want to spend the most, and sing with her,” Chuck didn’t have all the sounds. Isn’t it a joke to sing up?
Alex Hales was even more certain that Chuck did not know Zabrina first, and second, he had no money in his pocket!
Sure enough, he was forced!

During the day, he swipe his card to eat and use up all the money in the card!
At this time, the bar manager held the microphone to let the atmosphere of the bar boil, and the beautiful leaf beauty came out from inside and smiled.
Today, Zabrina wore a dress, pure and beautiful, especially the beautiful legs on exquisite high-heeled shoes, white and slender, exuding a charming luster, so that many men showed a coveted look.

The legs were so beautiful.
Alex Hales’s eyes brightened. Today, Yvette couldn’t sleep. It would be nice if he could sleep with beautiful leaves.
He decided that he must win the highest spending tonight!
“How is it, you said that you know Zabrina, why didn’t she look towards you!” Alex Hales joked.

Chuck glanced at him, and then said to Yvette, “Wife, I’m going to the toilet.”
“Ok.” Yvette nodded.
Chuck went to the bathroom.
Alex Hales laughed more happily, escaped, haha!
“Yvette, how much did your husband’s car cost?” Alex Hales asked.
“I don’t know,” how could Yvette know? She didn’t pay attention to the sports car, but just knew it was expensive.
“Don’t you know? Didn’t you borrow a loan shark to buy it for your little husband?” Alex Hales smiled slightly.

Yvette froze. She looked sneering at the female classmate. After a little silence, she sighed in her heart, why believed her classmate too much?
However, she was not angry about this but was angry with Alex Hales. Yvette shook her head and explained, “No, I borrowed from a loan shark, but my husband bought his own car…”

Alex Hales laughed deeper.
“What? Yvette, have you borrowed from a loan shark? My God, what’s wrong with you?”
“Fuck, you bought your husband’s car with a loan shark? Do you treat him so well?”
“I say, Chuck, must have no money to look at the hanging sample. How could he afford such an expensive car? It turned out to be a soft rice bag!”
“It’s really rubbish, what’s the tug of the car bought by the woman, it’s so mad, he just didn’t let me sit…”
“Yeah, trash! A soft meal man who spends a woman’s money!”
These classmates are despised, who? It’s shameless to ask my wife to borrow from a loan shark.

Yvette was anxious and angry. “Don’t talk nonsense. My husband bought it by himself. Don’t talk nonsense!”
“Yvette, I think you still break up with your little husband. Didn’t you buy him from a loan from usury? Take it back!”
“I also feel like to take it back, in case he drives the car you bought him one day, picks up the girl, and fools you?”
Several classmates expressed their opinions. They no longer believed Yvette. When Chuck came back from the toilet, he had to be a good man. What is it? Spend the money for women!

“Yvette, why did your husband’s car come like this?” The squad leader disdained, relying on the woman? If you want a man, he can do it in minutes.
Alex Hales is more proud, Yvette, I will let you see how rubbish your husband is, and then you will know how good I am!…
Chuck went to the toilet and heard Zabrina’s singing. Presumably, Alex Hales should start to spend the most.
Chuck was too lazy to care about him, but he will still have fun with him today!
It’s just that when Chuck passed by a private room, he was surprised, and he actually saw Zelda inside. How could she be here?

Chuck was curious, thought about it, pushed the door in, and saw Zelda drinking alone.
“I’m not saying, I don’t want anything, I don’t want anything, don’t introduce me to ducks, don’t… it’s my 31st birthday, today it’s my 31st birthday, no one is with me, no one…” Zelda took the wine glass and drank it.

She usually goes to her own restaurant, but on her birthday, she came out to drink and wanted to drink too much, so she came here.
Just now the reception asked her if she wanted to be with a young master, because she came alone, and others thought she was here to have fun, but how could Zelda agree?

She doesn’t want anyone, except Chuck…
Chuck saw that Zelda was almost drunk, and he felt very sorry and guilty for what he said in his mouth. No wonder Zelda wanted to accompany her today. It turned out that it was her birthday today!
Chuck sat down.
“I said all to leave. Leave… Ah! Why are you here?” Zelda was annoyed, but when she looked up and found a familiar person, she was stunned and moved.
“Zelda, happy birthday,” Chuck said.

She should say directly today, saying that she has a birthday, then Chuck should be able to… Alas, Chuck sighed.
Zelda cried with tears in her eyes, she hugged Chuck, “Well, you know my birthday, I was wrong, you intentionally called me to say that you were not free, you said it deliberately to surprise me later, right?”
Chuck didn’t speak, what can he say? Can he say that he went to the toilet and saw her accidentally, so he came in? Then Zelda will be even more lost.

Zelda let go of Chuck, and she woke up, thinking that it shouldn’t be. Chuck didn’t know her birthday, how could he know?
“Sorry, you are busy with you, I’m fine.” Zelda lowered her head.
Chuck smiled and poured himself a glass of wine, “Zelda, have a drink!”
When the two clink glasses, Zelda feels that when she saw Chuck, the grievances and losses in her heart came out.
“Zelda, I will buy you a birthday gift tomorrow, what do you want?” Chuck thought, how can he not buy a special one for her birthday gift to make up for today’s fault.

To be honest, Chuck just saw Zelda drinking dull, and he felt uncomfortable in his heart. If he didn’t feel anything about Zelda, it was impossible. How could Chuck give her the first time…
Although not formal, Chuck still remembers that feeling.
What’s more Zelda’s empathy makes Chuck particularly comfortable every time she stays with her, but…
Chuck thought of this and suppressed his thoughts. He couldn’t think about it anymore and he couldn’t do anything sorry to Yvette.

“I don’t want any gifts, as long as you…” Zelda’s eyes are blurred. She drinks and looks at everything, but when she looks at Chuck, she has an idea of suppressing it for too long, she too is single. It’s been a long time, today’s birthday, she wants to indulge once, and this time, he won’t refuse today.
Zelda leaned over his lips and kissed Chuck.
At this moment, Chuck’s eyes widened, he was kissed by a woman? He was at a loss, not thinking of reason at all. Zelda, who was sensible, would be like this, and she should have drunk almost.
“Chuck, do you want me to be good…”

Yvette kept looking at the restroom, why didn’t her husband come back?
“Has your little husband ran away?” Alex Hales smirked, Chuck didn’t come out for so long, what did he do? Knowing that they knew that his sports car was bought by Yvette on loan sharks, so he didn’t dare to show up without complacency?

The other students laughed. It really is soft rice eater who uses loan sharks money to pretend to have it!
“I’m still waiting for him to say hello to Zabrina. Isn’t he saying that he knows Zabrina?” Alex Hales sneered. It’s really cool now, but it’s a pity that Chuck might have slipped or his face snapped!

Yvette worried. She worried that if Chuck knew that she had borrowed from a loan shark. Will Chuck look down on herself? Will he break up with herself? Yvette became more and more flustered, no, she had to take Chuck away. She could not let Chuck know that she had borrowed from a loan shark, she would solve it, and then frankly ask Chuck for forgiveness.
Yvette got up anxiously to find Chuck, her husband, she went to find him!

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