Chapter 201: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 201 Kerry Was Arrested (1)

Xuan Chu quickly turned the car around and drove to the distant provincial road.

The man behind him picked up the treasure map and looked at it for a few seconds before his face changed dramatically and shouted, “Stop them.”

At the command, seven or eight black-clothed men with guns rushed out of the woods to shoot at the speeding car.

Xuan was not panic and had a grip on the steering wheel. He looked straight ahead but there was confusion in his eyes.

Venus Mu was very self-conscious about lying on the back seat. Since she couldn’t help much, she protected herself and she didn’t want to be shot by bullets.

Kerry Ye pulled out his gun and shot, and the two black-clad men fell to the ground. But none of them were dead because he shot them in the thigh.

The glass of the car was bullet-proof so the bullets hit it and just left traces. They didn’t shoot through.

The car was about to drive on the highway when the back tires banged. The car’s center of gravity was unstable and the car swerved sharply. Venus was thrown in the car door and the head was hit. She felt pain.

Because of the inertia, Kerry also crashed into her. But he quickly got up and asked urgently, “Are you alright?”

Venus looked terrible and shook her head. Seeing the people behind him chasing after them, Kerry untied Venus and said to Xuan, “The car can’t drive. You take her and run.”

“What about you?” Venus asked anxiously.

“I’ll be fine.”

“Come with us.”

“We can’t get away together. I’ll stay and stop them. Cut the crap.” Kerry opened the door of his side of the car and got out first himself, and then pulled Venus down, “Go. Or none of us will get away.”

“Kerry,” Venus grabbed his hand tightly and refused to let him go.

“Don’t worry about me. Have you forgotten how powerful I am?” Kerry made a comforting smile at her.

Venus was startled. Although he was endowed with supernatural abilities, it would be very difficult to use them if he was injured.

“You mustn’t get hurt, all right?” Her eyes were sore and she had the urge to cry.

Kerry was moved, hugged her waist and kissed her heavily on the lips. He said, “I promise you, I won’t hurt.” Then he pushed her into the front of Xuan who jumped out from the car, “Get her out of here safely. I’ll cover you. Go.”

Xuan looked at him with complicated thought and pulled her arm to run towards the side of the road. There were fierce gunshots behind them and a few bullets even flew past their ears, but neither of them could stop and could only run forward with all their might.

The gunfire was constant. The two of them stepped over the overgrown deserted beach, crossed the dense forest, and ran all the way to the side of the road. It was only then that Venus realized that at some point one of her high heels was missing.

The sound of gunfire was getting less and less. When a truck on the road just drove over, Xuan waved to the driver to signal him to stop. The driver didn’t dare to stop in this situation and would only slam on the accelerator.

Venus hadn’t eaten since last night and didn’t have a single bit of strength, plus after running for so long just now, she almost fell to the ground.

“How are you?” Xuan picked her up and saw how bad she looked.

Venus gasped, “I’m fine.”

Xuan’s eyes showed concern. At this time another small car came on the road, Xuan directly pulled out his gun and pointed it at the driver inside. The driver was shocked, and stepped on the brakes. The car pulled up near them.

Xuan opened the back door and they got in. The driver said warily, “Don’t hurt me.”

“Drive us to downtown Sky City.” Xuan said in a cold voice.

“Well.” the driver’s hands trembled and grabbed the steering wheel, starting the car a few times but hard to start it up.

Xuan was afraid that the people behind him would catch up and reassured the driver, “Don’t worry. We won’t do anything to you. We just want a ride.”

Perhaps that worked, the car buzzed and flew out.

Venus was extremely tired, but she still frowned and asked Xuan, “What the hell is going on? Why have things come to this?”

Xuan was also puzzled, “I’m not sure.”

“You’re not sure? Did you not arrange this accident?” Venus asked in surprise.

“I arranged it, but the process wasn’t like this.” Xuan was also confused.

“What do you mean?”

Xuan looked at the driver of the car and said in a low voice, “I arranged for them to snatch you away but I didn’t let them fight or even shoot.”

“Are you sure this is the group you’re looking for?”

Xuan wasn’t sure, “I didn’t have any direct contact with them. To be exact, this incident was planned by my friend.”

“Your friend?” A face flashed in her mind and she asked with a gloomy face, “Is that him?”

Xuan looked her eyes and nodded his head.

Venus couldn’t believe it, “Xuan, you …… right. It’s me who forgot. You were already his friend. You were in this together.”

The man in the mask only wanted the treasure map. He didn’t care who lived or died.

“Yan Chu.” Xuan was upset with this tone of her voice, “What are you mad at me for? Since you want to achieve your goal, you will inevitably make sacrifices. If you appear in front of Kerry intact, aren’t you afraid that he will be suspicious?”

“I’m angry not at them for beating me and yelling at me. I don’t care what they do to me. What about Kerry? Do you think those people will let him go when they get what they want?”

Xuan was also depressed, “Yan, I don’t want him to die either. What good will it does me if he dies? Our Chu family needs to do business.

Venus stared at him unable to say anything. The thought that Kerry could lose his life at any moment, her heart was like being pressed by stones that couldn’t breathe.

She hated him and had wanted to kill him. But this time she was the one who set him up and he didn’t hesitate to save her. If Kerry lost his life in this situation, she would have a guilty conscience for the rest of her life. But the strange thing was, when Kerry gave him the remaining half of the treasure map, why did he order his subordinates to stop them?

Was there something wrong with the treasure map? Or he wanted to kill Kerry.

If that was the case, Kerry would only be in more danger.

“Give me the phone,” Venus extended her hand. Her phone should have been lost in the house where she was held.

Xuan pulled out the phone and placed it in her hand. Venus recalled the landline of Ye’s villa and dialed it. The phone only rang twice before being answered.

“Hello, this is the Ye family.” John the Butler’s bland voice came over.

“John, I’m Yan.”

“Miss Chu? You …… you were rescued by master?” John the Butler was a bit pleased.

Yan leaned on the back of the chair and closed her eyes, “John, Kerry might be in danger. You tell Henry Zhang to quickly send someone to rescue him.” At the end of the sentence, a tear slipped from the corner of her eye.

“Where is he? What happened to master?” John the Butler turned from joy to alarm and asked.

“He stayed there to save me. I …… I don’t know how he is now.” Her mind floated the scene of him kissing herself just now. Tears flowed even more fiercely and her voice was choked.

“Miss Chu, don’t cry yet. Tell me the address, and I’ll ask Henry to bring someone over right away.”

“At the border of Sky City and S City, there’s a lake nearby.” Venus tried to control her voice.

“Well, I see.” John the Butler continued to ask after a pause, “Miss Chu, do you remember where you were locked up yesterday? If the young master has been taken away, it will be easy for Henry to find.”

“I was blindfolded by them all the way to the house. It was quiet at night as if it was a separate villa but I don’t know anything else.”

“I see. Miss Chu, Where are you now? Do you need me to send a car to pick you up?”

“No, I’m with Xuan now. He’ll take me back.”

“Miss Chu, be careful along the way.”

John the Butler hung up the phone and went to inform Henry with an anxious look. No one had expected things to develop to this point.

Xuan was also a little anxious, and took the phone to his friend to dial over. He wanted to determine what exactly was wrong.

When the call came through, Xuan directly questioned, “Why did the other party shoot? Do you want me to die at the scene too?”

“Xuan, I’m sorry. There was a problem in the middle.” The silver faced man said apologetically.

“What went wrong?”

“The bastard wanted to keep the treasure. So ……”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 201 Kerry Was Arrested (2)
“Fuck!”The well-cultured Xuan Chu couldn’t help but burst into foul language as well, “What about it? You’d better send someone to find that bastard. Have we been busy for so long just working for them?”

“Xuan, calm down. I’ve already sent someone to look for him.”

Xuan hung up the phone in exasperation and looked to Venus Mu, “Did you hear that?”

Venus was speechless. Wasn’t that working for someone else?

What about her? The treasure map was given out and there was no longer any use for her to stay by Kerry Ye. If the man who wore the mask was shameless, he would definitely still let Venus look for the treasure map. Venus felt that he could do such a shameless thing.


By the lake, Kerry fought alone. Even if he was strong, there were moments when he ran out of bullets. Therefore, when more than ten guns were pointed at his head, Kerry raised his hands consciously.

A good man didn’t eat immediate loss.

The man angrily punched him hard in the chest, “Why isn’t the map complete?”

Kerry covered his chest, “The treasure map was just incomplete when my dad gave it to me.”

The man threw another punch, but Kerry deftly dodged the punch. The man said a swear word and then the two men get tangled up when ten guns pointed at them.

Kerry could fight, and the other guy was not bad, but he was inferior to Kerry. He was punched by Kerry the whole time. The man was furious and pulled out his gun and shot at Kerry. Kerry didn’t dodge it and a bullet hit him in the shoulder.

“Aren’t you very good at fighting? Hit me.” The man lifted his foot and kicked Kerry in the chest. Kerry fell hard to the ground and was about to get up but the man put a gun to his head, “I thought you Kerry were so cool, but it was nothing more than that.”

Kerry covered his bleeding wound tightly and taunted him, “You’re so many people and I fight by myself. Do you think it’s a glorious win?”

“So what? I don’t care about the rules as long as I win. Where’s the part of the map that is missing? If you don’t tell me, I’ll kill you.”

Kerry looked at him with a sneer, “Fine. If you shoot me, you’ll never get the rest of the piece.”

The man raised his fist and was about to punch him but he understood what it meant. He asked him, “So, you have another piece?”

“What do you think?” His words were ambiguous.

The man stared at him grimly for a moment and said to his subordinates, “Bring him back. I’m going to ask him slowly, and I don’t believe I can’t ask where the remaining half of the treasure map is.”

Kerry was rudely dragged up from the ground. The blood from his injured shoulder flowed faster. The bright red blood stained half of his white shirt, looking terrifying.

The man was probably afraid that Kerry would bleed to death, and impatiently said to the people around him, “Call a doctor over so that he won’t die before we get the news.”

“Yes, boss.”

Kerry was blindfolded as soon as he got into the car. His two hands were also tied in front of him and his phone was confiscated.

With darkness in front of his eyes, Kerry had the time to think about Venus, wondering where they had gone and if they had been caught. In fact, as long as she was safe, he didn’t care what he had to endure. As long as he was not dead, he would be able to escape from these people.

What’s more, he was curious to know who these guys were and where they knew about the treasure map. Ever since his parents died, no one knew about this secret. If some people were to reveal this secret, the Ye family would not be at peace. Overtly and covertly there would be countless people coming to disturb them, after all the attraction of an unknown amount of wealth was too great.

The car went south and stopped after an hour or so. Kerry was dragged out of the car.

“Go.” Someone pushed his shoulder. Kerry didn’t stand firm and almost fell. And then two people, one left and one right, brought him into the room and then untied the black cloth over his eyes.

Kerry opened his eyes and took a look around. It was a luxurious villa, with marble floor tiles, leather sofas, rosewood tables and chairs, and all sorts of gilded decorations, all of which gave off a strong air of upstart.

“What are you looking at?” The man yelled at him, “Take him to the yesterday’s room and bring the doctor there too.”

Kerry was taken to a room on the first floor. Inside there was simply a bed, a bathroom, and a random bag thrown on the floor. Kerry recognized that it was Venus’s bag.

Here, was this the place where Venus was locked up yesterday?

“You stay there. The doctor will come immediately.”

The door slammed shut. Kerry went to the window, which was fitted with stainless steel outside so it was impossible to escape. Through the glass, Kerry could only see thick trees.

Was this S City? According to the time of driving just now, this should be the suburbs of S City. It was quiet around here and there was no sound of any motor vehicle.

The door was pushed open from the outside, and a man with glasses walked in, carrying a medical kit in his hand, followed by two black-clothed bodyguards.

“Sit on the bed and I’ll take a look at your wound.” The doctor said.

Kerry sat down and removed the hand that covered the wound. The doctor gently undressed him and the wound on his shoulder was still bleeding, which was horrible.

The doctor examined it in detail and said, “The bullet didn’t hurt the artery. It can be removed now, but I don’t have any anesthetic needles only painkillers. So, you have to be patient and not move while I remove the bullet.”

“Give me a towel.” Kerry said in a cold voice.

The bodyguard went into the bathroom and brought a white towel. The towel was pretty clean and the doctor wrapped it into a ball and gave it to him.

Kerry took it in his hand and tilted his head up to the doctor and said, “Do it.” Take it out early to heal early.

The doctor looked at him with some admiration and said, “I’ll try to be quick and you suffer less.”

Even though there was a painkiller, but that little bit of efficacy could not resist the piercing pain. Kerry bit the towel. The sweat on his forehead rolled down drop by drop and the other hand gripped the edge of the bed so tightly that his fingers were on the verge of breaking.

This hurt a million times more than he thought it would. To distract himself, all Kerry could think about was Venus and the baby as if that would reduce the pain a little.

He did not know how long the operation went on. And when Kerry felt he couldn’t hold on any longer, he heard a crisp sound and the bullet was removed.

But the pain didn’t decrease at all, as the doctor was still disinfecting and applying the medicine.

Only after everything was done did the severe pain ease a little. At this moment, Kerry was somewhat thankful for the bowl of beef noodles that Xuan made him eat. If he hadn’t eaten that bowl of noodles, he would have passed out by now.

The gauze was wrapped around layer after layer, and finally tied in a knot behind his back.

“I’ll come tomorrow morning to change your medicine.” The doctor didn’t say a word of nonsense and went out after the advice.

The door was closed again. Kerry spit out the towel in his mouth, greatly slowed down his breath. He was on the verge of collapse.

Looking at the ground bag, Kerry struggled to get up and go over to pick it up. He sat back on the bed and opened it. Inside there were all of Venus’s small mirror small comb, as well as lipstick, mascara and other items. As for the wallet mobile phone and other belongings, they must have been taken by that guy.

It was easy enough to escape from here, but he wanted to know more about the identity of the group.

After a moment’s rest, the door was pushed open again and the guy came in was the one that he wanted to see.

Kerry was calmly sitting on the bed, looking at him indifferently.

The man looked at him like this and couldn’t help but admire him. He had never seen such a hard-headed person before. Just now he heard his subordinates say that he didn’t even say a word when he was taking the bullets so he was a tough man.

“Kerry, how about we do business?”

“No problem. I’m already a businessman, and I’m best at doing business.” Kerry said flatly, “But before we do business, can you tell me who you are?”

The man laughed, “What? Trying to get back at me afterwards?”

Kerry looked so honest, “I want to know who I lost to. Besides, isn’t it normal for you to take revenge on me and I take revenge on you? Or do you think that I, Kerry, am persuasive?”

“You’re direct enough, aren’t you afraid I’ll actually kill you here?”

Kerry said disdainfully, “Kill me? Then you’ll never find the treasure. At the same time you’ll have to face countless people hunting for you. What good is such a loss-making business to you?”

The man stared at him with his eyes, and after a moment said, “You’re right, I don’t want to kill you yet. But I can torture you slowly. Keep you alive and let you beg for your life.”

“That’s even worse. Maybe I’ll escape at some point. And then you do not have me and the money, so why bother?”

The man was speechless, “According to you, I can’t do anything about you?”

Kerry said calmly, “Of course there are other ways. Didn’t you just say do business? Show your sincerity. I’ll give you the map and you let me go. From then on, if we run into each other again, we’ll settle this at that time.”

The man sneered, “Sincerity? Kerry, don’t you forget that you are arrested by me.”

“I don’t care I am arrested by you. I have leverage so you can’t kill me. I’m even more unafraid of being tortured by you. So do as I say. It’s the best for both of us.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 201 Kerry Was Arrested (3)
Kerry Ye said with a calm and relaxed demeanor, and although he was a mess, he still overwhelmed him.

“How do I know that the map you gave me is not fake?” The man asked.

Kerry smiled, “If you don’t believe me, you still won’t believe it if I really give you a real one.”

The man didn’t say anything more. He knew that Kerry was right and there were almost no one in this world who had seen the real map. He got to know from a person who was familiar with this that there was a special mark on the real map. He saw the mark in the half piece that Kerry gave to him, so he thought it was real.

“What do you want to know?” The man was clearly somewhat hesitating and his tone softened a lot.

Kerry was delighted, but his expression didn’t change too much, “How do you know that I have the treasure map?”

“Someone told me, of course, but I can’t tell you the name.”

Kerry nodded, “Okay, may I ask your last name?”


Kerry searched in his mind and he never heard of Cao family. Had it been developed in the past two years?

“Now can you tell me where the rest of the treasure map is?”

Kerry began to speak nonsense, “A vault in A City.”

“Which one?” The man pursued.

“I can’t tell you right now, for I’m so badly injured. I can’t run very far even if you let me go. What if you get the treasure map and go back on your word and kill me?”

“So, when are you going to tell me?” The man had an urge to lose temper again.

Kerry, however, was not afraid of him at all, “The day after tomorrow, when I should be much better.”

Cao knew his tricks and said with a cold smile, “I think that you are stalling for time.”

“Oh, you see that?”

The man pinched the wound on his shoulder and the pain made Kerry gasped, who lifted his foot to kicked him hard. Then the man let go of his shoulder and jumped to the side, “Kerry, don’t give me any tricks. You only have one night. If you don’t say anything tomorrow, I will give up the other piece. Let it be buried with you. “

Kerry agreed, “Okay, deal. I’ll tell you tomorrow and you can send someone to the vault to get it, but in the meantime, you have to prepare a car for me.”

“Okay, I’ll trust you for once and if you lie to me, I won’t let you off the hook.” The man said grimly.

Kerry also wanted to say this to him.

When the man opened the door and was just about to go out, Kerry shouted, “Wait.”


“Give me some food. I’m hungry.” The energy from the bowl of beef noodles had long since been depleted, and now he was starving.

What responded to him was the loud sound of the door closing.

Soon, a brawny man came in with a bowl of rice, rice was with cold broccoli and tofu, which was clearly left over from lunch. However, it’s summer, so even if it’s cold, he could still eat it.

Usually, Kerry was very particular about food. Once Venus had took him to a school street, but he felt that the environment there was a bit dirty, but now he didn’t care much more. He needed energy.

Henry had led a group of people to the lake, only to see messy footsteps and blood on the ground.

“Young master should have been taken away by a car.” One man said this, pointing to the iron-red blood on the ground, “Look, the blood disappeared abruptly here.”

Henry eyes were full of anxiety, but was still calm, “Follow the wheel mark. Young master should have been taken to S City.” But S City was so big that it’s hard to find the car, plus it’s not their territory.

Henry was worrying, suddenly remembering what John said. The place where Yan Chu was locked up yesterday was a villa, very remote. In that case, the range was much smaller.

“Well, you take a group of people and I’ll take a group. We’ll look in the suburbs of S City separately, especially independent villas.”

“Okay, got it.”

Night fell.

Kerry had tried several times, but there was no way to concentrate. Besides, the slightest movement would make the wound on his shoulder painful as if it had been torn apart.

Be patient. What he needed to do now was to let the wound heal as soon as possible.

Kerry was physically special. No matter how serious the injury was, he could recover with just one night’s sleep, so he decided to sleep first. Anyway, Cao wouldn’t kill him for the time being.

Since yesterday afternoon, Kerry had always been stressed, and he hadn’t slept last night, and after being bothered all day today, he was already so sleepy that he fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.

At the same time, Venus was sleepless.

For the first time, she was worried about Kerry. Taking off her mask and lying on the bed, she recalled the rudeness of those bastards yesterday. They were able to do that to her, let alone Kerry.

She kept her eyes open until the late night and she finally fell asleep.

The next day, it was cloudy and windy.

When Kerry was still dreaming, the door was pushed open with a “thud”. It was yesterday’s doctor, and of course there was a bodyguard behind him.

“I came to change your dressing.” The doctor said indifferently.

Kerry sat up from the bed, his expensive shirt crumpled and the blood on it turned iron red.

“Doctor, you’re so early at work.” Kerry tried to talk to him.

He didn’t answer and started to untie his gauze.

Kerry noticed the doctor’s wide pocket, where there was a phone that was shaking as he moved.

He wanted to clip the phone out, but the bodyguards at the door are watching him closely, and he had no idea whether the doctor was kidnapped by them, or an accomplice.

The gauze was removed little by little, exposing the wound to the air. The wound was as terrible as yesterday and to the doctor’s surprise, the edges of the wound were actually scabbing over.

Kerry sensed the doctor’s surprise. Looking down at the wound, he found the healing was not bad. It seems that he became stronger.

“This wound…” The doctor had never seen anyone who recovered so quickly.

Kerry gently shook his head at him, indicating that he should not tell anyone. Looking directly into his eyes, he was making a difficult decision.

“What happened to his wound?” The bodyguard heard the doctor’s words and asked impatiently.

The doctor said, “Oh, it’s too hot. His wound is a bit inflamed.”

Hearing this, he showed his gratitude in his eyes.

The doctor didn’t say anything more, and he quickly finished that and left.

Kerry put on his shirt and got up to the bathroom. Just one night, he looked a lot more haggard, with a hairy face.

He washed his face casually with his uninjured hands and felt much fresher.

They were still considerate, sending him the breakfast, but only toast and water. Kerry only drank some water, for he didn’t like toast.

After breakfast, Cao came.

Kerry pepped himself up. What he needed was time.

“It’s the second day and I hope you still remember what you said yesterday.” Cao said coldly.

Compared to his indifference, Kerry was much more relaxed, moving his muscles and bones as he walked around the room, saying, “Of course, but where’s the car?”

“It’s parked right outside, filled with gas.”

“Really?” Kerry stretched his back and said, “Well, the missing part of the map is being stored at Jindun Company in A City. But it’s a bit difficult for you to get it out.”


“It’ s a vault, and the security is the best. If you want to take something out, you have to be present in person and electronically scan your face and fingerprints before you can take it out.” The reason why Kerry was so clear about the process was because he actually put something there.

The man looked fierce and tried to punch Kerry, “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Kerry spread his hands, “I’m not. Think about it, a vault, if any person can go and get the things, it will close down the next day.”

Cao was pissing off. Take him back to A City? Impossible, too dangerous. It’s his place and it’s impossible for him to flee.

“What I said is true. If you don’t believe me, you can call and check.”

Cao stared at him for a moment, taking out his phone to look up the company named JinDun and dialing the number. He put it on speakerphone for him, “I think you know what to say.”

“Okay, I see.”

The phone was answered immediately and a soft female voice came, “Hello, this is Jindun. How can I help you?”

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