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Chapter 201: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 201 Accept your fate

“The Marquis is screwed!”

“Six against one, the Marquis is to fall!”

“Oh my god! So thrilled to see the six united!”


The host said at ease, “Mr. Ward, just as you heard, Mr. Martin could afford it; why can’t you just let it be and stop making troubles .”

The host was also capricious; the odds were very much in the favour of the six groups, so was his attitude.

Colin Ward looked at the host, grins and said dryly: “Am I making trouble?”

Before Colin Ward could continue, Adam Moore stood up. “What’s wrong with you as a host?

Making trouble? It was just one question raised!”

The host sniffed:” Mr. Martin’s ability of payment was beyond question! So isn’t it making trouble for the CEO of the Marquis group to raise doubts like that?”

“By the way, is it too arrogant for the Marquis to make such a fuss, I think it is pretty common for a leading group like Marquis to bully others like that, isn’t it?”

Adam Moore’s face blushed. “You! You are full of crap! Since when do we bully others? Your fence sitter!”

The word ‘fence sitter’ was like a slap on the host’s face. “Hum!? Aren’t you the bully? Certainly you have a certain size and power, but you have got to show some respect to the others! If not for Mr. Martin today, well, a nobody like me would have a really hard time!”

He was skill in debate and good at winning over the sympathy from the audience.

Quite a lot of the audience joined the condemn of the Marquis.

“Yes, the Marquis is monopolizing the market!”

“Ah! We really need more person like Mr. Martin to stand up for us!”

“Yes, we are all the victims of bullying!”


Colin Ward remained cool-headed, “Do you believe everything this Mr. Martin said? He’s just talking big. Do you really think that he has the ability to unite the six groups and raised such a big fund?”


The crowd looked at Colin Ward in amazement.

The host was surprised as well, “You are accusing that Mr. Martin was bluffing and lying.”

“Well!” Colin Ward shrugged. “Only a fool would believe what he said.”

“Colin Ward!”Walson Martin glared at Colin Ward and snapped, “The Marquis is doomed. That’s why you are so desperate and exasperated; but, stop making fool of yourself by talking nonsense here!”

The host felt assured at the speech of Walson Martin, “Yeah! Stop the desperate attempt! And accept the fact that there is nothing you can do about it!”

Colin Ward shook his head. “Five of the six companies you mentinoed have had their funds frozen, so I would like to ask Mr. Martin, how would you like to pay the two billion?”

His word came as a bombshell to everyone.

If what Colin Ward said was true, then the question he just raised was with good reasons.

“That’s why Mr. Ward asked?!”

“Well, it could be convicted as fraud.”

“No way! It can’t be true, right?”

The host did not feel very good about it, either.

Walson Martin paused for a second before sneered at Colin Ward: “Colin Ward, you really think you know better than me? They were my partners! Of course I know how is their financial status.”

Walson Martin added: “I understand how you feel now, better than anyone else. But I have to tell you that you have indeed lost, completely lost, so, accept your fate, because there is nothing you could do to change it.”

“Colin Ward, enough is enough. The more you do that, the more you look useless and pathetic and ridiculous!”

“Isn’t it?! It was a joke from the beginning!”

Benny Wan finally got the guts to speak up at the moment. He had been worried that Colin Ward would go after him after the successful bidding of the land. Now, there seemed to be no need to worry.

It was an instant karma to Colin Ward after getting him into paying so much extra money on these items!

Benny Wan continued: “And the Marquis’s CEO? Is that the best you could do? Auction is not suitable for a person like you, oh no, I should say, from the beginning, you are not qualified as a CEO of a great group!”

“Yes,” the woman echoed, “the Marquis has brought all the troubles to itself!”

It seemed to them that Colin Ward was doomed to fail. And what they could do now was to side with Walson Martin in humiliating them.

Steven Wan felt himself sitting on a spiked rug.

Whatever grudges the Marquis and the Mr. Martin had, why can’t his own son just sit and watch?

It may look like that Marquis was about to collapse after losing the critical land to Walson Martin and the so-called six groups, but with the support of the Ward Family, how bad could it be?

The Ward Family was not for anyone present here to mess up with!

Steven Wan was scared that If Colin Ward told what happened tonight to Madam Ward, the fury of her was not for him to bear.

He himself had been enslaved by Walson Martin and under his orders because of the drug control; he had done everything he could and kept a relatively low profile to keep his nose close, but his own son and his stupid new girl friend had exerted themselves to the utmost to invite the troubles!

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