Chapter 202: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 202 Danger!!!(1)
“I’m your client, No. 015 Kerry Ye.”

“Hello, Mr. Ye. What can I do for you?”

“I have something in your company that I want to take out now, but I’m currently not in Sky City. Can I send someone to pick it up for me?”

“I’m so sorry, according to our rules, you must pick it up in person, and no one can pick it up on your behalf.”

Kerry of course knew the answer. And before he even hung up, Mr. Cao was about to punch him, but fortunately he reacted quickly to avoid him.

“Kerry, you fucking did it on purpose, right? you had no intention of handing over the complete treasure map yesterday, did you?” The man was on the verge of fury.

Kerry threw his phone at him and said ironically: “Mr. Cao, you and I both work on this business and understand the risks involved. Since I’m here alone, how can I not give myself a way out? Not to mention there’s such a large sum of treasure.”

The man glared at him angrily, pulling his gun out and pointing it at him, “Kerry, do you really think I dare not to kill you? I can even give up my other half treasure!”

Kerry looked straight into his eyes and folded his hands, betting Mr. Cao wouldn’t shoot, because he was too greedy and he wouldn’t be happy if he couldn’t get the rest of the treasure.

Just when the situation was very tense, a bodyguard came in, who looked panicked and whispered something to him, then Mr. Cao changed his expression slightly, lowered his gun and said to his subordinates, “Bring him to the car.”


Kerry was pushed by the bodyguard towards the car, and he found that seven or eight people in the villa were running towards the car, who…… seemed to be running away.

Did someone find out the place?

Kerry was quite delighted. He remembered that Mr. Cao had said that he had gotten the information from someone else, so now the “someone else” had found him?

Now that it was quite chaotic, he could have grabbed a gun, driven a car and fled, but he wouldn’t do that, because he needed to know who the man behind the scenes was.

“Hey, what are you guys running away from, is someone looking for you?” After the car was driven on the road, Kerry smiled and asked the bodyguard on his left who was watching over him.

The man glanced at him: “You’re talking too much.”

“We have nothing to do anyway. Hey, where are you taking me?” Kerry asked the man on his right again.

“If you speak again, I’ll seal your mouth.” The bodyguard threatened him.

Kerry had no choice but to shut up.

There were four or five cars rushing all the way to south, as if there were jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers chasing them behind. Seeing the increasingly tense expressions of the people beside and in front of them, Kerry became more and more curious about the man behind the scenes.

That Mr. Cao was very fierce and was not a coward, except that he was kind of stupid. But now he could actually be so scared that was even chased around like a rabbit by someone, therefore, Kerry was very curious about who that man was on earth.

After racing forward for more than an hour, the car entered the center of the s city. Once there were more cars, the speed of the car slowed down, but it was also easier to shake off other people’s tracking.

Kerry looked out through the car window, and he coincidentally saw a familiar car. Then he looked at the license plate, thinking that wasn’t this his car? But he couldn’t see who was sitting inside because of the car windows film, he guessed it was Henry who was bringing someone over.

Henry and John the Butler were probably quite anxious about his disappearance, and they might be looking for him all over the world. He just didn’t know if Venus Mu worried about him.

She……worried about him, right? After all, he tried to save her. But it was still this treasure map of his that caused her trouble, so it was granted for him to save her.

After shuttling around s city for a long time, the car finally stopped in front of a two-story building in a remote suburb. At this time, it was already the afternoon.

Kerry was pushed into the door, and Mr. Cao was gulping down water, then gasping for breath on a chair.

Kerry sat casually on another chair with his hands tied, and he looked at Mr. Cao seriously, asking: “Is someone chasing you?”

He opened his eyes and looked at Kerry without speaking.

“Let me guess,” said Kerry with his legs crossed and his head tilted, “The other party is coming for the treasure map, right?”

The man still didn’t speak.

Kerry continued to say, “As soon as you got the treasure map, the other party will get the news, and the most likely possibility is that the person who is chasing you asked you to come and take this treasure map, but after you got it, you want to take exclusive possession of it, which angered the other party, so ……”

“Can you shut the fuck up!” The man roared in exasperation.

Kerry knew he was right as soon as he saw his reaction, and the other party must be very powerful, so powerful that Mr. Cao could only run away from him. Since that was the case, he could definitely not leave.

In the whole afternoon, more than ten people were in extreme tension except Kerry. Fortunately, nothing happened, and the other party’s people did not come after them.

Then it was gradually dark, and the bodyguard bought a dozen boxes of instant noodles for their dinner, Mr. Cao gave Kerry a box of instant noodles. Kerry had never eaten this kind of thing because such food that added dozens of additives would never appear on his dinner table. But who cared about that when people were hungry?

Half of the people were eating and half of them were on sentry duty, the hot and dry air was filled with the smell of all kinds of instant noodles.

Kerry felt that he could try to eat it after having a bite first, and when he had the second bite, a commotion started outside the door.

Mr. Cao pulled out a gun swiftly and ran outside, but before he even ran to the door, it was kicked open and a sniper rifle then pointed to his head.

“Don’t move. Put the gun down.” The man from outside glanced at the room, pausing briefly as he watched Kerry.

Mr. Cao stepped backward, shouting at his subordinates, “Don’t be impulsive, all of you, put your guns down.”

Then another person came in from the door, who was tall and handsome, wearing an plain white t-shirt. And Kerry could immediately tell that the t-shirt looked normal but was expensive.

Could he be the man behind the scenes? As soon as he thought of this, he heard him saying, “Zhigang Cao, you’re getting arrogant!How dare you touch the boss’s thing?”

It turned out that this Mr. Cao was called Cao Zhigang.

“Heng Zhang , please don’t misunderstand, how dare I touch the boss’s thing?” Zhigang’s arrogance of the past two days all disappeared, and he was well-behaved like a little cat.

“Then why are you running away?” Heng asked calmly, with a slightly smile on his face.

Zhigang was pointed by the gun and he had no way out at all, then he squeezed a smile, saying, “Heng, can you let your brother put the gun down first? Let’s have a talk.”

“The boss asked you to come pick up the treasure map and you should privately take possession of it! I don’t have a brother like you.”

Zhigang explained with an embarrassed smile, “Heng, you really misunderstood, I didn’t think of doing that at all. I just thought that I could play around there and then went back now that I could finally come out this time.”

But Heng’s smile became even brighter while the expression in his eyes were still very cold, “Then explain why I can’t get through to you?”

“I …… I lost my phone.” Zhigang stammered.

Kerry, who was sitting not far away, ate instant noodles while listening carefully to their conversation. Heng Zhang? Which two words were his name? He didn’t remember that man.

“Oh~ you’ve lost my phone, then why did you run away when I went to the villa to look for you?”

Zhigang was quite panic, and he said as he glanced at Kerry, “I didn’t know it was you, I thought it was Kerry’s subordinates that were looking for me, that’s why I left there.”

As soon as he finished his words, Heng gave him a stern punch in the abdomen with his hands and feet, and he stopped smiling as well, “Zhigang Cao, do you think I’m a three-year-old child and I would believe that crap?”

Zhigang bent over and covered his abdomen, “Heng, what I said is true.”

But Heng punched him again with so much strength that even Kerry frowned at the sound of it,“I think you’ve forgotten what will happen to betray your boss.”

Then Zhigang stared at him, “You want to kill me?”

“It’s not me who wants to kill you, it’s the boss who wants to kill you, I’m just carrying out orders.”

“You don’t have the right, I want to see the boss.” Zhigang yelled at him.

“You’ve already lost that opportunity when you chose to betray your boss. Zhigang Cao , hand over the map and I’ll do it fast so that you won’t suffer so much when you die. Otherwise ……”

Zhigang was silent for a moment, and finally sighed and said, “Fine, I’ll admit it this time, but these brothers are all innocent, so don’t cause them trouble.”

“Fine, I promise you.” Heng promised readily, because he didn’t want to kill so many people either.

Zhigang just straightened up and reached for the treasure map from his pocket, and when the man with the gun wasn’t paying attention, he moved quickly to escape from the gun, then they got into a scuffle.

It was a matter of life and death, Zhigang almost used all his skills and strength to fight with the two men, and the his other subordinates also fought with the men brought by Heng Zhang.

While Kerry, the one who was tied up, became the least noticed man. The most he did in this scuffle was to dodge the people who suddenly bumped into him.

A few minutes later, the scuffle ended with a gunshot and Zhigang was shot in the chest and fell to the ground, then in a moment, red blood of his stained the floor tiles.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 202 Danger!!!(2)
“You all want to go against me with him?” Heng glanced at the subordinates of Zhigang Cao and said. A dozen of then hesitated for a few seconds and bent their heads. For them, they were devoting their lifes no matter who they followed. They were not necessary to offer their lives for a dead man.

Heng Zhang satisfied with their performance then he searched the pocket of Zhigang’s trousers. And found the treasure map which was tore into two pieces.

For sure Zhigang would take such precious thing. He would be worried if he put it in the car or in the room.

Heng put the map together and frowned. He knew it was not complete.

He went to Kerry and there was a table between them. He said friendly “Mr. Kerry, I heard you long ago.”

Kerry sat on the chair and put his arms crossed before his chest. He looked at him with cold eyes and said “You flattered me.”

“Kerry, why the map is not complete?” Heng looked down at him.

Kerry smiled coldly and replied “How could I know that? It’s whole when I gave it to Zhigang.”

Heng was confused. He never saw the treasure map before, nor did he know what happened between Zhigang and Kerry. Now Kerry said it was complete. Then where was the rest piece?

He would spare Zhigang’s life just now if he knew it was not complete. Now he could ask him anymore

Heng Zhang stared at Kerry and he was not nervous at all. He told the truth or his heart was strong. Heng called a trusted man to him and asked “Did Zhigang tell you before if the map had any problem?”

“No, he never mentioned it in front of us.”

Heng’s eyes fell on Kerry again. He was lazy to ask again so that he took out his gun and put it on his head “You don’t have any value at all since you don’t want to tell me the secrets. You could accompany Zhigang now.”

Kerry bit his teeth and he knew Heng was wicked and he would do what he said.

“Okay, I admit that it is not complete.”

“Where is the rest?”

“I put it in the coffers of Sky City.” Kerry gave this excuse. He could draw one at that time since no one really saw that before.

Heng stared at him, it seemed he was judging his words.

“Kerry, I hope you are not kidding me.”

Kerry sneered and said “Believe it or not. Check it in Sky City. see if I put something inside.”

Heng doubt it and did not reply.

Kerry said with a smile “mr. Zhang, I really want to know who is your boss?”

Heng smiled “Sorry I can’t tell you.”

“Ha, he dared not to tell me the name after he robbed my thing. It’s the first time I saw such a coward. What? He is afraid I will revenge in the future?”

Heng showed cruelty hearing this and he wanted to beat him. But Kerry responded fast and lifted his foot and stamped on the edge of the table. Then the table went to Heng. After the fight just now there were lots of spilt instant noodles and noodles spilt on the flour. Kerry’s jump made some soup spilt Heng.

“Kerry, you are seeking for death.”

Guns were pointed at Kerry when Heng’s words fell.

Kerry looked around coldly and said “Mr.Zhang, we’d rather feel good. You have to let me know who killed me if I have to die.”

Heng forced himself to calm down and smiled “Kerry, we did not get the rest treasure map. How could we kill you. So you don’t need to know my boss.”

Kerry knew it would be like this. So he mocked “It seems he is a crowded man. Okay. He could not be my enemy for this.”

Heng clenched and he really wanted to beat this arrogant guy.

“Come and shut him in the room. We will go Sky City tomorrow.” Heng said angrily.

“It seems you are more brave than Zhigang. He wants the rest map but he dared not to come Sky City, but he did not know he could not get it if he did not pay some price. He could not do something successful.” Kerry said so while following the guard to the small room.

At night, it was silent around.

Kerry who was in sleep suddenly opened his eyes and sat up on the bed.

Zhigang had nothing in his hands when he entered the two-floor building. It meant that both his and Venus Mu’s phones were on the car they took in the morning.

And Heng was going to Sky City. for sure he had to treat him nice and made him impressive.

He had to get the two phone. Because there were photos and videos of the child. If they knew he had a boy, then the boy would be in danger.

With the help of moonlight, Kerry soon found two phones in the front of the car. One powered off and the other still had half power.

He called Henry when he found his number. Henry answered after it rang for a long time maybe he was sleeping.

“Hello?” The alert voice of Henry said.

“Henry, it’s me.” Kerry said in low voice.

“Master, is that you? Where are you? Are you okay?” Henry asked excitedly.

“I’m fine. You go Sky City now to plan it…” Kerry orderly shortly. Henry listened to him silent at the other side of the phone. Henry said as his words fell “Don’t worry master, I will do as you ordered.”

“I will open the function of location of the phone. And send you my location every half hour. Later I will send you the pictures of the cars.”

“Okay, take care master. ” Henry said with worry.

“I’m fine.” Kerry knew it’s not time to chat now, but he could not help asking “How is Yan Chu?”

“Miss Chu got home safely. She calls you several times each day to ask for your information. She said she wanted to come to City S to seek you but stopped by John the Butler. Henry said honestly.

Kerry felt warm in heart. “Don’t tell her I called you in case she worried.”

“I got it.”

“Goodbye.” After Kerry finished his words he hang up the phone, then he took the pictures of all cars carefully and sent to Henry, then he set the location of the phone. He was going to back the room after all these then he suddenly realized it was too dazzling to hold a phone, Heng would see that immediately.

He hesitated for a moment and saved the pictures and videos of the boy to his work e-mail and deleted all of them.

As Venus’s phone…

Let it be in the car. A phone without power would not attract their attention. He would come and get it when everything was done.

Kerry began to sleep without any worry back to his tiny room to wait for the drama tomorrow.

The next morning five jeeps drove to Sky City from City S. Kerry changed his car this time and sat beside Heng. Maybe Heng was afraid he might ran away half way.

The atmosphere in the car was little bit depressive, Kerry said mockingly “Mr.Zhang, let me ask you, why you want to follow such a timid boss? You can follow me then I will give you a lot when we get the treasure.”

Heng stared at him and said wickedly “Kerry, let me tell you again. My boss is not timid, he just dose not want to have any trouble. You think I don’t know your thought? You want to know my boss’ name then tell everyone he robbed your treasure map, then will my boss live comfortably in the future?”

Kerry smiled and said “Mr. Zhang, everyday we are risking our lives, you still want comfortable days? Dream on.”

“Kerry, let me tell you, I will not tell you no matter what you say.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 202 Danger!!! 3)
Kerry, changed the topic and asked, “Mr. Zhang, I’m curious that aren’t you afraid that this trip to A City is going to be a trip without a return?”

Heng Zhang finally turned his head to look at him seriously, “No matter what happens, I will go, not to mention that you’re the trump card in my hand. I don’t believe that even if your subordinates ambush me, they will still care about you.”

Kerry sighed, “I really don’t know. Maybe they might find another leader. I’m just going to die if I go back.”

Heng Zhang didn’t want to listen to his nonsense and brought the medical kit from behind. Kerry stared at him vigilantly and asked, “What is this?”

He smiled wickedly, “Kerry, you are too powerful in A City, so in order to ensure that we can get the map, of course we need you to be a bit more obedient.”

“Just tell me, what is this?” Kerry was a little nervous. His shoulder hadn’t healed yet. If he was injected was poison, he wouldn’t make it.

Heng Zhang laughed, “You’ll be weak. Don’t worry, no side effects. Take a good sleep after we get the treasure map, the you feel nothing has happened.”

Kerry didn’t believe his bullshit, but right now with his feet and hands tied, he had no way to resist even if he wanted to.

“Heng Zhang, since I promised to give you the map, I will never break my promise. Why do you have to use such a dirty trick?” Kerry snapped in a furious voice.

Heng Zhang took out the syringe, which contained transparent potion, “Kerry, as long as we can get what we want, what does it matter what kind of means we use? The process doesn’t matter. It’s the result.”

“You fucking bastard, Heng Zhang, I never expect you to be so asshole.”

Heng Zhang just ignored his curses and said at the person on Kerry’ s side, the one who held a gun to Cao’ s head yesterday, “Hold him down.”

Kerry struggled and lifted his feet to kick the syringe in his hand, but was held down by the brawny man behind him.

“Heng Zhang, don’t let me catch you, or I’ll make you go to hell.”

Heng Zhang pushed the syringe, and some drops came out of the needle. He said nonchalantly, “What a pity. I don’t think there will be such a day.”

Seeing that the sharp needle was about to stick into his skin, Kerry said evenly, “Wait, I have something to say.”

Heng Zhang frowned, “What?”

Kerry took a deep breath and said, “We’ve only just stepped into A City, and it will take at least two more hours to get to the vault, so why are you in a hurry to knock me out now? How about this, you can do it when you’re almost at the A City vault?”

He just needed another ten minutes, just ten minutes.

But how could he give him the opportunity to do so, sneering, “Mr. Ye, be quiet, lest I prick your arteries. I’ve told you, this medicine is just to make it easier for us to control you, it’s not harmful to your body, so don’t be so nervous.”

“Heng Zhang!” Kerry drank furiously.

Kerry wanted to move instantly now, but it was too dangerous. If he ran now, his secrets would be exposed.

Heng Zhang stuck the needle into Kerry’s muscles and quickly pressed it down.

“Bastard, I won’t let you go.” Kerry yelled at him.

“You’ve said that before.” He was indifferent, who only focused on the injection.

The liquid entered his body, and as the blood flowed to every cell, Kerry felt the energy inside his body disappearing rapidly, and after two minutes, he didn’t even have the strength to lift his hand.

However, the good news was that he still had his sanity.

As the convoy drove to the intersection, the first car in the front slowly came to a stop.

Heng Zhang was dissatisfied and asked on the intercom, “Why did you stop? What’s going on?”

“Boss, a big truck with peaches ahead overturned and blocked the road.”

Heng Zhang thought it was not a coincidence.

“Go down there and find out when can we go.”

“Yes, boss.”

The reality was worse than what this man said. A truckload of peaches and the baskets rolled down and scattered and there were twenty or thirty villagers from nearby who were helping to pick up the peaches, with four or five traffic police were directing the traffic.

Traffic police saw there came a few more cars, not waiting for the man come out, he came up, who first saluted and said, “the truck just overturned. I’m sorry that you cannot pass right now.”

“Comrade police officer, how much longer does it need? We’re in a hurry.”

“It will take at least two more hours. You can see there are a lot of peaches, so if you are in a hurry, you can turn around to the mountain road, but that will take more time, and also dangerous.” The traffic police kindly warned.

The driver was sad, “What should we do then?”

The traffic police laughed, “It’s quite a hot day and we don’t want this to happen. Let’s say, you and your friend may offer some help to pick up the peaches, so that it can be faster.”

“Well, I need to ask my friend.”

“Thank you.” The policeman said and saluted again, his uniform drenching in sweat.

The driver cautiously got out of the car and came to Heng Zhang, whispering, “Boss, the cop wants us to help.”

Heng Zhang was unhappy, “Is there another way?”

“He told me that there’s another mountain road, but it’s even more time-consuming, and we don’t know how to get there. The GPS shows nothing.”

He hesitated, looking at the watch, and said to him, “Let our men go down to help them. If the policeman asks anything, tell him that we are travelers. Don’t say too much.”

“Yes, boss.”

“Wait.” Heng Zhang poked his head out and looked at the scene not far away and there was nothing wrong, so he lowered his voice, “Don’t take the gun with you, lest you be noticed by the police.” In this situation, he didn’t want to mess with cops.

“Got it, boss.”

Then they got out of the car to help, except for Heng Zhang and another one, who were watching Kerry didn’t move. Even though Kerry had fallen limb from limb onto the seat, with no mobility, but Heng Zhang still wanted to be careful.

Kerry was limb on the seat, who face expressionless, but his eyes were shining.

“Water, please. I’m thirsty.” Kerry said weakly.

Heng Zhang looked at him, “You won’t die of thirst if you don’t drink water for a day, so bear with it.” Heng Zhang didn’t want him to use another excuse to go to the toilet.

“Oh, I’m really getting more curious about your boss. How can he train such an inhumane subordinate.” Kerry throat was dry and on fire, and his lips were a little dry.

Heng Zhang seemed to have gotten used to him complaining his boss, so he just ignored it.

At this time, two cars came from behind. Through the window, he found the the people of those two cars were also discussing what to do, and also shouted at the traffic police with S City accent, “Comrade police, how much longer do we need?”

“An hour, or you guys can help too. Then it will be faster.” The traffic police shouted at them as well.

“Is there any pay for that?” The man teased.

The cop also laughed, “There’s no pay, but I can give you some peaches.”

“Hahaha, okay, we’ll help.”

Heng Zhang turned his head and breathed in relief. It seemed to be just an accident.

After hearing Kerry was thirsty, he also felt so, so he took a bottle of water to drink.

“Boom!” A loud bang made both sides of the car window glass shatter. Before he could realize what’s going on, a gun was at his temple.

At the same time, the one beside Kerry also received the same treatment.

“Hands up and get out of the car.” The person outside the car roared.

Heng Zhang threw down the water bottle, “Okay, buddy, don’t be impulsive. Be careful of the gun.”

“Cut the crap and get down.”

He carefully opened the car door, but in the next second, he slammed the door to the person outside the car, then he was nimble enough to get into the driver’s seat, but he didn’t expect the man holding the gun to be faster than him, who pulled out the car keys.

“Get down. It’s your final chance.” The man stared at him viciously.

Heng Zhang had to get out of the car first, turning his head to take a look at the car accident, all of his own people were pressed down to the ground by the villagers and policemen.

“What do you guys want? Money?” He asked coldly.

The gun man’s lips curled up, “I heard you have a treasure map, so where is it?”

His eyelids jumped, for he thought these people were here to save Kerry, but he didn’t think they were here for the map.

“You guys are a little late, I already sent it out last night, and now” He looked up at the sky, “it should have been abroad by now.”

The man with the gun apparently did not believe him, and looked up and down at his shirt.

“I’m not lying. If you don’t believe me, you can search on me.” Heng Zhang raised his hands and said with a sneer, “Think about it, that map is actually a time bomb. If you get it and you keep it with you, aren’t you afraid of being robbed?”

As soon as he finished his words, he heard Kerry say in a weak voice, “He’s telling the truth. It’s not here.”

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