Chapter 202: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 202 You’d better think twice!

“Well, tell me that when you conclude the bidding.”

“Colin Ward, are you done talking? Walson Martin was running out of patience.

Colin Ward nodded. “I am done. The problem remains– are you ready to prove what you claim to be true?”

Walson Martin coughed then snorted,” Well, I’ll let you see now whether what I said is true or not.

With that, Walson Martin looked to Trigg Yue of the Yueya Group.

Trigg Yue stood up obediently and was about to say something while his phone rang; Trigg Yue immediately nodded to apologize, “Excuse me, I’ll have to take it first.”

The crowd looked at him, wondering what phone call was more important than this?

“Yeah, I know.” Trigg Yue’s face darkened as he answered to the call.

The crowd became more suspicious.

Walson Martin had a strong sense of foreboding.

Sure enough.

“I was just informed by the financial department that Yueya Group’s funds, for some reason, have been completely frozen by the bank,” said Trigg Yue, looking stern as he hung up the phone.


The crowd was in an uproar.

Walson Martin’s chest heaved as his breath got heavier in anger.

The host was also dumbfounded.

What’s going on here? Did he just side with the wrong person?

The atmosphere of the auction soured all at once.

Walson Martin glared at Colin Ward. “You did it?” he asked.

Colin Ward shook his head. “I don’t have that kind of influence, not yet, Mr. Martin.”

“You!” Walson Martin was so angry that he almost chocked on his own words; but at a second thought, he was convinced that Colin Ward really did not have the ability to make banks freeze a group’s funds.

It did not matter whether the Yueya Group was out or not; with the other five, he should still have enough money.

Walson Martin tried to remain calm. “It’s ok, even without the Yueya Group, I could still manage to pay for the bid with the financial supports of the other five.”

However, Walson Martin did not know how naive he was.

“Mr. Martin, our group’s funds have also been frozen.”

Byne Du stood up, his face grave.

Walson Martin took a deep breath and didn’t say anything, then the heads of the three companies stood up and announced the same bad news.

“Our group’s funds have also been frozen…”

“Me too…”

“Same here…”

Walson Martin switched his glare among the five men. “What’s going on?”

“We don’t know how,” Tong, chairman of the Sanchen Group, replied. “We don’t know why.”

“No!” The other four shared the same doubts.

And Walson Martin felt in hell. Every one’s word sliced into his heart.

The audience were also dumbstruck to find what Colin Ward had just said was true!

Was this a known fact to him?

Was that why he had been acting so arrogant and confident.

They turned out to be the stupid asses, not Colin Ward.

Nina White and Adam Moore smiled as they sighed with relief.

By contrast, Walson Martin started panicking.

Which link went wrong? Who could have done this other than Colin Ward? What others could better explain the six of them all went wrong at the same time?

One last hope lit up Walson Martin’s face, “Ha ha ha…Colin Ward, have you forgotten that I am not only working with these companies, I also have the help from Juding Bank!”

The audience felt a bit relieved after hearing this.

Walson Martin was right; the head of the Juding Bank just expressed his support to Walson Martin!

The host’s deeply furrowed brows smoothed out immediately, “Exactly! Juding Bank would help Mr. Martin get over this. It is just two billion?”

Said Walson Martin coolly.” Colin Ward, I am always one step ahead of you!”

“But I have to say, you’ve got something in you, but admit it, you are still too young!”

Colin Ward, on the other hand, remained expressionless in responding: “You are right. I am very young indeed. But you should know the young are destined to replace the old generations.”

Walson Martin choked.

Colin Ward added: “Juding did raise the sign for you, but it did not mean they are financially supporting you.”

Walson Martin laughed.” Of course, he’s my man!”

“Is he?”

Colin Ward asked breezily.

Wei Reed was sitting in the back smiling as Walson Martin looked around to greet him, “Mr. Reed.”

Wei Reed lowered his head to avoid his eye contact before standing up and apologizing: “Excuse me, Mr. Martin, I have some emergency in the bank to attend to, I have to go!”

Walson Martin’s heart sank. “Mr. Reed, what kind of emergency could be more urgent than now! You’d better think twice before you go!”

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