Chapter 203 – 204: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 203: Ten Thousand Roses

Nine hundred and ninety-nine roses. Can this bastard make his intention more obvious? This man pursued Mary Su shamelessly earlier in Xiluo Bay.

And then, Yalan Jin, who had been standing beside, began hurling insults. “Kris, who do you think you are. Shen Chen went all this trouble to surprise Mary by sending her so many French Roses through the air. Instead of saying thank you, you insult him. You are such a mean, horrible person. You are nobody but a son-in-law in Su Family. Who gave you the courage to talk like that?”

When she finished, Mary’s face darkened. “Yalan Jin, what did you say?”

Fei Yu also began talking: “My wife is right. You need to know who you are.”

Shen Chu laughed coldly and said: “Kris, did you hear that? I just want to surprise Mary, and you should quit nagging. Everyone in this city knows that you have never slept with Mary since you got married. You are impotent!”

Mary and Mina blushed when they heard Shen Chu’s graphic words.

“Why do you have to keep Mary to yourself when you are impotent. Life is short, and you have wasted the best two years of Mary’s life. Today I make it public: I like Mary, and I’ll pursue her. What can you do about it?”

Shen Chu didn’t show any sign to stop. “You have been married into Su Family for almost three years, and what did you buy for her? Look at you. Don’t you find yourself disgusting with your shabby clothes and stupid beard? How can you give Mary the happiness she deserves.”

Kris found words immoral and funny. “Only people like you can talk trash like this. Don’t flatter yourself with a bunch of flowers. We can all afford a bunch of flowers.”

Kris had hardly finished talking when Shen Chu started again: “I will flatter myself with these roses. Do you have any idea how much money did I spend on them? Let me do the math for you. Since they are transported through the air from France, each rose costs a hundred pounds. Here are nine hundred and ninety-nine roses, and it cost over nine hundred thousand yuan in total. Can you do that?”

People around us were greatly shocked by what Shen Chu said. Nine hundred thousand yuan? For a bunch of roses? This money can buy an apartment with two bedrooms in Westriver City. This man is so rich.

A few girls were looking at Shen Chu in a new way because of his richness. And then people looked at Kris, who was dressed cheaply and wondered where did he get the courage to compete with Shen Chu.

Many people felt sympathetic for Kris because he couldn’t even keep his own wife. They believed his wife would surely run away with that rich guy because this is a very realistic society.

Shen Chu was further encouraged by people’s stare and said to Kris: “If I want, I can buy Mary all the flowers in the Miaohui street.”

People’s eyes rounded when they heard this because there were dozens of flower shops on that street, and it would cost him a fortune if he bought all of them.

And then, Yalan said to Mary: “Mary, Kris is not a decent man. You’d better pick Shen Chu.”

Yalan Jin was married into Yu Family, a famous family. Her own family, Jin Family, was also a great family in Beimian City. Actually, it was normal for these families to have some son-in-law to live with them, but they truly despise this kind of person.

She couldn’t make it out why Mary, with her beauty and background, would be so attached to Kris. Why couldn’t she pick Shen Chu, who was such an amazing person, with his money, youth, and generosity? They were so suitable for each other.

Mary ignored her. She held Kris’s hand tightly and said: “Kris, let’s get out of here.”

She believed Shen Chu had the ability to do what he said, and the power of a prestigious family is beyond Kris’s imagination. Although Kris got rich and didn’t know how it was still useless to have only money and no power. Shen Chu could pull some strings to do what he wanted, just like all the other rich young men could, and Kris didn’t have the option.

Kris laughed and patted Mary’s hand and said: “Don’t worry. Let’s see how he is gonna buy the flowers.”

Mary got frustrated over Kris’ stubbornness. And onlookers all shook their head in disbelief. They didn’t understand why Kris would choose to be shamed.

“Good, I admire your courage.”

Shen Chu smirked and made a call. Then he said: “In another five minutes, you will see what does ten thousand flowers look like.”

“Fine, I’ll wait,” Kris smiled and nodded.

“Kris, let’s get out of here, okay?” Mary pleaded.

“Mary!” Mina walked to Mary and whispered to her: “Trust Kris…”

Mary froze when she heard what Mina said.

The clock was ticking, and four minutes passed. Shen Chu said to Kris: “There is one minute left, and you can still leave if you want to.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll wait,” Kris smiled like it was not a big deal.

Five minutes passed, and not a single flower was to be seen.

“What happened?” Shen Chu made another call.

Kris looked at him and said: “Six minutes are gone. Where is your flower.”

“Can’t you see I’m calling someone?” Shen Chu said coldly.

Kris said: “Fine, whatever. But I don’t have any time to waste here.”

Then Kris called Xue Mi and said: “It’s time.”

“Yes, Director,” Xue Mi said.

All of sudden, all pedestrians on Temple Fair Street stopped walking and brought out a rose simultaneously like they were manipulated. And they all said a name in unison, and that was “Mary!”

What was going on? All onlookers were greatly frightened. They couldn’t believe their eyes. To make everyone stop and bring out a rose and say a name with just one call was unbelievable. Yanlan Jin and Fei Yu were also shocked. And beads of sweat appeared on Fei Yu’s back, and he found Kris’ identity mysterious.

“Shen Chu, where are your flowers? Still not ready?” Kris smiled.

Shen Chu was taken aback. “What..what the hell is going on?”

“Look, everyone, it is raining, roses!” someone shouted.

Then everyone looked up and was greatly surprised as thousands of rose petals were falling down like snowflakes.

People were shocked. Who could be behind this other than Shen Chu. They all looked towards him. But what they didn’t know was that Shen Chu was as confused as them, for he didn’t have a clue about what was happening.

He wanted to buy all the flowers and give them all together to Mary. And as for the pedestrians with roses and rose rain? It wasn’t his feat.

Maybe, it was Kris? He looked in Kris’s direction, only to Kris was long gone. Where did he go?

And then Mary collected herself and found Kris had disappeared. She shouted: “Kris, where are you?”

Mina also recovered from the shock and looked at Mary in admiration, saying: “Mary, isn’t Kris nice to you?”

“Mina, help me to find Kris. He is gone!” Mary thought the show put on by Shen Chu hurt Kris’s ego, and she got very worried.

When Mary was looking for Kris, Shen Chu, Fei Yu, and Yalan Jin were greatly shocked, and Mary followed their glance and froze.

Chapter 204: Wishes of Venus

Kris held a bunch of roses in his hand, but not red roses; instead, it was a bunch of yellow roses.

And then Yalan Jin rounded her eye and shouted: “Oh my goddess, it is Juliet Rose.”

Yes, it was indeed Juliet Rose, which was nicknamed “Three Million Pounds.”

“What is Three Million Pounds? Sister?” Shen Chu asked.

“That means this kind of flower worth three million pounds!” Yalan said, feeling embarrassed.

What! Shen Chu and Fei Yu were shocked. And these onlookers were also taken aback. Three hundred pounds? For a bunch of flowers?

People looked at Kris in disbelief. They found it unrealistic.

Even Mina was feeling a little bit jealous. Mary was such a lucky girl to have such beautiful flowers. No woman could resist the charm of this kind of flower because it was just so beautiful.

And Mary covered her mouth with her hands, and she was overwhelmed by happiness.

All of a sudden, Kris was spotlit by many rays of light that were sent out from the sides of Temple Fair street.

These people with flowers in their hands stood in two lines, and it was so quiet at that time.

Everyone was silent, and they all looked at Kris.

Mary pressed her hand against her chest, and she felt her heart was beating violently. She was so shocked that she didn’t know where to place her hands.

One step, two steps, three steps. Kris walked to Mary with a radiant smile on his face.

This time he was the star of the show.

Many people took out their phones and recorded this, and many girls found this scene so romantic that their eyes gleamed.

Kris walked to Mary and passed the roses to her and said: “My dear wife. These two years have just been tough for you.”

And them, tears brimmed Mary’s eyes.

She managed to hold back her tears, but these two years, she had suffered too much, with all the rumors and defamation targeted against her.

Everyone looked down upon Kris, saying that he is a loser and not comparable to a servant. But nobody cared how much she had gone through these years, as Kris’ wife.

She was determined not to get divorced from Kris even though that meant she disobeyed her family and her mother, and that took a lot of courage.

Kris understood everything about it. He swept Mary’s tears tenderly and looked at her sincerely and said: “I will never let anyone hurt you again. I will never let you down again. This is my promise to you.”

He said it softly but determinedly.

This is the biggest promise a man can make to a woman.

Everyone looked at Mary. And many girls were so jealous of Mary, and they wish they had a husband like this. And at that moment, Mary became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Mary could no longer hold her tears. She cried many times, but this is the only time she cried happy tears. She was so happy and so excited.

She took the flowers. It didn’t matter to her what kind of flower it was as long as Kris gave her to her.

Then Mary thought Kris would hold her in his arms, but Kris took two steps backward and knelt on one knee.

Then, out of nowhere, a diamond ring appeared in his hands. It was so shining and bright, and it was as large as a pigeon’s egg. Most importantly, it was a blue diamond, which was very rare to be seen.

“Oh my god. That is the Wishes of Venus!”

If Yalan Jin was surprised by a Juliet Rose, this Wishes of Venus completely froze her.

Being rich and elegant and spoiled, she spent a huge amount of time studying these luxuries, and she was sure she wasn’t wrong about the diamond.

Kris stared at Mary and said: “We’ve been married for two years, and I have never bought a ring for you. So today, I want to make it up to you. I hope you like it.”

Mary’s mind went blank.

“Wishes of Venus” It was her favorite ring.

If the Heavenly City was her favorite necklace, then Wishes of Venus would absolutely be her favorite ring.

This ring was more valuable than the Heavenly City. Two years earlier, an auction was held in Britain, and the final price was 30 million pounds.

Many girls screamed when they saw that ring.

People began to wonder how rich was this man. He held such a huge activity and spent 3 million pounds on a bunch of flowers and 30 million pounds on a ring.

Fei Yu and Yalan Jin looked at each other. They were both shocked. And Shen Chu was still in a stage of shock.

Mary felt her heart was filled with happiness and joy. She believed she was the luckiest woman in the whole world.

She reached her delicate hand, and a warm blush rushed to her cheeks. Every light was taking aim at Kris and her.

Kris put the ring on her finger.

“Thank you, my husband.”

Mary then embraced Kris tightly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! It was the noise of some firework. And people yelled, and clapped, and whistled. It was so loud.

Kris held her tightly. That was the first time he embraced her in two years. Not only he had her body in his arms, he had touched her heart deeply. They were so happy and ignored everyone else.

And then Mary felt so shy that she buried her face in Kris’ chest. And said: “Thank you. I’m so happy.”

Mary was both surprised and happy. But she found it unrealistic because Kris was Mad at her just a few days ago.

“Will you leave me again?” She asked.

Kris froze, and then he said: “No, Never.”

Then he embraced Mary even more tightly. The two almost became one.

Everyone was looking at them.

Then Shen Chu shouted madly: “No! It is real!”

“KISS!” someone in the crowd shouted.

Then everyone followed his lead. “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”

Shen Chu’s voice was instantly drowned.

Mary blushed when she heard their yelling. She felt rather shy, but she was so happy.

She closed her eye even though she felt embarrassed.

You can not wait to be kissed by a girl, can you?

Kris smiled, and then their lips were pressed together.

That was Kris’s first kiss in almost three years.

When their lips touched, Mary’s strength was all sucked out, and her mind went blank. She gave herself in, and Kris kissed her passionately. And when their tongue met, they felt their two souls became one.

People began clapping.

Shen Chu stood beside, and he was completely ignored. He felt so jealous when he saw them kissing that his teeth were shattering violently.

When they were kissing passionately, a scream was heard from the crowd.

“Run! Run for your life!” People screamed, and then the crowd became chaotic.

The street was rendered into chaos all of a sudden. People began to withdraw and escaped to the other exit of the street.

When the crowd was dispersed. Forty or fifty people were walking to Kris angrily. The one leading them was a middle-aged man who was looking murderous.

That man was Xiaoxiong Shen, the father of Lang Shen.

Lang Shen was stabbed by Kris for almost 400 times, and now even though his life was saved in the hospital, he was completely disabled, and he became impotent.

That was Xiaoxiong Shen’s only son, and he was disabled, which almost drove him crazy for his family would no longer have the next generations.

One eye for one eye. And today, he was determined to kill Kris, who ruined his son.

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