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Chapter 203 – 204: My Billionaire Mom


In the private room.
Chuck and Zelda k****d for a minute, but Chuck became soberer. If this was at home, Chuck would definitely be unable to help himself from indulging with Zelda.
But this is in the bar, and there is his wife Yvette outside.

Chuck woke up and stepped back, “Zelda, I’m sorry…”
Zelda stopped, and her heart was bitter. In fact, when she took the initiative to k**s Chuck, He didn’t touch her, she knew Chuck didn’t want to move her.
But she was so active.
Zelda grieved, the tears of sadness shed tears, and came down silently. she was drunk and wanted to indulge, but he didn’t want to.
Chuck felt a little pain, reached out and wiped away the tears on her face, Zelda leaned her head, the tears flowed more, “Chuck, I really won’t pester you, you’re my first in so long, a tempting man…I don’t want anything, as long as you can stay with me when I am lonely, just stay with me…”
“Zelda, I came with my wife, she is still outside,” Chuck sighed.

A woman like Zelda started to cry, and she was really crying.
“If Yvette is not here, will you want me today?” Zelda choked.
She felt so embarrassed today that she cried in front of the person she liked.
Does he find her ugly?
Chuck was thinking about this problem just now. Chuck did not deny that he had a feeling for Zelda. At first, Chuck wanted to simply be Zelda’s night companion. When the two needed it, they can be together. Then they can go back to their home without disturbing each other.

But thinking carefully he felt sorry for Zelda, what she wants is not physical comfort, but a companion that a woman of her age wants.
Chuck can’t do this at all now, because he now has a wife, Yvette, with whom he grew up together.
He was sorry for Zelda and Yvette.

“Well, I understand, Chuck, you go out, Yvette should be anxious outside.” Zelda shed tears. She wanted to hold back, but she couldn’t bear it. What is it that tears in front of the person she likes?

“It’s okay, don’t make Yvette worry,”
“Well, then I’m out.” Chuck also felt that Yvette would be anxious. If Yvette found them, Yvette would definitely be sad.
“Chuck, me, am I ugly today?” Zelda stood up.
“It’s not difficult to see, Zelda, you are the most beautiful today,” Chuck said honestly.

Today, Zelda wore denim shorts, with long legs showing up, white and flawless. Zelda was originally very beautiful. This kind of wearing really aroused the desire of men.
“Happy birthday,” Chuck said.
Zelda wiped away her tears and came over. Chuck was especially tangled in her heart. She reached out and hugged Zelda. “Zelda, you are really beautiful today…”

Chuck was struggling inside, not struggling to touch Zelda today, but ashamed of her and Yvette who was waiting outside at this time.
Zelda’s face leaned on Chuck’s shoulder, it was a sense of security, she liked it.
“I’m only beautiful for you,” Zelda’s voice was soft, but with bitterness, Chuck took the initiative to hug her, she felt more aggrieved in her heart.
She fell in love with a man.
But he also has a girlfriend.
Chuck was calm, he felt that Zelda had calmed down, he was ready to let Zelda go out, but this time, Chuck was scared because he just saw Yvette walking through the glass in the private room. Did she came here to find him?

Tensed, especially nervous, Chuck returned to that night instantly. He and Queenie were in Yvette’s room. While she was asleep, Queenie helped him when he was nervous.
Feeling overwhelmed by Chuck, Zelda took the initiative to release Chuck, “Okay, go out, don’t let Yvette worry, and… today, you can forget that I drink too much, I took the initiative to k**s you, you don’t have to be guilty, you don’t need to.”

Chuck didn’t speak and didn’t dare to make a sound.
Only in her ears, “Zelda, don’t say that,”
“Well, go, it won’t be good for Yvette to find out later,”
Chuck nodded. He is now worried about this problem. Did Yvette see it when she passed by?

Chuck sighed, to be honest, Chuck was more guilty than last time when Queenie helped him in front of Yvette. At least this time Yvette was awake.
When he reached the door, it should be confirmed that Yvette had passed by. Chuck was relieved and opened the door carefully and went out.
Zelda sat on the sofa, she picked up the wine glass and drank the rest of the wine, bitter, wronged, lost, and made her tears flow again.


“Husband… let’s go back.” Yvette saw Chuck.
Chuck asked what happened?
After all, Yvette promised to come to the bar just now, why did she suddenly leave? Did you just see yourself embracing Zelda? Chuck was upset.
“Her husband, I want to go home, will you go home together?”
Yvette came over and took out a w*t tissue from the bag. She reached out and wiped Chuck’s l**s. She put the tissue in her hand. A touch of lipstick…

Chuck touched his l**s, his heart even more flustered.
“It’s okay, my husband has something on his l**s. I’ll wipe it for you. Will you go home?” Yvette said.
Chuck was relieved, “Well, let’s go home.”
The two went outside and Yvette pulled Chuck, did not want Alex to see Chuck Cannon, let alone if Chuck knew she had borrowed from a loan shark, he would definitely be disappointed and worried.
She is older than him and is still his child-law, how can she make him worried?

“Oh, prepare to leave so quickly,” the squad leader walked over. He saw two people sneaking away. Of course, he had to come and stop!
Yvette bit her l*p and stared at him. Chuck’s eyes narrowed. This person, Chuck really wanted to hit him.

“Alex has already obtained the highest consumption in the audience today. Alex is about to sing with Zabrina. Will you two not listen?” The squad leader laughed.
He thought that they both knew that Chuck’s car was bought by usury. His face is here. Who can’t borrow from a loan shark?
Chuck looked over and indeed saw Alex standing beside Zabrina.
Alex has never left Zabrina’s sight, it is estimated that he wants to get Zabrina.
Of course, Chuck can’t control this matter. Although Alex is abominable, this is Zabrina’s freedom.

“You guys look good,” Chuck said. Yvette obviously doesn’t want to stay here now. How could Chuck not feel it?
“Don’t, Alex still wants to drink with you after singing the song.” The squad leader teased, “Still leave in such a hurry, worrying that your sports car will be driven away by others?”
Chuck frowned, driven away by others? Who? The car is his own, how can someone drive away?

“What do you mean?” Chuck stared at him.
“Husband, let’s go back, let’s go back…” Yvette was nervous. The squad leader made it clear to her that he will tell them about borrowing from usury.
Chuck nodded, what happened to Yvette? Chuck felt that he was in the private room with Zelda just now. Has Yvette been bullied?

“It seems that you are really afraid that your car will be driven away? Haven’t you paid the money last month?” The squad leader smiled more proudly, sure, otherwise why would he go back in such a hurry?
“What didn’t pay the money?” Chuck’s voice calmed down.
“You’re still pretending, do you think we don’t know, right? Your car is borrowed by Yvette…” The squad leader sneered.
“Enough is enough, I said that my husband bought the car by himself.” Yvette stared at him.
“Really? You gave your little husband such a face, but do you think we will believe it? Yvette, you are really good for your little husband.”
“You remember, you are wrong,…husband, let’s go home,” Yvette said,

Chuck’s car cost 5 million.
Where did she go to borrow so much money to buy for Chuck? Are these people brainless?
Chuck glanced at the squad leader, “Well, wife, let’s go home.”
Chuck took Yvette out, but the squad leader laughed, “You can’t wear it, so you slipped away? Yvette, your vision is too bad. You borrowed usury to buy a sports car for your little husband. He is so good, does he know?”


“What loan shark?” Chuck heard the key point. The squad leader just said that Yvette borrowed a loan shark to buy a car for him?
Has Yvette borrowed from a loan shark? It should not be. Yvette sold her house in order to bring the company back to life. Chuck knew that she had invested a lot of money recently to play in the square. Chuck knew that after selling the house it gave her so much money. Last time he gave her 500,000 as a “Local Tyrant”.

Although Yvette did payback, he did not collect the money, so the money is still on her account, she should not have borrowed from a loan shark. How much does it cost? It took more than one million?
Chuck was shocked!
He knows Yvette too well, she will not spend money at all, she will save it when she has money, she has no luxury goods, and the most expensive bag is only more than two thousand. Where did this money go?

Why does she need to borrow from a loan shark?
Chuck looked at Yvette and her eyes dodged, she sighed in her heart and felt ashamed in front of Chuck. She was so ashamed, that she couldn’t face Chuck.
If borrowing from a loan shark by herself, Chuck will definitely think that she is a money worshiper, but her company has invested too much money in advertising and last time in Beijing, the necklace she lost was nearly half a million.

This made Yvette really unable to make ends meet, plus he had to repay the money of the “Local Tyrant” at that time, so he had to borrow it asap.

When Chuck saw Yvette lower her head, Chuck understood that she really borrowed from a loan shark.
Chuck sighed. He really wanted to tell her at this time that he had a super-rich mother. She doesn’t need to borrow from a loan shark, she doesn’t even have to go to work, she doesn’t have to be so busy with the company, so tired, she can spend one million a day even it will do.

His mother said that she had to look at Yvette first to make sure that she’s good. She would take the initiative to show up. Now he cannot tell Yvette.
Chuck struggled and rationally suppressed this urge. If he said that, his mother would be angry. The mother had a plan. As a son, he must listen to her.

“Still pretending, don’t you understand what I said? Yvette borrowed from a loan shark, she just bought you a car, your sports car. Maybe it will be taken away tomorrow, you just installed it pretty cool, It’s a pity that you pretend to be too much, you are just a junk that eats soft rice!” The monitor sneered.
“You hear me clearly now, my husband did not let me buy a car for him, no!” Yvette stared at him.
She is no longer able to face Chuck, and now the squad leader still slanders Chuck so much, she can’t bear it.

“Do you believe in yourself, as you say?” the monitor laughed.
“Wife, it’s okay, let’s go back,” Chuck said as he saw Yvette was obviously in a low mood at this time. Chuck wanted to figure out how much Yvette borrowed? There should be only a few hundred thousand. After all, Yvette’s company invested so much. A few hundred thousand. Chuck would immediately transfer money to her and let her pay it back.
But how could this be known to the squad leader, Chuck was not very clear.

“Her husband, I’m sorry…” Yvette’s voice was very low. For the first time, she felt that she had no confidence in facing chuck. She felt that she had done a shameful bad thing and was known by the person closest to her. Such a sense of shame made her feel a little emboldened.

“It’s okay.” Chuck comforted and pulled Yvette away.
“Stop it?” the squad leader sneered.
Chuck glanced at him and asked Yvette to wait for him. He came to the squad leader, who sneered, “What are you doing? Angry and want to hit me? Do you dare to touch me even with a finger?”

Chuck clenched his fists and smashed his stomach while covering his mouth with one hand. The squad leader’s eyes widened, and the pain was fainting. Chuck’s fist was not light.
Chuck punched him again, hit his gang, the squad leader hummed, closed his eyes, and passed out.
Chuck threw him casually to the wall, the bar was drinking too much, and this situation can be seen everywhere. It is light to give him two punches, but chuck hopes that he will be picked up and the man picked up…

Chuck walked back, Yvette bit her l*p and lowered her head.
“Wife, let’s go back,” chuck smiled, and Yvette was even less confident.
“It’s okay, let’s go back and talk,” chuck pulled Yvette out. At this time, Alex saw what happened just now, and he picked up the microphone. “Hello everyone, I am the highest consumer in the audience today, It’s an honour, I want to invite a friend to come up. He just said that he knows Zabrina… Zabrina, will you agree?”

Alex sneered at Zab. She was stunned. Who knew her?
“Yes,” Zab nodded without hesitation, she also wanted to know who this person was.
“Chuck, don’t go, don’t you say you know Zab? You have a chance now.” Alex sneered. You let Yvette borrow a loan to buy a car for you. How would you know the popular star Zab?

Chuck stopped.
“Come up, hurry, don’t be shy?” Alex smiled.
The crowd looked around, who is chuck?

“Zab, wait a moment, my friend is shy, I will call him again…” Alex said, come up quickly, let me hit your face in public, didn’t you say that you can sing with Zab without the highest consumption. What are you doing?
Will Zab know such trash?
“Wait, Chuck? Are you talking about Mr. Chuck?” Zab suddenly opened her eyes. She really saw him among the crowd, but who is that beautiful woman beside him?

“Mr. Chuck?” Alex frowned.
“Yes, I know him, Mr. Chuck.” Zab smiled and she came off the stage. Through the stunned crowd, she came to chuck. “Mr. Chuck you are here too, so coincidence, let sing together a song!”

The people in the bar were surprised. Zab actually invited a man to sing. Didn’t this person spend all the time?

Yvette’s classmates were dumbfounded. Does chuck know the beauty of the leaves?
A popular star, such a beautiful woman, invited trash silk to sing?

Alex’s face was gloomy. He felt his face was hit with a fist. Although he was the highest consumer in the audience, Zab didn’t come down to invite him personally. But does chuck actually have this kind of treatment?
He couldn’t help it, he walked down and said yawningly, “Zab, are you wrong? I tell you, this man takes everything from his wife, his wife feeds him, her wife borrows high…”

“Mr. Chuck, is this your wife?” Zab accidentally ignored Alex.
She thought chuck was still single. After all, he was so young. She didn’t expect her wife to be there, and she was so beautiful. There was an inexplicable little loss in Zab’s heart.
“Well, you play, I will take her back,” Chuck said.

Yvette knew that Zab knew chuck, but did not expect that Zab would come down to invite him personally. At this moment, Yvette felt that she was very poor. Chuck was getting better and better. She was happy for him, but she was getting worse. The gap between the two is so big, will chuck leave her one day?

Yvette was worried and anxious. She looked at chuck with a blank stare, and she felt even less confident.
“Well, Mr. Chuck, be careful on the road,” Zab smiled.
Chuck nodded, looked at Alex, and led Yvette out.
The bar is quiet, Alex’s face was hot, he was beaten by Chuck again, “The leaves are beautiful, how does she know him?”
Alex’s mood is somewhat inexplicably bad.

“I tell you, you are still far away from this person, he is bright on the surface but there is rubbish in his bones, do you know? Everything he has now is bought by his wife through loan sharks, he is a soft rice man, Don’t believe him!”

Alex felt that it must have been Zab last time to make money in a certain place. Chuck pretended to also take the highest consumption in the audience, that’s why he knew Zab.
You know, all of Chuck’s money is from Yvette’s loan.

Zab glanced at him, “Mr. Hales, I don’t know where you got this kind of gossip, but I tell you that this Mr. Chuck is not what you said. His background is so deep that you can’t even imagine……”

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