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Chapter 203: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 203 Kerry Was Dead? (1)
“Are you okay, sir?” asked the man, who pointed at Heng Zhang with the gun and looked towards the car. However, Heng Zhang seized the moment and twisted his wrist, knocking the gun from the man’s hand. Just as Heng was about to pull out gun, he was shot on the right arm by someone and then fell to the ground.

The policeman who shot Heng with his gun came running at a gallop with his gun in his hand. As he passed by Heng, he took the gun from his hand. Heng was about to resist when Kerry’s subordinate hit him in the back of the head with gun and he fell down again.

The policeman poked his head into the car and saw Kerry’s blood-stained shirt and pale face.”Sir, are you okay? I’m taking you to the hospital immediately.” he asked anxiously.

Kerry pressed the arm weakly, “I’m fine now. Take these men back. I want to know who ordered them.”

“Yes, sir.” said the man.

“Why do you look so weak?” asked Henry.

“They gave me an injection. I don’t know what it is.”

“I’ll call John right away and tell him to send a helicopter.” Henry took out his cell phone and called John. “John, Mr. Ye is hurt. You send a helicopter over to Sky City. I’ll give you the exact address in a minute.”

Henry then hung up the phone and helped Kerry out of the car.

“Fang, you and Long escort Mr. Ye back to city. Keep in touch with John at all times.” Henry instructed.

Then Fang got in the car immediately.

“There’s a med kit in that car, take it with you. It might help the doctor’s diagnosis. Yan’s and my cell phones are in some car somewhere. They have very important information,” Kerry said.

Then Henry carried a med kit from the car to Long, “Don’t worry, sir. I’ll get the phone back.” Then he patted the Long in the driver’s seat, “Be careful on the road, and call me anytime when you need.”

Soon the car drove off, running forward quickly.

Heng looked at the rear end of the car in the distance and felt a surge of remorse in his heart. He regretted that he had to come to a city to challenge Kerry. Just now he thought that the group of people was not Kerry’s men, and also thought to use the treasure map to frame Kerry, but now his plan was ruined.

But he didn’t understand how Kerry’s subordinates knew they were going back to Sky City and how they were able to save Kerry in time. They didn’t give him time to think about what to do with them, and there was no way Kerry could have told his subordinates where he was. “But how did they know where Kerry was?” Heng thought.

At this point Henry directed his men to tie up Heng and others, and then threw them into a truck stacked with half a carload of peaches.

After Henry cleared the scene, he got in his truck. Then he and his subordinates drove to the Ye’s’ drill ground.


John had just hung up Henry’s phone, and when he looked up, he saw Yan’s anxious face, “Is Kerry okay? Is he hurt?”

“He’s injured. I’m going to arrange for a helicopter to pick up him now.”

“I’ll go too.” Venus followed John.

“The helicopter’s at the airport. It will take quite a bit of extra time if I take you there. I’m afraid it will delay my time to pick up Mr. Ye.” John explained seriously, but patiently.

“Then I’ll go to the hospital and wait for him.”

John knew that she was worried about Kerry and spoke gently, “Miss Chu, I’ll go to the hospital with you after I’ve made arrangements here.”

“Ok, I’ll listen to you.”

“Could you help Mr. Ye pack a few changes of clothes first?” said John.

“Yes, I’ll go pack now.” Venus answered quickly.

Venus was familiar with Kerry’s bedroom. She’d lived in this room for most of her marriage to Kerry.

She found a nice paper bag in the dressing room and picked up two jackets and two t-shirts. As she was about to leave the room, it occurred to her that he might need a change of underwear as well.

Venus hesitated for a moment, pulling open a drawer where brand new flat-front panties were neatly laid out.

Although Venus and Kerry had met naked several times already, Venus had never had access to these personal items of his. She awkwardly took three pairs of flat-front panties from inside and stuffed them into the bag.

She and John then went to the People’s Hospital. Then she and John come to the People’s Hospital. With the permission of the hospital director, John, Venus, Han and some of the doctors went to the top balcony of the hospital.

Soon, John’s phone rang, “John, it’s Fang. Mr. Ye has passed out.”

“What did you say?” John didn’t hear his words clearly. He only heard the roar of propellers.

“I said Mr. Ye is passed out,” Fang said loudly again.

John hurriedly hung up the call and texted instead. But his hands were shaking unconsciously and he couldn’t type.

Venus saw that his hands had been shaking and took the phone from him and said, “John, I can help you text the message.”

John took a deep breath and said, “Thank you. Ask Fang what happened to Mr. Ye.”

Venus quickly finished typing and sent the message. A few seconds later she received a text message from Fang that read, “Mr. Ye is in a coma. He’s been drugged.” Attached to the message were two photos, one of Kerry’s eyes closed, pale, and wearing clothes covered in blood. The other was a syringe with no visible markings.

Now, Venus was not calm. She had a strong feeling that something bad had happened to him in the past two days. She knew if he hadn’t been injured, he would have returned to the city with Kerry’s ability.

John was less nervous now when he saw Kerry’s picture. He took the phone from Venus and sent a message to Fang telling him to fly to the People’s Hospital, and then John gave the photos on the phone to the doctors around him.

Venus felt her legs go a little weak and leaned on the step next to her.

John noticed her and walked over to her., “Don’t worry, Mr. Ye will be fine.” He gently reassured her

Venus’s face was tense. The only thing she was thinking about at the moment was whether he would die. If he died, she would have avenged her brother’s death. Then she should be happy, but why wasn’t she happy now?

“Miss Chu, are you okay?” John looked at her with concern, “You were shocked by the pictures, right? In the past, Mr. Ye suffered more injuries, but in the end he pulled through with his willpower. The Ye family’s wealth and status are all the result of Mr. Ye fighting with his life.”

With John talking beside him, Venus’s tension eased a lot, “Isn’t the Yehuang Group something Kerry inherited from his parents?”

John sighed, “It’s a long story. His parents founded Yehuang Group, but they were in debt because of their poor management. For some reasons, his parents basically abandoned the company and left the mess to him. He suffered a lot in those years trying to pay off his debts to support the family, but luckily he made it.”

Venus remembered Kerry’s other family member, and then asked carefully, “I heard Kerry say he still has a grandfather recovering abroad.”

John looked at her in amazement, “Mr. Ye told you all about that?”

“He just mentioned it once, not much more.”

“It’s true that his grandfather is recovering abroad, and not many people know about it. People in Sky City thought his grandfather has passed away.” John said.

Kerry grandfather’s affair involved a secret, so he almost never spoke of his grandfather to outsiders, but John didn’t expect Kerry to tell Yan.

“They’re coming.” Someone shouted, and everyone’s eyes were cast into the distance. A helicopter appeared in the sky and was rapidly flying towards the hospital.

“Everyone back to the stairs first.” John said towards everyone present. There was too much wind from the propeller and they were at the top floor, so if they got too close to it, they could be in danger.

They obeyed John and stood at the top of the stairs, but they all kept an eye on the helicopter.

Finally when the helicopter landed on the top balcony, the propeller created a huge wind.

It wasn’t until the helicopter came to a stop that John, Dr. Han and Venus ran over. When the door opened, the anxious faces of Fang and Long appeared.

Venus knew she couldn’t help them much, so she stayed on the outskirts of the crowd so as not to add to their troubles.

They lifted Kerry out of the plane and put him on a stretcher that had already been prepared.

Chapter 203 Kerry Was Dead? (2)

Despite the crowded surroundings, Venus could still see clearly the bloody shirt and pale look of Kerry. A sharp pain suddenly grasped her heart and made her nearly numb immediately. To take care of Kerry, Dr. Han went downstairs with the personnel from hospital. When John the Butler came back and saw Venus’s shocked look, he cried, ”Miss. Chu, let’s go.”

Venus was still caught by the pain and all she could do was to follow him in an absent-minded way. When she was about to keep up with John the Butler, she fell down form the stairs and her feet got hurt.

“Are you OK?” Asked John the Butler.

“No big deal for me, Uncle Wang, I hope you can go to take care of Kerry first, I’ll follow you slowly.” Replied Venus.


“Sure, go now.”

“Take time, turn to the nurse if needed.” Said John the Butler, who was so worried about his young master that he couldn’t divert his attention to anyone else.

“I will.” Replied Venus. The wound on her feet was really painful and now she couldn’t even keep a normal pace ahead. She struggled into the elevator and went to the operation room where Kerry was settled.

John the Butler was leaning himself at the seat outside the room alone. He His gaunt look did make Venus pitiful for she knew Uncle John had devoted his whole life into the Family Ye, he would be heart-broken if Kerry died this time.

John, however, heard her struggling footsteps and went ahead to support her down at the seat.

He was so sad that his voice became hoarse: “Miss Chu, we have hours to wait before the operation is over. I think you ‘d better go to the orthopedics department first and get your feet treated.”

“It’s no big deal. I’ll just make it by myself. Have a rest here, Uncle John.” replied Venus. Perhaps it was the wound on her feet that took her back from the suffering repentance for Kerry. Then she continued to said, “Uncle John, did the doctor give any suggestions for us?”

John the Butler shook his head and said, “No.”

Hours and hours later, the door of operation room open and the doctor went out and said in a chilling tone, ”Mr. Ye have been badly hurt by guns on his shoulder, and there is a terrible inflammation on the poorly-treated wound. And the strike by a nerve-ruining poison bring him in a worse situation. I hope you can accept the grave fact. ”

“What is the fact? ” asked John the Butler.

“The fact that Mr. Ye may get recovered after several days, otherwise, he may get a dementia after the operation. ”

“A dementia? Are you serious?” Cried John the Butler, who couldn’t believe what he heard from the doctor.

“Sorry, but all in all, we will try our best to treat him.”

The answer scared Venus too for she couldn’t accept the fact a smart and talented man would be ruined by a dementia. To comfort John the Butler, she said, ”Don’t worry, Uncle John, Kerry is a man blessed by God, he is so smart and strong that nothing can get him a dementia.” John let out a sigh as the reply to her.

Besides the emergent situation of Kerry, wh at Venus cared was the reason why the assailants tormented him in such a terrible way since they had got what they want from him. If they want to take revenge, why didn’t they take down him by a bullet directly? Perhaps she had to wait for the answers until Kerry woke up after operation.

When the darkness fell, the operating room lights were dimmer. It seemed the operation was over. Dr. Han went out of the room and said in a tired tone, ”We don’t meet ant trouble in the operation, but before he wakes up, we are still not sure that will he get fully recovered from the nerve hurt or not.”

“Where is him now?” Asked John the Butler.

“He now stays in the intensive care unit. If there is no fever, abnormal blood pressure and other symptoms on him within 12 hours, he can return to the general ward.”

“Can we go for visit to him?”

“Sorry, you can’t do that. We have specific personnel in the ICU to take care of him.” Said the Dr. Han, ” I think you can have a rest at home now and come here tomorrow morning. I will ensure Kerry can be carefully treated. “

John the Butler, however, shook his head and said, “I won’ t go anywhere, I should stay here until my young master gets recovered.” The he turned to Venus and said, “Miss Chu, I think you can go for a rest at home. It’s not a good choice for a girl to stay a night in the hospital. “

“OK, I will treat my wounded feet at home and go back here tomorrow morning. ” said Venus. Of course, the true reason for her to leave was to ensure that the secret on her face would not be revealed.

“What’s up, good lady?” asked Dr. Han.

Venus replied with a hallow smile, ”I got my feet hurt when I was about the go downstairs.”

Dr. Han checked the wounded place on her feet and said, ”Alright, it is no big deal for you, you can apply ointments on it and have a good rest. But to be careful that you can’t wear high-heeled shoes before the wound recovers. ”

“Thanks so much, Dr. Han!”Replied Venus, who was still in a struggling pace when she was about to leave. Dr. Han stopped her and turned to John the Butler and said, ”Wait a minute here, John, I shall drive the lady back first.”


“Dr. Han, can you tell me the truth about the situation about Kerry?” asked Venus, who was in came into the elevator with the help of Dr. Han.

“I have told you so.”

“I don’t believe that, doctors always hide something important for his patient, right?”

“Alright, lady, I swear I don’t hide anything important for Kerry, but you know, a good doctor will never tell you there is an absolute truth since even he himself can not ensure his patient will get fully recover. Sometimes the will of patients is the thing really matter rather than the medical treatment from a doctor. ”

“I see.” Replied Venus. When they were waiting for a taxi in the outside of hospital, a nervous voice came: “Over here, Dr. Han, Miss Chu! ” It was Henry, the fellow of Kerry, who drove to the hospital just now.

“Where is my boss?” asked Henry.

“He stays in the ICU after the operation, and John will stay a night in the hospital.” Replied Dr. Han.

Henry felt much more relaxed after, then he asked when found Venus was supported by Dr. Han, “And what happen to Miss Chu?”

“I got my feet hurt when I was about to go downstairs.” Replied Venus. It was clear to see that her ankle was badly swollen. Then Henry said, ”Our car is over there, Miss Chu, you’d better go back home for a good rest. John and I will take care of my boss. ”

After that, Dr. Han helped her to get in the car and when they were about to leave, Henry went back and cried, “Miss Chu, wait a minute, I have something to give you.”

It was a mobile phone.

“I think this is yours, my boss told me to bring it back to you.” said Henry.

“Thank you very much, the phone mean much for me.” Replied Venus. She was really grateful for Henry to bring her the phone since the photo and video clips of her baby were stored in it.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 203 Kerry Was Dead? (3)
At Ye family’s villa, when Venus returned from the hospital, Mrs. Qin asked Venus about Kerry’s condition.

After Venus told her that Kerry was in a comma, Mrs. Qin was relieved

Venus was surprise at her optimism, “Mrs. Qin, aren’t you worried that Kerry won’t wake up?”

“This little wound is nothing to him.” Mrs. Qin said. “Whether he wakes up or not, we will take good care of him.”

Hearing Mrs. Qin’s words, Venus felt a little better. She hurried back to her room to rub herself and charge her phone.

For John and Henry, however, the night was extremely painful. They stood in front of the ICU’s glass window, looking at Kerry, who was still unconscious inside.

“John, why don’t you take a rest for a while?” Henry said. “You need to take care of yourself.”

“I’ve been in the Ye family for almost forty years. I’ve watched Mr. Ye grow up. He’s been hospitalized for injuries before, but this is the first time I’ve seen him hurt so badly.” John sighed softly.

“Don’t you worry, Mr. Ye will be fine. He’ll get over it. He still has to find her wife and child.”

John patted him on the shoulder, “I’m going to go take a nap for a while.”

In the ICU, the doctors and nurses were examining Kerry’s body now.

The men Henry had brought back were all locked up in the drill ground, where Kerry’s men usually trained. It was a remote place, and it was hard to find that place if people weren’t familiar with it.

Originally Henry wanted to find a doctor to bandage Heng Zhang’s wounds, but after learning about Kerry’s injuries, he almost wanted to kill him. Still, he thought that Kerry might want to question him, so Henry gave him some anti-inflammatory medicine to stop the bleeding and made sure he wouldn’t die in the next two days.

Kerry didn’t have any sudden symptoms during the night, and his blood pressure, heart rate and temperature were all normal. So once the 12 hours were up, Kerry was moved to a general ward.

“The medication in his body is almost diluted. He may wake up today.” The doctor said calmly.

When Venus arrived at the hospital in the morning, she saw John and Henry relaxed a little. They took turns watching over Kerry, but the day was almost over and Kerry hadn’t woken up yet.

“Doctor, didn’t you say that Mr. Ye woke up today? Why hasn’t he woken up by now?” Henry ran to ask the doctor.

The doctor was also confused. “All his stats are normal, he should wake up.” the doctor said. “I’m just extrapolating from experience. Maybe he’ll wake up tomorrow.”

In the evening, Venus received a call she both looked forward to and didn’t want to receive.

“Miss Mu, you’ve done a great job this time. There was a bit of trouble in the middle, but it turned out well.”

Venus gripped the phone, knowing the treasure map was in his hands, “When are you going to release my baby.”

“No, it’s not over yet,”

Venus raged, “You’ve got the treasure map. What more do you want?”

The man laughed and said regretfully, “This treasure map is not complete. There’s still a part of it that Kerry keeps in the vault, and you need to help me get it.”

Venus was surprised that Kerry was so shrewd.

“Once you have the rest of the treasure map, your child will be returned to you.” The man said.

“I hope you keep your word,” Venus said.

“As much as I love this little boy, he’s not my child, so what am I keeping him around for?”

Venus gritted teeth, “I’ll get the rest of the treasure map soon.”

“Oh, one more thing,” The man said slowly. “Kerry’s got some of my men. The others can die, but one of them is named Heng Zhang, you get him out.”

“I only promised you the treasure map. I didn’t say I’d help you save anyone.” Venus said angrily.

The man laughed lightly with an obvious threat in his voice, “Miss Mu, do you have any chance to refuse my requests?”

“You ……” Venus was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

“Well, since you don’t have the ability to help him out, then you can ask for the address where he’s being held and tell Xuan. That’s easy for you, right?” The man said.

“Are you a pig? You think Kerry is easy to be fooled?” Venus couldn’t help but curse.

“It depends.” the man said. “Miss Mu, it’s rude for a girl to curse. You’d better not curse next time.”

“You bastard!” Venus stormed off and then just hung up the phone.


“There’s a good chance that he’s in this condition with nerve damage to the brain,” The doctor explained.

“What do you mean?” Henry asked.

The doctor said gravely, “Maybe he’ll never wake up.”

Henry’s and John’s brows both furrowed with question in their eyes.

“Now you will have to wait for him to wake up on his own, or you can talk to him to awaken his consciousness. But I can’t be sure when he’ll wake up.” The doctor said this and then turned away.

Venus was a little upset at the news, though she told herself not to care if he woke up or not.

John sat next to the hospital bed with a sad look on his face. “Mr. Ye, please wake up soon. Ye family needs you very much.

John’s eyes lit up and then he said, “Let’s get Kevin back. They’re brothers. If he’s here, maybe he can help Kerry wake up.”

Henry didn’t know what to do at this time. This was, after all, the Ye Family’s business, but they were just Kerry’s subordinates and couldn’t make the decision.

“How about giving Kevin a call first?”

“I’ll make the call.” John hurried out of the hospital room.

Henry looked towards the hospital bed. Kerry was the person he looked up to the most so far. The moment Kerry saved his life Henry vowed to follow Kerry for the rest of his life.

“Mr. Ye, you have to wake up. Don’t you still have to find your wife and child? If one day they come back and you are in a coma, how sad would they be? And Yehuang Group also needs you.” Henry whispered to himself.

Venus stood behind him, listening to his murmurs, feeling sad.

After a while, John pushed in the door and said, “Miss Chu, Kevin said he wanted to talk to you for a few minutes.”

“Why does Kevin want to talk to me on the phone?” Venus froze.

Taking the phone, Venus took a deep breath and then said, “Hello, Mr. Ye.”

Kevin was startled for a moment, and then said gently, “Hello, Miss Chu. John has told me about my brother.”

“I’m sorry for this.”

“You’re not to blame for this. You haven’t been in Sky city for long. Your kidnapping may have something to do with my brother.” Kevin said. “I’m doing a research project with my professor these days. I’m booking a flight back in two days,” Kevin paused and sounded apologetic, “I know it might be rude to say this, but Miss Chu’s voice sounds a lot like my sister-in-law’s. Can I beg you for one thing?”

“Please go ahead.” said Venus.

“My brother and sister-in-law used to have many misunderstandings, so my brother has always regretted in his heart. If Miss Chu has time in the next two days, would you please accompany him and speak in his ear?”

“Ok, I will.” Venus promised. In fact, she’d do it even if Kevin didn’t ask her to. If he didn’t wake up, she wouldn’t get the rest of the treasure map.

“Thank you.” Kerry paused for a moment, “Goodbye, Miss Chu.”

“Bye.” Venus did.

Actually, she thought of Kevin occasionally. After all, he was the one who had lent her a helping hand in her most difficult time, giving her warmth, but she couldn’t love him.

“John, you guys go home and get some rest. I’m here with him today.”

Henry was about to speak when he was held back by John, who said, “Then thank you, Miss Chu. We’ll go back.”

Then John pulled Henry out of the ward.

“John, how can Miss Chu be here alone? ” said Henry staring straight at him.

“Miss Chu is the one Mr. Ye protects with his life. She’s more useful here than you are.” John said

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