Chapter 203: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 203 Do You Think I’m that Kind?

Wei remained unmoved, “Mr. Martin, since you’ve said so, I’ll just tell you clearly. Our cooperation will end here. I still have something to do. I’ll take my leave first.”

Wei left under everyone’s amazement.

Waksib was dumbfounded.

Colin raised his brows, “Mr. Martin, it’s different from what you’ve said last time!”

Without waiting for Walson to reply, Colin continued again, “Everything is settled, Walson. You’ve been calculating everything since the beginning and putting everyone under your control. But it’s your only idea of control.”

“I acknowledge your specialty. But, it doesn’t mean that everyone will submit to you sincerely because of that. You aren’t the best in this field.”

“Those people who have been controlled because of your scheme, once they are free from you, some of them will only bear a grudge on you. Let’s imagine about it, who would like to be controlled by someone?”

“Before you did everything, you should think about how your fate will end.”

“Now, you should be worried about what you’ll do next?”

“It’s for six months!”

When Walson listened to that, he finally returned to his senses. Wei didn’t give him money and the funds from the other five groups were also frozen. How could he have the money to pay two billion?

According to the law, if he couldn’t afford to pay, he’ll be detained for six months.

The host was miserable because of Walson. Since it turned out this way, he had to make up for it, and quickly said, “Right. According to the law, if you can’t afford to pay for the auction goods, then, we have to contact the police.”

Walson fell from heaven to hell in an instant. The difference was too great that he couldn’t react.

After the host finished speaking, he was dumbfounded for a long time before speaking, “Uhm, can I pay it by installments?”

“Pooh!” The host was angry. It wasn’t enough with being scammed by Walson, he even planned to pay in installment, “Do you think we are a charity foundation? You can only get the goods after you pay in full in an auction. If you don’t have money, fuck off!”

“Do you have money or not? If you have money, pay quickly. If you don’t have money, don’t blame me for calling the police.”

Walson held it back that his face turned red, “You….”

He couldn’t wait to leave here immediately, so he completely forgot that he hadn’t paid, as he planned to leave.

When the host saw this, he immediately stepped forward to reach out for Walson and stopped him, “Are you going to leave, Mr. Martin?”

“That means you don’t have money, right?” After speaking, the host took out his phone and was about to call the police.

“Wait a minute.” Colin stopped him.

Upon seeing this, the host immediately let out a flattery smile and said, “Mr. Ward, do you have any instruction?”

Colin ignored the host and looked at Walson, “Walson, how about I let you go?”

“What do you want?” Walson looked at Colin warily. His instinct told him that Colin wouldn’t let him go easily.

Colin said lightly, “I won’t do anything. I’m just thinking of giving you a chance. Do you want it?”

Do you want it?

Walson lowered his eyes.

Of course, he wants it!

If Colin didn’t give him this opportunity, the police would immediately take him away, then he would be detained for six months. He would really have nothing by then!

No matter what purpose that Colin had, he ought to seize this opportunity. As long as he could escape, he could deal with Colin again slowly in the future.

“Of course I want it. But I think you’ll regret giving me this opportunity.”

Colin snorted, “No, I won’t regret it. You’re the one who’ll regret it.”

Walson was too naïve.

He thought that he would be so kind to let him go? How could it be?

Six months of detention is too easy for Walson.

And once he was released, those who had been controlled by him would never let him go!

By that time, he would realize the happiness in his six-months-detention.

When the host saw this, he also didn’t have much to say. After all, it was Marquis that wanted to let him go, he still needed to give him some respect.

Walson was taken aback for a moment when he heard Colin’s words. He couldn’t think of any connection then he snorted, “Let’s see!”

After speaking, Walson strode out of the auction hall.

The host looked at Colin upon hearing that, “Mr. Ward, this….”

He needed to show some respect, but the problem still needed to be solved. Since Walson had left, what would happen to the land in the southern suburb?

Colin said lightly upon hearing that, “There are two ways. Either the land belongs to the person that bid before Walson, or, conduct an auction on this land again.”

The host paused upon hearing that and felt it made sense. So, he took the microphone and announced to everyone, “Since it turned out this way, then we will start to reauction the land in the southern suburb.”

After the host finished speaking, he walked up the stage and prepared to restart the auction.

And Colin at that moment wasn’t interested in buying this land anymore. So when the other people started bidding, they didn’t participate in the bidding.

Adam was confused, “Don’t we want it anymore, Chairman?”

Colin hummed.

Adam asked again, “Then we just let go of Walson just like that, aren’t you being too kind?”

Colin lightly cast his sight on Adam, “Do you think I’m that kind?”

“After he left, someone will take care of him.”

He didn’t need to trouble himself and dirty his hands.

Adam didn’t really get it but dare not asked any further.

After speaking, the contract of the land in the southern suburb was being bid by someone quickly. It was Ellie who bought the land for one billion.

Colin didn’t show any reaction towards this. After it was over, he planned to leave, but he saw Steven who was about to sneak out.

At this time, everybody was planning to leave too and there were more people.

Steven thought of taking the chance when nobody noticed to leave quietly so he wouldn’t bump into Colin.

Colin didn’t give him this chance.

“Mr. Wan, why are you so anxious to leave?”

His voice was loud. Steven heard it and of course, so did everyone. So, everyone stopped and looked over.

Steven’s heart flipped when he heard that, so he slowly turned around, and said with a smile, “I’m not anxious, Mr. Ward. Not the slightest at all.

Colin walked up to Steven, “Actually I know your situation, Mr. Wan. I also know why you did so. You were in the same situation with Trigg and the others. I’m also not someone who bears the grudge, so I don’t blame them.”

When Steven heard these words, he suddenly breathed out a sigh of relief. Trigg and the others were the same as him. They were all controlled by Walson’s drug, so he smiled, and said, “You’re very reasonable, Mr. Ward. I’m ashamed….”

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